best band so far

  • Angelina
  • Pinegrove
  • Everything So Far

Washing windows with Angelina. I don’t understand anything. Violent angles from side to side. How’d you get so tangled up in my life? How’d you get so caught? How’d you get so tangled up? I love you like it’s the old days, when I could ask you anything. How’d you get so tangled up in my thinking? How’d you get so caught. How’d you get so tangled up?

reensdragon  asked:

22, 24, 33, 34, and 44 maybe? owo

Nicknames people call you?: Stardust, Jettu, Jettio, Fox, Foxlan!

Favorite band?: Set it Off!

Best day of your life?: So far… Maybe the day I went to Warped Tour!

Any talents?: Not really- I’ve been told I’m pretty good at drawing and writing, but I’m pretty good at video games? :’D

Selfie?: Oh nyoooo my face….. Well okay, I guess >//> I’m only posting an older one today though

That me |D

Hello, I am Hillary Clintuba, and I want to be the next Drum Major.

I will surely follow in the footsteps of our current Drum Major, Barack Obassclarinet, and make the Band the best it can be. I think band has come so far, we used to have a woodwind Drum Major, and now I think we need a female Drum Major. So, you can support the Clintuba campaign by following me, we need all the support we can get to beat @realdonaldtrumpet!

Six Month Secret- Pt.1

Teacher!Luke and Y/N

You closed your legs to squeeze them together as your 22 year old teacher walked into the room and you remember the weekend before. He also doubled up as your brother’s best friend in that band that they always would go so far. Obviously not far enough quick enough if Lu- you mean Mr Hemmings, had enough time to go to university and go through teacher training and your brother to be the head chef at a top restaurant in the middle of the city. Secretly you were pleased with the failure of the band despite how hot Mr Hemmings looks playing but if your brother found out you’d said that he wouldn’t have ever treated you like a sister again, you’d be damn dead to him. They still played as a hobby with the occasional gig. 

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Funfact!!! I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up and I was like “maybe something happened? Let’s check tumblr just in case and then back to sleep” anD THAT FUCKING SONG IS OUT THERE AND NOW I CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE I HAVE IT ON REPEAT BECAUSE IT’S THEIR BEST SONG SO FAR AND I HATE THIS FUCKING BAND AND MY BODY THAT NOW APPARENTLY WAKES UP WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS