Fire & Ice (Ch. 5 preview)

Before you sacrifice me, I DID write chapter 5 of fire and ice and was so close to uploading but honestly it was trash. Pure trash, the writing was rushed and I completely disregarded the build. You guys have been so nice and supportive the least I could do is give you a decent story worth reading so I started over, here’s a slight preview of what to expect. Thanks for your kind words and sorry for the wait!!!!! (also i see your prompts, I may not use them immediately but i DO see them! I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to add them <3)

@extra-mt16 & @owleyes22 also thanks guys for such kind words from you two as well, school wants me dead so I can’t always log in and talk but you guys are the bessSSSssSSt


The weekend moved by slowly and uneventfully for Shelby. She still felt dirty for sleeping with Dominic again, but recently she had become more and more advanced at blocking out her self loathing. It was now Monday and luckily she only had three classes to instruct and would be home before dark. She set up her yoga equipment and began mentally preparing herself for her first class, an 8a.m.

Her clients began to trickle in, mainly women, with the few exceptional men who were dragged in by their wives. There were still a few minutes left to spare before class was scheduled to begin, so she scrolled through her phone in search of a calming playlist to fit the early morning work out. As she picked through the songs, she heard a few gasps coming from the few women in the room. She ignored it at first, assuming they were having conversation amongst themselves. It wasn’t until she heard a woman indirectly ask, “Is that Audrey Tindall?” that Shelby’s head snapped upward. And as soon as she did, lo and behold, she saw the Audrey Tindall standing in her yoga studio…making small talk with her clients. Not only was the Audrey Tindall standing in her studio making small talk with her clients, but she was standing in her studio making small talk with her clients all whilst unrolling a yoga mat.

Over the course of the weekend, Audrey and Shelby hadn’t spoken much, and they definitely hadn’t made any arrangements to spend any more time together…so this was a surprise to say the very least, a surprise leaning on the unpleasant side. She stared Audrey down for a few seconds before she finally met eyes with her. “Shelby, darling! I’ve missed you. I had no other choice but to surprise you and attend a class today.” Audrey spoke as she rushed over to pull Shelby into a hug, excusing herself from the group of ladies she was engaging in conversation with.


Oh my God, she’s insane. Shelby thought, as she lightly patted Audrey’s back.

They awkwardly hugged for a moment before Audrey pulled away, with a shining smile. “Oh, don’t seem so taken aback by my presence, Shelby.”

“Normal people typically, oh I don’t know, register for the class before they show up.” Shelby said with a smile, trying to seem calm in front of the few clients who were attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Audrey fluffed her hair as she looked in the front facing camera on her phone, “Oh please, consider this a friendly discount. I still can’t believe people enjoy this, I look like a middle aged mum.”

Shelby looked over her attire, tight black yoga pants with a loose fitting striped top, sneakers, and her bangs were perfectly swooped-long enough to be tucked slightly behind her ears. A huge contrast to the formal gowns she usually wore. “You look…normal.“

They spoke just loud enough for each other to hear, being sure not to project their voices too loudly for the lingering audience of clients.

Audrey groaned, “Oh I know, I bought this last night. It’s  horrendous, how could anyone possibly stomach the idea of wearing such clothing.”

“Oh yeah I know, so ugly.” Shelby said sarcastically, looking at her own outfit that had similar resemblance to the woman in front of her.

This day was going to be longer than she anticipated…