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First reveal of ‘Passers-By’ for my show at Cassiopee Cafe, on August 3.
The story centers around one of my favorite watches, the Brew Watches HP-1 (I’m literally wearing it right now. irl). Floating away behind our main character is a @bmwusa something or other (I dont really care much for cars which may be why I obscured it, can’t say for sure. My friend Evan will know which one it is) the light is flashing yellow but is that for our BMW friend? NYC grounds the scene. Our view is a sharp angle which only shows a few buildings, but that’s all you can really ever see at street level in NYC. You may have almost missed it but a mug of coffee is hovering above our main character’s right hand. I love coffee and that was one of the main catalysts for his painting’s creation. The hat is a Borsalino, I have had a bit of an obsession with the brand though I’m currently delving into the hand made hats of American craftspeople (expect to see some of those starting to pop up in my work). @shibumi-firenze is the inspiration for the tie. The suit is a Sunflowerman design. I’m all about greys. Finally we come to the passers-by, for whom the painting is titled. They are no one in particular, people from my imagination really. Aggregates of the people I pass everyday.


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