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“Well, this is surreal. I am completely knocked out, thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. I am very proud and lucky to be a part of Birdman and can’t believe it came to this. I am so f–king excited. Are you allowed to say f–k when you’re making a statement for the Oscars? I’m just really f–king excited.”

-Emma Stone, Best Supporting Actrees Nominee for Birdman [x]

anonymous asked:

I usually love Meryl Streep, but her performance in AOC was too much, it felt like she was trying too hard. I much prefer her more subtle, sensitive performances, they're much more natural & honest. I definitely feel Cate, Sandra & Judi all had more honest & impressive performances this year. Amy's was nothing special & I'm struggling to understand why she was even nommed?

I see what you mean, but to me it seemed there was absolutely no trace of the actress Meryl Streep in her character. None. And I think that’s the most respectable quality of acting there is: when an actor is that absorbed in a character that she breathes that character, she becomes that character. Maybe because it was written too over-the-top and crazy her performance was difficult to be taken as genuine? (You have to remember it was originally a play, and it might be the blackest comedy I’ve ever seen.) Either way, without Streep that film would have fallen dead-flat; she was that film.

Cate Blanchett was fantastic. Full stop. Written beautifully, performed beautifully. I really can’t wait for her upcoming Malick project(s) with Christian Bale.

Sandra Bullock really impressed me. Really. But Cate and Meryl and Judi are simply better, no? Her character was too flat. I know that’s almost entirely due to writing, but it plays a part in hard decisions like these, and she wasn’t given enough to work with.

Dame Judi Dench—you’re absolutely right—gave an honest and impressive performance. She’s one of those actresses who makes her character believable and real and yes. But I personally thought Meryl was more… memorable. I guess I’m guilty of taking too heavily into account actual characterization instead of the performance alone…

And I’m a big fan of Amy Adams, so maybe I’m biased, but I think her performance comes off a little more forced to some because half the movie her character (who’s from Albuquerque) was pretending to be from London. It wasn’t her best work, no, but I did respect that she was nominated. She is extremely talented, and she and David O. Russell make a worthy team.

This was one of the weirdest sets of nominees this year. What’d you think about the rest of my picks, person-who-should-come-off-anon? :)

Wait, I know who this is. Thanks for the comment.