best awards 2012


On This Day in History: The WNT Hits the Links (July 17, 2012) 

20x Oscar Nominee 

Academy Award for Best Picture, 2012

“It’s alright but it would be better if I was in it. I’m a great golfer, I train really hard” - Carli Lloyd

“simply iconic” - tumblr user laurenholiday

“This video is an embarrassment to our federation” - Sunil Gulati 

why nothing will top golden globes 2013

  • tarantino’s spittake
  • EVERYONE being in love with christoph waltz

  • amy & tina actually being funny

  • ex. “i haven’t really been following the zero dark thirty controversy, but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who was married to james cameron for three years.”

  • jason bateman carrying aziz ansari onstage

  • lucy liu’s floral dress

  • adele beating taylor swift for best original song

  • the return of jesus bale

  • this picture