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Do you know of any lingerie designers/makers who I can contact that will be able to take an order for a personalised creation ? As I have some specific lingerie ideas I'd like designed for me. I am in the UK so anything UK or Europe would be preferred. Thank you

I have a few suggestions, I would recommend to pick a designer with an aesthetic close to what you want, so they have the right materials and techniques on hand. I’ve bolded the ones based in Europe/UK :

- Karolina Laskowska 

- Buttress & Snatch

- Lucile

- Bordelle

- Dottie’s Delights

- Kiss Me Quick

- Gilda & Pearl

- Ayten Gasson

- Fitelle


- Pompadour

- Katherine Hamilton 

- Ohhh Lulu (She’s based in Canada but she’s very reliable, email her for custom orders)

- Handmade by Elma

- Impish Lee has a built-in tool to allow you to design your own set in a wide range of size

- Flash You and Me

- Actually, most designers on Etsy offer bespoke service when asked.

I hope it helped! Any other suggestion is welcome!


My first complete mesh corset, the binding is a mess, during construction i sliced the web between my thumb and forefinger, so painful, it hinder my progression. I will embellish it. Very confortable #corset #corsetry #corsetiere #meshcorset #bespoke #underbust #lingerie #instafashion (at Ruislip)

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