Make Your Own Besom

You’ll Need:

  • A four foot stick ~1 inch in diameter
  • Ball of twine
  • Scissors
  • Straw, twigs, or herbs for the bristles
  1. Allow dry straw to soak overnight in warm, lightly salted water
  2. Remove the straws from the water and allow them to dry to the touch
  3. Lay out the length of your stick, and line up your straw
  4. Starting about three inches from the bottom, lay the straws facing backward along the stick
  5. Securely bind the straw to the stick with twine
  6. Continue adding as many layers of straw as necessary to reach desired fullness
  7. When the straw is secured, pull the straws down over the twine so that they face the right direction, covering your initial ties
  8. Tie off the folded straws again, a few inches below the original tie
  9. Leave the besom overnight to dry
  10. Paint and decorate the dry besom as desired
  11. Dedicate your finished besom in your Circle as you would any other ritual tool

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Building a Broom/Besom 🍃

a witch’s broom, or a besom is tool used in witchcraft to cleanse spaces or purify an area as ritual preparation.  in the middle ages, it was used to apply flying ointment to the body to aid in astral travel, and even used in some hand-fasting ceremonies. it is associated with the air symbol. 

🍃 besoms are highly customizable!

you can have several for different occasions and purposes. the materials you use to build one can have an impact on what magics you use it for. a traditional wiccan besom is made from a hawthorne staff with birch twig bristles, tied together using willow.

if you are going to be using straw, soak the straw in water to make it more pliable. they will be less likely to snap and easier to weave in a pattern

🍃 staff 

a few posibilities for staff handles based on wood magic correspondances. can also be used for wands. 

  • alder -  weather magic, necromancy, courage and passion 
  • almond -  wisdom, prosperity, love magic, healing 
  • birch -  intuition, creativity, love, healing, protection 
  • elder - healing, protection, banishment
  • hazel - truth, divination
  • holly - purity, sun magic, strength, protection, luck 
  • oak -  protection, fertility, strength 
  • redwood -  “king of trees”, strength, protection, creativity, enlightenment 
  • rowan - defense, creation, travel
  • willow -  healing, protection, spirit work  
  • yew -  strength, change

🍃 bristles:

  • you can use twigs of any of kind of tree, which will have its own correspondances
  • dried herbs - lavender, sage, rosemary, baby’s breath, etc
  • dried flowers
  • bird feathers - corresponds to the type of bird, or simply air element if an assortment

🍃 soak it in a tea bath to allow it to take on new abilities!

  • white tea - air magic, purification, protection, clarity, realization, meditation, cleansing
  • green tea - fire magic, healing, love, catalysts, mindfulness, passion, sexual health and new energies
  • black tea -  strength, stability, endings, finished business, and banishment, expelling negativity. 
  • fruit related teas will correspond to the meanings of those fruits, strawberry for love, lemon for cleansing, etc. 

🍃 assembly:

gather your staff, bristles, and binding method of choice. you can either:

  • bind the bristles together and stab/push the staff into the center of them
  • bind the bristles around the staff
  • bind the bristles around the staff so the ends are in the middle, and fold them down so they face the correct direction, and bind again around them

🍃 other customizations:

  • runes/sigils can be carved into the staff handle 
  • knot magic - weave the bristles 
  • ribbons and color magic
  • various stones and gems can be embedded
  • tie flowers and plants to it