best announcers around

my art was all over the place this year ugh ugh ugh

tbf, i started a new job in january that quadrupled my workload and stress levels so i had a lot less time/creative motivation to draw this year

better luck next year

Happy (belated) birthday my lovely Carrie!!

I tried to be on time - I tried to write a one shot and I have failed at both attempts. 

My gorgeous friend Carrie, @amagicalship, had a birthday not THAT long ago and she deserves all the love in the world. Carrie, I am so so lucky to have found you here - I love that we can laugh and cry and freak out and flail and that other thing we don’t do AT ALL and although we have never been in the same room it makes not one bit of difference to us being friends.

I know you are my smut princess - but I also know you like a bit of romance, so I decided to go that route. Apparently slightly more circuitously than I originally planned. OOPS.

I found this prompt on my trusty AU prompt list… 

“You fell off the map 6 years ago and you think you can just waltz back into my life. Literally. You’re the dance instructor for my best friend’s wedding and we have history”

3100ish words rated G for general consumption 

Starting Over (Part ½)

The fact she had agreed to be a bridesmaid so unquestioningly when Mary Margaret had asked just went to show that Emma Swan was not wise in the ways of weddings. She had imagined uncomfortable shoes and a dress in a shiny fabric that would grace the back of her closet for eternity. The thought of shuffling side to side with someone’s awkward cousin who had somehow wormed their way into the bridal party had even crossed her mind.

She had definitely NOT signed up for dance lessons.

Especially the full scale, fairytale princess waltz style dance lessons her future sister-in-law seemed to think they all needed. And yet here she was outside a dance studio on a cold Tuesday evening waiting for the rest of the wedding party.

The things you do for the ones you love.

“Emma!” She turned to see her adopted brother David and his fianceé coming towards her, huddled together against the cold. Despite wanting to rebel against the dancing, the couple always raised a smile from her. They had waited a long time to find each other and if there was such a thing as a perfect love, then they were most definitely it. It was a good thing that someone in the family had the relationship thing sorted out, because it looked highly unlikely that she herself would be adding members to the Nolan/Swan clan any time soon.

Her own last attempt had ended in disaster - and a criminal record. Not to mention sky high walls firmly in place around her heart, solid protection against anyone else who might try to infiltrate it. Emma Swan was done with relationships and she was not concerned who knew it. If she had an itch, there were plenty of willing volunteers in the local bars to scratch it.

And if sometimes a flash of twinkling blue eyes and long slender fingers interlaced with hers flashed across her mind in her weaker moments, reminding her that love had once been a possibility - well, that was a memory from a long time ago that was never meant to be.

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