best anything ever

Victor and Yuri arrive at the church

world: saved

homophobia: ended forever

engagement rings: out

My heart literally just broke and I don’t even know this woman. What I do know is that she raised 7 wonderful children and they’re going to grow into amazing people. My heart goes out to her entire family and they are in my thoughts and prayers.

we didn’t get the show wrong, we got it completely right, much more right than the creators ever did. our version is so much better.

Andy: [My proposal] was perfect and magical, I’ll say that. She didn’t know it was gonna happen, we were in a beautiful place that was very special to both of us. I was by a fire pit with, like, a glowing amber light. I got down on one knee. Like the stuff I said was perfect. I can’t tell you how great it went.

Akiva: I believe it because I was at your wedding and your wedding was also –

Jorma: Truly the most magical vows I’ve ever heard.

Andy: I really gotta bring it. My wife is a poet, so if I’m half-assing it then it’s gonna be pretty clear.


Flash Cast at LA TomCon... er, ComicCon

Q. I want to hear your favorite on-set Tom Cavanagh stories, because he seems hilarious.

Teddy Sears: Where do you start? I don’t know.

Danielle Panabaker: So many. I mean, I always attribute it to the fact that he has 4 kids at home, but he has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm, and he’s the best. Always singing, so much guitar playing…

Candice Patton: Never mind that he gets up in the morning, does practically a triathlon, bikes, swims, comes to work, works 14 hours, entertains us for 14 hours, has 4 kids… But I do want to say about Tom, this iteration of Harrison Wells, H.R., is by far my favorite. The way I cannot contain myself on set when he is coming up with this H.R. is so great and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do, because it’s hilarious. Hilarious.

Liam McIntyre: The hipster one?

Candice: Is he a hipster? Yeah he’s kinda hipstery. Drumstick guy.

Teddy: Off the top of my head, one of the best things about Tom is his ability to think on his feet, and he and Carlos Valdes last season were constantly reshaping bits of scenes to riff off each other, specifically with pop culture references. They were probably my most favorite part of going to work, because they were always keeping you - us, who are opposite them - on your toes too because you constantly had to keep up with them. And also it was a challenge not to laugh. Tom’s always trying to get us to play the most popular card game in China. He treats us like we’re his kids, like he takes that energy at home and brings it to set, and I don’t think there’s an on or off switch with Tom.

Candice: But I do agree. As an actor, he’s probably one of my favorites in the sense that I can’t ever not listen when I’m on set with Tom when the cameras are rolling, cause I don’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth, and as Iris West I have to just improv with him. We all do. And so he’s, for me, one of the few actors where I have to be present. I can’t just coast with Tom. Which makes it extraordinarily exciting for me, three seasons in, that I still have that excitement when I come to work. And Tom is a huge part of that for me.

Liam: My biggest compliment… I didn’t get to work with him much, but when I first got on the show… this is true of everyone in the cast, but he’s sort of the shining light example of it… as soon as I got on set, I didn’t even know if I had a scene with him, I didn’t know what we were doing, he found me and he was the most welcoming presence. And I’ve got other friends who’ve been on the show since, like Todd Lasance and stuff, and he just goes out of his way to make it feel like you’ve been on set with everyone forever. So that speaks so much, beyond his great acting, which is apparent, as a human being it’s just kind of amazing. He’s just a great person, which is better than anything else.



“Have you learned nothing this year! -Week? -Season?”

“It’s the end of the season! Uh semester!”

ladies and gentlemen, the season finale of a series of unfortunate events

A Hairy Situation

Anon Request:  This is probably soooo typical.. But can I request a BuckyxReader where they end up having to share a bed (mission with limited sleeping space?) And she gets her hair tangled in the joints of his mechanical arm? *has long hair and wonders about this*

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, and you may die laughing.

Word Count: 1,488

A/N: Just, promise me you guys will tell me how hard you laughed. Because my stomach hurts. Enjoy! - x.T

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           You, Bucky, and Steve had all been shipped out to a seaside town in Greece. You were supposed to take down a leader of a large terrorist group that happened to be in the area. Well, you usually arrived the day before at the destination, before receiving the full set of orders the next night.

           The three of you guys had been squished into a small two bedroom house, which was fit specifically for missions. You don’t know how HQ managed to get all the tech in the house so early, but you didn’t want to know.

           After a long day of scouting stealth routes to the target, you were ready to shower and go to bed. It was hot in Greece, and being in the sun all day left you sweaty and baking in your uniform. The two soldiers came into the house smelling heavily of body sweat and something else that wasn’t very appealing to a woman’s nose.

           Steve unclipped his shield and sighed, “I’m going to shower.” He then disappeared down the hall, carrying his shield with him.

           You muttered, “Good, you smell like ass.” Bucky was downing a glass of water and managed to hear you, he choked on the water, and slammed the glass down. The water sputtered out of his mouth and into the sink, and he began coughing and laughing.

           “You okay there, Barnes?” You asked, trying not to smile as you raised your brows at him. He was leaning against the granite counter and recovering from the coughing fit he had. Bucky wiped his mouth and nodded, his eyes closed, and a huge grin on his face.

           Bucky’s voice shook, “Y-Yeah, I’m good, Y/N.” He sat up and set the glass in the sink, not trusting himself with drinking water at the moment.

           “Alright, I’m going to go change,” You pointed to the hallway, “Promise you won’t choke on water out here by yourself?”

           “Yeah, Y/N. You can go.” He rolled his eyes, and you shook your head as you made your way down the hall. At the end of the hall, there was only three doors, and one door was for the bathroom.

           You groaned, “I don’t want to share a room…” You opened the door nearest and saw that Bucky had already put his stuff on the bed, and you guessed Steve would’ve put his stuff in the other room. The real decision was who you would rather spoon. You bit your lip and decided on Bucky, because knowing Steve, he would be suffocating you against him.

           “You left your stuff on the couch.” Bucky came walking down the hall behind you with your duffel bag for the mission slung over his shoulder. He brushed past you into the room he claimed, and set the bag next to his. Bucky turned towards you, “We are sharing a room, right?”

           You nodded slowly and moved over to the bag, getting your mind off the fact that you will be sleeping next to the amazing specimen beside you, by hoping Steve saved some warm water for you. You unzipped the bag and finally replied, “Yeah, just promise me you don’t sleep naked.” You would actually really enjoy it if he was naked, but you had to keep up your façade.

           “I promise, I don’t sleep naked.” He chuckled, before he shot you a wink, “Sometimes.” You gaped at him, before lightly punching his metal arm. Bucky had a shit-eating grin on his face as he bent down and kicked his boots off, he picked them up and set them next to the nightstand. He then began unstrapping his vest and you quickly grabbed your clothes, knowing damn well that Bucky would have no shame, and get changed in front of you.

           You ducked out of the room and saw Steve’s bedroom door was closed, so you were glad he was finished in the bathroom. Locking the bathroom door, you sighed, and kicked your shoes off. You were going to enjoy this shower, before you head off to bed.

           By the time Bucky slid under the covers next to you, you were already passed out cold. He watched your peaceful form, a tender smile garnishing his features, as he took the moment to really admire you. You were vulnerable and Bucky enjoyed seeing you like this; your features slackened, your hair sprawled over the pillow, and soft snores escaping your mouth.

           Bucky leaned over to kiss your temple, before he whispered, “Goodnight, darling.” He then flipped over and let out a deep breath, allowing himself to relax, and yet hoping he would wake up with you in his arms.

           Your eyes fluttered open and you shifted, before you froze. You and Bucky had gravitated towards each other during the night, and you were tucked against his body, with his metal arm draped loosely around you. Bucky was nuzzled into your hair, his warm breath fanning over your neck, and your legs were tangled with his.

           You went to lift your head and your hair was yanked roughly, you yelped, and collapsed against Bucky. He jolted beneath you and he moved his face out of your hair. Bucky shifted his metal arm and you whimpered, “Bucky! Don’t move!” He froze and looked down at you, his face awfully close to yours.

           Bucky furrowed his brow and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

           “My hair is stuck in your arm…” You sighed resting your head against his bare chest. He bit his lip, trying not to laugh, but his stomach kept convulsing. You knew he was struggling to stop himself from laughing at you. You groaned, “Go ahead, laugh your ass off..”

           Bucky chuckled and shook his head, “No, I can’t. I’m sorry, but how did this happen?”

           “I don’t know?” You shrugged, “I guess we sleep cuddled.”

           “You sure about that, darling?” Bucky quirked an eyebrow, and you glared up at him. He then looked at his left arm, seeing your hair knotted within the metal divots, and he visibly winced. “Let’s try and get you free.”

           Bucky clutched you to his chest, with his arm wrapped around your back, trying to help you get your hair out of the divots in his metal arm. He kept chuckling every time you made a painful yelp, when he accidentally tugged your hair too hard, and you finally slumped against his chest. The body heat between the both of you made it hot, and Bucky’s skin was clammy.

           “Buck, we might have to get Steve..” You whined, your forehead was pressed against his bare shoulder. He smiled and rested his cheek against your hair. 

           Bucky chuckled, “He’s not going to let me live this down, darling.” He rubbed your back, keeping his metal arm as still as possible for you. The metal was locked up tightly and he hadn’t been able to relax the arm.

           “Who cares at this point?” You huffed, “I already ripped half my hair out with it stuck in your damn arm.” Bucky rolled his eyes and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

           He then shouted, “STEVE!”

           It was quiet for a few moments.

           The soldier blasted through the door, shirtless, and pant-less with his shield in hand. He looked around the room frantically for any signs of danger, before his gaze fixed onto you and Bucky clinging to each other in the bed. Steve furrowed his brow and asked, “Why did you yell for me?”

           You turned your head, wincing when your hair was being tugged, and said, “Because my hair got stuck in his metal arm and we can’t get it out.”

           Steve set his shield against the wall before a huge grin spread over his face. “Your hair. Got stuck. In his arm.” He then doubled over in laughter, and Bucky snorted.

           You glared at Steve, and snapped, “Can you just help?”

           “Yeah—Yeah, just…I’ll be right back.” He chuckled, before stumbling out of the room. You sighed and relaxed against Bucky, knowing things will be a bit different now that you had been sidled up to each other for thirty minutes straight. Possibly, all night.

           Bucky asked, “Now that we’ve been like this for a while, can I say something?”

           “Go for it, Barnes.”

           “I’m surprised you haven’t felt my boner yet.”

           “JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!” You screamed, and scrambled away from him. He threw his head back and began laughing so hard, that he didn’t even realize your hair was freed. You forgot all about what he said, and leaped off the bed, raising your arms in victory. “I’m free!”

           Steve came walking back in with a pair of scissors in his hand and stopped when he saw you standing in the middle of the room, and Bucky about pissing himself in laughter on the bed.

           You pointed at the scissors in his grasp and asked, “You were literally going to cut my hair?”



All my favorite fanfictionsShade by MistyMountainHop

Hyde finds himself homeless, on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.

And I Will Grow With You

By InsominiacArrest

I just really wanted to tell a love story :’)

She spots her nose on strangers faces. When she walks through the library she sees her in a man with hair sticking on end, and women with a crooked mouth and can’t help but think. Peridot.

And all she can think, is ‘oh there she is!’ And her heart races.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But here Lapis was, seeing her in strangers and feeling sick like a million little pin pricks of ice in her stomach.

That is when she is 16.

When Lapis was 5 she met a shrill little girl with bad manners and the outlook of a mad doctor. The girl told her she looked like a sad llama-face on the first day and Lapis ignored her for half a year.

Half a year later she sat down next to her at recess and says, ‘I heard you poured sand down Johny T.’s boxers.’

She sniffed, ‘he deserved it.’ She defends, Lapis nodded sagely.

‘Rose said it wasn’t nice… How do you feel about Rose and her friends?’ Lapis asks curiously.

“Bleh,’ Peridot screwed up her face and stuck her tongue out, Lapis smiled like the sun came out. Finally.

‘Let’s build a sand castle together.’


Lapis frowns, ‘we can pretend to live in it– and that we never have to go to school again.’

‘I like school .’

‘You can be the princess of it.’ Checkmate .

Peridot agrees and Lapis is her knight and they build a castle out of sand. John T. tries to kick it over with all his might, she chases him away and she feels sunburn on her back as a just a shallow kiss of warmth.

Lapis is nine. She says she wants to kiss Timmy Thomas, and Peridot says that’s gross and Lapis pouts.

They trade clothes like it’s the stock market because Lapis saw that on TV and thought that’s how best friends acted.

Peridot walks like she has rocks in her shoes, and her parents tell her to walk taller still. Do better, join more.

Lapis wants to fight them. But she wanted to fight a lot of things, her parents call her a ‘firecracker,’ a quick whip when they’re happy and other things when they’re not.

Lapis likes Peridot’s house. Peridot hates it, and they trade clothes and stories and Lapis feels a little safer in her own skin and firecracker mouth.

She tells her she wants to kiss Timmy Thomas, she says she needs to practice. Peridot is indignant, Lapis reminds her of the time she took the fall for her when Peridot threw a tantrum and broke the art room. 

Peridot says, fine, ‘but Timmy better appreciate it.’

It was her first kiss, a peck, only a peck. She didn’t think it counted, she wasn’t sure it meant anything. But that was when she was nine.

When Lapis is 14 they got in their first fight.

Peridot said Lapis shouldn’t try to smoke, Lapis says it was her body she can try what she likes. Peridot yells about how strange she had gotten, a weirdo with Indie rock mixes and friends that blink like the world is turning in slow motion.

Lapis breaks, she bites out that Peridot didn’t have enough friends to fill a thimble, only Jasper talked to her and Jasper was the worst. She held herself like an tiny, angry army general whose parents march her in line to the beat of good grades and bad people skills.

Peridot cries. Lapis was a firecracker, one who blew up in people’s faces. She broke her favorite CD that night.

Somehow, somehow, that same year after a month they find each other still visiting the same ice cream place they always did and give and take begrudging ‘sorry’s’ and then jokes and recipes, and laugh again. And again.

Lapis didn’t know why she fought her. But she wanted her safe and whole, and if she had to find new friends that didn’t stick cigarettes in her open mouth then so be it.

Lapis is 16. She saw her in strangers faces. Her heart skips a beat at the placement of her hair and crooked slope of her mouth and people in green doing silly victory dances over anything.

She saw her in strangers faces.

Peridot’s voice chased her across her dreams and she wakes up in cold sweets and little pinpricks of tears at the corner of her eyes.

Was this it? Was this love?

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Marichat May Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

“Chat,” she says, hands on hips.  “It’s a nice Wednesday afternoon.  Why are you here?”

Chat sprawls in the warm sunlight, humming contentedly.  “I like the way it smells here.”

“Aaaand that’s not creepy at all,” Marinette says.

“It’d make more sense to you if you had my senses,” he says, wrinkling his nose at her. “My place smells all chemical and dry. Your home smells much better. Smells like people.  And food.”

“Not helping your case,” Marinette says, coming to sit by him.  She props her clipboard up on a thigh and starts scribbling away at her homework.

“I could let you try it on,” Chat says, batting lightly at her ankles.  “Try my powers for a while.”

“No thanks,” Marinette says.

“As you wish, Princess,” Chat says.  He peers at her homework.  “Left out the integral there,” he notes.

“Thanks,” Marinette says, scribbling it in.

Chat catnaps while Marinette works and occasionally nudges him awake when she gets stuck.

Marinette wakes with a jolt.  The afternoon sun has long since set, but Chat is still curled up next to her, breathing lightly in sleep.  He stirs as Marinette gets up.

“Mm?” he murmurs.

“It’s nearly midnight,” Marinette says.  Well, they had been out pretty late on patrol last night, but she wasn’t expecting them to be this tired.  “You should go home.”

“Won’ be missed,” he says, syllables slightly slurred with the last vestiges of sleep.  “Wan’ stay here.”

“Mama and Papa won’t like it if they find you in my bed,” she says.

“They lov’ me,” he says, “il’ll be fine.  Sleep.”

She hasn’t the heart to deny him.

“Why do you like to cuddle so much?” she murmurs to him once they’re bundled up.

He mumbles something that she doesn’t quite catch.


“Said,” he mumbles, a little louder.  “Y’ feel like sunshine.”