You’re Beautiful// Noah Centineo Imagine

Request by anonymous :  you’re so nice 💜 can i please have a noah centineo one shot that she falls in love with the reader who’s only 5'0 and has short hair (pixie cut style) and she gets really shocked because she though that anyone would never fall in love with her because of her hair? i’m actually 5'0 and own a short hair


You were in your room, laying on your bed on your stomach, reading your favorite book. You hear your door creak open. You glance over your shoulder to see your best friend come strolling into your room. Noah plops down beside you and rolls like a log until he’s pressed up against you. You take a side glance at him and return back to you book. 

Huffing he dramatically flops to his back. “ (Y/N), put that book down and talk to me. I’m bored.“ You threw a fake glare his way. “Noah you know this is my favorite book.” “ Yes, Pride and Prejudice is everyone’s favorite book but I’m bored and you’ve read it a thousand times. “ “Well now I’m gonna read it a thousand and one times.” You say laughing at him. You go back to your book, flipping to the next page. Noah rolls to his side and you feel one of his hands dance up your arm. You secretly loved when he would do that.  His hand makes its way to your hair. “Noah… I don’t know why you insist on attempting to play with my hair. There’s not much there anymore.”

“Yeah but it’s so damn soft.” He was so weird sometimes. “ Not to mention it’s fucking beautiful on you.” His comment causes a red hue to spring to your face. 

You had cut your waist length hair off to a pixie cut a few months ago after a break up with your ex-boyfriend. You wanted and change and what’s the best way for a girl to reinvent herself? Chop all her hair off. Noah had loved it immediately. Telling you how it complemented your face. 

After a few minutes of Noah playing with your hair you finally give up on reading. You shut your book and placed it down on the bed beside of you. You look over to him gazing at you and smile. He was the cutest thing you’d ever seen. You’d be in love with him for years but we’re too afraid he didn’t feel the same. He scoots closer to you and pulls you to him, laying his arm across your side.

“ (Y/N), How do you lay like this all the time? It makes my knees hurt.”

You both look down to see his legs hanging off the edge of your bed

“Noah, you’re a good foot taller than me. Mine don’t hang off.”  you laugh.

“True. You’re fucking adorable though.” he tells you. 

Adorable yeah.. you hated that word. You were only 5 foot tall and everyone always said that you were adorable. It made you feel like everyone saw you as a child.

Noah seen the look on your face. He had been friends with you long enough to know you hated the word.

“And beautiful.” He scrambled to find the right words trying not to hurt your feelings. You roll yours eyes and go to stand up. He pulls you back down and you fall on him. Your eyes wide you look into his. His eyes flutter to your lips and he leans up, connecting your lips with his.

You pull away slowly.

“It doesn’t matter how short your hair is or how tall you are. Everything about you is beautiful to me. I’ve been in love with you for years and for the life of me I was terrified I would lose you, but I can’t watch you act like no one loves you. Because I do. I have and I always will.”

Your heart launchez in to a frenzy. You couldn’t believe what he waz zaying. Your mouth break out into a grin. 

“I love you too Noah. I have for as long as I can remember.” He grins at you. 

You couldn’t remember a time in your life when you felt such blissful happiness. 

Noah was finally yours.
How The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Swept the 2018 Emmys
By winning outstanding lead actress in a comedy, Brosnahan broke Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s six-year streak—and solidified a sweep for Amazon with five major wins.
By Laura Bradley

“By the end of the night, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel had pulled off a veritable sweep… It’s not hard to guess why: Maisel, as fans know, is not only impeccably made, but perfectly timed. It is, as Brosnahan tearfully summarized, “about a woman who’s finding her voice anew, and it’s something that’s happening all over the country right now.”

anonymous asked:

Rereading the chapter where Phos gets Lapis’ head and finally wakes up, Rutile was concerned about the possibility of Phos developing a split personality, while Cairngorm was hoping that Lapis would have taken over Phos’ body. If Lapis took over Phos’ body after the transfer how would the story have changed and how would the surrounding characters like Cairngorm or even the Lunarians on the moon have reacted to it?

I addressed a similar question here and here

Even if Lapis did not fully take over Phos’ body, they did influence the way Phos thinks and acts, they changed Phos and made them colder and more rational in a time when Phos absolutely needed it (Genki Phos was on the brink of insanity).

I don’t think Lapis wanted to take over Phos’ body: they were content with influencing it, because all they wanted was simply another chance to unravel the mystery of the Moon People, that’s why they left a message behind.

After all, Lapis failed and was abducted to the Moon, and as a strictly rational being they have no problem admitting it: their way of investigating the Moon People didn’t turn out to be successful. 

So why would they want to try again under the same conditions? It would just mean to fail a second time: if Lapis had took over they would probably have been abducted again.

Taking over Phos’ body is illogical: Lapis didn’t need to and they did not want to do it either. And this applies to whatever gem acquired Lapis’ head, not just Phos.

Shrewd Lapis waits for someone else to walk their same steps, so they can get another shot at understanding the war between Lunarians and Lustrous. And that’s where Phos comes into the picture: same objective, but different variables, this time the outcome could be different.

I believe that, by themselves, neither Lapis nor Phos would have come so far, it’s only thanks to them working together (Lapis’ logic and Phos’ intuitions) that they managed to go to the Moon and talk to the Lunarians.

Cyclops Has the Best ‘Idle Player’ Line of Dialogue

The first time this happened, I wasn’t prepared.

(X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse)