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Drunk Megan, I'm very concerned about my single-ness. Do you have any words of encouragement for a lonely heart this upcoming Valentine's Day?

I’m single too, it’s cool. My best advice is: Fuck bitches, get money.

God I’m totally kidding I just like saying that treat women with the utmost respect I don’t want you holding their hand unless you know whether or not they’re allergic to peanuts or if there’s a fictional character that makes them cry do you hear me RESPECT AND AFFECTION


If you really are lonely and wishing for the comfort of a relationship on the annual love day of the year, I would suggest making a list of things you’re grateful for. Truly. What I like to do when I’m feeling like I’m lacking something is to look at every day things like a child who is experiencing it for the first time. Think you’ve seen a flower? Check again mother fucker. That shit has PETALS and COLORS and FUZZY FUZZ ON THE STEMS. Just notice things. It’ll help make your day brighter