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Harry for The Sunday Times Style magazine | May 11, 2017

Charles Jeffrey bespoke suit & Roker Atelier custom-made shoes 

_charlesjeffrey: Harry wears bespoke Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY suit in Scarlett doeskin on the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine keep your eyes peeled for custom LOVERBOY x Roker Atelier boots 

_charlesjeffrey: Custom lining print for my first bespoke client, thank you to Harry Lambert for making it happen! (photo one | two)

“You need a nice bespoke suit. Bespoke means it’s custom made to fit your specific dimensions and emphasize what’s flattering about your shape. […] It’s very important to pick a good, natural fabric. As for color, for a first suit you should choose between black, navy, or charcoal grey.” 

- Life-Giving Magus, getting the Ice King ready for a first date, from Adventure Time episode “Bespoken For.” The kids are gonna be all right. 

(It’s a fantasy show so we can excuse the magical thinking that black would be a good choice for a first suit)


Before uploading the stitching video promised yesterday, thought I’ll how rounded corners are achieved. <Disclaimer> video lighting is rather poor, apologies in advance for that.

Now, in consideration that these coasters are meant to be thick (approx. 6mm thick). I find using a trim knife and pulling a cut around such tighter curves to be quite tough and potentially leaving a slanted side angle as oppose to a perfectly vertically straight side. Although this can usually be rectified with heavy sanding to shape the corners, that would be rather time consuming and heavy sanding may at times leave an undesired “lip” from the skin layer of the leather, which then requires further removal. In summary, the piece might end up looking overworked as opposed to a clean look. (Although this method showcased isn’t time-efficient either, and there really is a ton of better methods in cutting corners (pun), but seriously get a dye cutter or round corner punch).

In the clip, I’m essentially using the round ruler to guide my blade in a chopping style manner around the corner. My main focus is to keep my blade perfectly vertical and maintain consistently smaller “chops”. There is always the temptation to chop a larger chunk away but cutting smaller portions at a time leaves a much smoother curve. Some light sanding thereafter will ensure its perfectly smooth and rounded.

Lastly, and I cannot reiterate this enough, ensure your blade is as sharp as possible. I’m barely using force to cut through and this facilitates more control and greatly mitigates any risk of slipping.

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probably never to be finished Rinch fic


It starts as a game. Finch has remained decisively close-mouthed when it comes to anything personal, even down to how much he is worth, and it grates a little. John decides it’s the principle of the thing - it’s customary, polite even, to allow an equal exchange of information in a relationship; Finch knows literally everything about practically everyone, and this is therefore only fair.

He begins with a bang. Considering John Wiley’s worth is well over a hundred million, and considering Wiley is only one of a number of identities Finch maintains, spending less than a million on anything seems like Finch will consider it pocket change. And John’s always been partial to a Porsche.

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Saint Laurent – SS15

Joni Mitchell returns to the fold, once again plucking at our heartstrings in the transcendental new campaign for Saint Laurent SS15.

To many, it may come as no surprise that the Icon was chosen as the luxury wear brand’s latest face, given Saint Laurent’s long running association with seminal musicians and the collection’s 70’s folk-inspired aesthetic. After all, who better to personify the freethinking nature of the collection than the epochal matriarch of 70’s hippie liberalism?  

Photographed by creative director Hedi Slimane, the campaign depicts the 71 year old legend at home in Bel Air, California, serenading the camera whilst clothed in a custom Saint Laurent cape, folk tunic and fedora.