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Dr Schneeplestein: *bursts through the door with a flamethrower* Do not worry, ze good doctah is here!


There was so much in me that wanted to bury myself beneath the heavy burden of losing you. The other part of me refuses to keep letting you have the best of me.
You have had the best of me.
You kissed me at a time where I had begun to let my heart grow new, stronger roots.
You held me at a time where I wasn’t afraid anymore.
You witnessed me for the woman I was- brave, or naive, whichever aligns best with the version of me that was always casting herself off ledges to keep you.
I stepped out of who I was in order to become someone you could fall in love with.
In the near future.
And we never quite made it there.
And I finally understand why roadblocks exist.
We were never meant to fall in love with each other.
You were just meant to remind me that there is still so much room left in my heart for beautiful things to happen.
You were the one to whom I opened up my heart to, a reminder that I still could.
And I was the girl who helped you believe in the idea that there was still someone out there left in the world who loved you in spite of everything ugly you could become.
I was the girl who put her world at your feet, the girl who reminded you of all the different ways you could love a person.
Because at the end of the day- some part of me loved you. Some part of me still does.
But I also know that we aren’t the right people for each other. I learned that the hard way but still a lesson well learned.
Because you’re happy in your existence alongside hers and because I haven’t let bad love turn me inside out. Because there is still so much of me that keeps trying, and living, and loving.

Determining if a Healing is Beneficial

Not all healings are beneficial. Even energy sent in someone’s “highest good” can be damaging if it is an energy they do not get along with well, or if it is not integrated properly. This is because certain energies inherently do not get along well and thus can cause damage, even when sent with healing intent. This is why it is important to know what element of energy you are wielding to heal, and what the elemental alignment of your client is.

To find out what someone’s energetic alignment is, click here. Other resources I have written on healing may be accessed here.

This is primarily about direct energy sends and not spells. Energy sends interact with the energy body in a very direct way which is why bad energy healings are more apparent, while spells are indirect and thus can tolerate not being the best alignment for your client. However, the principles behind this may be applied to spells as well.

As with all posts on energy healing, please check that your issues are from physical or mental reasons before jumping to magical conclusions. Healing magic shouldn’t replace therapy, especially because with a good therapist you should feel comfortable talking about your spirituality where applicable (relevant example: someone wanted to use energy blockages in their system as an entry tool to self-reflecting and wanted to bring that up with the therapist). .

Signs of a Not-So-Great Healing:

The body does not automatically integrate the healing energy, even after being informed the energy is healing (though not total rejection, which is detailed in the following section).

This could be due to any/a mix of the following: 1) it’s the first time the body is being healed with a certain energy, 2) the person doesn’t do energy work at all so the body is unfamiliar with integrating different energies, 3) it’s not the worst element you could use on your client, but it’s not the best either. When healing, this will look like the energy is simply sliding off, or it gathers where it was sent but does not move or ‘dissipate’ into the client’s body. If it’s due to 2), you will have to actively integrate the energy yourself for the best results. Using a sentient healing energy (such as reiki) may prevent 2 from happening as sentient healing energies are often self-integrating. If it’s due to 3), try switching to an element the client works better with and see if it still persists. If it’s due to 1), keep in mind you’ll have to do far more work with integrating the healing energy.

It doesn’t do the healing job.

You send the energy and then it just sits there, doing nothing (until it is eventually broken down by the person’s body). Example: You sent some energy to a center to dissolve a blockage, but the energy just entered the center and is now just sitting there, doing nothing.

Signs That The Healing is Damaging (STOP IMMEDIATELY):

The body completely rejects any attempts to integrate the energy, in most if not all of the body. 

What this looks like: any time you attempt to send energy to any portion of the body, not only does it simply slide off the person, the energy body seems to be actively trying to flush it out as well. Centers may suddenly start generating more energy to wash it out, channels where energy is discarded from the body may widen suddenly. If this happens no matter where you attempt to send the energy, your healing is probably damaging and you should stop.

Even after the person has made an exception in their protections for the healing, the healing energy seems to re-activate the protections.

Your client makes an exception for you in their protections, however when you start sending the energy, their protections spring right back up again! The protections then actively attempt to block the continued flow of the healing energy. If your healing seems to be activating the person’s natural magic defenses (especially if the healing is consensual and they made a temporary exception for you in their defenses), then there is a high chance that it was damaging and you should stop.

The healing is irritating the energy system to a large degree. 

If you send energy to a center in the system and it immediately swells to three times it’s size, it’s probably extremely irritating and you should stop.

The healing energy creates any sort of damage, such as burns, irritation, destroying points/channels, etc. 

Self-explanatory. If this happens, you should stop.

The healing energy causes blockages and/or other issues to worsen. 

Self-explanatory. If this happens, you should stop.

Harmful side-effects outweigh the positive ones. 

Some potential side-effects that may be felt energetically/astrally are pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, literally if you can think of a shitty feeling, it can be a side effect a bad healing may cause. As with all energetic healing posts, please make sure the side-effects are not from any physical or mental issues before jumping to magical conclusions. Astral/energetic issues feel different from mundane issues. 

The healing is extremely painful, and the pain is lasting. 

While mild amounts of pain during healing may be acceptable, pain that is 1) very high, 2) has other unpleasant symptoms, and 3) lasts for a long time after the healing, means that the healing is probably extremely damaging and you should really stop.

What to do when a healing is damaging:

1. Stop Immediately.  

Stop sending whatever energy you are currently sending. If using energy threads, cut the links as well.

2. If you can, switch to a different energy. If not, end the healing.

Having a second healing element you may call upon is extremely useful, especially in a damaging healing scenario. If the new healing is not damaging, you may attempt to reverse the initial damage you caused. If you do not have a different energy to call on/the second energy is rejected as well, DO NOT CONTINUE. END THE HEALING NOW. Do not try to fix your mistake by throwing even more energy at it. If the energy was hurting them do you think throwing more will somehow fix everything? The answer is no.

However, even if the alternative energy is not damaging, I do not think the healing should continue. After the shock of discovering a bad healing, the healer will likely not be in the correct mindset to perform a healing (panicky, guilty, surprised) and the client likely won’t be in the correct mindset to receive a healing (panicked, hurt, surprised, maybe even angry). Therefore, the healer is at risk for sending yet another bad healing due to emotions and confirmation bias. The client may subconsciously reject the new energy as well due to being in a shocked and therefore defensive state. So again, I recommend ending the healing the first time.

3. Cleanse the client or have them cleanse out the damaging healing energy. 

If you will cleanse the client, use a different energy from the one you used in the healing. However, I think it would be much better to let the client cleanse themselves as it is unlikely a client will pick a cleansing energy they find damaging.

4. Apologize and admit your mistake.

Accidents happen. There was never any way for either side to know if a healing will be damaging until you perform the healing (assuming you listened to your client’s knowledge on what energies work well/not so well for them). However, that doesn’t mean your hands are entirely clean. Work up the guts to apologize and admit your mistake. This may have been a negative experience, but even negative experiences can still be learning ones.


If in doubt about your abilities of sending energy directly, a healing spell would be a better bet. Healing spells operate indirectly, and thus are easier to integrate than a direct energy send.

Note: So far in my studies I have found the notion of a “universal healing energy” to not exist. As a reiki II attuned student, I can confirm that reiki is not universal; in particular it harms most if not all void-aligned beings, and is irritable to some death-aligned beings. If I find a healing energy that is truly universal, then I will post about it but for now I have not.

“Weh weh I thought I was suddenly a morally perfect and superior being by healing everyone, why do you have to burst my uwu love and light bubble?? ;;(((“

  • You can make blockages worse with bad healings.
  • You can destroy energy points with bad healings.
  • Overall you could severely fuck someone up with a bad healing.

The worst healers are those who think they can heal everyone.

absolutelyfantabulousme  asked:

There's a new study out saying "there's no such thing as fat yet fit," and I am SO scared it's going to be used to fuel fatphobia. Like I know it will be, but I feel so helpless with how I'm supposed to go to a doctor over my health when they now have more ammo against me for my weight. I hate this so much. I feel like I struggle enough with how I look, this just makes it hurt more. What can we do?

Here is a good critical review of the media concerning this recent study (which is NOT yet published, meaning it is NOT yet peer reviewed and deemed to be sound science, meaning it should NOT have been released to the general public yet!):

We are a riding a roller-coaster of conflicting observational studies that can only show association, not causation … that haven’t consistently or reliably defined obesity …. and that typically use surrogate markers (things like blood pressure and cholesterol) to define a concept none of us can agree upon (and probably never will): so-called “fitness.”

The end result is that advocates will often selectively highlight results that align best with their agendas and news organizations will gladly hype either end of the spectrum knowing full well that any story that features both obesity and fitness will be clickbait nirvana. Left dangling in the middle are readers who are usually offered little to no conteIxt with which to make informed choices.

Weight and health is a topic that is so loaded with cultural baggage that you simply cannot accept anything you read in the media at face value. This is a field that can generate billions of dollars in profits for people who get their message “right,” about a population of people who are systematically marginalized and oppressed and silenced. There is simply no neutral science or media about a topic like that. Always remember that as you confront messaging about weight and health.

What can you do? Get mad, cry a little, share fat positive media and articles, learn to advocate for yourself, donate to NAAFA and other fat liberation activist organizations and people. And tend your field of no-fucks-given. This so-called “debate” is stale and boring.

In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled. So why are children being taught to behave like machines?

Children learn best when teaching aligns with their natural exuberance, energy and curiosity. So why are they dragooned into rows and made to sit still while they are stuffed with facts?

We succeed in adulthood through collaboration. So why is collaboration in tests and exams called cheating?

Governments claim to want to reduce the number of children being excluded from school. So why are their curriculums and tests so narrow that they alienate any child whose mind does not work in a particular way?

The best teachers use their character, creativity and inspiration to trigger children’s instinct to learn. So why are character, creativity and inspiration suppressed by a stifling regime of micromanagement?

Reasons why I headcanon Leia as a virgin 

1. It says in the ESB script that she’s never been kissed like that before when Han kisses her on the Falcon, not to mention the way she literally barely bats an eye when face to face with Vader and Tarkin or when Echo base is collapsing around her but she trembles like a nervous little nerf when Han Solo rubs her hand (what a nerd I love her). Script also states twice that she blushes in two of her interactions with Han (who is also a huge nerd), both of which are centered around physical contact and/or sexual/romantic innuendo 

2. Leia wears only white for like two whole films and that is a pretty obvious visual cue from the creator. I also think it’s pretty clear that George Lucas wrote Leia’s character intending her to be a virgin. 

3. Leia is experienced and accomplished in literally every single other aspect of her life. She is highly educated, a princess and a diplomat with all the skills that come along with those positions, a senator and politician when she’s basically still a child, a spy for the rebel alliance, plus she can pilot, she can fight… the list goes on, and for me at least when I’m writing her it’s a little refreshing for her to have one area of life where she ISN’T in her comfort zone, where she’s for once not entirely certain of herself and isn’t already like, subject expert competent supreme like she is at literally every other single thing. 

4. And, in addition, unlike those who think it makes Han and Leia “unequal” for her to be a virgin and for him to be experienced (although I wholeheartedly reject the womanizer Han Solo trope), I think it actually levels the playing field between the two of them, because YES Han is extremely intelligent and he’s arguably the best pilot in the galaxy and he’s not a bad fighter or mechanic either, but I think it’s fair to say that Leia outstrips him in many ways. Leia is basically a superhero and everyone knows it. Han is a smuggler for the rebellion but Leia is one of the people running the show. She’s eloquent. She’s composed (most of the time). Han is definitely as naturally intelligent as Leia is but she’s much more educated. She’s spent like her entire life learning how to run an entire planet, how to govern an entire people, studying the history of the whole galaxy, learning how to comport herself amongst probably hundreds of races and cultures, writing policy, blah blah blah you get it. I think with all else considered it’s more “equal” between them for her to have that area of vulnerability, an area where she hasn’t already completely found her footing, and I think it makes it all the more significant for her to take that step specifically with Han, for her to trust HIM with that when she might not completely know what she’s doing, which might be otherwise nerve wracking and foreign to her simply because she DOES know exactly what she’s doing when it comes to literally everything else. 

5. Leia is only 19 when she meets Han and despite what so many people seem to think, it’s extremely common for a 19 year old to be a virgin. I also think that Leia was so ambitious and accomplishing so much at such an early age and SO PASSIONATE about what was going on in the galaxy that she was completely focused on becoming a senator and joining the rebellion, and I personally think at 19 she might have thought that romantic or sexual dalliances weren’t worth her time or energy when there were much more important things for her to be doing. I also feel that she was in an extremely precarious position by the time she got to the imperial senate and that she didn’t trust many of the people around her, either because she was literally the daughter of one of the founders of the rebellion and couldn’t let anyone too close or because it was physically dangerous for her to be too close to someone (like she could have been kidnapped and held for ransom or who knows what like come on she was a thorn in Palpatine’s side and despised by the imps and probs had a target on her back) or because people might have wanted to blackmail her or spy on her, etc. I ALSO think that pragmatic young Leia would have weighed the pros and cons of sex and decided that there was no pro that outweighed the cons. Cons: any of the above scenarios, possible scandal, pregnancy, STDs, etc. Pros: physical gratification which she was quite capable of providing for herself anyways 

6. I think Leia is a very private person and is very careful and conscious of how much of herself she lets others see. I think she has her cool, impassive and poised mask that she wears that she doesn’t take off for just anybody, and I don’t think that being naked and emotionally vulnerable (because even if you don’t think sex has romantic or emotional intrinsic value, sex–especially for the first time–can be very emotionally vulnerable) so casually and with just anybody is in line with that component of her personality. Just like I don’t think Leia would allow anyone but the people closest to her to see her cry, or know she was nervous about something, or see her doubled over cracking up laughing so hard her stomach hurt, I also don’t think Leia would allow someone to see her naked and in the throws of pleasure unless it was someone she trusted and cared for enough to shed her mask in front of. It’s also, in part because of the above, my personal opinion and headcanon that Leia is waiting to be in love to have sex. 

7. I don’t think Han and Leia slept together until the trip to Bespin at the very earliest, and there wouldn’t have been anything to keep them from having sex before that if she weren’t waiting for the right person. The sexual tension between them was clearly through the roof for a long time, and if she wasn’t a virgin and wasn’t waiting and they were both sexually attracted to each other, they would’ve just had sex then, wouldn’t they have? So in my opinion it doesn’t seem to make sense in the context of the story. You could say it was because Han was leaving and Leia didn’t want to be heartbroken, but that argument would only hold up if Leia felt that sex was an emotionally intimate and significant act. If she didn’t attribute any deeper meaning to sex and viewed it as a casual, no big deal type thing, then having sex with Han shouldn’t have made it any harder to lose him than her regular day to day interactions with him. 

8. Because I like and am attached to my headcanon of virgin Leia, because I like the implications of Han being her first, and because it think it best aligns with the story, her characterization, my interpretations, and the creator’s intentions. 

NOT reasons why I headcanon virgin Leia 

1. Because I think there’s anything wrong with casual sex or because I look down on anyone else’s personal choices regarding sex 

2. Because I think it ruins Leia’s character for her to have had sex before Han 

3. Because I think sex would make Leia “impure" 

4. Because I think it’s ok for a man to have sex but not a woman and I’m perpetuating a double standard 

5. Because I hate fics or authors that use "experienced” Leia 

6. Because I think Leia “can’t” have had sex before Han 

This has been a PSA


絶対に協力しないNewスーパーマリオブラザーズ U/そらまふうらさか  Part 5 & Part 6 Highlights

the gifset that nobody asked for is baaack!! (although quite late) - click the pictures for captions, since it might be a bit hard to see what’s going on in the gif!

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I really am enjoying your blog, it's fantastic! I know my field isn't the same as yours (I'm studying environmental biology), and I'm still only working on my B.S., but do you have any advice in general for future scientists? Besides staying in school/doing internships - more along the lines of things that will help reinforce your studies and put you in a more "scientist" mindset.

Hey there, anonymous! Thank you for this wonderful ask and the compliments! I hope I can help.

I should preface my reply by saying what makes a person a scientist is different for everyone. I can only speak to my own personal experience, and certainly don’t want to invalidate anyone else’s journey. However, I think talking about the specifics of why I personally pursue science will help answer your question.

For all of my life, I’ve loved learning, answering questions, and hypothesizing scenarios to explain things. These personal qualities resonate with me. They make me who I am. While nowadays they manifest in my scientific career, that hasn’t always been the case. For a long while those characteristics fueled my career as an art student and creative writer. Over time my inquiries became more technical, and science became a successful means to achieve answers. This led me into a scientific career.

Although I love science and can occasionally study entire days away… there is a dissonance between my motivations (e.g. learning and creative thinking) and some tasks I encounter in my scientific studies (e.g. excessive repetition or taking on uninteresting topics). On many days, I find it extremely difficult to push through that dissonance and achieve my goals.

When the going gets tough, what do I do to stay in the “scientist” mindset and reinforce my ability to study?

In short? I tend to my core. I revisit why I’m in science in the first place and I do my best to align my present activities with those reasons and motivations. I try to do science on my terms. It’s simultaneously a form of self-care and a learned skill.

I also try to introduce elements of my own identity into my study practices:
I listen to music I like, drink coffee I enjoy, etc. That is, I try to incorporate environmental elements that make me feel like I’m more than a science machine.

What general advice do I have for future scientists?

What makes a person a scientist is different for everyone and who you are as a scientist will look different than anyone else, so I advise figuring out who you are and what being a scientist means to you.

Your identity not only as a scientist but also in addition to being a scientist is a strength uniquely possessed by you.

Best wishes, my friend.

pp-phantomphoenix  asked:

I'm not entirely sure if you will be able to answer this or not, but I'll give it a shot. I'm planning to host a D&D campaign, and I want to use the Greek Pantheon instead of the typical D&D gods and goddesses. I'm trying to figure out how to organize the deities using the D&D alignment system, but I'm having trouble. Thanks in advance. If you need more information, please let me know.

Sorry about the wait!

This ask made the nerds among the Muses and Chorus giggle gleefully (and then promptly descend into debates). We aren’t sure which version you’re playing, so we didn’t know if you knew about Deities & Demigods–a manual for 3rd edition. If you want it quick with little to no work required on your part, this book has the D&D Pantheon, an Olympic Pantheon, an Egyptian Pantheon, an Asgardian Pantheon, and a couple extra deities you could toss in (in case you, or someone else, decides they’d like to use various gods in a D&D campaign).

That said, all of us found the way that Wizards of the Coast categorized the deities to be…problematic.

Truth be told, the entire D&D alignment system is flawed and overly simplistic (very few, if any, gods easily fit on the grid). So we’ll do our best to assign alignments to the Greek gods (or some of them, anyway) based on our understanding of the alignments.

Please see under the cut for our answer.

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makaveli-the-avatar  asked:

What's your opinion on the Air Nomad's Council of Elders? It seemed like them and Gyatso had a lot of disagreements and conflict on how to raise Aang based on their interactions in flashbacks, especially with Tashi, who seemed to think that Gyatso was coddling/messing around/playing him too much and wanted to Aang to be more disciplined and responsible. At first I sided with Gyatso in that I feel like Aang needed to be treated like a normal carefee child since Avatars don't start serious (1/2)

(2/2) Honestly, looking at Aang’s behavior throughout the series, I feel like Tashi may have had a point in Gyatso’s coddling of Aang having a bad effect on him. It seemed Gyatso never really gave Aang any serious punishment or responsibilities during his upbringing, which in turn caused him to not be able to deal with the growing pains/harsher realities of life that others have to learn from and deal with, your thoughts?

What makes that conflict so interesting is that the exact same issue is revisited in the Avatar finale. Here is the dialogue from “The Storm”:

Abbot: Gyatso, I know you mean well, but you are letting your affection for the boy cloud your judgment. 
Monk Gyatso: All I want is what is best for him. 
Abbot: But what we need is what’s best for the world. 

Here is the dialogue from “Sozin’s Comet: The Old Masters”:

Avatar Yangchen: Avatar Aang, I know that you’re a gentle spirit and the monks have taught you well. But this isn’t about you, this is about the World. 
Aang: But the monks taught me that I had to detach myself from the World so my spirit could be free. 
Avatar Yangchen: Many great and wise air nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment but the Avatar can never do it because your sole duty is to the World. Here is my wisdom for you, selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the World.

To EVERYONE’s surprise I’m sure, both these episodes were written by Aaron Ehasz. And like so much of his work, understanding why each of these people is arguing what they are is just as important as who is “right” about the issue.

Tashi and Avatar Yangchen both have a point: Aang is not just a normal boy. He has been born with a responsibility to the entire world, and as such, his needs may sometimes come second to everyone else’s. But Gyatso and Aang have a point, too: trying to force Aang to become an adult too quickly can backfire, as it did when it caused Aang to run away from home. And just think about what would have happened if Aang had been trained under someone else: his sense of joy, optimism, and playfulness, all of which are just as necessary to fighting the war as his airbending, could have been repressed or even extinguished. If the most powerful being on Earth spends his formative years being unhappy, forcibly removed from his father figure, and forced to grow up at an accelerated rate, how much will the world ultimately benefit from his wisdom?

My opinion is that Gyatso should have disciplined Aang more. For example, Aang should have been taught that there are consequences to throwing fruit cakes at the temple elders. But his essential approach was correct, since Aang was still so young.

However, by the end of A:TLA, circumstances and Aang have both changed. Sozin’s Comet is arriving, the last chance the world has of being put back into balance, and the main obstacle to that is the Firelord, who will try to kill Aang the first chance he gets. By this time, Aang has become a lot tougher mentally and physically, and has been able to mature past where he was in “The Storm”.

It all comes down to timing: the Avatar finale was the right time to take the stricter approach; the temple was the wrong time. And of all the opinions under consideration, I think Yangchen’s was the most correct, because it aligned the best with where Aang should have been on his journey of spiritual development.


        with teen wolf having ended, i wanted to write a post explaining where i saw liam after the events of the finale. as usual this blog is canon divergent so things will not perfectly align with the “official” timeline. however, what is written below will be considered canon in my portrayal. fair warning :  muses that contradict something in a thread will be corrected by liam. i doubt this will become an issue, but i just wanted to give you all a heads up.


        the months after that night they stopped the anuk-ite were a period of healing for beacon hills. with the town now exposed to the supernatural, nothing would ever be the same. time is what people needed more than anything. time to grieve. time to mend strained relationships. time to restore buildings caught in the crossfire. liam tried his best to do the same but struggled with his parents. there was no way to hide the truth from them, not anymore. a worst fear come to life, he knew some day he’d have to face it. liam’s step-father handled the news better than his mom but she eventually came to terms with it. together they agreed it was best to keep liam’s dad in the dark.

        navigating their way back to a normal life proved to be tougher than expected. despite animosity dying with the anuk-ite, some in town were reluctant to embrace the supernatural. situations rarely exceeded a wary glance or curt response but the feeling of unease still lingered in the air. liam found it easy to ignore this having already been through it earlier in the year at school. the same could not be said for some others. fortunately most of the town was willing to coexist with supernaturals and did so successfully. after several reported altercations, the sheriff’s department released a statement assuring the residents of beacon hills that they would do everything in their power to keep the peace.

        the hardest part of readjusting for liam was going back to school. it took several weeks but beacon hills high school was ready to reopen after the winter break. turns out it was the best thing that could’ve happened to liam. gaining back that routine and sense of normalcy did wonders for his anger issues. finding an odd, but seemingly genuine, friendship with nolan proved to be quite the unexpected learning experience. other than lacrosse, liam’s main focus for school was getting his gpa back up and studying for the SATs. having a surgeon for a step-dad meant high expectations when it came to his school work. college was just around the corner and his parents would not let him forget it.


        his senior year came with rumors of an old and powerful alpha being seen not far from town. deaton was optimistic, having reason to believe satomi may still be alive. with scott and the pack no longer in beacon hills, liam helped deaton further look into the matter. he wanted to do this for brett. they had a difficult time in their search. bringing in mason and corey didn’t help much, either satomi was dead or had no desire in being found.  it wasn’t until sometime in october that they managed to locate the alpha. turns out, she survived the ambush after all. believing her pack to be dead, satomi let the rumor of her death spread and went into hiding.

        liam spent the next few weeks trying to convince satomi to rejoin the fight. he expressed his admiration for brett and promised to help the alpha rebuild her pack. she offered to help liam with his anger but was remained hesitant on recruiting. either way he was grateful to learn from such a wise and respected alpha. the weekends were dedicated to werewolf training while the rest of week was focused on school. college applications were sent and it seemed like everyone was restless and ready for high school to be over. for the time being liam had lacrosse to focus on. a welcome distraction. with liam once again as captain, it looked like the team was well on their way to another championship.

        towards the end of senior year, liam received an acceptance letter from USC with a lacrosse scholarship. having readjusted to a seemingly normal life, it was almost too easy to find himself being thrilled about going to college. initially liam couldn’t wait but scott lingered in the back of his mind. that sense of loyalty doesn’t just disappear and he wanted to help. after a long discussion (argument), liam and his parents agreed to let him take a gap year. he would be able to help scott but not until they made him promise he’d be back on track the following year. the world did not stop during human wars, his parents didn’t see why liam’s had to stop during a supernatural one.