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After far too long apart, I have returned to Tumblr to share with you all a fanfic I wrote, some months ago, for @coveredincleganedna.  If you are a part of the Sansa_Sandor LiveJournal community, you may have already read it!  If not, go have a read on AO3 now, if you like.  It’s mostly fluff, with a bit of smut thrown in.  Romance ensues.  Since I’m the author, a happy ending is assured.  Special thanks to @squidproquo-ink, for giving me the title, all the way back in December.  (It’s way better than any of my working titles, which were all variants of “Sandor’s Not Too Drunk for This, No Really.”)

So, how are we doing, SanSan fandom?  Long time, no see!  I’ve missed you all.  Even though it’s been a long time, I’ve never stopped believing in you, you know.  Shipping SanSan from afar.  I hope you’re all doing well.


read it on the AO3 at

by Kitamere

Sansa waits impatiently for her husband to come to bed. When he does, things don’t go quite as smoothly as Sansa had imagined. A fluffy one-shot smutfic written for Dealbreaker19.

Words: 3241, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

three good things on 27/8/16

+ saw my grandma for the first time after the holiday, she gave me all the clippings she’d saved from when my uni was mentioned in her newspaper
+ met my GORGEOUS newborn little nephew george and i’m the most besotted half great aunt in the world it’s official
+ met my mum for lunch


He eases me,
attending to all his whims,
Playing with my hair…
Kissing my neck…
whenever he pleases,
I am smitten,
too naive
to see,
how his charming words
could mean,
altogether another thing.

He needs me, he says,
as he kneads me
into a soft yielding

© SoulReserve 2016


“We saw them, despite their differences, drawing closer and closer together. To the point where they were each the only person that the other could trust.

There was something very romantic about this platonic - mostly platonic *grins* - duo.”

- - Gillian Anderson on the Mulder & Scully relationship, America in PrimeTime, Nov 2011




  1. Intoxicated; drunk
  2. Infatuated or obsessed

“Of all this pandemonium, Margarita remembered only one woman’s face with utterly besotted, mindless eyes, still pleading in their mindlessness, and one word, ‘Frieda.’”

-The Master and Margarita (1967) by Mikhail Bulgakov; Translated by Mirra Ginsburg

Could He?

Roses upon my face, my cheeks,

My tinted lips.

Signs that I’m feeling besotted.

How is it that every moment spent

Only fills my heart 

A wish, a desire

for conversations lasting hours?

I am confident in feeling the way I do,

But does he see it

Our desire ringing through?

Why is he hiding behind those eyes,

buried inside feelings he’s  keeping  alive?

I want to be next to him

The one standing by his side

So he can know that truly,

He’s keeping my love alive.

I see him bite his lip,

There’s something he wants to tell me,

I’m gently poking, prodding,

Pulling the words softly.

But I’m patient,

I know the words we want to say

Could only be expressed through poetry,

Untainted intricate word play,

That will be shared soulfully.

Yet, could he know

I am aware of the words he wants to say

Because he’s just reading from my book

A page a day.

I hope he sees

The things he does to me,

Making me want to show

The best sides of me,

To grow and experience all that I can be.

I’m reading your words,

Experiencing your prose,

I hope you know I do,

Know these feelings too.