best band there

dude………. I said I was totally okay n even glad that day6 didn’t include vancouver in their north american tour because I knew I wasn’t ready for it. I even discussed it with my friend n she’s like “yeah I don’t think you’re ready” because I really was THAT unready. even the public knew about my problem. but now that I see their north american tour videos n fan snaps and shit I’m like “……………….man wish I lived in toronto.” I MEAN ??? they’re so close, but @ the same time I know I’m not ready whatsoever I’m not even like close to being ready to see them live. I watch some of their concerts in korea on film n I’m not even ready for those, I’m not ready to solidify the fact that they are actually humans creating bangers. I can’t witness it n accept that reality yet. 

hey. all concerts are good concerts but sign me the FUCK up for small venue concerts over big arena concerts any day