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Two of my photos from tonight’s (December 7, 2016) red carpet at the Make-a-Wish Foundation 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala, honoring Robert Downey Jr. with the Shining Star Award for his many contributions as a wish-granting hero.  Thank you to Make-a-Wish of Greater Los Angeles for the carpet credentials and invitation to cover the gala - and permission to share photos on Tumblr. 

“Over the years, Robert has granted dozens of wishes for children around the world, and has personally brought hope, strength and joy to Wish Kids and their families.  In addition, he has donated funds through his foundation, Random Act Funding,” providing resources to help make other children’s wishes come true,” reads the award citation. “One of today’s most popular actors, Robert is best known by Wish Kids for his role as Iron Man in the Iron Man and Avengers franchises, as well as his title role in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Superheroes are of special importance to Wish Kids, as they provide escape from difficult medical treatments and embody the power that kids need to fight and stay strong.

“Among the many memorable wishes Robert has granted include: helping nine-year-old Domenic, who has cystic fibrosis, fulfill his wish to be a superhero; surprising seven-year-old Alex, who was born missing most of his right arm, by presenting him with a specially made replica of Iron Man’s famous arm; and welcoming 17-year-old Cameron, an enthusiastic Avengers fan, to spend the day with him during production on the set.”


Of course he did.

Congratulations, Robert!!!


Gina spending ten full minutes talking about herself and how she always knew she’d get her own reality tv show and that she’s the world’s greatest and people that don’t already know that are going to find out

“Oh right you wanted me to talk about the bus accident. I was run over by a bus. But I am no mere mortal so here I sit, perfect as always. Also today we’re setting the bus on fire so there’s that.”

Jake gets so so excited about being on tv but when he sits down with the cameras for the first time he acts all cool and tells his best cop stories. but the camera crew actually arrived earlier than expected and caught Jake celebrating in the precinct

“Wooooooooooooo! Guys! We’re gonna be on tv! On tv! Amy do you think we’ll become famous? Oh my god, what if we became famous cops?!! We’d get to be in Die Hard 6! Which is gonna be better than Die Hard 5 because we’ll be in it!”

He’s whooping and cheering a lot and freaking out to Amy who listens patiently and holds his hands when he gets extra excited and the thing goes on for like, ten minutes probably

Amy doesn’t want Jake and her relationship to be featured on the show in case people think that they aren’t doing their jobs bc they’re too busy dating which could harm the image of the NYPD in the eyes of the public, so Jake and Amy keep their relationship under wraps when the cameras are around in the precinct

but then the cameras catch on and one day they’re following the suspicious detectives that keep flirting with each other in the precinct and Jake and Amy are holding hands on the way to the car and chatting

“Man this pretending not to date thing is so hard, Ames. I mean, I thought we were holding back a lot in the precinct already when there weren’t cameras before, but now that there’re actual cameras recording our every move I can’t do anything but act like how we used before we started dating. I hate not openly dating you. How the hell did I do it before?”

They discuss dinner plans then the camera pans and shows them driving off together in the same car

Terry talks about yoghurt and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in one’s life. He talks about his wife and beautiful children and his section on the show is always very healthy and pure. He even paints once

Charles has a cooking segment where he teaches how to cook certain… exotic dishes. And also a children’s cooking segment where he teaches Nickolaj simple dishes that the kids at home too, can master

Captain Holt tries to talk about important cop stuff to improve the public’s perspective of the NYPD. But when he’s asked to discuss some of his hobbies he gets going about his antique globe collection and that’s all he discusses for the rest of his time on the show

Hitchcock and Scully are just eating all the time and the camera occasionally pans to their newest meal and gross eating habits

Rosa almost never appears on the show. Its been reported that she’s punched about five cameras already that tried filming her, until she ran out of money to pay for the damages. She now tries to avoid the cameras.

The longest footage the camera crew gets of Rosa is when she’s visiting Gina at the hospital. She has a very tender look on her face as she makes sure Gina’s okay and does simple little things to help her out. The camera only stops filming when Rosa’s grabbed by Gina’s hands and they start kissing

They name the show “Linetti, Set, Go”

shinee as texts in my class group chat
  • Onew: *every single day* i'll be late today
  • Jonghyun: it's only religion class and we all know god isn't real anyway i'm not going
  • Key: the world goes on even if you don't come to class, stop acting like it matters to anyone else
  • Minho: i have at least 15 tennis balls at home
  • Taemin: you all vegans are missing out bc steak is the best food in existence

I just heard about Debbie Reynolds and I just want to take a moment to remember her and thank her for all she has done. Singin’ in the Rain defined my childhood and is the reason for my love of musicals, acting, singing, and dancing. I remember being six years old and dancing along to the choreo for Make ‘em Laugh and singing Good Morning every day when I woke up. That movie defined who I am today and, though this year has had a constant storm cloud over it, we need to keep singing and living despite that. Remember Debbie and Carrie. Don’t let their losses make you lose faith in the world. Keep letting their contributions inspire you to keep on living your best life shamelessly fighting for what’s right and doing what you love. Keep your light for them not despite them. We lost two great women. Now we need to go out there and be great women ourselves. 

A Message from The World ft. the Smith-Waite Centennial Edition

There’s a lot that’s going on in the world right now that is scary and overwhelming. The best thing we can do, if nothing else, is to aggressively keep doing everything we can control. Today, for you, that might mean getting out of bed in the morning. It might mean turning off the news in favor of singing off-key to 90s music in your kitchen. Yes, it might even be calling your legislators about your concerns. It’s going to be different every day and that’s okay. Existing, breathing– that’s enough if that’s what you’ve got today. Your existence itself can serve as an act of defiance and that is a powerful thing, never apologize for that. 

You being you is enough. Change what you can, grow stronger every day until you can face what you can’t right now. And remember:

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Muslim Privilege

People are so ready to rewind time back to blame white colonialism for everything yet stop right before the islamization of the world.

Islamic imperialists tortured, raped, and killed native societies physically, culturally, and spiritually and justifed their crimes as religious liberation. That islam is the best way of life and thus should be the only way. Yet muslims today glorify the acts of islamic imperalism but only find white colonialism problematic.

Islamic imperialism wiped out cultural and religious identites of the natives through institutionalized oppression and physical violience. When a society loses their right to practice their own religion and are forced to practice a foreign one dicated by invaders, they lose their culture. And the natives who get forced into islam through growing up in a society which indoctrinates one into choosing a life as a third class citizen if one follows their original religion or convert to islam to become a second class citizen compared to the islamic invaders, those natives lose their identity.

Whenever Islam is the driving force for conquest, the conquered people lose their right to name themselves and thus erase their own history. Yet muslims act like islamic imperalism is not as bad as white colonialism. That’s muslim privilege. They are the people for whom the society works for and thus they don’t see fault in it or the history which allowed them to be privileged.

It is muslim privilege that allows muslims to see themselves as victims in lands which they took or lands which were conquered by islam, especially when the real victims are those natives who didn’t break and convert from the lands origional religions under the oppressive force that is “the religion of peace.” It is muslim privilege which rewrote history to say that the tribes in the arabian peninsula all treated women inferiorly when in actuality there were multitudes of martriachial arabian tribes in which women had rights that went 100x above what islam dictated. It is muslim privilege to tell the world to not interfere in their society which murders native religious practioners who did not assimilate into the imperialistic machine that is islam. It is muslim privilege which says that christianity in the middle east is the product of white colonialism when in fact christianity is itself a middle eastern religion. It is muslim privilege which demands their right to be offended as a justification for murder. It is muslim privilege to commit crime against humanity towards citizens who don’t fit the agenda (racial, religious, and sexual minorities) within the conquered society by seeing those same people as agents for white colonialism. It is muslim privilege which tells proponents of islam to read the quran before they have an opinion on islam yet don’t objectively learn about other religions yet still claim them to be false. It is muslim privilege to devalue the tortured lives of ex-muslims who speak up and leave because they must be influenced by anything but their personal experience in an islamic state. It is muslim privilege to say they don’t believe in the death sentence for leaving islam yet don’t actually do anything to change the laws and views set up in their societies. It is muslim privilege which allows one to be vehemently anti-semitic but shoot down any criticisms of islam or muslim societies as islamophobic and promote this ideal of islamic facism.

It is muslim privilege to rewrite the history of an entire nation of people as one which started right after islam conquered them.

Feature Friday #3: blushykat!

FF: So today we are lucky to be joined by Kat from @blushykat! So tell us a bit about yourself, if you would!

Kat: Well my names Kat but it’s actually my middle name, my first name is a breed of cat! I’m 18 years old, I love to sing, act, and write.
I’ve actually written 2 fanfics (ones tickly🙈) for the Destiel ship, I love to write and perform poetry, I’m a big activist for people with Autism because I am one!
If you ever wanna ask me questions about autism or about my story just ask me I’d be delighted to answer!

FF: You’re very multitalented, Kat! Tell us, how long have you had your blog?

Kat: I’ve had a few tickling blogs on and off, this current one I believe I’ve had it since August!

FF: Very nice! And what inspired you to make your blog?

Kat:  The thing that inspired me was to find out of anyone was like me and possibly make some friends which I have😁

FF: Ah of course! That makes sense. And what are your dreams for the future?

Kat: My dream is to become a famous actress and tell my story about autism through that.

FF: That’s very admirable. It’s a very inspiring goal and I want you to know that we as a community all support you in your endeavors. And what is your favorite part of the community?

Kat: My favorite part about being in this community is that I’ve made some my friends, friends that I already have plans to see irl!
I also love that I don’t feel alone anymore, I don’t feel disgusting or like a freak because there’s others like me😁’

FF: I think we can all mimic those sentiments to some degree. And is there anything else you’;d like to tell the audience?

Kat: I’d like to tell them that if they wanna message me
but currently
I cannot start the conversation because Tumblr is blocking me from talking to other new tumblrs
But please TALK TO ME I love meeting new people!

FF: Well, you heard it here first folks!! This is @blushykat and feel free to message her and check out her blog. If you like theatre, Supernatural, or just good company, you know where to find her! Until next time, keep sending in requests!

The speech of February 5, 1794, was not only the best expression of Robespierre’s real ideas, but also one of the most notable utterances in the history of democracy.

The speech was called a “Report [from the Committee of Public Safety] on the principles of political morality which should guide the National Convention in the internal administration of the Republic.”

Too long, Robespierre began, have we acted in difficult circumstances only from a general concern for public good. We need “an exact theory and precise rules of conduct.”

“It is time to mark clearly the aim of the Revolution.” Today we announce to all the world the true principles of our action.

“We wish an order of things where all low and cruel passions are enchained by the laws, all beneficent and generous feelings awakened; where ambition is the desire to deserve glory and to be useful to one’s country; where distinctions arise only from equality itself; where the citizen is subject to the magistrate, the magistrate to the people, the people to justice; where the country secures the welfare of each individual, and each individual proudly enjoys the prosperity and glory of his country; where all minds are enlarged by the constant interchange of republican sentiments and by the need of earning the respect of a great people; where industry is an adornment to the liberty that ennobles it, and commerce the source of public wealth, not simply of monstrous riches for a few families.

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For everyone not coming out today:

I know a lot of LGBTQ folks are feeling the pressure to come out today and I just want say that it’s okay to not come out.
There are no rules saying you have to or when or how is best. Your safety is the most important concern. There are a lot of kinds of safety: physical, financial, emotional, etc. In a world that oppresses us, that is not made to ensure our survival, that actively works against our survival even, you doing what you need to do to survive and/or pursue your own happiness is an amazingly radical act. It is enough. You are enough whether or not you choose to come out today.

Ceoil out the Hole (Irelands Finest) 

 As it’s St. Patrick’s Day I’ve put together a playlist of some of the best in Irish music, It’s a healthy mix of some of the best acts around the country at the moment with a sprinkling of our musical histroy thrown in. The Irish have left no genre unturned and I think this is pretty representative of all we have to offer. I got super patriotic with this one. Today the world gets to be Irish, I hope you all have an amazing Paddy’s Day(…….can’t stress this enough it’s Paddy not Patty, little infuriates the Irish as much as that little fact. It’s nearly as bad as calling us Brits)

#NowPlaying Ceoil out the Hole (Irelands Finest) by Ciaran McAllister

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Today in my english class we talked about genetic engineering and how our perfect human being would look like and act like (how smart, which character…)
Someone said the behaviour of Jack Sparrow and my teacher was like “this drunk and lightly gay pirate?! alright…” and said: “by the way, it’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.”
Best Teacher in the World. He knows how it works!

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Best friend (Liam Dunbar Imagines)

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Request: hellooo, can you do an imagine where Y/L is liam’s best friend but ever since he is dating hayden he acts like she doesn’t even exist but then something happens to her and he feels sorry for not being here for her the whole time??? 

A/n: I’m so sad bc i can’t watch teen wolf today :( but anywaysI hope you like it x

You know what’s the worst feeling in the world? Being ignored by your best friend.It sucks when you’re ignored by the person who’s attention is the only thing you want in the world. Ofcourse you want your best friend to listen to you and know that you’re actually there. But sadly, since my best friend got a girlfriend, he started ignoring me. And i hated it.

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Note to self:
You didn’t get that job?
It’s okay, it does not mean you are a failure. It means that you have to try again.

You cried because of something you thought wouldn’t matter?
Apparently it did. Learn from it, treat yourself a little better, buy that book you’ve wanted for ages.

Someone left you?
It’s okay, maybe they prefer silver over gold. That’s fine, just be true to who you are. Stay gold.

You’re not feeling so good today?
Do the things you enjoy, it’s okay to stay in bed but don’t stay in too often. Be nice to yourself. You’ll feel better.

Lost all your reasons to stay alive?
Make yourself the reason. You are important. The most important person in this world. Make sure you act like you are the most important person. You’ll feel special.

You lost your best friend?
Be your own. You’ll always have someone to turn to if you are your own best friend. It’s okay to be friends with yourself. Try it please.

Fought with your mom?
Make it up. Everyone makes mistakes and please make it up before its too late. Your mom will always be your mom and she will love you no matter what.

You don’t love your parent(s)?
It’s okay, make sure your reasons are valid though, you can’t unhear or take back the words you said.

Be nice. Always be nice.

—  Things I learned when I moved out.

5 Reasons Why Oscar Isaac Should be a Disney Prince: 

1. He’s been preparing for huge roles his entire life - As an actor, Oscar Isaac is a seasoned professional, who trained at one of the best acting schools in the world. Like a prince prepares for the day he will be crowned king, Oscar has been prepping for huge on-screen roles since he was in college and has worked hard to get to where he is today.

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2. He’s so handsome - Oscar Isaac is first-class status in the handsome department. As Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he plays a daring X-wing fighter pilot who works for the Resistance. 

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3. Did we mention how he somehow manages to look extremely attractive while risking his life to fight against the First Order AND while wearing a bulky orange jumpsuit? 

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4. He never leaves his friends behind - Firstly, Oscar as Poe gains major credibility simply for having BB-8 as his droid and best friend (because BB-8 is the best thing ever). Poe never leaves a man or droid behind, and we have a feeling the real-life Oscar Isaac echoes similar qualities.

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5. Nuff said.