best anime opening

dgraymanweek  || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

↳ Option A: Opening ( INNOCENT SORROW - Abingdon Boys School) 

“Don’t cry, how many times did you save me from
endless pain and sadness? Oh…
Touch me harder with your palms, show me, ever and never end
You drift so far away

Ling Tosite Sigure

Paralyzed by the fact that I’ve changed,
In a paradise filled with nothing but unrecoverable things,
Please remember me.

anonymous asked:

what makes hunter x hunter a good anime? i don't need a big analysis if it's a bother to you, i just respect your opinion on many issues and i was thinking of watching it at some point

it’s literally the best anime in existence, and anyone who says otherwise clearly has not watched it. for a 148 episode anime, there’s hardly any fillers. every episode counts to the storyline and all the arcs are well-developed, interesting, and finish/transition nicely. the pacing is so good, and it never gets boring or dull. the fight scenes are all unique and well animated… it’s not like a typical shounen where they just throw super powerful punches and stuff… like each character has their own tactics and fighting personalities and it’s sooo entertaining. with a lot of shounens, the fighting sequences get really repetitive but i enjoyed every single one in hxh (and there’s a lot esp. during the heavens arena arc). also the world-building is phenomenal… like there are so many layers and you think you’ve figured it all out the first few arcs but just wait until the chimera ant arc like Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW.

there are some really good, really gritty, dark, emotional scenes and i’ve cried a bunch, but as a whole, the series makes you feel so happy and warm. the protagonist gon is THE BEST. actually, i love every single character (except for ging, he can choke). none of the main characters simply embody an archetype, they are each fully-fleshed out, individually significant with their own storylines and you will love them all. tbh you will also love the minor characters too. like all the characters with more than 5 speaking lines are 3-dimensional and are so much more than plot devices. the villains too. each have their own motives and their own personalities, they’re not just obstacles like a lot of shounens make their villains out to be. the friendships on this show are the most touching, spectacular, and well-developed friendships i’ve ever seen on TV and tbh i think that’s the impression most people get when finishing… like gon and killua invented friendship and that’s the fucking tea.

also departure.mp3 is the best anime opening song