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{PART 12} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; After the best and worst day of your life to date, you find yourself back at Jungkook’s Manor. You hope your first night there will be a quiet and uneventful one; but Jungkook has other ideas in mind.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Warning: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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gif meme:  Marvel + Favorite Hero

I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero.

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The Best (and worst) Ways to Save on Textbooks!

After I posted my overrated first year advice post, a lot of people were commenting on my advice about buying textbooks. I agreed so much with all of these comments, so I thought I would do a more comprehensive post about how I buy my textbooks and what I recommend for others. 

Disclaimer: Obviously, where you buy your textbooks can be influenced by so many factors (location, income, etc.) so don’t feel obliged to listen to all of this advice! It is just my opinion, and as always, different things work for different people. 

Go Ahead

  • Buy used from upper year students. This is my number one go to way to save money on textbooks. Meeting with an upper year and buying a book is reliable and just makes sense. Also, they aren’t trying to turn a profit, so it is often the best deal. 
  • Bargain with people who are selling. If you do decide to buy from an upper year, try to bargain with them to get the best possible deal. Often times they are just trying to get rid of the books, so if you offer to bundle them, they will give you a better price. 
  • Buy off of Amazon Prime, or another reputable seller. If you can get a better deal and the guarantee that your books will arrive within 2-3 days, why not? 
  • Buy the looseleaf edition and a binder, rather than the hardcover copy. I have seen books at my bookstore that are $300+ and the looseleaf copy is like $100. It is the exact same material in every way, except that it isn’t bound together, so it is definitely worth the money saved. 
  • If there is an electronic copy available, print it yourself. Make sure you have the rights to print it first, but if you do, then this is a great way to save. My politics prof made all of our readings available online to download, and I got them all printed for $9. Much cheaper than an actual textbook. 
  • Rent textbooks. I have to be honest, I don’t know a ton about renting, but there are usually websites and places on/around campus that let you rent a textbook and then return it at the end. Just make sure that it is considerably cheaper than owning the book. 
  • Share the book with a friend. If you know someone on your floor or someone you hang out with often, share the book! Make a schedule of when each of you will get it, and you only have to pay half of the cost. 

Proceed With Caution

  • Buying an electronic copy. This is a great way to save, as long as you are comfortable doing a lot of reading online. I definitely recommend this if you have a tablet, or are just used to reading online. If you like to take notes in a book, or you get a headache from reading online, it might be worth it to find a hard copy. 
  • Buying online from an unreliable site. This might apply more for my fellow Canadians/non-Americans because fewer sites offer good, quick shipping to us! I remember when I was looking for textbooks, I would think I found an amazing deal on a book, then see that it would take 6 weeks to ship. It isn’t worth it to be 6 weeks behind on readings to save a bit of cash. 
  • Buying from a bookstore off campus. I guess it depends on how willing your school is to screw you over, but at my school, the on-campus prices are the same as at Chapters. If they are the same price anyways, you might as well go for the convenience of the on-campus store. 
  • Checking it out from the library. I think this is a great idea if it is a light reading class, especially because textbooks are often on reserve at the library. However, if you have readings every night or a big project based on the textbook, it can be super inconvenient to have to check the book out every day. 
  • Buying an older edition of a textbook. I see this advice all the time, and I just don’t think it is good at all! It is very annoying that publishers do this, but usually a new edition is completely rearranged, and can often have different content and different homework questions. I made this mistake at the beginning of the year and got a book that had literally nothing in common with the class, so I ended up buying the new edition anyways. 

Other Ways to Save 

  • Make sure you actually need the book before purchasing. Look on the syllabus — not just under “required textbooks” but also under the course schedule. If there is only one reading from the textbook, try to borrow it from a friend or use the online version. 
  • If there is a reader, try to find the readings online. Sometimes profs will try to sell you a reader that has a bunch of readings from various sources. Often these are super popular readings like John Rawls or Judith Butler that can be easily accessed online. If you can find copies of them all of JSTOR or your school library, don’t bother with the reader. 
  • Take good care of textbooks that you buy so you can sell them next year. If you write and highlight in the book, it is harder to sell for a good price. If it is pristine condition, you can sell it for a bit less than the cover price rather than super cheap. 
  • It is a lot better to sell books to other students than to sell to the bookstore/online. If a textbook costs $50 new, you can sell it to another student for $40, whereas the bookstore would only pay you like $4.50. They really lowball you, so try to sell directly to other students! 
harry potter books, rated by Fang the boarhound
  • sorcerer's stone/philosopher's stone: our first appearance ever is him being so overexcited about meeting ron and harry "not as fierce as he looks." fang/mrs. norris as hagrid's OTP. being even more scared than Malfoy in the Forest (i can't blame him but still). a truly ferocious beast. 10/10
  • chamber of secrets: howling when hagrid leaves to go to azkaban and then being the hero we deserve by accompanying ron and harry into the forest to meet aragog. 6/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: snuggling w/ hagrid as the World's Best Therapy Dog after hagrid's worst first lesson. other than that, no mention of how he and buckbeak get along, not tackling anyone at the door out of excitement. 4/10
  • goblet of fire: only one mention of fang "launching himself" at harry in overexcited joy. disappointing honestly. 3/10
  • order of the phoenix: did fang stay at hogwarts while hagrid was gone? who fed him and took care of him? do i need to fight albus dumbledore for again neglecting not only his students but his groundkeeper's beloved dog? but fang is once again overjoyed to see our trio and that's all i want. harry should have just brought fang with him to every class as a therapy dog, he deserved it. "fang's near enough human" honestly hagrid. TRYING TO DEFEND HAGRID AND GETTING STUNNED DAWLISH AND UMBRIDGE CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT. 5/10.
  • half blood prince: they never really go see hagrid and that's offensive bc fang is deprived of attention once more. also buckbeak is back w/ hagrid and we're deprived of knowing whether or not he and fang are BFFs. 1/10
  • deathly hallows: we don't know if he's safe at all while hiding out with grawp and hagrid?? he's never even really mentioned??? how dare you jkr?? does he live through the battle of hogwarts? does he go around the great hall the next morning and just lay with people for a little bit?? -5/10

anonymous asked:

hi! could i maybe request the rfa helping mc study for a test?

oo first ask! Study help from the rfa coming right up!

● okay let’s be honest this guy is probably going through the exact same thing
● it’s less ‘he helps you study’, and more just the two of you providing morale support because damn do you both need it
● “don’t worry babe we can get through this”
● if you really start panicking though he will try to help
● his advice is probably the worst but he’s doing his best okay
● after a big test he will always try and cook you something nice to eat as celebration
● basically you both suffer through everything together

● what’s that?
● you’re struggling with revision?
● baehee has you covered
● one minute you have no idea what you’re doing and the next she’s managed to come up with a time efficient revision schedule for you and is talking you through the best way to fit everything in while still leaving time for you to rest
● scheduling aside, she’s such a good person to have around when you’re studying
● brings you coffee and makes sure you don’t overwork yourself
jaehee please don’t be a hypocrite take care of yourself too
● if you look like you’re getting too stressed she’s ready and armed with blankets and recordings of zen’s musicals
● supportive girlfriend!

● he tries to make revising for the tests more entertaining for you by reading out facts and statistics in the voices of characters he’s performed as
● gets a bit too into it
● suddenly he’s taken one of your textbooks and is serenading you with the theory behind ionic bonding
zen stop that’s not helping
● definitely better in the moral support department than he is at revision help
● will sing to you if you get too stressed
● if he thinks you’re not taking time to relax he won’t hesitate to physically pull you away from your desk
● one minute you’re revising, the next you’re being scooted across the floor, chair and all
● very good at comfort if you feel a test has gone badly
● “please dont be upset prince(ss)”

● you’ll have to physically stop him from spending money on you
● “jumin please I don’t need a private tutor honestly”
he probably gets you one anyway
● constantly buys you really expensive stationary and textbooks to use
● if he sees you’re panicking or getting too stressed he just sort of walks over to you
● and suddenly Elizabeth the third is on the desk in front of you instead of revision
● someone help this man he doesn’t know how to give affection well so he’s just going to leave that to cats
● offers to read the textbooks out loud to you so you don’t strain your eyes by staring at them for too long

● he helps by trying to make revising as amusing as possible for you
● arranges silly songs and doodles spaceships all over your revision notes for you
● it’s only when he attempts to dress up as a ‘sexy teacher’ that you draw the line
“seven take the thigh-highs off you’re not helping”
● he does genuinely try to help though- this man is the king of making prompts
● he manages to come up with diagrams and rhymes and songs and by the time the test comes around you probably have everything memorised
albeit in ways that will most likely make you start laughing during the middle of the exam
● at one point he offers to hack the test database and boost your grades
● “sevEN NO”

If anyone wants me to add any other characters, send me an ask!


It’s been exactly a year since your lawsuit but all the struggle you guys went through was all worth it for this single moment. Well done boys, we couldn’t be more proud! ㅠㅠ#youngwildNfree1stwin ♥

Dear 2017,

Please be good to everyone. Please let me go back to university and fulfill my dreams. Please let me be happy. Please let me get away from my living situation. Please let me grow into the woman I know I am meant to be.

Please…let me have a good year. The best year ever, after having the worst year ever. That’s all I want.