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It honestly makes me so happy to see how much all the members endlessly adore Dino like you can see it just dripping from their eyes and the way they treat him like he’s most precious, innocent, valuable baby and it’s so nice to just see them pouring so much love into their youngest member and they just completely thrive off seeing him grow up a little more each day and I’m so glad he’s spending his youth being surrounded by so much real real real love

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I never ever cheat about my running times and compete with my friends for best times on Nike running app. But there is this little noob friend who never runs and has suddenly been adding times I know for a fact she never got. It pisses me off since I bust my ass for my times without cheating. What would u do?

Take EPO.

Then knee cap the bitch.

Best Moments from my Run Tonight

Me: are we there yet?
App: //lowers my music volume to play the transmission that’s says we’ve arrived at the destination
Me: oh okay cool

(There’s a log halfway in the middle of the path and I know I have elderly neighbors and I don’t want them to trip on it on their walk)
Me: //places hand on log to move it out of the path
App: Picked up an axe!

Best friend: //waves at me as she drives by me
Me: //barely responds because I was in the middle of a zombie chase

App: Warning: zombies detected
Me, still warming up: oh sHIT OKAY
My Garmin: //falls out of my pocket
Me: //seriously considers leaving a $100 piece of technology in the middle of the street because I’m being pursued by imaginary zombies

I also stopped to say hi to a dog and a cat

Ran my 2nd 5K of 2017 in my quest to run one 5K a month this year!

I started back to interval training a few weeks ago and clearly my work is paying off since I only walked (at a brisk pace with 2 friends) my January 5K in 51 minutes. This also was a  much bigger more organized race than January. It felt good to be back, I haven’t done a race since May. 

I used my Running (For Weight Loss) app and tried my best to stick to their recommend walk/run/sprints. Sometimes I walked longer other times I ran longer. All and all I felt good and strong the whole time. I wore my running watch, but only to keep an eye on my pace - I didn’t want to push to hard (like I tend to do during races). I didn’t have a goal time, my training run was pre-schedule for 41 minutes and based on my previous runs on just under 3 miles - I knew I could do it under 40. 

I’m going to just keep focusing on small gains each other, I want to get faster and stronger, but while also not aggravating my injury. 

App I'm Obsessed With

Not too long ago I made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone and I couldn’t be happier! Fully obsessed with the iPhone. One app in particular- iMapMyRun is amazing.  The app allows you to track your runs via your phone’s GPS.  Carry your iPhone during your run and it will give you lots of fun stats and a map of your run. You can save the record; helping you track your progress.

Check out my run from yesterday:

love runs along the water!

post run I did another 1.5 miles that included running up and down these stairs and the neighboring hill (steeper than it looks!).