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● petyr x sansa vs italian classic movies

The Consequences of Love[Le conseguenze dell’amore] 2004, directed by Paolo Sorrentino

There is a mysterious man who lives in an upmarket hotel. Everyday he puts on his suit, avoiding any kind of contact with people. He never talks to anyone. In that hotel’s bar, Sansa works as a waitress. Everytime she tries to speak with the man he never answers. Until one day he does.

“Every man has his own unmentionable secret.”

Façade [Epilogue]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this.But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue

Chanyeol is nervous.

He’s practically shaking, and even though he’s already done this once, he feels even more nervous than the first time.

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Best performances of all time 7/∞

Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men

“In a way he gave this reality to the character, this dimension of being very methodical. Everything is in place. It’s kind of mathematical, like perfectly structured which is the way I thought the character should be: perfectly clean.” -Javier Bardem

Hey! You- yes, YOU!

I still need that 50k au where Jack decided to follow his mom’s footsteps instead of his Dad’s.

-Alicia Zimmermann teaching him all about fashion and shit from a young age. Little awkward and Lumpy Jack being amazed every time he sees the interior of his mom’s walk in closet.

-idk if any of you have seen Princess Jellyfish, but it’s definitely like that one scene where Kuranosuke is looking at his mom’s closet, and he’s just giggling and asking his mom questions. Except none of the drama.

-he tries so. Hard. It’s only when puberty kinda hits him his career sails. Photo shoot bookings. Movies. Everything.

-Kent was one of those Disney kids, and at age 17 he wants to move on from Disney. He and Jack play best friends in The Movie

-Kent and Jack are both method actors

-they became best friends wicked quick. They just “click”

-it’s hell though. The diets and workouts and people fucking trashing Jack online- it gets to him. This is where it kinda gets… Heavy.

-he od’s on the anti anxiety meds after Kent wins some huge and very coveted award for being best teen actor or smth.

-it’s a big deal. It’s hella. Tabloids tear our boy Jacky Z apart. But Alicia and Bob are good at keeping him off the charts for a couple years while he’s in rehab.

-and THEN. then. He goes to Samwell. -The SMH team are all low key male models/aspiring actors who all do their own shit but show up to Lardo’s portrait classes. They still have the Haus, it’s just not a hockey frat, but the pretty-boy frat.

-ANYWAY: Jack wants to kinda take a break. He just models, doesn’t really want to do movies anymore- despite feeling guilty and wanting to make his mom proud. -but this boy dresses so g o o d when he wants to. Sometimes, yea? He dresses like he wants to rob a Burger King but. It’s intentional. It’s when he doesn’t want anyone to be seen/bothered -when he and either of his parents leave anywhere, it’s like that photo of Mark Hamill vs Daisy Ridley -like bob and Alicia are like FUCK YEA- you, yes YOU, Camera Man get to capture my Presence. Pose pose work- -while jack will wear six scarves in 90 degree weather, head down, hella big sunglasses- hopefully to not be seen by anyone -I don’t know how the rest of this works out I just want pretty boy actor Jack Zimmerman. Please.

Nothing to forgive, Sydney. Nothing.

Roland Joffé’s The Killing Fields (1984) is set against a backdrop of one of the most horrific chapters in human history: the Khmer Rouge’s (Cambodia’s communist party) genocidal practices under Pol Pot before an intervention by neighbors Vietnam. The film stars Sam Waterston as New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg and a nonprofessional Cambodian-American actor named Haing S. Ngor playing Schanberg’s journalist friend and interpreter Dith Pran. 

As the Khmer Rouge moves into Phnom Penh, panic ensues as Western embassies begin evacuation procedures. Amidst the chaos, Schanberg holds out, hoping to acquire authorization to get Pran and his family out of the country. He fails and Pran finds himself under the iron fist of the Khmer Rouge. Ngor - who was an actual survivor of Pol Pot’s Killing Fields - embodies the tortuous anguish he once felt, remaking in an interview: “For me, movie not different. I have enough experience in Communist times. I put emotion into the movie. We have a lot of scenes like in Khmer Rouge time. Everything the same.” It was reported that Ngor wanted Joffé to include far more violence in the final cut of the film.

For the film’s genuousness, it would be granted seven Academy Awards including Best Adapted Screenplay (Bruce Robinson), Actor (Waterston), Director (Joffé), and Best Picture. From those seven, The Killing Fields won three times: Best Film Editing (Jim Clark), Cinematography (Chris Menges), and Best Supporting Actor for Ngor. Ngor would become only the second (and most recent) nonprofessional actor to ever win an Oscar - the other was handless World War II veteran Harold Russell for 1946’s The Best Years of Our Lives (a film about three WWII veterans and their difficult adjustments coming home). Ngor is only the second fully Asian actor to win an acting Oscar, the first being Miyoshi Umeki in 1957’s Sayonara in a role assuming many stereotypes of Asian women.

predictions for the 2015 oscars
  • Best film: The Lego Movie 
  • Best original Screenplay: The Lego Movie 
  • Best Actor: Chris Pratt (The Lego Movie) 
  • Best Actress: Elizabeth Banks (The Lego Movie) 
  • Best supporting actor: Morgan Freeman (The Lego Movie) 
  • Best supporting actress: Alison Brie (The Lego Movie) 
  • Best Animated movie: The Lego movie 
  • Best Original Song: Everything Is Awesome (The Lego movie) 
  • Best Lego Movie: Lego Movie (Lego Movie) 
Becoming Hawking: How Eddie Redmayne Prepared to Play a Brilliant Scientist

In order to play the many sides of famed British scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything,” actor Eddie Redmayne kept a trio of images tacked up on the wall of his trailer for inspiration.

One, for genius, was a photo of Albert Einstein. Next was James Dean, because, he says, Hawking is “such a ladies man.” And third, a joker from a deck of cards. Why? So he never forgot Hawking’s wry sense of humor. “If you’re in a room with him, he’s definitely running the room,” Redmayne told the Associated Press.

The inspiration worked. Calling it “the closest I will come to time travel,” Hawking recently praised the actor’s performance in “Theory of Everything,” available to own now on Digital HD and Feb. 17 on Blu-ray/DVD. And Hawking is not alone.

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