Nagara Interchange by Satoru
Via Flickr:
Tenma, Osaka City Bessa-L x SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 4.5/15 x kodak ProFoto XL 100

Kreuzberg, January 2016

I should have shot way more shots in the snow with the Voigtlander. The tones on this particular Ultramax 400 made it incredibly suitable for these cold, blue early mornings the whole Berlin saw a couple of months ago.

The Spree is always beautiful, but frozen it was just something else. A few days later, on a cold night, I even dared to cross it by foot — my heart was pounding as if I was bungee jumping.

My main concern? Of course, the cellphone. Had I fallen in everything would still be perfect of course, as I left the cellphone on the other margin. Who cares about freezing to death?