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years & years (2) - m.dl.c x reader // j.a x reader

Summary: junior year sets in motion a chain of events that changes the lives of liberty high students, forever.
Warnings: mentions of a car crash, mentions of suicide, attempted suicide, blood, scars.
A/N: so this turned out longer than i intended so that’s why i ended it where i did. should i continue it or leave it as it is? anyway, this isn’t edited or anything, so i hope it’s okay!

you’re sixteen, and the first party of your junior year is the catalyst for the end of the world as you knew it. a beer run goes wrong when a car doesn’t stop where it’s supposed to, ramming straight into the car you’re travelling in with jeff. around your feet are glass bottles that shatter upon impact, cutting through your cheap canvas runners and digging in to your skin. you don’t feel it, though, because the jolt of the car sends you forward sharply, your forehead meeting the dashboard with a thunk. it knocks you out, for a few minutes, and when you come around, there’s a far worse pain waiting in the seat beside you.

a week in hospital helps the cuts on your ankles and feet scab over and heal, but no amount of time could even begin to touch the edges of the hole in your chest, in the wake of jeff’s death. the paramedics called it immediately upon arriving at the scene, your screams echoing down the street filled with passersby and flashing lights. clay had found the wreck, and you can’t erase the wretched cries he’d let out, begging jeff to hold on. the funeral is, of course, a large affair - it seems almost the entire school turns out to bid farewell to the best baseball player the town had the honour of having. in your black jeans, black shirt, black jacket, all you can focus on is the warmth of mrs. atkin’s hand in yours, gripping it tight. the students stare, pity in their gaze, unsure words of condolences whispered hurriedly as they pass you by. it only makes you feel worse.

back in school, however, another shocking blow lands only days after returning to liberty high’s hallways - hannah baker takes her own life, and leaves behind a world of pain and mystery. as if you couldn’t be more unbalanced, it feels as though the entire world has spun off it’s axis, disturbing the gravity, making it impossible to ground yourself. unlike jeff’s funeral, hannah’s is private, family only. clay is a hollow shell of the boy you grew up knowing, having lost a best friend and his crush in less than a month. when a group of jocks pass you by, clad in varsity jackets exactly like the one hanging in your wardrobe at home, the pressure hits breaking point, and you find yourself sobbing viciously beneath the bleachers outside - with no memory of how you got there. after what could be hours or simply minutes, a strong arm pulls you into a solid, warm chest, cradling you while the sobs wrack your entire body. montgomery de la cruz, a boy you haven’t spoken to in over a year, says nothing, does nothing, except hold you while you cry. for the first time since that awful night, you don’t feel so alone anymore.


after that day under the bleachers, montgomery is sure to check in with you a few times a day. the conversation never stretches beyond quick greetings, but you know that if you need someone, he’ll be there - and that’s what you need. unbeknownst to the both of you, a series of tapes is circulating a group of people you both know, left by hannah before her death. everyone begins to act strange; clay is distant and even more lost than usual, sheri can’t seem to meet your eyes anymore, alex wanders around the hallway like a dark cloud, ominous, foreboding. he purposefully picks fights with montgomery - you don’t know the reason why, nor does montgomery, but alex does. when you try to speak the bleach blond boy, he seems to be just out of your reach, like everything else, these days. even tony, your lifelong best friend is never around. jessica davis takes on the part of hedonist, drinking through school and skipping out on cheer practice. she makes scenes in public with justin and then storms off - and justin is just as far away as everybody else. like the earlier analogy of the world spinning off it’s axis, it screws with the entire system. you’re no longer in each others orbits, all communications systems failing.

the third blow hits you before that same month is up. a text message goes unseen for almost half an hour, and it’s long enough for it to be too late. the message has you sprinting barefoot across town, wearing only pyjama shorts and a tank top, headed for alex standall’s house. the blood reminds you of jeff’s body in the car, and you can barely hold back the screaming long enough to call an ambulance. it’s a long night, sitting in silence side by side with alex’s father. the man’s face is expressionless, but his eyes shine with tears he refuses to let fall. at some point, when the waiting and agonising fear becomes too much, you let your hand land on his. after a few seconds, he responds with a grateful squeeze, blinking hard. your throat is burning from the screaming, raw and painful, your bare feet like blocks of ice on the linoleum floor. the night passes.


it’s a relief to get to school on monday and realise that news of alex’s … indiscretion hasn’t yet made the rounds, but it’s not too long before it reaches the hallways. clay stops you before class to ask if you’re okay.

‘are you?’

his expression tells you all that needs saying, and you’re sure your own does, too. you let him talk to you into meeting at monet’s after school. home is too suffocating - with jeff, and hannah baker, and now alex, your parents have taken to hovering, constantly, around you. it’s sweet, and you appreciate the concern, but it doesn’t help the feeling that you don’t know how to breathe anymore. sitting around a back table with tony and clay is the most normal thing you’ve done in weeks. clay is as nervous and awkward as always, tony providing a steady contrast, confident and sure, but there’s a difference to the two of them you can’t quite explain. skye brings your drinks down; coffee for you and clay, hot chocolate for tony.

‘is it true about alex standall?’ the tattooed barista wants to know. clay spares you a glance, before nodding. skye scoffs and rolls her lined eyes. 'one girl offs herself and the rest follow like dominoes,’ she says, voice dripping with disgust. 'still, we see who the real attention seekers are, right?’

neither clay nor tony answer her; looking at each other, a silent conversation. you, however, look up at the blonde, and, rather quietly, ask her,

'can you shut the fuck up?’

she blinks. 'what? you weren’t even friends with hannah.’ 'no. but i am friends with alex. don’t be so ignorant.’

her eyes flash with indignation. 'i’m being honest, not ignorant.’
'no, you’re being disrespectful.’ underneath the table, your fists clench. 'look, i know that you’re hurting over jeff, so i-’

your head snaps up. you can barely hear yourself talking over the blood rushing through your ears. 'what did you just say?’

clay decides to step in. 'skye, maybe you should just drop it,’ his voice is low. the barista rolls her eyes again, and if she does it one more time-
'i’ll be at the counter if you need anything.’ she leaves. tony leans over to speak to you, but his words fall flat and unheard. standing up abruptly, you reach into your backpack for your wallet.

'c'mon, don’t go,’ clay pleads, tony noting the shake in your hands as you fumble for a few dollar bills. 'i can pay,’ the boy offers, concerned. you shake your head, dropping the notes on the counter. 'i’ll see you in school tomorrow,’ you mutter, gripping your bag in both hands and rushing out of café as fast as you could. speed-walking down the street, you breathe in and out slow, trying to calm your pounding heart, and the rage like a fire burning through your veins. skye’s words echo in your head - attention-seekers, attention-seekers - blinded by your emotion, you collide with a hard body, the two of you snapping 'watch it!’ in unison.

it’s montgomery, and when he sees it’s you, the tense set of his broad shoulders relax. 'oh, hey. are you okay?’ as his eyes search your face, you find yourself breaking. stepping closer to him, in an effort to keep your voice at a normal volume, you admit, 'i get it now. i get you now. i never understood… you’ve been so angry, for so long, and i never got it. but… but i get it now. i’m so mad, monty. i’m so mad, all the time, and i - i don’t want to - i can’t - i don’t know what to do.’

his entire face softens, his features kinder than you’ve ever seen them. after taking a moment to register your words, he swallows, and then reaches for your elbow.

'come with me.’


as he begins to urge you forward, all he says is, 'just come with me.’ so you do. you follow where he leads, his hand an anchor to reality. as you walk with him to god-knows-where, you realise there’s only one thing you’re certain of.

montgomery de la cruz could walk you off the edge of the earth, and you’d follow, without hesitation.

High Jeff pt 2

Request: 2nd part of high @padmekay @asheyl14 @angelameliajadearmitage @elle-speaks and numerous anons

This part isn’t as angsty and I’m hoping I didn’t let anyone down. 

Warnings: Drug mention, cussing I think?

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High Jeff Part 2 (Part one) 

You reached for another hand full of popcorn before moving the blanket up to your chin. The TV was on your favorite movie but you couldn’t actually focus on it. Your mind kept drifting back to Jeff. Truth was, you missed him. Not the him that he is now but the sweet, caring boyfriend who went MIA months ago. You just wanted him back. For the millionth time, you picked up your phone to scroll through your old messages with him wishing you could just go back to how you used to be before he started putting distance between you two. He used to be so adorable and send you so many cute texts, you missed that.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at the door making you lazily get up. The blanket fell to the floor and you opted not to care as you opened the door to see Jeff standing in front of you. Tiredly you crossed your arms and tried to push away your anger.

“Are you sober today?” You asked sarcastically unable to keep the edge out of your voice.

“Can we please talk?” he asked gently, those eyes of his never let you say no so you looked away.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing now? What do you want?” You asked trying to stay strong, you remained in the door way not wanting to let him in. You had given him so many chances already.

“Please.” He begged and that’s all it took. You sighed and stepped aside, bitter that he still had you wrapped around his finger, “I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been me. Sometimes getting high just makes everything a little easier.”

“Well then talk to me. What’s hard? What’s going on? I can’t be here for you if you keep shutting me out to go party instead.” You ranted letting your mouth run without focusing on what you were saying. You wanted answers.

“I don’t have to tell you that I’m not smart or that if I fail I can’t play baseball. And I’m sure your very aware that baseball is the only chance I have at getting into college. Sometimes I want to just forget about everything, I’m so tired of not feeling good enough. I’m so tired of being me.” He was practically yelling but he wasn’t looking at you, his eyes were focused on the wall and you knew he was yelling at himself, not you. Suddenly it all came crashing in on you, he didn’t feel good enough for you, or school, or baseball, or anything. He hates himself. You thought it was impossible for someone like him to ever feel insecure or even doubt themselves.

“Jeff you are one of the brightest, driven people I know, not to mention the best baseball player. You are the best person I know and I never want you to feel like you can’t do anything. Just let me in, I’m here.”

Diamonds & Shutters Part 3

Part 3: Reflection

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU. Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1639

A/N - This is part three my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

A/N - This is written in Jensen’s POV

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It didn’t take long to get to the batting cages, it was my sanctuary. Away from everything that was plaging my mind, there I could let it all go and just bat until my heart’s content. Jared lagged behind me, giving me enough space to take the lead and head in the direction that I wanted to go. Although I wasn’t in the right attire, I knew that they would let me in, I was a regular after all – and not to brag but one of the best baseball players this team had.

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Trump on the Media: Baseball edition

Trump (running for office): “I am the best baseball player ever. I will be the best baseball player ever. Criticisms are for losers. Everyone else is a baby.”

Media/experts: “You realize that baseball is a game that involves a hard, round object being thrown in the general vicinity of your head at extremely high rates of speed, right? And that there are other baseball players who have been playing the game for decades, refining their skills at, you know, baseball?”

Trump (in office): I can’t believe they’re throwing hard, round objects in the general vicinity of my head at extremely high rates of speed! Totally unfair. Fake baseball!”


Lori is 42,she is married to Bobby and has got a son,who is 17.She is the CEO of an important enterprise.

Leni is 41,and she has got a son,too.Her son is 16.She is now a fashion stylist.

Luna is 40,has got a 15-years-old son and is a famous rock-star.

Luan is 39 years old,her son is 14 and she has become a TV comedian.

Lynn is 38 and the best baseball player of the USA’s national team.Her son is 13.

Lincoln is 36 and the owner of a game room.He’s married to Ronnie Anne and they have got a daughter.

Lucy is 33,her son is 8,and she’s a poetess,who teaches Gothic Literature in an university.

Lola is 31 and is the mum of two twins.They are 6 years old.Lola is a famous and beautiful top-model.

Lana is 31 and is the mum of two 6-years-old twins,too.Now Lana is a vet.

Lisa is 29,has got a kid,who is 4.She’s a multiple-Award-winning scientific researcher.

Lily is 26,her baby boy is 1.Lily is a kindergarten teacher.

Moonshot - Chapter 1

Hello! So I my new fic is going to be chaptered. I know it’s a bit complicated to read a chaptered fic on Tumblr, so I will provide you the ao3 link in every chapter in case you want to read it there.

Anyways, you can always search ‘’moonshot - chapter (insert chapter number here)’’ on the tags and it will show up.


summary: Phil had a feeling that this Friday was going to be different.

That didn’t mean he was ready to meet his favourite baseball player, Daniel Howell, while he was cleaning the windows of a building.

or the au in which Phil is a shy window cleaner and Dan is a famous baseball player. This is their story.

words: 2k

no trigger warnings

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Chapter 1: First Meeting

Phil had a feeling that this Friday was going to be different.

He had to admit he was used to his monotone life of cleaning the same windows almost every day, watching the same dull curtains that didn’t allow him to “spy” into the fancy living rooms of the people that lived in the building he worked in. Sometimes, some neighbour would forgot to close their curtains, and it didn’t take long till they noticed Phil and dragged the long fabrics across the large windows. It always made Phil giggle when they started shouting at him without even considering that he couldn’t hear them because of the thickness of the window glass.

With a sigh, he rearranged his uniform, put on his earphones that were connected to an old pocket radio and got on the elevator like metal platform which would take him through the floors of the high building.

Once he had reached the top floor he noticed something wasn’t right. The maroon curtains that had been there a few days ago weren’t there anymore. Actually, there weren’t any curtains now and he could clearly spot a few brown boxes around, as if someone was moving in.

Phil, the curious person he was, didn’t think twice about it and leaned in a bit, trying to take a closer look into the flat. He was admiring the great and spacious kitchen and living room when suddenly the front door that was across him opened and made him jump a bit when he saw a dark but recognizable silhouette entering the room.

It couldn’t be. No. Was that Daniel Howell who was distractedly speaking on his mobile phone? The famous Dan Howell that was one of the best baseball players of the country? No. It couldn’t be. But then, the person took some steps forwards, letting Phil clearly see his profile, his signature smile and defined nose clearly in sight, finally recognizing the brown curly hair that was often hidden under a black cap. Yep, it was definitely Dan Howell. There was no doubt now.

Phil took a deep breath and calmed himself as he processed whatever was happening. He and his brother were great baseball fans, especially of Dan’s team, ‘Rocky Planets’. They were one of the best teams on the league right now and Dan Howell was one of their star players.

Phil still hadn’t gotten the chance to see them play at the stadium. His brother Martyn had been lucky and won two tickets last year and had offered Phil to come with him, but he let him take his girlfriend Cornelia instead, who was also a big baseball fan and that way Martyn could impress her by taking her to a game.

Anyways, Phil made sure to follow every game on TV. He had to admit that Dan was one of his favourite players. He loved the way he played, he was so determined and driven by it it was impressive. Also, he liked his interviews too. Dan showed his cleverness in them, his responses always correctly answered and making sense in every sentence he said. Oh, and he was attractive too. Like really attractive. But it wasn’t important, even though Phil had to admit he wouldn’t mind getting hugged by those toned arms while he looked into his brown eyes. No, not at all.

Without noticing, the window cleaner continued admiring the way the brown haired gesticulated with his free hand, rapidly speaking words on the phone Phil couldn’t really hear. He was mesmerized by the way his rosy lips moved, sometimes curling up in a soft smile, making Phil copy it, really loving this new soft side of the baseball player which people who loved the sport weren’t actually used to see. Phil was so deep in thought that he only startled when Dan looked into his direction, making the brown haired jump at the surprise of finding Phil there, just standing at the other side of the window staring at him.

The window cleaner realized that he was coming across as a crazy stalker so he quickly averted his gaze down to his shoes at the same time his cheeks turned pinkish, embarrassed at what had happened. Was then when he spotted the cleaning products and tools he was supposed to be using and picked one of the bottles and a squeegee, not even looking at which product it was and sprayed a bit on the windows, trying not to make eye contact with the person that was surely looking at him.

Phil walked through the platform working as fast as he could. Spray and clean. Spray and clean. He worked as if he was on autopilot.

He reached the last window and was about to spray again when he came face-to-face with Dan Howell once again, who was apparently done speaking on the phone.

The brown eyed lifted his hand and made a sign to Phil, as if to wait to spray the product again. Phil, unable to look away, just nodded and lowered the bottle and squeegee to the floor as he saw Dan leave running through a door that was at the far end of the living room, only to see him come back a few seconds later with an A4 sized notebook and a black sharpie, who didn’t loose a second on taking off the lid of the marker with his teeth and quickly scribbling something down on the notebook, leaving Phil as confused (but at the same time surprised) as he had ever been; but it faded away when Dan turned the notebook around so Phil could read what he had written down.

 'Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Dan and you?’

The blue eyed shyly smiled at Dan’s intentions, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks at the fact that the real Dan Howell wanted to know his name. Phil, knowing that he didn’t have any paper and pen around, leaned a bit and breathed on the window, a small foggy spot starting to create, where, after thinking quickly so it wouldn’t fade away, he traced his name in big and clear capital letters, trying and succeding in writing them in the correct direction so Dan wouldn’t have trouble reading them.

 'Phil?’  Was the next thing the blue eyed read on the notebook to which he nodded repeatedly, giving Dan the confirmation he needed.

Phil saw how Dan started writing again on a new blank page, stopping mid-sentence to take his phone from his front pocket as it probably vibrated with a notification (as Phil could only guess); brown eyes widening before putting the device back into his pocket and starting to write again.

 'Nice to meet you Phil. Have to run off now, sorry!’

Phil just shrugged and waved him goodbye as he tried not to show his disappointment, even though he was a bit sad he couldn’t keep “talking” to Dan anymore. He saw as Dan left the notebook and sharpie on the coffee table by the window that was the only thing (apart from the glass) separating them before the brown haired waved back at him, running towards the door he had gone through earlier only to see him appear again wearing a black denim jacket.

The window cleaner didn’t even have time to get back to work as he saw Dan walking towards him again, only to pick up the notebook and sharpie again and opening it on a new page, starting to rapidly scribble down something more, but not letting Phil read it straight away.

Phil watched as Dan left the notebook open on the coffee table, not even giving him time to read anything as he felt a tap against the glass, making his gaze lift up and make eye contact with the chocolate coloured eyes, which blinked a few times before offering Phil a cheeky wink; a gesture that made him blush for like the third time that morning. But before he could even respond, Dan was rushing out of the front door, looking back at him one last time with a smile.

Phil deeply sighed as he saw the front door close, only to remember that he still had a message for him.

“I hope to see you around my windows more often. You are quite a view ♥’  

By the time he had made it safely back to the street a deep blush was still visible on his face.


’'C'mon, can’t you be faster?” Dan groaned in the empty hallway as he waited for the elevator to come all the way up. Why did he decide to buy an apartment on the last floor? The views of the city had been one of the reasons for sure, but was waiting for the elevator for such a long time worth it?

After seeing the shy window cleaner of the building he was sure his friends wouldn’t mind if he arrived a bit later than he often was.

The 'ping’ coming from the elevator alerted him of its’ arrival and by taking a step and getting onto it, Dan pressed the last floor button before getting lost on his thoughts again.

“Does Phil know who I am?” was the first thing Dan muttered to himself. “I just wanted to be nice to him but probably scared him with my forwardness?”

Dan had to admit he had been quite surprised (and at the same time scared) when he had found him there, standing outside; but the black haired man rapidly reacted by reaching to pick up some bottle and gave Dan the hint that he was only the window cleaner of the building. The way he turned and started cleaning as he didn’t have any other purpose in life was a sign.

He had to admit he kept staring at Phil and his movements, almost hypnotized by the repetitive way he was cleaning the windows.

That was when he got probably the dumbest idea he had ever had. Dan didn’t know any of his neighbours yet, and probably knowing some of the staff that worked in the building wouldn’t be bad either…

“Yeah, Dan, you should totally introduce yourself to a stranger by writing down on a notebook since he cannot hear you scream from inside the room. That will work! It will make him feel comfortable and not totally awkward!” That was how he found himself in front of a stranger who had the bluest eyes he had ever seen. It wasn’t after a few seconds later when he noticed the black fringe, which really made his sharp cheekbones stand out. Wow, he really was something. But that was not the point. Not at all.

The baseball player face-palmed himself literally as he recalled what he would have looked to Phil now. Dan was sure that in Phil’s mind he was probably named something like 'Crazy tall guy’. Oh God. Could this be any worse?

One time he wanted to be nice and he came across as a mad man. Great.

But, wait a minute. Phil didn’t pull any weird faces when he read the first message. The brown haired had noticed Phil’s shyness at first but he didn’t seem so bad after it. He had even introduced himself!

“Maybe my last message scared him…” Dan had to admit he didn’t hold back often. If someone was cute, he would tell them. If someone was being rude, he would tell them. This time he thought Phil was… beautiful. Yeah, that was probably the word for it; so he told him. Maybe not with the exact same words but he did.

Dan just sighed. He could only hope for the best now.

“Let’s just hope he shows up again on Monday” was the last thing Dan could say as the elevator had reached the last floor with another 'ping’ echoeing in the hallway as the doors slid open, giving him the hint that he had to get out now if he didn’t want to get scolded as if he was a child for arriving late.

Chapter 2

dbz characters positive post

because all characters in the show have something good to offer 

goku: literally the purest cinnamon roll in the world. always ready to sacrifice his life for those he loves. and he loves pretty much everyone. refers to himself as “daddy” when talking to his son. always believes there’s something good in everyone, no matter how cruel people continuously proven they can be. is always smiling. is a bathroom singer. stayed in other world because he truly believed he was the reason for causing earth so much trouble. dumb as fuck but also can be disturbingly smart sometimes? how does that man even work. doodles on his grocery list. 

chichi: most dedicated mother you will always know. comprehensive and supportive wife. married an alien man, with needs and priorities so different from hers but still managed to not only understand goku’s needs but also fully support him even when she couldn’t understand his motivations. raised a child alone and would do it again. is a skilled fighter and trained her youngest son. determined woman who loves her family above everything. literally the most loving human being on earth but dude don’t mess with her. 

vegeta: where do I even fucking start. best character development of all times. fucked up a billion times but made up for it in the end. learned how to love, and do you have any idea how hard that can be for someone who grew up without even knowing the concept of love? most obstinate person you will ever heard of. fought and defeated his strongest enemy: himself. never gives up no matter what, truly an inspiration to everyone else. has no chill whatsoever but makes visible effort to control his temper for the sake of his family and friends (speaking exclusively about Super here). “mondo cool™”. also has a great ass.

bulma: literally a fucking goddess. there’s no limit for her intelligence and she knows how brilliant she is. has no time for anyone’s bullshit and will fucking run over anyone who stands in her way. slapped a fucking god of destruction in the face and would probably do it again. raised a kid alone. wholeheartedly forgave vegeta for all his bullshit and dude, that’s truly something else. fashionable bitch no matter in what situation. kinda fearless and reckless. party like a queen.

 gohan: are you fucking serious that kid is the most sympathetic person to ever exist in this world and the next. loves and respects everyone. a passionate scientist, dedicated to everything he does but ready to sacrifice it all for his family. doesn’t like to kill or fight (despite of his saiyan blood) but will fucking slaughter anyone who touches his loved ones. has no fashion sense whatsoever. embarrassing as fuck. a fucking dork 24/7. his first instinct is to protect everyone around him.

krillin: i mean his main goal in life was to find someone to love? and dude when he finally met his person he was literally ready to die for her. ridiculously loyal to his friends, would die for goku without even thinking about it. faces his fears no matter how scared he is and he’s been scared to death in many situations in his life. most loving father ever.

yamcha: he’s precious. best baseball player you’ll ever know. knows his limitations but spare no efforts to protect his friends. overcame his fear of girls and dated the most beautiful woman of all times. holds no grudge against vegeta who literally murdered him and then proceeded to kinda steal his girlfriend. one of the strongest humans on earth. also fine as fuck.

piccolo: dude is a cinnamon roll. died to protect his former enemy’s son. literally took care of gohan for the rest of his life and would die for him at any given moment. has a thing for children and it’s honestly adorable. best babysitter you’ll ever find. not only one of the strongest, but possibly the wisest. grew up alone and only knowing hate and ended up learning how to love. and i mean it wasn’t even that hard for him? unlike some other assholes who needed 20 years to feel any kind of affection (i’m not saying any names) love was kinda easy for piccolo. it just happened. he was programmed to love and he easily gave up on fighting it.

satan: yup, I know what you’re thinking but listen. he’s a good guy. ultimately he saved everyone. he even faced buu at some point and punched the dude in the face. say what you want but he has some serious guts. he’s a loving father and grandfather who genuinely takes care of his family. offered to give Goku the reward money for defeating buu. also let’s not forget how he was the one who almost saved earth by simply befriending buu. and as much as it wasn’t sincere in the beginning satan eventually started to actually like and protect someone who had potential to effortlessly kill him. he begs for buu’s life and takes responsibility for any damage buu might cause in the future. also he’s a dog person and that’s adorable.

mirai trunks: the mother friend. cares for everyone, loves everyone, will die for everyone without even giving it a second thought. kinda afraid of failure but overcomes it every single time. survived through so many horrors and destruction but still believed and fought for a better future. always finds a way, never loses hope and faith. grew up without his father but never really gave up on vegeta, no matter how much of a dick he learned his father could be sometimes. in fact, never gave up on anyone, ever? let’s face it, one of the strongest characters of the entire franchise. is never afraid to restart and rebuild.

frieza: “you’re certainly on the ball today, Captain Ginyu. If you were a dog, I’d scratch your belly. If you were a cat, I’d give you warm milk until you started to purr. But since you’re neither of these, I’ll just say thanks for a job well done.”

as I said, they all have something to offer and I’m particularly grateful for frieza’s contribution. 

play ball! (update)

When Dave moves to Washington, he expects to spend the summer alone in his room until school starts. But when he stumbles on the sandlot, he discovers a baseball team needing just one more player. He gets dragged into the mix, but there’s just one problem: he knows absolute dicksquat about the game.

Luckily, John, the high school’s best baseball player, swoops in to help.

chapter thirteen: plan c

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Moonshot - Chapter 3

I’m back with a new chapter! Hope you are enjoying this story so far. As always, any feedback is welcome <3

Hope you like this chapter!

summary: Phil had a feeling that this Friday was going to be different.

That didn’t mean he was ready to meet his favourite baseball player, Daniel Howell, while he was cleaning the windows of a building.

or the au in which Phil is a shy window cleaner and Dan is a famous baseball player. This is their story.

words: 2.1k

no trigger warnings

read on ao3 - (x)

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Drizzle and Pink Cheeks

Wednesday and Friday came and were gone in the blink of an eye. Dan and Phil kept talking through the windows, both days playing the “20 questions” game so they could know each other better.

Phil had decided that he would try and not be so shy around Dan, try to think of him as a normal person; just because he was sport star didn’t mean he had to act any different if he was going to see him a few days every week.  

They often both got so excited to know that they liked the same movie or videogame their conversation went from one topic off to another easily, forgetting they were even playing a game and also making Phil forget he was talking to the real Dan Howell.  

They shared so many interests Phil was sure it was kind of unbeliveable to have found someone such like him. It had never happened to him before. Some of his other partners and friends even made fun of him for liking cartoons they thought they were ‘childish’, but not with Dan. They could talk about Steven Universe for hours.

It was Sunday evening now and Martyn was lazying around his flat since they had meet for lunch but it started raining so they came back to Phil’s.

“So, you are telling me, you met Daniel Howell? The same Daniel Howell that plays in the 'Rocky Planets’ and is one of the best baseball players of the country? Are you pulling my leg?”

Martyn asked what was new in his life and that was it! It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t want to believe him!

“Yeah, I was about to clean the windows on the top floor when suddenly he appeared! He moved in, apparently, and now I’m his window cleaner. How random, right?” Phil said, handing his brother a beer while he took a sip of his soda.

Martyn stood there, gawking at him until apparently he found his voice again. “Did you talk to him? If you did, what did you say? Could he even hear you? Did you get to meet him later? And most importantly, I am your brother, why didn’t I know about this sooner!” Martyn punched his arm slightly, making Phil wince at the not-so-weak punch.

“Calm down! Let’s just sit by the tv and I will tell you everything, okay?”

Both Lesters sat down on the comfy cushions and Phil started sepaking. He tried not te dwell into details, but it was impossible. He kind of wanted to talk about Dan 24/7 and all he had said to him. It was probably because he had the biggest crush on him but still, they had only talked like three days and Phil could consider him his friend already. It was kind of impossible to think about the possibility of having Dan Howell as a friend or even anything more to be honest. At least dreaing was free.

Once Phil had finsihed looked back at Martyn, who smiled cheekily at him. “I think Dan Howell likes you Philly”.

What!? What was his brother even talking about!? Yeah, Dan told him he was 'attractive’ (maybe not with that exact word but still), at least it was implied in some of the messages. Dan could flirt with a rock and even make it blush even thought it wasn’t even a living thing! But Phil wasn’t even sure about what to think… Dan could also be playing the 'flirty’ persona the media talked about with him too and even though Phil didn’t want to believe the media, sometimes it was inevitable.

“I… I… Martyn no! He doesn’t like me, at least not the way you think…” Phil’s voice got quieter by the end of the sentence. Why was he feeling this sad about something that had a chance of 1 in at least a billion of happening?

Martyn patted him on the back a few times, as if sensing he was upset. “Hey Phil, have you tried flirting back?”

Phil shook his head and muttered an almost quiet no.

“Then, flirt back!” Martyn ruffled his hair, trying to cheer him up like when they were little “and if you don’t feel comfortable enough or if Dan seems unamused just stop it. There is still a possibility of you two being friends. I mean, from what you have told me you have so much in common, even more than you and I have and we are brothers!”

Phil just shrugged, “I guess… we could be friends.”

With that last sentence they let the topic aside and talked about a few other things till Martyn had to leave.

Phil looked out of the window as soon as the front door was closed. It was still raining and he could only cross his fingers so it would stop by tomorrow because cleaning windows with rain was a real nightmare.

He must have the worst luck ever because he had to grab his raintcoat next morning because it kept drizzling.


Dan woke up slowly on Monday morning, rolling around his king sized matress and white sheets for a few minutes before opening his eyes only to see that a light rain was hitting his bedroom window.

Groaning, he picked up his phone and checked his social media and read the few messages he had received during the night, not bothering to answer them since he was still sleepy and din’t want to risk sending something stupid to his agent.

He put his phone back on the nightstand and rolled on his back, putting one of his hands behind his head, the other lazily caressing his stomach as he watched boringly his white ceiling, just… thinking.

Dan moved his neck a bit and stared at hs bedroom door, kind of expecting someone to burst in with a tray, carrying his coffee with some fruit and pancakes with a small vase that had a rose on it.

He internally laughed at this thought. Real life was never like that.

With a sigh he turned his stare back again at the ceiling, finally teh realization of how lonely he was settling in, felling a weight on his chest as if he was scared of being alone forever. Not having anyone by your side was a scary thought that often made him anxious. Yes, he had his team mates and also friends, but it wasn’t the same.

He wanted a romantic relationship, having someone you can share your love and affection with. He couldn’t even recall teh last time he had recieved a hug… It had been so long. He craved caresses and cuddles, shot and long kisses, even sex…

Since he became a famous baseball player the madia talked about the few romances he “had” with certain celebrities. Yes, “had” because they were never real. They were all publicity stunts so his partner at the time could ensure their fame for a while.

The brown eyed kind of hoped that those fake relationships would turn into something real as he ahd seen in many movies, where people have to pretend to be in love and somehow manage to fall for eachother and lived a “happily ever after”.

But it was just pure bullshit that never happened in real life.

It had been a while since he had had this kind of thoughts but now they had decided to come back and Dan didn’t like it.

A lone tear made his way down his cheek, trailing down his face and getting lost on his neck, but before he could dwell into that though some more he got up, grabbed his pyjama bottoms and a sweatshirt and walked out of his bedroom only to find a bored looking Phil already cleaning his windows while he wore the most yellow raincoat he had even seen shielding him from the drizzle.

Phil looked so damn good in that hideous yellow raincoat it was ridiculous! No one looked good in yellow! But somehow Phil was making it work… That yellow raincoat was making Dan feel something in his stomach…  

Dan was glad the rain seemed to be stopping soon so Phil couldn’t be out in the rain for too long, he felt bad enough seeing him working under this weather but it didn’t seem like the window cleaner was minding it much, or if he did he wasn’t showing it.  

The blue eyed finally spotted him, waving at him before taking out a notebook and a marker from a light blue backpack.

Dan softly smiled at the gesture, walking closer to the windows so he could sit by the couch armrest as he also grabbed his paper and sharpie.

'Thought you left me alone on this rainy morning… :( ps: cute morning bedhair’

The brown haired shook his head and looked at his feet at Phil’s message. He didn’t expect this message and less from someone so shy like Phil, but maybe he was trying to be closer to Dan (even as a friend) and if Phil wanted, Dan was going to let him, because he was feeling a bit vulnerable and probably was blushing now, something he didn’t like showing. Maybe because he had to hide his 'soft’ side from everybody for so long that it felt strange now…

He had always acted so forwards towards everyone, even to the window cleaner on those first days, but Dan wanted to leave that aside, let his unvarnised persona be shown a bit more. He only acted that way when he felt that he could trust someone, and with Phil he felt he could even just after a few days.  

Maybe it was because he hadn’t feel this comfortable in a while and needed to be showered with some affection after this morning, but he wasn’t thinking about that.

'No, you are not getting rid of me that easily! Sorry you have to work under the rain, it probably sucks. ps: my morning hair is not cute, it’s gross… but thank you for the compliment’ Dan wrote and showed Phil, whose black fringe was getting a bit wet since the hat of his raincoat was falling down.

It was Phil’s turn to shake his head, a few dropplets of water moving at the action, trying to shield his notebook from getting more wet. 'Your curls are nice, but messy curls look even better on you. Adorable’

If Dan hadn’t blushed a few seconds ago, he was sure his red cheeks were showing now. He hid behind his notepap as he tried to tame his hair a bit, he was sure it wasn’t that nice to look at.

He kind of liked being showered in compliments that weren’t shout by strangers… But Phil was being so nice that Dan felt the need to compliment him back just to make it even between the two. It wasn’t fair if he was the only one getting the pretty words.

'shut up! you are the one looking all adorable on that yellow raincoat!’ he wrote fast, trying to keep his best handwriting. It would be so much easier if they could talk… Was it too early in they 'friendship’ to ask for his phone number? Well, he didn’t have time to think about that now.

He turned his notebook around and saw how Phil’s cheeks went also a bit pink, trying to also hide his face by ducking his head.

They both lowered their notebooks and chuckled at the same time, making both of them burst into laughter at their identical gestures. Once the giggles died down Dan was teh frst to signal to his kitchen, as a sign taht he felt hungry and needed breakfast. Phil nodded as he took a green bottle and started spraying the windows.

Even though they were trying to do theirr repective tasks, the two boys kept sneaking side glances and smiles at each other for a few minutes until Phil already finished and wrote his goodbye, Dan quickly writing back his, trying not to show how sad he was that Phil was leaving him all alone with his thoughts again…

“Bye Phil, hope to see you on Wednesday…” Dan said out loud with a loud sigh once the black haired had disappeared from his sight.

Dan groaned loudly as he threw his body on the sofa. After these messages Dan was sure his crush on Phil wasn’t that little anymore. It couldn’t be. The man was so sweet and nice and they had so much in common it was difficult to stop his feelings from developing. Feelings that were new for Dan and felt scary but also exciting to discover.

He could only hope for the best now.  

Chapter 4

Headcanon that Eijun and the paparazzi are best buddies.

When pro baseball players Miyuki and Eijun are finally publicly dating (same verse as this lol), needless to say that the paparazzi buzzing around them doubles in number. Eijun, being the clueless country boy + ball of sunshine that he is, instead of shying away from paparazzi or getting pissed off of the lack of privacy, welcomes them with open arms lmao. Like literally, brohugs when he sees them and he knows them by name now haha

It becomes some sort of game for him. Find-the-Hidden-Paparazzi. LOL. When he spots a paparazzi stalking him and Miyuki around, he immediately walks up to them or calls after them. So whenever articles of Eijun and Miyuki come out, they always have these fab photos, some candid, and some very very not candid.

Eijun totally loves doing a lot of dumb poses (*`◇´*)


Miyuki: oH MY GOD EIJUN NO (  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )

He still goes with Eijun’s shenanigans though.ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

As Eijun says: “Aren’t you happy? They’re taking awesome photos of us and sending it to us for free! Actual photographers are taking photos of us for free! We should be thanking them instead!!"  (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*)

Yeah, Eijun doesn’t really get the whole paparazzi thing, but paparazzi people love Eijun. He makes their job easier after all LOL (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Not Just a Girl

Fic Request: Can you do one where Lydias kind of like the smart girl in school no one really notices until Stiles the popular kid at school starts dating her and all these girls get jealous and start bashing at lydia?

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Nerd!Lydia

Author: allineedcd

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"You're a hero, Ranger Rick."

Submitted by ofloveandlionhearts
“lucaya prompt…. Lucas saves Maya from being hit by a car and lands in the hospital. Maya is frickin PISSED but also extremely guilty, especially when Lucas’ mom arrives at the hospital sorry to be so specific ^^;”

I’m not sure how I did on the angry part, but I really hope you like it and thank you for submitting!


If Maya could go back and change everything, she would. She wouldn’t have suggested they go walk around the city, she wouldn’t have given the idea to get them food from the truck across the street, and she wouldn’t have asked Lucas to go with her.

They weren’t even close to anywhere busy, they hadn’t seen many cars besides the occasional taxi.

The gang had gone to an art museum, because it was Maya’s day to pick the activity, and she felt particularly inspired that morning.

But of course, because these 5 can’t do anything without something happening, they got kicked of the place.

It started when Farkle got angry at Zay for talking too loudly, to save you the details, Zay ended up almost breaking a priceless artifact and they were forced to leave with a one year ban placed on them.

“I’m hungry.” Riley said.

Maya kicked a rock with her foot as she trailed along the New York sidewalk.

“How about we stop at this food truck?” She pointed at the black and gray vehicle.

“Sounds good to me.” Farkle agreed.

“So 4 hot dogs, and then a Philly Cheese steak for Ranger Rick?” Maya asked, turning to face the whole group.

“How’d you know?” Lucas looked at the blonde quizzically.

“You eat those on Saturdays, to help you build for baseball practice on Sundays. I’ve know you for 4 years Huckleberry, keep up.” She smirked.

“I’ll come with you, to help you carry it.” He offered, and they walked towards the crosswalk.

Maya swore she looked both ways.

She swore that there wasn’t a single car in sight, so she started crossing.

She would’ve heard the engine too late, if it hadn’t been for Lucas yelling her name loudly.

Time froze instantly. It was like Maya’s feet were super glued to the road, she felt the force, and she felt her body hit the ground.

But when Maya opened her eyes, she was fine, and there was no car above her.

The vehicle had tried to screech to a halt, but it was too late, the yellow cab hit Lucas and he tumbled to the ground.

“Call 911!” Was the last thing Lucas heard before he slipped into a darkness.


The ambulance arrived quickly.

Maya sat there in the ambulance with him, since she needed to be looked at too, but not bad enough that she needed her own.

She felt the drops pour out and down her face, landing on the railing of his mobile bed.

She grabbed his hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m so damn sorry Lucas.”


So now here she was, getting her head bandaged.

She had a few minor cuts, and some pretty nasty bruises, but other than that she was perfectly fine.

The nurse told her with a smile that, “If that handsome boy hadn’t have pushed you out of the way, there’s a high chance you could’ve died.”

Everyone was here.

Shawn, Katy, Cory, Topanga, Riley, Maya, Zay, Farkle, but one person was missing.

“I’m here! I’m here, is he ok?” His mom came rushing in as fast as he could.

Riley stood up.

“We don’t know yet.” She informed her glumly.

“What happened?”

“Um, we were hungry so Maya and Lucas went to go get some food from this food truck across the street. A car came quickly around the corner and Maya didn’t see it. Lucas shoved her out of the way and got hit instead. The nurses say if he hadn’t, Maya might’ve died.” Farkle explained, in perfect detail.

Maya let a tear stream down her face and felt more guilty than she’d ever felt.

“Oh thank God you’re ok, Pancakes.”

After Lucas explained his only comeback to Maya’s nicknames to his mom, she had taken a liking to calling her Pancakes. Since Maya liked Lucas’s mom so much, she didn’t mind it too bad.

“You don’t hate me for injuring your son?” The blonde asked her, stunned.

“Hate you? I could never. Knowing my son, he would’ve felt even worse than he does now if he hadn’t pushed you out of the way. You could’ve died, and I’m sure he’ll be okay, especially if he knows you’re okay. I’m glad you’re still here with us.”

Maya just hugged her for what felt like ages.

“My boy, he cares about you a lot you know. He sure does talk about you a lot, like the way he used to talk about Riley when they dated.”

Maya was shocked.


“Yeah. That kid never shuts up. Maya this, Maya that.”

Maya didn’t say anything else, just processed the information.

“Thank you, for being here and not blaming me.”

“Anything for my favorite short stack.”


Another hour passed, and Lucas was still asleep.

But then again, so was everyone else.

Katy and Shawn were snuggled up on a couch, Topanga was propped up on Cory’s shoulder, and Lucas’s mom had finally given up on pacing around.

It was just Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Zay.

“I can’t believe he did that.” Maya said.

“I can, he cares about you Maya.” Farkle said.

“He’s still stupid for pushing me out of the way. I should be in the hospital bed right now.”

“Maya, he did what he did for a reason. And I think your moral compass has a pretty good sense of reasoning.” Zay piped up.

“I heard a doctor passing by say that Lucas will be ok, but he broke his leg. Can’t play baseball for a whole 6 months.” Farkle added.

“Oh my god, now I feel worse.” Maya groaned.

“Hey, 6 months is right before baseball starts, he’ll still get to play around he end of the season.” Riley tried cheering up her best friend.

“Yeah, but will he still be as good? Did I screw up our baseball teams best sophomore player?”

“Have you even met Lucas? Mr. Perfect? He’ll be ok, I promise on my life.” Zay said.

“Hey Farkle?” Maya asked, and the genius looked at her.

“What doctor did you hear talking about Lucas?”

There was a pause.

“Okay so maybe Zay and I went back there ourselves.”

Maya smiled for the first time in hours.


“He’s awake.”

A doctor spoke from the waiting room door.

Every stood up quickly out of their seats.

“You can see him one person at a time, he’s still a little groggy, though.” The doctor informed the group.

“Maya, you should go first.” Lucas’s mom said.

“You sure?” Maya looked at everyone else, who nodded in agreement.

She took a deep breath and followed the man down a long, narrow, hallway.

The walls felt as they were closing in when she saw ‘Friar’ written on the dry erase board outside hospital room 426.

He looked surprisingly well, considering he had been hit by a car four hours earlier.

“Maya, is that you?” A strained voice whimpered from the bed.

Maya winced at the pitiful sound of his voice.

“It’s me, Sundance.” She tried her best to smile.

“Are you alright? I pushed you kind of hard.” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“Lucas, you saved my life! The important question here is, are you alright?”

The nervous blonde carefully sat in the chair next to his bed.

“Maya,” he paused, “Are you ok?”

“I’m perfectly fine Huckleberry, compared to you. Just a few scratches and bruises.”

“I’m glad you’re safe.” He smiled.

Silence washed over the room.

“Thank you.” Maya said suddenly.

“It was nothing.” He attempted to shrug, but grimaced in pain.

“You saved my life. I might be dead if you hadn’t have been with me! You’re a hero, Ranger Rick.”

“I’m not a hero. I just care about you that much.”

“Good, cause you’re also an idiot. What were you thinking? You can’t even play baseball for a while.” Maya ranted.

“You’re worth much more to me than baseball, Hart.”

Maya’s faced softened, they smiled at each other, and she grabbed Lucas’s hand.

“I have a pen, can I sign it?” Maya referred to the olive green colored cast on his leg.

“I would be honored.” He joked, winking at her and pulling his imaginary hat down as best he could, referencing their game.

“Is my mom here?” Lucas asked as Maya’s hand pushed against his cast while she wrote.

“Yeah. She’s alright though, she’s much calmer than when we got here.”

“Good. Let’s hope she doesn’t kill me for stepping out in front of a car.” The boy smiled, but was also slightly worried.

Maya thought back to her and his mom’s conversation.

“I think she’ll be alright.” She smirked.


That night, Lucas sat on his bed.

He remembered he never read what Maya wrote on his cast.

He looked over the other signatures and then he found the Blonde Beauty’s.

'Thanks for caring, you’re a hero Ranger Rick. -xo Maya Hart’

If Lucas could go back, back to this morning when he got a text from Maya telling him she was outside and ready to go, he wouldn’t dream of changing a single thing.

Hai Hai!! I’m Jyushimatsu!! I have no idea where I am or why I’ve got these clothes.. HAHA!! They’re kinda big! And there’s this weird ghost thing following me around. I call him “Star Player”! Since I’m here, I’m gonna try and become the best baseball player ever!! HUSTLE HUSTLE!! MUSCLE MUSCLE!!

((This is such a stupid joke tbh, but feel free to send asks!))

The 2015 Mets wholeheartedly earned their spot in the World Series.

David Wright earned it by believing in the team when nobody else did. He served as a role model when no other Met could. 

Daniel Murphy earned it when he played his heart out for this team for years and he finally got to show off his MVP-caliber talent in the 2015 postseason.

Matt Harvey earned it with the fire he lit in this team and the fight he instilled in the players and fans.

Wilmer Flores earned it when he left his tears on the field showing that he has the ultimate dedication to the organization.

Jacob deGrom earned it when he stepped up in 2014 and proved that rookies are the dominant future of the team.

Noah Syndergaard earned it when he wasn’t afraid to throw 100 mph at some of the best players in baseball in only his first season.

Steven Matz earned it when he made his unforgettable debut that shook up the entire feel of this season.

Lucas Duda earned it by never getting discouraged by his slumps, allowing him to channel even more power into his hot streaks.

Yoenis Cespedes earned it when he fully committed himself to the New York Mets after being traded. He provided the spark the Mets so desperately needed to succeed.

Curtis Granderson earned it when he overcame the scrutiny from Mets fans who were skeptical of an ex-Yankee. 

Every player earned it in one way or another.


In my Daiya post about Act II chapter 26, I commented how captain-like Kanemaru and Miyuki were. It makes me think of the possible future captain (and vice captains) once the third years retire. There’s still Kantou tournament, then Summer qualifiers and Summer Koshien, so it’s still far away to make any predictions. I think all of us want Seidou to win all of them (ehem, Sawamura takes them by storm with Miyuki). But it’s still fun to guess who might it be. I missed speculating for Miyuki since I came late to the fandom.

First, before we start discussing who are the candidates and who might be best for the position. Let’s take a look at the current and former captains of Seidou, shall we?

Exhibit A: Yuuki Tetsuya. 

Yuuki doesn’t have much expression, except when he is particularly fired up, almost similar to Furuya if you think about it. He rarely speaks, quiet and reserved. He is not good in shougi, so he doesn’t have much strategic skills, but persistent despite his constant defeat. This is the trait that makes him grow the most from the badly-skilled first year to best batter and first baseman. He often responds to conversation not connected to the topic (at least to us, it might mean something to him), possibly also because he often misses subtler cues. But at the same time, Yuuki is a reassuring and reliable presence on the the field, especially when he’s stepping out to bat fourth. He never fails to answer his teammates’ trust. He is a charismatic.  By the time we know him, he is the strong and ideal leader.

Exhibit B: Miyuki Kazuya. 

Meanwhile, Miyuki has more expression and speaks more than Yuuki, but rarely truly honest, or not followed by some sort of smart remark and shit-eating grin. He is eloquent when it comes to baseball-related topics, but not so much outside it. Obviously a brilliant strategist and skilled, if not the best baseball player of the team. On the field, he is a reliable presence, no one questions his leads or his ability.  So much that they unconsciously take him for granted as seen through Shirasu’s thoughts of him. Regardless, off the field, teammates rarely spend time willingly with him aside some exceptions, though the number grows as he becomes captain. Last we see him, he is still awkward with his captaincy, Sawamura and Kuramochi not helping (though I cannot help but snicker how they casually bully their captain). In comparison to Yuuki, he has charisma only on the field.  Otherwise he has his shining moments when he knows what he wants and what to say (his speeches for being hungry for victory, to win the Fall tournament to keep the coach from leaving, etc.). Still has room to grow to be as good as Yuuki in his own way, since he’s sharper when it comes to people. 

So, seeing the two Seidou captains, social skills are not the main consideration since neither are particularly expressive or communicative. However, both of them are reliable presence on the field and strong players in their own right. This is consistent with what Coach Kataoka said to Yuuki to lead the team by his performance. Captains are expected to lead with his actions, not his words. They are expected to inspire the team on the field.

Now, it’s important to see how the position of a captain is perceived, mainly by the coach who has the final say in the appointment, in this case, Coach Kataoka. He has clearly stated his expectation of his captain to Yuuki, which most likely doesn’t change as he chooses Miyuki as the next captain. However, Coach Kataoka seems to bundle the role of captain with clean up, because he still gives the position to Miyuki despite being aware the additional duty and responsibility it will give Miyuki who is already main catcher to the team. Thus, I surmise that if the Ace is the leader that inspires the team during defense, Cleanup is the leader that inspires the team during offense. That’s why it also has to be the captain, at least for Coach Kataoka. Coach Kunitomo from Inashiro emphasizes captain as someone who can unite the team, so it’s not necessarily by skill or performance, but is possible by sheer power of character too, because as the Ace, Narumiya should fit the bill if there’s no one else instead of choosing Fukui. Harada and Yeung are the only player I can recall having multiple roles (captain catcher cleanup and cleanup ace respectively), so mostly the roles of captain and cleanup and ace are distributed to different players, and interestingly, no Aces as captains either, except for Sawamura during middle school.

So when we consider the candidates for the next captain, we are likely to need to consider the next cleanup batter. Now, let’s look at the possible candidates for the next captain.   

Right now, the most likely candidates are all the second-year first-string, almost all of them regulars (Kanemaru and Sawamura are not always playing, to my recollection). This makes the five second-years: Sawamura, Kominato, Furuya, Kanemaru and Toujou. However, if the captain is expected to be someone to lead through his performance, Kanemaru is actually the least likely candidate. Both Sawamura and Furuya has shown reliable performance as pitchers and Kominato (let’s change to Haruichi shall we?) and Toujou as batters. But if we consider captains as cleanups, then Sawamura as he is, is out of the running, leaving Haruichi, Toujou and Furuya.

As ace (or former ace), Furuya and Toujou are ahead Haruichi in terms of leadership, though Haruichi beat them both when it comes to batting statistics. Personality-wise Toujou seems to be more people person than the other two. If Furuya is still the ace for the Fall while ace and cleanup have to be separate, Furuya might also be out of running for captain position. So, right now if we list the likeliest candidates to be captain it will look like this:

  1. Haruichi. He is growing a presence as the third batter, in time he would be a presence as feared by the battery as Yuuki and Miyuki as cleanups. His performance is also consistent whether as a batter or second baseman, especially being part of Iron Wall.
  2. Toujou. He is rising to the top of the batting lineup, his batting become more reliable as he is mentioned one of the two that contributed most hits in Jingu tournament. He has been main and regular center fielder since joining the first string, but less presence on the field during defense.
  3. Furuya. He is a good batter when he makes contact, but not as consistent as the other two. However, he has been the ace since Tanba retired and performed well in Spring Koshien. He still need to be better batter to be cleanup, at least Miyuki is a consistent clutch hitter before becoming captain. Might be out of running if ace =/= captain cleanup.
  4. Sawamura. He is already a presence on the field with his strong will, the undeniable moodmaker of the team, often pulling out the team from a pinch, and looks like establishing more of a presence with his growing repertoire and better control. Sucks at batting though, but masterful in bunting. Still ways to go to be captain cleanup, but have experience as captain ace. Dark horse.
  5. Kanemaru. He looks to be good in clutch situation, but he is not always a starter that he has the least presence on the field in comparison to others. He is good in taking care of others though, and have the best presence off the field of the five. He is the most leader-like, but neither the former and current captain are before they are appointed. Right now, he is more a vice-captain material.

Sawamura is considered as a dark horse, because no one, not a single person in the team, is as inspiring as him. All the second and third years has seen him grow from from a pitcher who has only moving fastball in his repertoire (with bad control too) to a reliable pitcher they can count on in matches as well as the ace, and most of all they see him struggle with the yips. We all can see how happy the team, not only first string members, when they see Sawamura pitch to the inside. Solely for that reason, he might be considered as captain or ace, since their main duty and responsibility is to inspire. He is like Yuuki who with his constant and relentless practice set up an example for and pull up his peers. I have also the impression he is the kind of person who grow into his role. I don’t think he’s quite prepared to be captain and ace in his middle school team, but he becomes one for his friends, carrying them through practice and real matches. How much is it the Sawamura we know is the Sawamura he made himself to be the captain and ace the team needed?

It cannot be easy when you are the one most passionate about baseball and the best player in the team. How much he fight to get a team started, how often he must encourage his friends, how much he has to show them that this sport is worth it, to the point that his friends worship the ground he walk on (or close to that, they call him their hero). I want to see these qualities more. I’ve got the feeling that Sawamura discarded that part of himself in Seidou since he considered himself starting over and needing less to think of others. He allows himself to be more selfish and childish.

This post might get revised with manga development. The frontrunner might change :D


“This is the age when Japanese high school baseball is known to be the best in the world, and some scouts come from the major league to invite players to their teams. "I want to be the best baseball player, ever.” Fifteen-year-old boys leave home for the purpose of honing their abilities. I respect all players who have that determination and aspiration.“