best and favorite male character forever

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haikyuu for the ask meme :)


Favorite Male Character: kageyama tobio amen
Favorite Female Character: i guess atm it’s a tie between yachi and saeko
Least Favorite Character: um. the seijoh coaches they piss me off so bad for some reason lmao
Favorite Ship: okay this is actually my best kept secret i’ve never told anyone this but. it’s. oikage.
Favorite Friendship:  umm omg im blanking out but the most recent friendship i freaked out over is kuroyaku
Worst Character Death (if any): daichi’s. sometimes i still hear his voice….
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: there are. a lot lol. to name one—that time kageyama set to hinata from the back in s3 and shirabu was like “HUH??” and semi was like “who tf does that setter think he is”
Saddest Moment: the only time i get sad is when i remember tanaka kazunari really but fun fact! im a Depressed piece of shit and pathetic so s1 episodes 1 and 9 made me cry lmfao
Favorite Location: kitagawa daiichi

thank you!! ^o^

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5 letters for fave characters w/ that first initial: J, R, V, O, A

Yay thanks for asking! Some of these letters are a bit difficult but I’m going to do my best! (I’ll only do one character a letter because I have toooo many favorites lol)

J, R, V, O, A

Jason Todd, of the Batfamily. Fun facts, I kind of am apathetic to Batman, I literally only read his comics for any of the Robins and Batgirls

Raleigh Becket. I mean, I could cry about Pacific Rim and how amazing I think it is forever. And Raleigh is one of the few white male characters I’ve seen in a movie that I’m not absolutely bored with, his arc always hits me hard bc I am super close to my twin.

Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics fame (I’ve been a huge fan of the comics for years, and I have an appreciation for her unapologetic nature, though it took me a while to get there lmao!)

Owen of Jesslaw, a bouncing ball of bright energy from the Protector of the Small series. He’s just so relatable and really enthusiastic.

Alai, from Ender’s Game. His character is very measured, thoughtful, and I would even venture to say gentle, and if you’ve ever read Ender’s Game then you may know why that’s such a brave thing to be.


my forever favorites: (15/50) male characters ◈ Morgan Tookers

Look, whenever I got my ass kicked, whether it was my literal butt ass or my emotional heart ass, I did the same thing. I got back out there, and I made ‘em regret they ever messed with me in the first place. Think of the best, strongest warrior version of yourself. Give that warrior a name. Never tell it to anyone. Mine is Axehead Lundgren. Come on, Morgan! Then whatever he’s doing to the warrior, he’s not doing to you, so you find his weakness, and you tell your warrior to go get him.

The reason why I don't and I will never, ever, ship Steroline.

Because everytime I see this:

All I can see is this:

So excuse me for wanting to see my favorite character turned into a millenary beautiful goddess that can rely in the friendship of the best male character of TVD without the drama of having someone important dying involved. You can call it delusional shippers not able of moving on or whatever else it serves you.


Boy Meets World 30 Day Challenge

Day 4: Cory or Shawn


So I had already counted Shawn as my favorite male character, and I do love Cory but I didn’t want to choose or the other…though I guess I’d technically already done that. Either way their friendship is one of the best relationships between two fictional characters ever. They love each other, support one another, cry with each other, fight for and against one another, and push themselves to do what is right in every situation they face. OTP FOREVER

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What are your favorite things about Farscape? I've been meaning to watch it forever, but it always seems to get lost in the endless list of shit-I-wanna-watch.

  • hero/villain dynamics that are pulled around themselves like taffy being pulled
  • strong female characters that have clear moments of real vulnerable weakness equal to the moments when they’re invincible
  • sensitive male characters who know their strength and how that compares with their compassion
  • one of the best, most realistically depicted love stories in all of Science Fiction (the answer to “do you love Aeryn Sun” is a resounding YES)
  • canonically neuroatypical people (it would be wrong to say that John Crichton doesn’t have some form of PTSD during and after all he goes through)
  • canonically disabled and queer protagonists
  • canonically disabled and queer villains
  • no wait
  • MUPPETS (because Farscape was made by the Jim Henson co.)
  • aliens who don’t have the endgame objective of being human
  • sex presented in all sorts of ways, yet not ever shamed
  • LEATHER (especially on the butt)
  • nonhumanoid main characters
  • top-notch character development
  • John Crichton’s ass (in the leather)
  • Aeryn Sun’s ass (in the leather)
  • Scorpius
  • Scorpius
  • Scorpius (and Braca)