‘You enchant me,’ he sighed,
As though I carried a wand
In my back pocket;
Had mystical magnetism
In my fingers;
Could twitch my nose
To make him adore me.

‘You’ve bewitched me,’
He whispered sometime later,
Doing his best Mr. Darcy
As he unfolded
Himself reluctantly from
Our magical embrace.
Apparently not enough
To compel him to stay
In my arms indefinitely.
Even magic must have its limits.

But he knew what he was doing,
Well-versed in the supernatural,
Because I am utterly,
Hopelessly, irrevocably
He has made me his,
Perhaps disarming me
With his assertions
That I am captivating.
I am the one spellbound–
‘Bewitched, bothered,
And bewildered.’
He just has to smile at me
And sooner than
One can say ‘Presto chango!’
I am a puddle
Pooling at his feet.
His touch is my talisman,
Trading my pain
For tender pleasure.
Together, we are magic.


Perhaps love is
The utmost enchantment
And lovers
The ultimate magicians,
Taking the rawest materials
And making a marvel.

Or maybe just masters of illusion.
I can’t tell…
And frankly,
I don’t care

anonymous asked:

Antis are now saying they don't believe you saw Louis because you said he was only 170 cm tall (5 ft 5). He's clearly a few inches taller than that for goodness sake. You just sound like a besotted Larrie with all this 'he's so tiny' crap. He's only two inches shorter than Harry so are you saying H is only 5ft 7?

Antis can think the fuck they want, am I stuttering?
I have no idea what your 5. whatever are, he didn’t look taller than 1.70, maybe 1.72 and guess what ???? That’s not short?! When we say he’s tiny, that has not even much to do with stature?? And also guess what? There’s nothing wrong with being short?
Go be besotted in your lane, you’re an anti yourself, you moron.

  • Casual acquaintance: How are you?
  • Me: Okay so we spent 9 episodes thinking Victor didn't know who Yuri was until the video went viral but in episode 10 we find out that Yuri got shitfaced and had a dance battle with Yurio and pole danced with Chris and even sexy danced WITH VICTOR and in the last 30 seconds we find out he drunkenly asked Victor to be his coach while humping him and that Victor had been BESOTTED by this sloppy drunk and dropped everything because he was into him and now everything that seemed weird or slightly off MAKES PERFECT SENSE AND I'M STILL NOT OVER IT AND HOW IT CHANGES EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW AND THAT'S ON TOP OF THE FACT THEY ARE ENGAGED!
  • Casual acquaintance:
  • Casual acquaintance:
  • Me: I mean I'm fine how are you?

Try to picture John and Sherlock in bed on a rainy Sunday morning. The rain pattering on the window. The soft hum of traffic outside. John stretching and relaxing against Sherlock’s warm body, soft with sleep, and he nuzzles against those curls. Sherlock shifts in his sleep, murmurs “bubbles”, and goes right back to snoring. John, meanwhile, utterly besotted with this ridiculous and adorable man, tries really hard not to laugh.


Thorin ‘absolutely and undeniably besotted with his burglar’ Oakenshield



If I’m not wrong, this is the only light grey suit he wears in the movie. His other suits are all in dark colours. If we assume that Harry chooses his suits based on mood and occasion, then the first suit we see - the one he wears when he gives Eggsy the medal, which is also the one he wears to the church in Kentucky - is probably the one he tends to wear when he’s upset. His suit when they were toasting Lancelot was also quite dark in colour, close to black. Dark colours, particularly black, are associated with funerals and mourning.

The grey suit is rather different in colour and… pattern? when compared to his other suits. Since he hasn’t worn anything similar while on duty as Galahad, and is only seen wearing the light grey suit in a casual, non-work setting, it’s plausible that this particular suit is his personal favourite, which he saves for special occasions.

Other things to take note of:

Harry’s face is turned towards Eggsy and HE IS SMILING. Harry isn’t shown smiling very often, and his sincere smiles are always directed at Eggsy.

Harry is carrying his umbrella on the side further away from Eggsy. Holding an object between yourself and the person you’re walking with creates a sense of disrance, because the object acts as a sort of barrier. This isn’t terribly significant because Harry tends to carry his umbrella in his right hand anyway, but it does contribute to the feeling of closeness between them.

Also, Harry and Eggsy’s hands are actually a lot closer in this scene than what we see in this image. In fact, if you watch this part of the movie, their arms are almost brushing at one point - that’s how close they are. You usually only walk that close to someone you intend to hold hands with, imo. AND, if Eggsy hadn’t tucked his hands in his pockets, his right hand would be around where Harry’s left hand is. In other words, he probably did that so he wouldn’t accidentally (or “accidentally”) hold Harry’s hand.

Now observe Eggsy’s body language. His head is turned ninety degrees to face Harry, he’s not even looking at where he’s going. He’s smiling broadly, his attention is completely fixed on Harry.

Also, if you watch this scene in the movie, his grin falters just a little bit when Harry says he won’t be teaching Eggsy how to “talk proper, like in ‘My Fair Lady’”. He also seems to have looked away for a brief moment while Harry is explaining that being a gentleman has nothing to do with one’s accent, because you see his head snapping back to face Harry after the camera briefly switches away to show us the rest of the street. And then, after Harry quotes Hemingway - which is really just another reassurance that Eggsy doesn’t need to learn the mannerisms of the upper class in order to fit Harry’s personal definition of a gentleman, Eggsy has the most wonderful expression on his face. It’s difficult to describe - he looks intrigued and pleased and contemplative, but there’s also something else. Something more.


COMIC WIGETTIL 02: Regalito Inesperado

Ay, Ay, que son las 5am y yo aquí dibujando XD Pero no podía dormir pensando en subir la segunda parte del mini cómic~

Ésta vez ha tenido un final un poco triste  ^^U pero ya se vendrán mejores momentos para los dos <3

Muchísimas gracias por su apoyo *O* de verdad, la parte 01 ya llegado a más de mil notas y no lo creo >////< no esperaba tanto apoyo, espero que éste también les guste!

Debo decir que amé dibujar a Samu en la primera viñeta *w* z4 esta vez he intentado que se parezcan más a ellos, aunque aún me falta práctica ^^u la cara de Willy me cuesta demasiado aún X,D

Ah! Por si no lo han leído, dejo el Comic Wigettil 01: Arbolito de Navidad AQUÍ

Un besote!!! 

y SIGAN CREYENDO SIEMPRE EN WIGETTA!!! z4 Se vienen más Comics Wigettiles!

Bueno bellas, me han llegado algunos mensajitos preguntándome qué opino de lo último ocurrido en el fandom y pues… creo que me expreso mejor dibujando que hablando XD

Mi postura sigue siendo: si Willy o Vegetta tienen novia, novio, trio, matrimonio, arreglo, negocio, pantalla… lo que sea… ME VALE VERGETTA <3 pues yo los seguiré shippeando <3

Si no es real no afecta como siento y vivo el ship, como gozo sus videos, sus tonteos, sus miradas, sus dibujos, sus fanfics y sus cómics :D 

Y no es estar ciega, o no querer ver la realidad (estoy bastante anciana como para no entender cómo funciona la vida) es solo que no me importa y no altera mi postura como shipper, como dibujante, como fanática de ambos :D

Los adoro, y me alegro que muchas estén tomando todo ésto con madurez. Wigetta no se ha muerto ni morirá, por más que intenten hundirlo, porque el amor aguanta todo, sobre todo el amor de una shipper XD

Un besote! y me vuelvo a los estudios XD perdón si no puedo contestar personalmente a sus ask aún, pero espero que este mini comic ayude <3

PD: mi amada @takame00 está destrozada… destrozada de tanto reir con los últimos GTA XD <3 les manda un beso también! y mucho ánimo!

*3* <3 

Lets talk about what parallels there are between the Penguin and the Riddler and their TV show counterparts!

Specifically, I want to talk about Oswald and Edward and how they experience love.

I’ll start with Oswald.

The first thing to know about Oswald is, he has a lot of issues with self-confidence, particularly regarding his appearance, and will often sabotage his own attempts at romance because of them. He’s a man who desperately needs to be accepted and loved, but who always, inevitably, either expresses that need in an unhealthy manner or ruins his own chances at a fulfilling relationship.

Those are the hands of a blind lady Oswald was utterly besotted with. Not besotted enough to give up his criminal ways, but besotted nonetheless. This is the first time she has ever touched his face, because Oswald would tell her not to for fear she would think him disgusting.

When she gasps, he interprets that as an expression of disgust and stabs her. Which is followed by this:

“You are…so handsome…”

At one point, Oswald also rescued a slave and allowed her to live at his mansion with him. She loved him for his compassion and kindness and considered him her hero. It brought out a lot of good in him.

And then she found out about his criminal history and tried to flee, which resulted in this:

Rejection isn’t something he takes well. He can be very cruel when he fears or or experiences rejection. This is very much the result of him being bullied and rejected in his childhood.

He also kidnaps his conquests on occasion and projects on them things he values, or things about himself, because if he does that he can indulge in the fantasy they can learn to love him.

I think the TV show has done a decent job of capturing both the desperate and deplorable side of Oswald Cobblepot in love without making it completely unpalatable. He retains elements of how he experiences love in the comics, but he still has a humanity about him that makes you desire his happiness.

(Of course, I will retract the above comment immediately if Isabella isn’t unveiled to have been planted there by someone, because just having a clone of Ed’s ex show up to divide Oswald and Ed without explanation would be terrible, homophobic storytelling.)

To be honest, I think one of the few people Oswald shows a genuine selfless concern and love for in the comics is Edward. He saves Edward’s life and leaves him the Iceberg lounge, and for a man who often associates value with money and possessions, this is a big thing.

Now, Edward. At Edward’s worst, this is what love looks like:

Obsessions (Miss Kringle, anyone?)

Rejection, and him acting like the biggest baby in the world. Yes, that is a panel of him drinking scotch out of a baby bottle. 

Followed swiftly by him realizing he was obsessed, not in love. (Aka, his relationship with Isabella and to a lesser degree, Kristen.)

Edward, unlike Oswald, doesn’t usually seek out love. He seeks out a lot of things associated with love – such as respect and acceptance – but we don’t actually see him pursue a lot of people.

Love was something he was deprived of throughout his childhood, so he has an unhealthy reliance on loving himself. It’s very much a shield against all the insecurities brought on by his mother and fathers abuse and negligence, which, when stripped away, gives us a glimpse of the broken man beneath.

…But he can be rather cute when it comes to crushing on other villains.

Despite his issues, he’s very much a person who’s capable of falling in love and experiencing love. This is especially true during his P.I. run. He can be a little more trusting and naive than Oswald at times, however, and he doesn’t have nearly as much power, so the downside is that his capacity for love and trust opens him up to being used.

And betrayal by the people he trusts…

Is not a pain he handles well.

It can drive him away.

Back into the lap of madness.

Scribble-Doodle: Besotted

I had a really frustrating day. So, something cute was needed to balance it out.

Magnus cannot stop touching the omamori.

“For me…?”

“Yes, you.”

Smiling softly, Magnus shakes his head a little. Only Alexander would give a protective charm to a warlock.

Using a tiny pulse of magic, Magnus lets himself feel Alec’s emotions, the little things that soaked into the paper charm while it was still in Alec’s possession.

… fondness/hope/embarrassment/confusion/exasperation/affection/warmth…

Magnus’ smile turns dreamy and he sighs, propping his chin on his hand. He knows he must look completely besotted, but he doesn’t care.

Alexander bought him a gift! Because he likes Magnus!

Sometimes, life’s simply wonderful.