bessthekraken  asked:

Nothing like opening my tumblr and going "goodness, that's a lot of different people feeling up Alex Kingston." Thanks, Miriah!

Anytime! lol There can never be enough of people feeling up Alex. And that wasn’t even close to being 10% of…. Have a few more :)

Okay I haven’t run out of gifs, but this was getting stupidly long so I’ll stop now lol. <3

bessthekraken  asked:

I started following you because I fell in love with your mini fics of Steve/Sam/Bucky. Now I follow you because of that AND because you love Pratchett. (Though HOW could you say the Night Watch over the witches? Granny Weatherwax forever!)

I honestly think the only people who don’t like Pratchett are the ones who haven’t found the right book to begin with yet.

As for Watch v. Granny Weatherwax…..I do love those witches like whoa, no lies. I recently re-read Lords and Ladies and goddamn if Granny isn’t the fiercest fierce to ever fierce.