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‘The Family Jewels’ released February 15, 2010.

It is a body of work largely inspired by the seduction of commercialism, modern social values, family and female sexuality…Each song was intricately produced and written by myself, and my only hope is for it to be enjoyed and consumed as a story and theory that encourages people to question themselves.

Melodrama is truly the greatest album I’ve ever heard. It breaks your heart then picks you off the floor and let’s you know everything’s going to be okay. It’s a sonically cohesive concept album with new, vibrant, and genius sounds that break your heart and make you want to dance at the same time, just like you’re Lorde herself at the party getting dumped. The lyrics feel like hearing the truth for the first time in your life. It’s full of poetry and easily quotable lyrics all at once. I’ve never heard a breakup so accurately and artistically and beautiful expressed. This is what Album of the Year sounds like and quite possible one of the greatest albums of our generation.


Axl once said that he didn’t want to live his life through just one album and want to burry Appetite. Little did he know that they just created the best debut album of all time (if not the best album ever). I understand his wish to move on but that album cannot be outdone. It’s an amazing record and has impact on so many lives and it always will. I love this album so much and just wish I was there when it first came out.

Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven THANK YOU!