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Do you think Disney will try to create 2-d animated movies again? Maybe for a throwback to honour the golden years of Disney? Also

That would be amazing but unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s possible. Disney has been avoiding 2D animation ever since the release of The Princess And The Frog back in 2009 because (according to them) it failed commercially and wasn’t a huge box office hit like their following movies: Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, Zootopia, and now Moana which all happen to be 3D. Also, Disney shut down its hand-drawn animation division in 2013 and laid off some of their best animators. I personally prefer traditional animation as I grew up watching and loving Disney’s renaissance releases. 


Once upon a time, there was a freckle-faced little boy, and he told his mom and his dad that one day he was gonna work at Walt Disney Animation, and they did something amazing. They supported him, and they believed in him, and from the bottom of his heart, he thanks them. Thank you.

Big Hero 6 : winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature