bubbly mind, bubbly soul

I’m just gonna jump right in! splash~

just got home, roomie left me two joints soo…….
I’m hiiiiiigh~~ fresh outta the shower - never done that before! hehe

I just found myself having the best time! Oooo its such a lush experience.

my mind is all ba-ba-bubbly~ like
                *pop* lip sync to Tori Kelly! You can finally sing Hallelujah!
*pOp* Look! You’re making dick sucking lips~ Suck a diiiiick!
        *pup* Pose like a pin-up!
                                            *pop* hot water on my neck is the bessssssssst
       *PoP* how water pouring down my boobs is the best! I was a fool
  *Pop* I’m like the statue of of goddess’ fountain
                                        *p o p* d r i p p i n g   d r y
                                                             *pop* If i wrapped and towel just right, could I convince people it’s a dress? Then you really would only need a towel!

tooooooooooo *pop!* watching Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy just to hear the “always carry” thing and posting on tumblr! hehe don’t panic - it’s just mary jane~

p.s. if you were in a serious bdms M/s relationship and you needed a lil space, but you didn’t want to worry him, you could make his dick hard in public and he’d just punish you later! Space achieved!