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Thanks for doing the mini fics with us! I need some Chanyeol lovin' (^O^) 6 +16 for the giant please!

hihi! Don’t worry, I haven’t forget about these. I believe I have three more after this? Woo! No, thank YOU for participating! Yall made my first game super fun and you guys were super nice thank you❤️❤️

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6. + 16. Things you said under the stars with no space between us

The hood of the car was cold and rough underneath you. Something poked at you leg. Chipped paint probably. He referred to her as Ol’ Bessie, he has for the last six years as far as you remember. Chanyeol had invited you to go out stargazing. There was supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, so you though what the hell. What’s better than watching shooting stars with your best friend?

He didn’t let anyone get on top of Ol’ Bessie, not even his close friends. With you, it was different. He’d let you learn how to drive with her, which could’ve been either a good idea or a dangerous one. Chanyeol had driven you both to a more secluded area away from all the light pollution to get a clearer view of what space had to offer. The two of you sat together, wrapped in a big blanket and waited for the shower to start. Once it started, you blocked out Chanyeol’s words and stared at the sky in awe. You were able to see how every star came down to earth and burn out before touching ground. Chanyeol had noticed how you whispered some comment about how beautiful the sky was and how amazing this is.

“Wanna know what’s more beautiful?” He asked, slightly tugging on the blanket, pulling you closer.

“What?” You asked uninterested with your mouth hanging slightly open, still watching the stars. He let the blanket drape over your shoulder and moved his arm away from it, slowly traveling up your thigh. He leaned to your ear and whispered.

“That sandwich I had yesterday.” He laughed right in your ear which caused you to look away from the sky and push him away.

“Get away from me you dingus! I thought we came here to watch the stars! Not for you to talk the whole time. Now shh and look at this beautiful thing.” You shoved your hand in his face and pushed Chanyeol’s face off of you.

“Why would I want to look at that when I can look at you and be more astonished?” The warmth flooded to your cheeks and you kept a straight face on, not answering him. He surprised you by kissing your cheek and leaning against you.

You couldn’t help but break your gaze away from the bright sky to plant a kiss in his hair and lean on your head on his. Even if he was a pain in your ass, he was your best friend and the only guy you’ll ever love.


CultureTV: #Emmys2015 - The African American Actors

Some of the black actors who were recognized with Emmy Nominations this year. For more nominees, see FULL LIST.  

  1. Taraji P. Henson “Empire”
  2. Viola Davis & Cicely TysonHow To Get Away With Murder”
  3. Anthony Anderson “Black-ish”
  4. Uzo Aduba “Orange Is The New Black”
  5. Michael K. WilliamsBessie”
  6. Angela Bassett “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
  7. Khandi Alexander “Scandal”
  8. Mo'Nique & Queen Latifah “Bessie”
  9. David Oyelowo “Nightingale”
  10. Regina King “American Crime”
The First African American Female Pilot

In the latest installments of the “First Black Person To…..” we have Bessie Coleman.

Born in 1892, Bessie Coleman was a well known African American civil aviator and the first Black female pilot to hold an international pilot license.

In a world filled with segregation and discrimination, Coleman had a dream, and despite her background, she pushed forward to become a female pilot.

Learn more about this extraordinary woman who started as a manicurist, and eventually went to France where she was “allowed” to learn how to fly.