So what I've gathered is...

It’s ok for Marvel to show the entire movie in their trailer because “they’ve earned our trust” but if DC does it then it’s “HOW DARE THEY?!”

I’m tired of the hypocrisy guys.

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Hi! I'm in love with your story telling and am trying to gather the courage to share my own works. >_< Would you mind sharing how you plan/outline your chapters? Is it more just a bullet point list or do you have short paragraphs describing the scene? Or are you one of those authors who just kind of writes without any plan at all? I'm trying to find something that works to help me get through my anxiety about writing and would love some advice!

Awww! It takes a great deal of bravery to share one’s works (or at least, for me, because I have tons of anxiety about my own writing as well,,,) and I applaud you (and if it’s YOI related let me know and I’ll check it out!)

For me it actually depends! Selkie AU started pretty roughly, stemming from discussions with @yuurisviktor about how we wanted the first couple of chapters to go. We had a rough outline, which didn’t get fleshed out until after chapter 5 or 6, but after that I would start by plotting in the document with the plot outline, and then moving that to the document with the chapter. Basically I would transfer a bullet list of plot points into that new document and write out anything from a small line to an entire paragraph about what I want the scenes to look like, divided by scene separators and delineated via brackets. Of course, around chapters 8-12 the bullet points themselves became paragraphs because of the level of detail I needed, but basically it goes from

  • Yuuri enters the top floor apartment of 221 Baker Street, dead tired but intent on working on his internship apps, and finds Viktor unpacking instead.
  • FLASHBACK: Yuuri meets Viktor for the first time while the detective is breaking into the hospital for an X ray to scan a locked box that he has as evidence.
  • Viktor finishes unpacking. He explains that he found Yuuri’s ad about a flatmate on the St Lidwina Housing Facebook Group that he ghosts, which he’d brought up when they met earlier in the month. 

to something like

“How was your day?” Yuuko asks him.

“Fine,” says Yuuri. “Yours?”

“I’ve got good news for you,” she replies. “Looks like someone finally responded to your ad at the SLU Housing group.”

“Oh?” Yuuri closes the closet door. “Who?”

Yuuko nods towards the stairs leading up. “He’s unpacking,” she replies.

[yuuri goes upstairs and finds viktor in his room]


[flashback: yuuri meets viktor sliding in through a window at the medical school hospital. he asks him what he’s doing. viktor says he needs an x ray machine. he also mentions “hey don’t i recognise you from the party?” and yuuri lowkey freaks out and agrees to help viktor out of fear of being tattled on.]

(this is from the sherlock holmes au @skatinggays and I are working on)

So yeah, I work from a mix of bullet points and paragraphs, and I usually have a plan for things (the only spontaneous stuff I do is things that are tossed into my ask box lol). I find that tends to help me, but other writers are more impulsive and don’t like being restricted by a plot outline. Which is another reason why I keep the outline separate from the document in which the actual chapter is written, because sometimes things will change in between (for example, the omen thing was not in the original notes for BtDS and was added after a reviewer suggested that Viktor might be possessed) and I want to have that flexibility (which is a reason why I don’t prewrite future scenes for the most part). 

It helps me to have an outline, but it doesn’t help everyone. Some people prefer freewriting; others don’t. It’s really a matter of personal opinion, but my double-outline thing has served me well because I do a lot of complicated non-linear storytelling and I like to know what’s going on. 

Hope that helps? I wish you good luck on your writing! Writing anxiety is terrible; that’s why I have a bunch of betas lol.