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Jungkook’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: You have no mental sharpness but you are good looking. You are like the main character of an anime. you have so much passion. your eyes and body are massive. You really love Muji Tea. Number 1 at making our team’s average age younger. Jeon Jungkook <3 the ‘guk’ (Broth/soup) that I love the most? Bean paste soup ~ <3

Jin: Jungkook turn on your speakers quieter at home. Come with me to the water park again. Let’s not forget (to go)

Yoongi: Jungkook you are trying to write music lately. If you have something you don’t know, use the internet. I am not a professor/genius. To be honest. I am too lazy to help you hahaha. I’m joking. I will help you a lot. So gain strength. Hwaiting!! (a cheering)

Hoseok: Jungkook-ah!!! Turn down the volume of the speakers in our dorm. I can hear it even in my room. -_- You pig!!

Jimin: Just continue growing up like you have until now. Just don’t grow up taller. Just grow up kind.

Taehyung: Jungkook-ah. It’s hyung … really I’m hyung (He is saying that he is older than him) … you became nicer and gentler lately. *acting cute* let’s have fun/play together.

Taehyung’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are so loud when you play (computer)  games. you bother me but I also snore so I understand you. You are the best looking these days. You are like a farmer. You were born as an idol. You are glued to Gucci. you are so innocent/pure. You have no mental sharpness (not able to catch into things quickly) but you are so cute. So lovable. Kim Taehyung <3 the 'hyung’ that I love the most? a-hyung <3

Jin: When you’re playing games please be a little bit quieter. But you have become brighter these days and that makes me very happy. I hope you make the world brighter with your brightness.

yoongi: It’s right that you do everything to the best of your abilities.try your hardest. It’s right that you play games very passionately. Since you do everything very passionately, let’s passionately enjoy music and games too. Hwaiting.

Hoseok: taehyung-ah hyung always loves you ~~ <3 <3  stop sleeping with the air conditioner on. You will get sick ~ <3 <3 stop playing games so much ~ <3 <3 study with hyung instead <3 <3

Jimin: I don’t know since when but you seem to have become more like an adult, but you are also always like a kid (satori). My friend, stop playing games so much before I go throw your computer away. Wake up when I wake you up my friend. I will shove my hands in your armpits. (drew V as the heart figure he always draws himself as). thank you my friend (In tiny letters).

Jungkook: V hyung! Hyung, stop biting me it hurts so much I am going to die. I always feel this way but you are so good looking.

Jimin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon; You are sometimes cunning but also sexy, short, attractive when you dance, you always work so hard, you like billiard, you changed the most, but you aren’t obvious Chimchim <3 THE 'Chim’ (acupuncture) that I like the most? Poison acupuncture. 

Jin: Jimin-ah you are an angel. I will do a three lettered acrostic poem using your name. park: In park’s family something good happened. Ji: You are a very cool friend. Min: Min Yoongi 

Yoongi: Jimin you are always doing things to the best of your abilities and that’s so charismatic. Let’s be together for a very long time. I applaud your hard work. thank you.

Hoseok: Jimin-ah our Jiminie who is the most attractive in the entire world ~~ <3 <3 when you go back to our dorm today, please clean the things on your desk ~~<3 <3 have strength!!

Taehyung: Jimin-ah~ even if you do aegyo (act cute) to my eyes you are not cute at all ~ do it to a certain amount ~ but when I see that cuteness thank you *acting cute* 

Jungkook: jimin hyung! be thankful that you are older than me. I am kidding, hyung you are always shining!!! Rice cake (jimin’s nickname) forever!!!

Namjoon’s rolling paper by the members:

Jin: Mon-ah I pick up a lot of things that you drop on the plane for you. I wonder how you have so many friends that are like moms around you. But you are cool.

Yoongi: Our eternal leader Rap Monster. Even though I don’t say it I respect you a lot. please always gain strength hwaithing. Thank you.

Hoseok: My center!! My supportive friend Rap Mon!! Namjoon~~~should we go for chicken and beer??

Jimin: A person that drops everything x 18. Stop dropping your phone hyung. You look so cool when you do solo stages. You are the number 1 coolest person when you are on stage. When you are off stage you are the number 1 dummy.  

Taehyung: Watching our leader who’s always cool, I learn something every day. Continue teaching me composing and producing and stop dropping things ~!! Kim Namjoon is the awesome and the best looking.

Jungkook: To RM. you are sleeping behind me right now and you look very very handsome. please continue showing us your cool side <3

Hoseok’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are often like a horse, but you pull us like a horse. You are like an angel 1004-9 (sounds like “you’re like an angel” in Korean). the most professional. When I see you my heart feels at ease. you dress nicely. Your shoulders got bigger. You’re very neat. You work hard to make songs lately. The point of our choreography. Jung Hoseok <3 the 'seok’ that I like the most is? Kim Jiseok hyung <3 (making a joke about liking another actor with 'seok’ in his name)

Jin: Hoba, your existence guides/leads my path. you teach me dancing and if I’m about to go down the wrong path you yell at me. You are scary :( I’m sorry I was wrong :(

Yoongi: Your bright energy always gives us hope. I hope you always stay bright and hopeful.

Jimin: You are a cool hyung whether it’s on stage or off stage. you’re such a perfect roommate that people who use their bedrooms alone don’t make me jealous. Sometimes you’re really like an adult and sometimes you are such a silly hyung. You are a hyung that always goes shopping with me. you are a hyung that’s brighter than anyone but also a hyung that gets tired faster than anyone. you are a hyung that loves seafood that I can’t eat. you are a hyung that’s always always loud. You are a hyung that always makes fun of me but also tells me that I’m cool. let’s not be sick.

Taehyung: Hoseok hyung you are someone that makes me laugh. You are someone that gives me joy. you are a hyung that takes care of me. I’m always thankful and I love you. Our hope.

Jungkook: Hope hyung. You are always a bright energy! Thank you for always making the environment happy. I’m catching up to your producing!

Yoongi’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: I wish you would gain some strength. when I look at you sometimes, you really are good looking. You are often very attractive lately. Your body is very weak, you are like a grandpa. I don’t know since when but you started wearing only black clothing. You got a bit more tanned so you are like brown sugar now. Your music is cool. MinSuga who is important to BTS <3 The 'ga’ that I like the most is? Shim Chunga (an old Korean folk tale)

Jin: Yoongi-ah you are my roommate, even when we marry let’s live together and be roommates how is that? 

Hoseok: Suga hyung!! I always have a thankful heart towards you ~~ <3 <3 I am also thankful for the gift you gave me recently <3 <3 <3 I anticipate you hyung ~~<3 I will give you a birthday gift this time ~ !! <3

Jimin: It makes me happy seeing you laugh often. Always stay this way. Don’t faint when you get older and do extraneous activities. you are very attractive when you perform these days.

Taehyung: A hyung that is pretty doing many things, and smiling. Don’t be sick, always be healthy, and make only good memories. The best smile angel of the universe Min Yoongi hwaiting (cheering)

Jungkook: suga hyung. let’s go eat lamb skewers one day. let’s lose weight first though!!!

Jin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: Your mental age is like 2.6 years old, but you love eating. When you drive, when you play the guitar, when you are good at things at times, you are the most attractive. Your age worth is -99999999 won. You are often cute. You were a lot more attractive when we debuted, but you are still good looking. Kim Seok-jin <3 the 'jin’ that I love the most is? Crane wing formation (in Korean)

Yoongi: Jin hyung please act your age … I’m joking. It’s fun seeing you so bright lately! Thank you!!

Hoseok: Jin hyung that I love. I’m so glad that you are the oldest hyung in our team ~~~ !! please act your age though!!~<3<3

Jimin: I’m thankful that you are you. You’re the funniest out of all of us. I think this often lately, but you’re really good looking. You’re also like an old man though … also like a child … also like a fool … also like an angel … Thank you hyung.

Taehyung: Jin hyung please come back to the time when you were good looking~!! Now *sigh* .. never mind .. I like you. also, hyung you match short hair a lot. everything Jin does is good. have strength always!

jungkook: Jin hyung … It’s so tiring stooping to your level but when I see you it’s so fun and joyful … please remain that way. Aja! Aja! hwaiting (cheering).

Cr rosoidai 
That took me like forever to write. Hope you enjoy it ^^ @mimibtsghost

The Mistake (Epilogue) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Revelation”

Author’s Note: Welp, it’s here. I’m just as sad to see this series go as you guys. This has been one of the greatest joys to write and I want to thank all of you for loving it as much as I have. Your comments and messages have meant the world to me. My forever thanks is to @fillthevoid-stilinski for asking me to write this series for her. I never would’ve done this without your prompting, Em, and it has brought me endless happiness so thank you for being such a source of inspiration and motivation. I have a few more bonus chapters that will be listed on the masterlist for The Mistake, but this is the end. This is my version of “You got off the plane.” from Friends. Thank you all again. 

Summary: Stiles and Y/n spend her twenty-seventh birthday in a place that holds a lot of meaning to them both. They then return a year later to make a commitment to each other. 

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue 

Bonuses: #1#2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8Masterlist

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You enjoyed the warm mid-May breeze blowing across your cheek, and what it meant: summer was coming again. You listened to the rustling of the new leaves above your head, shading you from direct contact with the warming sun, and you sighed happily. You laughed when you suddenly felt a rough and wet tongue wipe across your cheek. You brought your hands up to grab at the shaggy-haired dog, keeping him from drenching your face in spittle, then heard the jingling of keys getting closer. You opened your eyes and saw Cespedes standing right next to your head, panting and happy, then tilted your head back against the blanket underneath you, and saw Stiles jogging.

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Two Nights Stand Part 4

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned. This chapther has talking about cheating.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Credits to the gifs owners

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“Do you want to play 20 questions?” He laughs while stealing your m&m’s. “How old are we? Sixteen?” He says playful, taking a sip of his beer “Come on, Bucky. We are stuck in here and we have nothing else to do. Is there any better way to get to know each other?”

“Fine, but I go first, princess. What do you do for a living?” You look at him, you didn’t know that he would ask serious questions. You were imagining he would ask fun ones, definitely related to sex ones.

 “I work for a law firm, it’s a really boring job but it pays the bills.” You answer smiling at him before you can make your own question he asks you again.  “And what would you like to do for living? You look like someone who would like to be a writer or a doctor.”

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: HEY IT’S HERE, DON’T NEED TO HATE ME ANYMORE. Once more time I need to tell you guys how grateful I’m for having Alyssa as my beta writer! Please, please, go to her page @imyourliquor-youremypoison and tell her how much you’re thankful for making me suck less. And about the fic, it’s coming to an end guys :) THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. You guys are the best! ♥ my ask is always open to hear about what you guys think.

Part 1.

Part 5.

Part 7.

Masterlist ❁


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Happy Minhyun Day!

This is your first birthday in many years without the Nu’est members by your side. Being the only member to make it into Wanna One and the guilt that followed, not knowing the fate of your group and the pain of separation from your best friends/ family- Our Minhyun has been through A LOT of pain this year. But he’ s a very strong person and I know he can overcome it.

To the one who is so considerate, looks after everyone around him, can compose, act, dance, has a voice from heaven, works to achieve perfection until he physically cannot give any more, is gentle, beauty beyond this world and has a heart of gold, Happy 22nd Birthday!

I hope he can have all the happiness in the world today he truly deserves it

I told my mother today that my best friend and her husband decided to have an open marriage, and she acted like it was the most heartbreaking and catastrophic thing in the world. I was like no…any relationship can be important and equal, marriage doesn’t change that. When they told me I became so excited for them, like they have reached a new chapter in their lifelong partnership. Well I guess I will never be telling my mother that I have dated several poly people.

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 2

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.3k


Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3

When Jughead saw her walking through the door at Pop’s the next day he was torn between two opposite feelings: utter annoyance at being once again disturbed in his writing, and eagerness to share another conversation with this girl whose ability to use sarcasm as a means of communication matched his. It was a surprise to have her walked straight to his booth and sit down like they were old friends and not merely acquaintances who met the day before.

The truth was, he kind of hoped this would happen – it was a lonely life that of writer and High School outcast. Jughead wasn’t going to deny himself a little company a few hours a day if he could, especially since his best friend bailed on him the day they planned their road trip and hasn’t really spoken to him much since then. Can you feel the bitterness?

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When he loves to tell me about his goals and aspirations because he’s the “speaking it into existence” type of person. When his relationship with God isn’t at the peak of which he hopes it would be but he tries his best and has plans to improve his spirituality. When his mannerism is so excellent, he’d hate to hurt a fly. When he has so many questions about the small as zombies and as big as is the universe deterministic? he thinks questions are good, knowledge is greater than humiliation. When he makes you laugh because laughter is good for the soul. And he just loves when the corners of your cheeks wrinkle. When he loves to watch movies with you. There ain’t much on the news but the blues so some Tarantino will wipe away the tragedy and sorrow of the world-for about 2 and half hours. He knows the worlds a fucked up place so little acts of kindness make a big difference to him. When he takes time to look good and take care of himself because he likes to express himself through his creativity and he believes “today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” That’s a dr. suess quote but it is so prevalent to him when it comes to doing and looking your best and most importantly, feeling your best. He knows mental issues are so important and little things can fuck with the way peoples minds work so he is so critical of the things he says. He’s so hard on himself, he’s been through a whole lot but he envisions something good happening to him. He believes that everything meant for him will never leave him, and whatever left him simply wasn’t meant for him. He is an optimistic person. He is an ambitious man who sees good things coming because he knows he deserves it. He is so passionate about his craft. His woman. His faith. He is beautiful. Inside and out.

// I wish this could be longer but I have so much to do! I had to cut it short rip :’) I still always love writing for Saeran though he’s such a babe why can’t he be real

- Tries his best to look nice, he has a cute little black tux that looks so good on him– But he hates it, it’s so uncomfortable! His brother insists MC will love it, and to trust him.

- Doesn’t really understand why everything is so important since it’s just a day today.. But he knows it means a lot to you, so he tries his best to make it enjoyable. Finds literally everyone else in the world cringy and annoying. Everyone’s acting as if the world is their own personal porno– he’s so fed up with seeing people making out everywhere. Plus there’s candy of Saeyoung’s all over in the house that he cant even eat much of or he’ll get sick damnit it’s so tempting

- Preferably he would want to have a picnic and watch the sunset with you on the day. He doesn’t like to be in crowded places like a restaurant or theatre. He cant focus on you with all the noise around– He has a lot of sensory overload. Somewhere quiet with just to two of you is good for him.

- He’s taken back by how beautiful you look. You didn’t have to go all out for him.. But he does feel special. He got you a white rose and baby’s breath in a cute little glass vase as a gift. Blushes madly while giving it to you, he feels like it’s the first date all over again. Though he cant even remember you two having a proper first date.. There was a first for everything, he supposed.

- It’s a nice date, he sets up the blanket and snacks while letting you go on about things you’ve been thinking about; all while he’s silently listening. He likes to hear you mindlessly talk about stuff.

- He gives you a kiss as the sun starts to set, its intimate and very gentle. As if you were made of glass. That’s odd for Saeran, he’s not usually so soft like this. So it just makes you cherish it even more.

- It gets colder as the sun fades away, he notices this and offers his jacket to you for warmth. Puts an arm around your shoulder and let’s you snuggle into him. He doesn’t think he’s that much fun to cuddle with, but he is.

- He talks every once in awhile, even though he prefers you to be the one doing the chatting. Talks about the future, maybe some of his fears or whats been on his mind. You comfort him if he starts to get a little riled up while talking on.

- It gets late, so he recommends going back home. He helps you pick up all the supplies and puts them back in the car but he’s very touchy– his hands find their way to your waist more often than he’d care to admit while putting everything away. For some reason everything he did was much slower and gentler tonight. He had a lot of patience, it was odd but nice to see.

- The car ride is nicely quiet, the radio playing romantic music softly in the background. He places a warm hand on your inner thigh and mindlessly traces circles with his thumb; while the spare is on the steering wheel. It wasn’t placed high enough to be inappropriate– but it still gave you butterflies.

“ Hey– MC? ”
He mutters, breaking the silence. You turn your head to look towards him, the moonlight shining on his face combined with the tux made him look like something straight out of one of Saeyoung’s spy movies.

“ Hm? ”
You return, warmly hugging yourself around the jacket he’d given you earlier; due to the cold weather.

“ I really love you. ”
He stated confidently, a slight smile on the corner of his lips as his eyes glance over towards you for a split second. Your face goes warm at his words, you smile towards him as well.

“ I love you too, Saeran. ”
You grip his forearm softly, leaning towards him to rest your head on the side of his shoulder. He smiled widely now, finally getting why people seem to find this day so enjoyable.

Euphoric (Josh Dun x reader)

I just wanted some good old fashion Josh fluff. Hope you do too.

Feel free to request an imagine.

Josh always made impromptu visits to your dorm room. But this one felt different. Instead of acting normal like he always did, he was quiet, reserved, and…nervous?

Like you said, Josh always randomly visited. You decided to go to college so you wouldn’t disappoint your parents. Meanwhile, Josh worked in the drum department of the local music store and tried to get by playing drums on the side. You and Josh always supported each other and were there for each other. I mean, you had been best friends since third grade. Since you two were small children, you were practically attached to the god damn hip. His mom treated you like one of her own and you’d always escape to Josh’s whenever you needed a break. Josh was your escape. He was the one for you when your anxiety got bad. Or when the stress from your parents got to be too much. Or when you felt the world conspired against you. And you always had his back when he was going through a bad time. But he was acting odd today. You had just been studying when he randomly showed up at your dorm room door, insisting he just needed to be with you. You assumed his anxiety had gotten bad but it hadn’t. He just sat on your bed, staring down at his hand, while you sat at your desk, pretending to focus on your work.

“So, what are you studying?” Josh timidly asked, the first thing he said since he first entered your dorm.

“Chemistry. My professor gave me an essay to do.” You whined, putting your pencil down and turning your chair to face him. “So, what’s up? You are acting odd.”

“Oh. Me? Odd?” Josh let out a nervous chuckle and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Josh, I’ve known you for years. What’s going on?” You asked, concerned about your friend.

“Why are you single?” Josh spit out causing you to go wide eye.

You knew why you were single. But Josh didn’t. Which was reasonable since the whole reason you were single was because you were pining for your best friend of years. But he didn’t know that so you just pretended it wasn’t true. “Um, I don’t know.” You muttered quietly, turning away from Josh to face your desk again.

“It doesn’t make sense. I mean you are beautiful. Like really pretty. And nice. And really cool.” Josh said, a blush creeping his cheeks.

You felt your cheeks turn a violent shade of red as you turned to look at your best friend. “Thanks, Josh. Can I ask why?”

“Why what?”

“Why you are asking about my relationship status?” You asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I was curious.” Josh said with a quirky grin that causes your whole body to go all giggly.

“Well, then, why are you single?” You asked confidently.

“Well, I mean, I guess I kind of like someone.” Josh said, his cheeks turning pink.

“Oh.” Your heart instantly dropped to your gut. Of course he liked someone. And they probably liked him back. He was attractive and sweet and the kindest person you’ve ever met. “Who is she?”

“Just a friend of mine. I’ve known her for a while but I am always too scared to tell her.” He said with an odd expression.

You sighed. You may love him, but he was your best friend and all you wished for him was happiness. So, of course you were gonna help him. Even if it broke your heart into a million pieces. “Well, maybe you should tell her. It might be worth it.”

“But, what is she doesn’t feel the same? What if I loose her?” Josh barely whispered, staring at you with such intensity that you started to feel uncomfortable but glued to the spot.

“If she is truly your friend, she shouldn’t ditch you because she doesn’t feel the same. But, she might. It’s always worth the shot.” You said with a shrug and small smile.

“Yeah, but she deserves so much better than what I can offer her.” He said and your heart broke on spot.

“Josh, you are an incredible, amazing guy who deserves the best. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy as wonderful and kind as you.” You said, giving his hand a light squeeze and earnest smile. Josh smiled back at you, grabbing your hand and intertwining his fingers with your own. You felt your breath hitch and you felt like screaming.

“(Y/N), have you ever loved someone?” Josh whispered as he pulled you closer and grabbed your other hand.

“Um, yeah. Actually. I do.” You said quietly, looking at your hands instead of his eyes.

“Who?” He asked, and you felt his eyes stare at you, causing your breathes to come out shaky.

Your mind twisted and turn, wondering what to do. You played back to the advice you had just given Josh and thought if it was true. He was your best friend. He wouldn’t leave you over some stupid feelings, right? Although, you were about to tell your best friend of years that you loved him. “Josh…” You sighed.

“I’m your best friend. Just tell me.” He looked at you with his caring eyes.

“Josh, it’s you.” You started pulling away slowly, scared of the response you would receive when Josh pulled you even closer, until you were inches away from each other, your spinning chair up against the bed. You could barely breathe as Josh clutched onto your hands even tighter and he leaned his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes as Josh detached one of his hands, trailing in up you arm until he gently stroked your face.

“(Y/N), I love you.” He whispered and you felt your heart race as soon as the words left his mouth. He was so close and you felt dizzy. His hands fit yours perfectly and his calloused fingers stroked yours. He filled all your senses as his face pushed closer to yours. You felt his soft lips press against yours and you felt euphoric. One hand clutched onto yours even tighter than before, as if afraid to lose you and the moment. His other hand led down to your hip, gripping it, and you felt him smile against the kiss, causing you to respond likewise. You slowly lifted up from the chair, putting your legs on each side of his lap, straddling him as he continued to kiss you, your lips dancing together as one. You brought your hands up around his neck, holding onto him as the unimaginable happened. I mean, you imagined it before, but never did you imagine it would actually happen.

Josh clutched to your hips even tighter, bringing his lips to your neck, a small gasp leaving your lips as you smiled. “Josh…”

Josh detached from you, looking at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on him. His eyes sparkled as he stared into your eyes, causing you to become more flustered than you already were. “God, I should have done that years ago.” He said with a small laugh as he pulled you closer to him.

“Yeah. You should have.” You said boldly as you leaned down, kissing him softly.

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{Reaction} GOT7 finding out their significant other works at Disneyland

May I have a Got7 reaction when they see their girlfriend who works at Disneyland act for the first time? (Like their girlfriend plays a Disney princess and she’s interacting with a kid or something) thank you so much! Love and hugs! ❤️

Note: Ahh this is such a cute request, thank you so much for sending it in! You’re so sweet too~ Lots of hugs and love to you too~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by iyeols

Jackson had come to Disneyland with the other members of GOT7 as it was one of their rare days off where they could go out and explore on their own without their managers breathing down their backs. As they walked around, he took photos with various characters that he had grown up loving and looking up to, that was until he saw you dressed up in a princess costume talking to some children. He grinned widely, hardly believing how breathtaking you looked, so elegant and enchanting that you really did bring the character to life. 

Jackson: “Looks like your Prince Charming has finally come to see you.” *Grinning*

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Mark knew that you worked for Disney, but what you did he wasn’t really all that sure until the day he finally went. He was picking you up from work, but since he’d never really been to disneyland before, he decided to go a few hours earlier to explore before taking you home. As he walked inside, he caught you in his eye almost immediately, his jaw dropped at how stunning you looked all made up as a princess, it wasn’t until he noticed people giving him strange looks that he finally stopped.

Child: “Mummy, why is that man staring at Princess Belle?”

Mark: *Snaps out of his trance.* “No I wasn’t being weird- she’s my girl-”

Child’s Mother: *Judging him.* “Likely story, come on {child}, lets go.”


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Seeing you in photos is nothing compared to seeing you dressed up in real life. He decided to some to work to surprise you. As it turns out, he was the one that had ended up being surprises.

Bambam: “You look amazing Jagi! I mean, like seriously… I’m speechless. I love you so much.”


Originally posted by bunminsook

You looked incredible dressed up, no one could deny that, especially your boyfriend. He saw you for the first time when he took a trip to disneyland with the rest of Got7, but when he arrived, it was evident that he wasn’t the only one that was fighting for your attention. Apparently Peter Pan had also taken a liking to your incredible good looks and mesmerizing smile.

Guy: “I can be your lost boy, {y/n}, we can get lost in the sheets together” *winks*

JB: “Mate, she’s a princess, and she doesn’t even give a second look to nasty peasants like yourself.” *savage af*

{y/n}: *Trying not to laugh*


Originally posted by marktuon

Jinyoung gawked at you as you came home after a long day at work. You were still dressed up in your princess Jasmine costume, obviously too tired to change at work. But he wasn’t complaining, not one bit. He stood up and slowly approached you before pulling you into him.

Jinyoung: “How about I take you upstairs and show you a whole new world?”

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom isn’t usually the kind to pull childish pick up lines on you, but when he sees you at work, acting beautifully, he’s trembling and blushing as he chokes out the best pick up line he can come up with.

Yugyeom: “Have you heard I’m a beast in the sheets?”

{y/n}: “Of all the terrible Beauty and the Beast pick up lines I’ve heard today, I’m pretty sure that’s the worst one.” *Giggling*

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae was blown away by your acting skills and your ability to work with the children while portraying Jessy from Toy Story. He stood, just watching you for a while until you had caught him watching and had walked over to him, blushing as he complimented how well you could act. But once the niceties were over, he turned to his more flirty side, winking at you as he muttered.

“Hi I’m Andy, want to play with my Woody?”

{y/n}: *Swats his chest* “There are children around, refrain yourself!” *Trying not to crack a smile*

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (pt six)

Summary: The Losers Club gets hit with hard news and realize they have less time than they thought they did.

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: Swears, sexual innuendos 

A/N: I honestly cannot find any new Richie GIFs for some reason?? Do people even want me to continue this??

                                               Welcome to your life,
                                             There’s no turning back,

“Could you get that?”

The phone trilled annoyingly throughout the small motel room, alongside the sounds of the TV. 

“Richie! Oh, for god’s sake,” Rushing out of the bathroom, Y/N held the towel around her, hair still dripping from her shower, and lunged for the phone. 

“Honestly Richie, fuck you.” Y/N glared at him as she held the phone up to her ear. He was sitting there, legs propped up, munching at the room service breakfast they had gotten. 

“I think you mean ‘me’ my dear Y/N.” Richie smirked, plucking the bacon from your plate while eyeing you. Flipping him off, he grinned, winking.

“What? Oh no, Mike. Me and Richie are just having breakfast.” She listened for a few moments, her eyes growing wide. “Yes. I understand. Yes Mike, We’ll be there. See you soon.” 

Hanging up, she disappeared into the bathroom before reappearing, having messily brushed her hair and thrown on random clothes. 

“What did Mike say?” 

Y/N sat down slowly, looking down at her plate.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? What happened?” Richie grabbed her hand and she clutched onto it for dear life.

“It’s Stan.” Y/N swallowed thickly as tears blurred her vision. “He’s dead. He killed himself.” 

                                               Even while we sleep,
                                                  We will find you,

The Losers Club sat in silence. A numb, suffocating silence. No one spoke, they just stared blankly at each other and at nothing at all. Suddenly Y/N couldn’t take it anymore. 

“We have to do it soon.” 

Their heads snapped up to look at her. 


“You think that this is all a coincidence? This memory block? Stan killing himself? Well, it’s not. It’s IT. And I know you all know it too.” Y/N stared at each of them.

“What happens if he keeps manipulating us like this? What if IT’s just picking us off one by one so no one will ever go up against it? We told each other 27 years ago, we have to keep the circle. We have to stay together. But the circle is already breaking and what happens when the circle is gone?” 

“Y/N’s right.”

Everyone swivelled to look at Bill. 

“But how can we go against IT if we don’t even remember how or where we did in the first place?” Ben asked miserably.

“I’m not saying today. But soon.” Y/N interjected firmly. “For Stan.”

              Acting on your best behaviour, turn your back on mother nature,
                                     Everybody wants to rule the world

Come back.

“Nico! Are you ready yet?”

“I’m coming B, give me a minute!” Nico, after a moment’s paused, bounded down the stairs. He playfully jumped passed the last step and skipped to his sister.

“You’re so cute,” Bianca di Angelo smiled as she ruffled her hand in her brother’s dark hair.

Nico di Angelo was a playful and energetic boy. His sister, Bianca, always had a spark in her eye and a hop in her step. They were a couple of happy children, they had all they wanted and more. Including surprise trips in the city.

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Go to a concert. An absolutely wonderful time. A unique moment. This adrenaline when places are on sale, the happiness of having one and the endless expectation of D-Day. On the morning of the concert, having a smile to the ears all day, no matter what happens, even in the endless queue to see our idol. The chills with the first notes of music, the tears when it is the song that you love more than anything. The heart that rises when the whole audience begins to sing, the hands and voices of each one who are bound. To be sad when it’s over, to think that it was one of the best moments of your life. Pure happiness for thousands of people.

But nothing is normal today. Young people died for wanting to see their idol. It is a shame to the person who committed this awful act. Don’t forget to enjoy every day, every hour, every minute you spend. Take care of yourself, your families & all the people you love. Tell people you love them. And above all, do what you love

My thoughts to every person affected in this attack.

It's hard to be a woman sometimes...

Hi guys,

I’ve been meaning to talk about something for a while. Something very personal, very intimate, but also very important. Something that is unfortunately still a taboo among us women, and that makes me angry.  

I hope that, in doing so, I might find some closure to my story, some sort of peace, but also because I felt awfully alone at times through it all, and I wish this was something we discussed more between us, women.

So here it goes.

In July, I got wonderful news to celebrate. A positive pregnancy test. One that I’d expected for so long after my first pregnancy, seven years ago.

I spent almost two months with this tiny human being deep inside me, planning our future being 4 instead of 3. This was bliss.
Until I learned at the end of August that this baby would never come into our lives.

(the rest will be under a cut, cause I know not everyone will wanna read about miscarriage)

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musicals-own-myass  asked:

Could you maybe write a Thomas x reader where he almost hits the reader or they almost crashed or something??

hey doll! Sorry this took so long and it’s definitely not the best… but I hope you at least kinda like it. Thanks for requesting!

Thomas was a very careful driver. He never filmed himself actually driving - usually having you or Joan record- and he was very attentive to the other drivers.

Today you sat in his passenger seat, taking snaps of you and him singing obnoxiously to a Disney playlist on your drive back from Disney World.

It had been a long day, getting up super early to be at the park right as it opened, running around and acting silly to make kids and their family laugh. Taking pictures with princesses and in front of the castle.

The day was winding down now though, both of you exhausted and happy with aching feet and a bunch of souvenirs in the backseat. Now you were headed to his house to stay the night and help with the new Sanders Sides video tomorrow.

“Wait, wait,” you turned away from your phone to look at your friend. He was frowning and turning the volume off completely. You strained your ears for whatever he had heard, eventually turning in your seat.

“Ah, pull off. It looks like two fire engines and an ambulance.” You told him, looking back at him. He nodded, dutifully pulling off into the right lane and stopping. The sirens grew louder as the emergency vehicles passed, and you turned to make sure there weren’t more. “Cool, looks clear.”

The next few minutes were spent with companionable small talk, mostly debating whether to buy a pizza or get something a little healthier. “We walked around for like twelve hours, I think a pizza won’t kill us.”

You never got to hear Thomas’ response however. All you heard was screeching and your best friend cursing - something he never did if he could help it. Then there was pain, and something wet on your face.

You woke up in a blinding room, the smell of disinfectant and coffee invading your nose. “Holy… owwww.” You whined, covering your eyes with an arm.

“Don’t pull out your IV.” You felt a warm hand, covered in something kinda rough grab hold of yours. “It would suck to put back in.”


“They’re here, it’s okay.” This voice came from the direction of the hand. “Talon went to find a nurse.”

You uncovered your eyes, squinting in the harsh light until someone turned it off. Now the room was illuminated only by the small lamp near your bed.

You sat up slowly, one of Joan’s arms supporting you. It was clearly a hospital room, that you were sure of. A scratchy blanket rested on you, a giant bottle of water with a long straw sat in Thomas’ lap, and Joan was holding a paper cup of what smelled kind of like gas station coffee.

“What?” Was all you said, rubbing your forehead in attempt to quell your growing headache. “I feel like I got hit by a train.”

“Close.” You looked up at your friends. Thomas looked mildly distressed and Joan looked tired. “A cop tore through the intersection with mouth his lights or sirens on. Smashed into your side of the car and took off. But ya know, cop cars have cameras and after Thomas told the dispatcher what happened they found out he was headed toward- get this - a hit and run.”

“We’ve already discusses suing them.” You looked at the door to find Talyn, hair unspiked and messy. “I mean, we’ll obviously talk more about it when you’re ready. But your family knows and I promised them you’d call when you could.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I should’ve been paying more attention and stopped or something.” You looked at Thomas, who sported a bandage over his eyebrow and a few dark bruises from his seatbelt. His hands were wrapped too. “I mostly got hit by shattered glass, but you have broken… a lot.”

“It’s not your fault, Thomas. Shit happens and sometimes it goes bad. But it’s not because of you. You turned your hand to wrap your fingers around his as best either of you could. “You’re my best friend and I’m just glad you’re okay.”

The brunet stood up, carefully hugging you to him. You snuggled your face into his chest, soft shirt comforting against your cheek. “I’m glad you’re okay too. And when they clear you to go home, I’ll buy you whatever kinda pizza you want.” He promised.


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ftoliverlee  asked:

who do u think has had the biggest influence in ur life?

My parents have always been there to support me, even when they haven’t agreed with all of my decisions, they’ve quietly allowed me to make my own mistakes and experiences.

Robin Williams was one of my idols growing up. He wasn’t the best voice actor in the world, but he had so much fun both voice acting and acting that I was inspired to try it out myself. Today, I’m not the best voice actor or actor out there, but I always remember to have fun.

Author Hunter S. Thompson will always remind me to pave my own, weird way as I resist the injustices I see in the world.

Spencer Chamberlain of the band Underoath crafted lyrics that will always resonate with me and helped me push myself through some dark times when I was younger and struggling. His music will always remain a part of how I view the world.

And finally, as cliche as this is, Morgan. So much of my life has changed for the better since I met her. /sappy