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I need to thank my wife Anne-Marie Duff, who is…… She’s awfully good, isn’t she? Who’s not only one of the countries’ finest actresses, she’s also the best wife I’ve ever had. She put up, and she puts up with my very dirty sense of humor day in and day out. But on this film it did reach new levels; Bruce got in me and she put up with that. And thank you, Anne-Marie, for teaching me how to do what I do as well.

James McAvoy’s speech at BEFTA Scotland Awards at 16 Nov 2014. (x)

  • Caron Keating Outstanding Newcomer Award (2008) & National Television Best Male Drama Performance Award (2013) for his portrayal of ‘Merlin’ 

They’ve very much cast this according to personality and a lot of aspects of Merlin’s personality are quite similar to me in a way. For instance I’m extremely enthusiastic about things and Merlin is like that. He gets involved in every challenge he faces and he always gives it his best shot, 100 per cent. I also tend to look for the funnier, lighter side of things which Merlin does. At the same time I am serious when I need to be, which is something Merlin also is when he slips into action hero mode.