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pokeshipping in every episode: Mewtwo Strikes Back original trailer

While early movie trailers often feature scenes that don’t get used in the actual movies, this Japanese trailer for “Mewtwo Strikes Back”/”Myutsuu no Gyakushuu” is exceptionally mysterious. In addition to some scenes that, while not present in the movie itself, still look like they could belong in the anime we know, it features this weird sequence that shows what looks to be an older Misty, along with Miranda (the pier master lady who tries to discourage the trainers from leaving for New Island in the movie), (a) Pikachu, and a pink-haired little girl whose identity is unknown. While I don’t subscribe to the theory myself, some fans believe that she might have been intended to be Ash and Misty’s daughter.

You can watch the clip here and read some additional commentary here and here.