Make Your Own Besom

You’ll Need:

  • A four foot stick ~1 inch in diameter
  • Ball of twine
  • Scissors
  • Straw, twigs, or herbs for the bristles
  1. Allow dry straw to soak overnight in warm, lightly salted water
  2. Remove the straws from the water and allow them to dry to the touch
  3. Lay out the length of your stick, and line up your straw
  4. Starting about three inches from the bottom, lay the straws facing backward along the stick
  5. Securely bind the straw to the stick with twine
  6. Continue adding as many layers of straw as necessary to reach desired fullness
  7. When the straw is secured, pull the straws down over the twine so that they face the right direction, covering your initial ties
  8. Tie off the folded straws again, a few inches below the original tie
  9. Leave the besom overnight to dry
  10. Paint and decorate the dry besom as desired
  11. Dedicate your finished besom in your Circle as you would any other ritual tool

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Poems for Beginning Witches

Masterpost for the complete series of poems so far, designed to aid learning for beginning witches. Most are theory, and a one or two are conceptual. The reason for this masterpost is that they’re all poorly tagged

  1. Moon Phases
  2. Color Magic
  3. Water Magics
  4. Charging Objects
  5. Herbs
  6. Fire (element)*
  7. Quartzes*
  8. Witch Tools*
  9. Divination*
  10. Kitchen Witchcraft*
  11. Air (element)*
  12. Tea Magics*
  13. Salt 
  14. Wheel of the Year (Sabbats) requested by @fish-egs
  15. Cleansing (an area) requested anonymously

*with thanks to @lazywitchling, who helped inspire the second wave!

If there is something you would be willing to see in poetry form, send me an ask or drop me a message! As of 9/4/17, I am all out and no more are queued. 

Witchy October Bucket List 2017

Have you seen my original October Bucket List? If not, click HERE for my regular bucket list to complete. Here will be all witchy and pagan things I want to accomplish during the month of October! Like I said before, feel free to join in and pick some things off the list.

  • Collect October’s full moon water (October 5th) 🌕
  • Collect leaves, acorns, sticks, herbs 🍂
  • Do all forms of divination (rune casting, candle wax, tarot) 🔮
  • Have a dead dinner / dumb supper
  • Setup an ancestor altar 
  • Watch The Craft & Practical Magic ✨
  • Have a Mabon altar
  • Have a Samhain altar 
  • Go to a local witchy class
  • Celebrate Samhain 🎃
  • Have the time of my life in Salem! (personal)
  • Go to local pagan vendor shows
  • DIY a besom 
  • Collect any rain / storm water during the month 🌧
  • Create some kitchen witchery (soups, pies, baked goods) 🍞
  • DIY cute, autumn decor 
orriculum’s witchcraft masterpost ✨

✨ 101 - basics :

there are some accepted standard methods used widely in witchcraft,

✨ 202 - your own path

your own path is where you diverge from the standard things you learn at first, and may require you to write your own spells or adjust others to your needs.

✨ tools:

✨ you should know:


I’m about a month into starting witchcraft and I’m looking for some advice/blogs to follow that pertain to the following:

-energy work/manipulation
-different types of tools (specifically wands and besoms)
-elemental witches
-energy witches
-green witches
-just witch stuff in general

Help would be appreciated, thank you 💚💚💚


New series of tarot bags made from specialty, hand-printed fabric are now available in the shop.  I’m in love with how they turned out!  The gold ones even shimmer a little.  
If they look a little blurry, just click the pictures and it’ll clear up.

Animal Skulls Tarot Bag

Spellcaster Tarot Pouch

Bestiary Tarot Deck Bag

Altar Room Tarot Bag


I honestly have no idea where you fools got this idea, but it has to stop.

Idgaf if you’re drawing your hogwarts oc or whatever, but when you start incorporating stereotypical/traditional elements of REAL witches (e.g. besoms, pentacles, cauldrons, striped stockings, pointed hats, familiars, wands), it’s time for you to go fuck yourself.

Just as you don’t have an “inner sassy black woman”, you don’t have an “inner witch”.

The way I practice my religion is not yours to take to show your “bohemian side”.

It’s doubly offensive if you are a non-witch Christian, considering you tried to commit genocide against our ancestors.

✨ Cleansing in Witchcraft ✨

Cleansing is a way of removing negative or unwanted energies, spirits, and imprints from an object or a space. There are a number of simple rituals and actions that are done to cleanse. You can do as many or as few as you like, and create your own cleansing methods/rituals. 


  • Brush your hair, morning
  • Ritual baths
  • Dancing singing
  • Visualization 
  • Drinking a tea designed to cleanse


  • Brush your hair
  • Open the windows, let the new air come in and the old air out 
  • Light a candle
  • Playing a song you associate with cleansing
  • Ringing wind chimes
  • Wetting your hands in salt water and flicking the water through the area
  • Visualize light and colors, and manipulate the energy away


  • Ring a bell through an area
  • Smoke cleansing / cense (not smudging)
  • Waft incense smoke around
  • Burn herbs, such as sage, rosemary, bay leaf, etc
  • Spritz lemon-infused water around, or salt water
  • Light a candle
  • Sprinkle salt or eggshell pieces in the windows and doorways
  • Use a besom to clean the negative energies out of the air like cobwebs
  • Wave a branch of a strong-scented herb through the area, such as mint
  • Toss a pinch of salt or herbs in the door ways and window
  • Touch each corner of the room and say a short prayer over each


  • bury in a salt bath
  • if water-compatible (not soluble, won’t react poorly, etc), let sit in a moon or salt water bath
  • pass through smoke
  • incense
  • rainwater, mist, snow, etc
We are witches:

I adore this community and every witch that plays a part in it. I figured out a wonderful way for us to share about ourselves and our crafts. Here’s how it works: Reblog and type the numbers that apply to you. I am going to keep it somewhat vague, so don’t fret over specifics- however, if you feel that your craft contains something really important that isn’t mentioned, don’t be afraid to add it. 

Basic Beliefs: 

1: Magic is a real force that exists without human perception.
2: Magic holds power only if you believe in it.
3: Magic is inherently good.
4: Magic is inherently dark.
5: Magic is inherently neutral.
6: Magic has rules.
7: Magic has no limitations beyond the physical.
8: Magic has no limitations.


9: My magic involves a deity/deities
10: My magic involves heavenly bodies.
11: My magic involves spirits (Fae, Angels, Demons, etc.)
12: My magic involves elements (4-8 basic elements)
13: My magic involves chemistry (scientifically recognized elements.)
14: My magic involves crystals and stones.
15: My magic involves herbs and other plants.
16: My magic involves tools. (cauldron, athame, besom, etc.)
17: My magic is traditional.
18: My craft is my own creation.
19: My craft has been handed down to me.
20: My craft is white.
21: My craft is dark.
22: My craft is in between or fluctuates.
23: My craft is new. (created within the last 50 years.)


24: I create sigils.
25: I create potions.
26: I create spell jars.
27: I create spell bags.
28: I create Enchanted Items.
29: I create ceremonies.
30: I create rituals.

Schools of focus:

31: I focus in Divination.
32: I focus in Blessings.
33: I focus in Curses and/or Hexes.
34: I focus in Enchanting.
35: I focus in Astrology.
36: I focus in Spirit Work.
37: I focus in the Astral.
38: I focus in Healing.
39: I focus in Energy Work.
40: I focus in Psychic Abilities. 
41: I focus in Dreamwalking.
42: I focus in Necromancy.
43: I focus in Herbology.

Intent and Spell Writing

What is Intent in witchcraft?

Simply put intent is what result you wish to get from your spell or ritual. It is the energy you will be using to get results. Intent is extremely important for any spell. What do you wish to happen when you cast it? Do you wish to improve your studying or do you wish to banish something negative from your life? That is intent. It is the end goal. 

Examples of Intent:

  • Banishment: keeping away negativity and negative energies
  • Beauty: for looking, expressing and feeling lovely and attractive
  • Binding: prevent harm, avoid danger, stop someone from performing a particular act; restriction
  • Business/Career: for success in one’s career, job hunting
  • Calming: relieve stress
  • Catalyst: stimulating a spell
  • Charge: store energy into something
  • Chasity: celibacy, innocence
  • Confidence: courage, self assurance and empowerment
  • Creativity: expression, imagination and improving artistic skills
  • Communication: improving communications and understandings with friends, family, spouses, etc; communicating with other forces
  • Cleanse: removing unclean energies and presences from self, objects or areas
  • Curse: bring negative energy into something or into someone’s life
  • Desire: gaining what one has strong feelings of want for or seeking to be wanted by others
  • Divination: clairvoyance, gaining insight
  • Discourage: prevent something from occurring
  • Dreams: bring dreams, relates to the dream realm
  • Emotional: spells focused on certain emotions
  • Encouragement: supporting and influencing something to happen
  • Exorcism: expelling evil spirits
  • Fertility: for conception
  • Fidelity: loyalty and faithfulness
  • Friendship: bonding and connections
  • Fortune: good luck
  • Forgotten: leave memories behind
  • Frugality: saving money
  • Glamour: illusions and perception
  • Generosity: kindness and good will
  • Happiness: joy and merriment
  • Healing: recovery and repair
  • Inspiration: gaining ideas and drive
  • Invisibility: going unnoticed, stealth
  • Judgment: improving decision making and choices
  • Longevity: increasing length/duration of things
  • Love: Romance
  • Lust: Libido and sex drive
  • Memory: remembrance
  • Motivation: determination
  • Patience: tolerance
  • Peace: tranquility
  • Prosperity: well-being
  • Protection: guarding, safety and warding
  • Psychic: improving any psychic ability or connection
  • Purification: purifying an object or space
  • Guidance: spiritual, mental, supernatural guidance, advice and bonds
  • Severing: cutting ties from others
  • Spirituality: for belief
  • Strength: brawn, endurance; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Truth: honesty with self and others
  • Wealth: increasing money and physical possessions
  • Wisdom: decisions, intelligence, learning
  • Wish: gaining things and desires

I have my intent now what?

Well you have just taken your first step to spell writing. Now that you have your intent, your goal, you can can start researching. What relates and corresponds to your intent and what ingredients do you have available? Some things you could research:

  • Gemstones
  • Herbs and flowers
  • Types of Water (spring, rain, ocean, etc)
  • Colors
  • Candles
  • Oils
  • Incense
  • Animal Symbolism
  • Time of Day
  • Planets and Cosmic Bodies
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Metals
  • Emotional, Psychic and Physical Energies
  • Classic Witches Tools (besom, wands, etc)
  • Divination Tools (pendulums, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, etc)
  • Mythology and Mythical Creatures

Once you have researched and found the ingredients and objects you wish to use, even if you decide to only use your own energy and voice that is fine. You don’t absolutely need to use anything specific. It is your spell and your intent, choose what you feel will work best for you.

How are you going to use these things you have researched and obtained? This will require more research on your part, witchcraft requires a lot of research. Some ideas:

  • Bath mix/salts
  • Tea and infusions (if ingredients are safe to ingest)
  • Gem Elixir (research to ensure your gemstone(s) is safe to use in water or safe methods to make it without submerging the gemstone)
  • Jar or Bottle Spell
  • Sigil Spell
  • Burning
  • Shredding/Cutting
  • Burying
  • Spoken
  • Painted/drawn
  • Crafted or Molded

The possibilities are truly endless. All I can say you have just taken your first steps for writing a spell! Once you have decided your intent and the process you wish to use, it is time to begin trials. Everything takes practice. It may not work at first but that is alright. Take notes and observe results. Just be safe with what you are doing. Happy Spell Writing!

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't rude, but I'm following a LOT of witch blogs. you being one of them. yet, when I look at the witch-related asks & answers for all of those blogs, other blogs are helpful and list spells and such. you just "no" whenever someone asks? Can I ask why you reject magic for a lot of your situations, considering you run a magic blog and are quite literally a creator of a magical how-to book?

simply because magic is not needed in every situation, nor is it advisable. recognizing when magic is and isn’t needed, or even a good idea is important in the life of the witch. 

here are a couple of examples of such:

things i have answered “no” to today:

  • bewitching your significant other (consent issues anyone?)
  • bewitching a non-signif to find out personal things (consent again)
  • asked for a spell for communicating with spirits (just because a skill isn’t developed doesn’t mean a spell will replace experience)
  • weight loss spells (dangerous and against my personal morals)

however, the one outlier i include is this, because it’s important:

  • easily google-able question (as stated in previous posts, i encourage people to develop their own research skills so they can grow in their craft when they reach an area of their path where there isn’t someone around to hold their hand and slip them the answers)

as for your “other blogs are helpful and list spells and such”, i’d like to direct your attention to the many posts of lists and ~stuff~ i make for people. such as the:

  1. 200+ spells all helpfully organized by type
  2. the sideblog @orriculum-grimoire​ in case that wasn’t helpful enough
  3. fucking huge witchcraft 101 masterpost 
  4. every potion related post i have ever made rolled into one
  5. how to ground masterpost because apparently it needed one
  6. how to charge objects with intent or energy
  7. cleansing masterpost
  8. emoji spells 101
  9. how to adjust a spell to suit your super specific needs
  10. how to substitute ingredients in a spell
  11. what does it “MEAN”
  12. how to nullify a spell or remove a curse
  13. disposing of spell materials 
  14. where to find some goddamn herbs
  15. how to make moon water 
  16. an example discussion of researching and understanding correspondences using rosemary
  18. spring witchcraft ideas
  19. winter witchcraft ideas
  20. coffee witchcraft masterpost
  21. coffee lore and superstition
  22. top five herbs because that’s somehow relevant
  23. how to curse
  24. how to glamour
  25. how to do magic with flower crowns
  26. unpacking witchcraft - spell types 
  27. some basic terms to know 
  28. methods for spells  
  29. how to write your own spells - resources 
  30. when to cast a spell - by weekdays 
  31. when to cast a spell - by time of day 
  32. low effort witchcraft 
  33. tools of witchcraft overview
  34. a witch’s wand -how to make one
  35. building a broom/besom 
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  37. “to be a witch” falsehoods 
  38. other witches and you 
  39. witchcraft and the law 
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  45. harry potter spells masterlist
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  47. florence + the machine song spells masterlist
  48. steven universe inspired spells masterlist
  49. valentine and all love related spells masterlist
  50. infused water magic
  51. floral tea magic 
  52. herbal tea magic 
  53. fruit tea magic
  54. general tea magic
  55. smoothie magic
  56. milkshake magic
  57. hot chocolate magic
  58. how to contact a mermaid 
  59. different types of mermaids
  60. various powers of mermaids
  61. offerings for mermaids
  62. mermaid tips
  63. sea witch resources

you want to know why i dont post lists? it’s because i already have.

i post a lot of gathered and organized research of my own, and a lot of 101 type stuff. it’s available and accessible. even a lot of the stuff in my book is available and free (yes, a lot of it is posted here, for free).