Una pequeña obra de arte de la mano de nuestro maestro sastre Joaquín Fernández Prats para Sastrería Langa. Cashmere de Scabal, bolsillo de parche con fuelle y picado a mano. Un solo ojal en la manga, detalle que le da un toque más deportivo. Forro de seda videado y las solapas muy redondeadas, el sello de nuestra casa.
Esta chaqueta ha requerido 10 horas más de trabajo artesanal que una chaqueta normal. 


The White Bolyar

I wanted to create another book of regal stature, something that would look like it was taken from the bookshelf of a medieval aristocrat. Similar to another book of mine, The Red King. However I wished for something better. The Bolyars were the highest ranking aristocrats in medieval Bulgaria and other neighbouring countries. My wish was this book to represent material and spiritual confidence and stability combined.

This one is bound in bleached goatskin and tooled with gold foil. It took 3 days to finish the decoration. I never did manage to learn sketching the petterns beforehand. I always prefer to improvise but that comes with a fear that something might go terribly wrong. As with every book mistakes are made but in the end I’m very happy with this one. I certainly acheived what I was aiming for.