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Do you think Snow is a hypocrite for telling Regina it was wrong to bring back Wish!Robin? Have seen OQers saying it because she supported Emma and brought back Charming with the heart split

Snow is expressing valid concern that anyone in the audience can see as well.  Being supportive of your friend is about giving them solid advice.  I think she was being the best friend Regina could have in that moment.

I think some shippers really need to come to terms with the fact that Robin of Locksley is a chimera.  They’ve stressed many times that he’s not Regina’s Robin.

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Hey Robbie!!!! My friend is a transitioning boy and I was wondering what I could do that isn't really ... Over the top,, to help him feel comfortable and accepted because his parents aren't the Best ? Idk if ur Trans or not but if there is any advice u could give that would Be Cool :^)

All u can rly do is respect his pronouns and name and let him know ur there if he needs anyone. If he gets uncomfortable in a social situation where he’s being misgendered do what u can to cheer him up and help distract him

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Are there any blogs on tumblr that could give advice/help on edh decks?

I know I can, and I will probably recommend @the8x8theory as a more grandfathered source. 

Outside of that anyone on tumblr who plays EDH can offer some assistance where they can. I can think of very few that are dedicated strictly to offering advice and help. That said, again, I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my abilities

the signs as people i know

aries: problematic but cares deeply for the ones they love. has a few anger issues. loves video games and being petty. 

taurus: really smart and enjoys talking about school. terrible at buying presents for others. loves pampering themselves and trying to fit in. 

gemini: very talkative; yet they tend to be shy in social settings. cute and secretly enjoys cuddling. loves cats and weed. 

cancer: sensitive bean that thinks everything is their fault. will do anything to fix a problem. loves attention, hooking up and buzzfeed quizzes. 

leo: brutally honest; theres no time for bullshit here. roasts people daily but is one of the best friends that you could have. loves conspiracy theories and hannah montana. 

virgo: hopeless romantic with high standards, refuses to use dating apps. reliable and always gives good advice. loves weeaboo stuff and pop music. 

libra: the happiest person i know. able to carry a conversation with literally anyone. loves dessert and kpop. 

scorpio: goes from insecure to confident in 0.02 seconds. independent but relies on their closest friends constantly; basically a walking paradox. loves taking selfies and singing out loud. 

sagittarius: sociable but also extremely lazy. has a great sense of humour. loves memes, twitter and taking naps. 

capricorn: obnoxious at times and doesn’t know how to chill. will give you free drinks. loves photography and girls. 

aquarius: very independent and motivated. knows what they want and makes it happen. loves family and instagram. 

pisces: such a sweet and pure heart. radiates kindness and is extremely hardworking. loves coffee and wearing scarves.

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it's taken me awhile to accept that I wanna be a trans guy (ftm) and now that I'm okay with it I don't know where to begin. before I identified as a hella femme lesbian but I dunno how to get away from that and present more masculine and bind and like how to go about hrt and stuff

Really, the only advice I can give you is to do it.
If you want to bind, try your best to get a binder and do it. If you need/want a haircut get it. If you feel like you want to change up your style, or anything else- change it.

You don’t really need to justify it to anyone, you could just say you feel like a change.

I’m not sure how much this helps you, maybe a follower who went through this could offer some advice?

Best of luck 💙

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they'd hit me sometimes when i did something wrong which was totally understandable bc like i did something wrong but occasionally they'd hit me really hard and sometimes their reasons weren't all too good but like they were my parents so its like okay and ik that they were teaching me a lesson but all i learned was like "ok wow i am scared please don't hit me" i don't know if it was abusive and im genuinely sorry if its not i just wanted to vent tm a little thank u (also have a nice day dude)

hey anon… to me it sounds like abuse. i’m pretty sure actually… if anyone else has anything to say or advice to give it would be appreciated!
it’s not understandable for them to hit you under any circumstance, by the way. if you’d like to come off anon, i could talk with you about this on IMs but you don’t have to obviously.

i wish you the best, anon
-mod s


so I was feeling lousy and decided to take some of the best advice I can give to anyone feeling lousy- which is to draw your fav character being sad get out there and freakin make something! man, I am suuuuper out of practice with animating though golly (how do you even use photoshop for this?!?!??)

anyway I have a horrible feeling season 2 is going to feature Sylvia getting hurt bad and Wander thinking/realizing it was all his fault

  • Marlene having such a big crush on Sirius at first because honestly who wouldn’t, but then she realises how gay he is and she quickly grows out of it
  • Sirius teasing her about it every chance he gets
  • She laughs it off
  • They bond over their statuses as respective best friends of James and Lily
  • Seriously how many times have they had to deal with their drama
  • Sirius giving Marlene back massages because she loves them and HE’S SO PROUD OF HIS MASSAGES HONESTLY HE GIVES THE BEST MASSAGES
  • Marlene having crushes on literally EVERYONE
  • She’s a very mature person but when it comes to her crushes she immediately starts acting like a fucking child
  • Sirius giving her relationship advice because « honey you’re hopeless let me help »
  • « And what would you know about that stuff, you’ve never had a boyfriend »
  • « Only because I’m not interested, but we both know I could have about anyone in this school right now if I wanted to »
  • She hits him on the head but she knows it’s true
  • He’s just so charming
  • Marlene accepting advice from Sirius
  • Turns out he gives the worst advice ever
  • Sirius and Marlene doing their homework together and researching more than is required for the assignment because really this is so interesting
  • Sirius teaching Marlene everything he knows about Muggles and motorbikes and Marlene being the first to know about his project to make an enchanted flying motorbike
  • Sirius and Marlene being passionate about things like literature and Transfiguration and feminism
  • Marlene and Sirius being silly together and kissing each other on the cheek and drawing things on each other’s arms and taking naps together in the Common Room
  • Sirius styling Marlene’s hair, he’s just SO GOOD with hair
  • Marlene running up to Sirius one afternoon in the Common Room, completely panicked because « SIRIUS HELP I THINK I HAVE A CRUSH ON LILY I CAN’T HAVE A CRUSH ON LILY SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND »
  • Sirius who can’t stop laughing at the face she’s pulling, telling her to calm down, that she’ll be over it in a few weeks tops
  • « But what if I don’t get over it?? »
  • Two days later she’s over it
  • This one time Marlene thinks she might have a bit of a crush on Remus
  • Sirius realising that this bothers him for some reason
  • Marlene, seeing how weirdly he’s reacting, asking « What’s up with you? Wait - you don’t have a crush on Remus, do you? »
  • That’s how Sirius realises he does have a crush on Remus
  • Marlene is so happy that Sirius has a crush on Remus that she immediately forgets about her own crush
  • Marlene being the only one to know about Sirius’ crush on Remus
  • Marlene always trying to get them the be alone with each other and always winking not-so-subtly at Sirius whenever Remus comes their way
  • Sirius being terrified of Remus finding out and constantly begging Marlene to cut it out
  • And then one day they both come running up to one another, grinning like two idiots, both yelling at the same time « YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED »
  • They sit on the couch and Sirius tells Marlene to go first
  • And she talks so fast he almost doesn’t understand what she’s saying, she literally cannot calm down because she finally asked out that Hufflepuff chick she’s had a crush on for months and SIRIUS SHE SAID YES, WE’RE GOING TO HOGSMEADE TOGETHER NEXT WEEKEND SIRIUUUUUS
  • Sirius is so happy for her he hugs her tightly and then lifts her up and spins her around because he’s always been the expressive kind and he’s so proud of her
  • And then when they’ve settled down a bit she asks what he wanted to say
  • He doesn’t want to say at first because this is her moment and he doesn’t want to ruin that by making it about him
  • But he’s really dying to spit it out and Marlene is jumping up and down on the couch chanting « tell me, tell me, tell me »
  • So he smiles widely and says « Remus kissed me »
  • And man
  • Oh man
  • Marlene’s reaction
  • Everyone in a fifty feet radius turns their heads, expecting to see some horrible murder scene because oh my god that shriek was surreal
  • She is SO HAPPY she starts doing a dance around the couch and at first Sirius is a bit flustered because everyone is staring, but then he decides he doesn’t care and he joins in on the dance and they both start chanting « Remus kissed you » « You got a date to Hogsmeade » « I snogged Remus Lupin » « I asked a girl out » and so on for at least twenty minutes (people who are trying to study in the common room are eyeing them reproachfully)
  • Remus leaning against a wall at the top of the stairs to the boys’ dormitory, looking down at the pair of them, grinning to himself and rolling his eyes because oh my god I’m in love with an idiot

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Hi Perry , I had an audition today and it didn't go as well as I hoped ... any advice ? I feel like I could get the best advice from you. You seem like you know how to help ! SOS! Much love,

First, I’m sorry to hear about your audition not going as well as you had hoped. I bet it went better than you think it did. Second, I don’t know how qualified I am to give advice, but thank you for reaching out. I try to always be there for anyone who messages or sends me asks because we’re all in this together and I’ve been helped on my road a time or two. 

Even if your audition didn’t go so great, it was still a useful and good experience for you. You learned something just by being there. You got a little less scared about being in front of an audience and likely gained just a tad more confidence because you did it. You got up there and you tried. That is an exceptional thing to do. Auditioning, going on a job interview, posting a story, it’s all a variation on standing naked in the middle of the street yelling ‘judge me!’

You did that. That is tremendous and I am very impressed. You’re chasing your dreams. So many people just think about it, never giving their hopes form. But not you. You stood up and tried

Around here we bandy about the Yoda quote ‘Do, or do not, there is no try’ quite a bit. And I think it’s one of those things that sounds wise, but isn’t. How else do you do something if you don’t try? Trying is the hard part. Doing it is when it’s become easy, or when you got lucky. Trying is the foundation of everything. 

So I think you’re amazing. Keep trying. You’ll get there. The next audition will be better. 

Take care, Anon. I’m rooting for you.

My best tip for an aspiring artist:

Carry a sketchbook at all times. Always be sketching. Carry it with you for ideas, but most importantly to just draw whatever you see. A sketchbook is like a GYM for an artist. You go to the gym to train for the big game, lots of training- thats what the sketchbook is for. Draw your favorite stuff, but when you are at a loss, sketch (not finished drawings, just sketching) what you see around you, draw from real live and it will feed your own comics, even if it is fantasy and far away from real life. Seriously, this is a big one, I still bring one with me everywhere. I was just typing this to a young person for advice and realized its really the best advice I could give anyone.

I love how I can be myself around you. When I’m with you the word sees a side of me that even I haven’t seen before. You make me laugh over stupid things and you give me the confidence to make jokes and even if they’re dumb you’ll laugh at them anyway. It’s funny how I never thought I could see you in the way I do now. You’re my best friend but you’re also so much more than that. I can speak to you about anything and you’re always there. The advice you give me is the most genuine advice I’ve ever received from anyone. You’re honest with me because you don’t want to hurt me later on by sugar coating the truth. You mean the world to me, what ever we end up being I hope it’s good.

What is the single best piece of advice anyone ever gave you when you were a teenager?

Or, what is the advice you wish you could go back and give yourself as a teenager?

(and if you are a teenager, well, what’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten, I suppose)

/affirmation deck inspiration seeking

Supernatural Episode 11x05

Can we just talk about how fucking good this season has been so far??? Like Sam and Dean seem like themselves again, Cas is back, and the brotherly rapport is stronger than ever. Even though this looked like a filler episode from the previews it was so fucking good! Sam being precious about the Lizzie Borden hotel room, Dean being sassy and joking again (getting rid of the mark of cain was literally the best decision ever), classic ghost story which (in a surprise twist) turned into really furthering the season arc, Sammy giving life advice to a 12 year old, Dean not killing anyone especially the precious soulless superfan, Amara getting real creepy and soul-sucky… I could go on and on. So far season 11 feels so much like the early seasons, AND I LOVE IT. I will watch Supernatural until the day that I die, but it’s so nice to have it feel like the show I fell in love with again. Also, Sam has looked damn fine in every episode. This pleases me. END RANT.

the best advice I could ever give anyone is to remember who was there with you through the worst & forget anyone who showed up once the worst was over and the sun was back

Please remember that I am a 15 (almost 16) year old human who struggles with mental illness and tries their very best to not stress out over giving people advice and being a good role model and not sharing too much online and not coming off as annoying and still gets insecure and isn’t perfect. Cause I can’t always be 100% for you guys as much as I want to be and I’ve started to get very stressed out. It’s not anyone’s fault but there are so many messages and people who need me and I can’t always fix everyone’s lives as much as I wish I could. I’m sorry…

y’all are so quick to jump on people when you don’t get into rps and it’s really nasty ??? first of all, when an rp has more apps than it has characters, not everyone is going to get accepted, because not everyone can be accepted. if you can’t grasp that concept, the best advice i can give you is to stick with appless rps, where pretty much anyone can get accepted as long as they fill out the form properly. secondly, it’s not cool to discredit the people who actually got in, just because they’re friends with the admin(s)/you think they’re friends with the admins. for all you know, they could’ve displayed a better understanding of the character, or come up with better ideas of where to take the character than you did. it’s not always a matter of who’s friends with whom, which brings me to my third point: it’s not cool to bring an admin’s morals into question, just because you don’t get into their rp. like i said in my first point, if they have more apps than they have characters, they have a decision to make, and they’re gonna go with the app they like the most. sometimes, that app will be one their friend sent in. other times, it’ll be the one you sent in. you have no way of knowing what their thought process is, and it’s rude (and in a way, arrogant) to assume that the only reason they turned you down is because a friend of theirs applied for the same role you did. lastly, if you don’t get accepted, move on ! i know it sucks, and i know it feels like you wasted your time and effort, but that’s not an excuse to make people feel bad about themselves, or to try to tear them down. it’s not going to change their minds and swap you out for the person they actually wanted, and it’s not going to make them think of you in a better light. what it might do is trigger them (it’s happened before)… all you have to do is find another rp to apply for. it might take a while, but it’s better than going around trying to discredit other writers and vilify well-meaning admins.

‘You will try, won’t you? Really, really try?’ asks Prim.

THG, Ch.3

RETHG - Chapter 3: Visiting the Tributes

Katniss says, “And I know because of Prim, I’ll have to,” even though she admits moments earlier that it’s unlikely that she can. Prim gives her encouragement, reminding her that she is fast and brave, suggesting that maybe she can win. Gale is also supportive of her chances in the arena, and offers advice. 

Neither of Katniss’s other visitors, Mr. Mellark or Madge, suggest anything about winning, however. The former promises to look out for Prim, the latter is fixated on Katniss wearing her pin.

I wonder if anyone who visited Peeta offered him any encouragement or advice? Or was he left with the belief that the best he could do was to ‘not go down without a fight,’ and to try to die well.

Katniss observes that he has been crying when they go to board the train, which she thinks is an unlikely strategy for him. It makes me think that Peeta didn’t get much support for his chances of survival.

Interestingly, Katniss is the one who might have been most encouraging. She recognizes how it would be difficult to overlook the ‘broad-shouldered and strong’ baker’s son.