people who ship two characters from completely separate films or series are metal as fuck like they will literally never have any canonical interaction between their otp and they still believe in their true and perfect love like bless you guys you are some hardcore romantics


Thorin ‘absolutely and undeniably besotted with his burglar’ Oakenshield

Gwendoline Christie photographed by Brian Bowen Smith

Among the new cast, the most hardcore Star Wars fan was probably Gwendoline Christie. “I really was besotted with R2-D2,” she says. “There was something about that robot - I couldn’t work out why I was so attached to him.” When she heard they were making a new movie, she began answering any and all emails from her agent, on any topic, with the words, “I want to be in Star Wars.”


He eases me,
attending to all his whims,
Playing with my hair…
Kissing my neck…
whenever he pleases,
I am smitten,
too naive
to see,
how his charming words
could mean,
altogether another thing.

He needs me, he says,
as he kneads me
into a soft yielding

© SoulReserve 2016

John is Something Sherlock Doesn’t Understand

OMG. So, as I was writing one of my many other meta, I had a ridiculous epiphany.

Okay, so Sherlock in TGG doesn’t understand the solar system, right? Doesn’t understand why it’s important, right?

SHERLOCK: Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters. Do you see?
(John looks at him for a moment, trying to bite his lip but then can’t contain himself.)
JOHN: But it’s the solar system!
(Sherlock briefly buries his head in his hands.)
SHERLOCK: Oh, hell! What does that matter?! 

(emphasis on “do you see” mine). Later Sherlock and John go out, and Sherlock admires the stars:

SHERLOCK: Beautiful, isn’t it?
(John looks up [and sees an impossibly dense star field that you would never see in central London in a million years].)
JOHN: I thought you didn’t care about things like that.
SHERLOCK: Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it.

Then later still, this happens, from this post (where the gif is from):

Not only is John something beautiful to Sherlock, (go fave that post now because it is glorious!!!!) but SHERLOCK DOESN’T UNDERSTAND HIM. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHY JOHN’S IMPORTANT. AND SHERLOCK SUDDENLY SEES (do you see?). He’s damn well going to try to learn why it matters.

It didn’t click to me until I went back to that post and had to look up transcripts for something else. I’m so dumb sometimes. The amount of parallels this show has bloody kills me sometimes. Jesus. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, so kudos to whoever spotted that extra bit first. I had a mighty need to Johnlock today. And yes, it’s a verb now too.

In fact, that entire first exchange is Sherlock literally foreshadowing his own discovery of John. Sherlock fills his head with “rubbish”. And by S3, he fills it all with John.


31 Days of Series 18

Day 14: Favourite Scene

This scene where it dawns on Serena a little that it’s OK to follow your heart and not care what other people think. I loved the innocence of it all and how small the baby steps were when it came to getting to this point. If only she hadn’t convolutedly told her she loved her, Ukraine wouldn’t have even featured. Ah well


whouffle meme: doctor: twelve [1/1]

But I love my new companion, Clara, Clara Oswald. In my new incarnation I sometimes find it difficult to talk to people. I sometimes get things wrong. And sometimes I might appear a little bit rude, or a little bit sharp; I don’t mean to be. She’s helping me improve my manners, so I love her. [x]


Swinton says, “My fondest impression of him is as a new husband besotted by his girl, and a new father enchanted by his boy.” She doesn’t worry that fame will spoil him: “I think he knows that he wants—and has—a life first and foremost, that his life suits and nourishes him and that it makes the world go round.” (x)