bessthekraken asked:

I started following you because I fell in love with your mini fics of Steve/Sam/Bucky. Now I follow you because of that AND because you love Pratchett. (Though HOW could you say the Night Watch over the witches? Granny Weatherwax forever!)

I honestly think the only people who don’t like Pratchett are the ones who haven’t found the right book to begin with yet.

As for Watch v. Granny Weatherwax…..I do love those witches like whoa, no lies. I recently re-read Lords and Ladies and goddamn if Granny isn’t the fiercest fierce to ever fierce.

bessthekraken asked:

How is the campaign to get WB to show us the report going?

Our partners at Walk Free recently sent letters to Warner Bros’ CEO and Head of Consumer Products as well as to the CEO of Behr Chocolates (the manufacturers of the frogs). They didn’t get a response from any of them by their established deadline so they’re about to publicly launch their campaign.

We’ll be jumping on board with that this summer and hopefully having other ways for everyone to get involved to make all Harry Potter chocolate Fair Trade!

In the mean time, you can still sign and share the Show Us The Report petition.