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But why does magnus sleep with makeup and jewellery? That'd be uncomfortable. Also after they made out how is it possible for his hair and makeup to stay still while Alec looks like a total sweaty mess? I'm confused.

Who said something about sleeping? Sleep was probably the last thing on their mind in this moment… 

Alright, I know I haven’t been around much again and I apologize but things have just been…extremely hectic lately. Last week I was on vacation, which I’d planned for. Got back Saturday evening…

But I woke up Sunday to my mom frantic. It turns out one of our cats was sick…like as in his back legs suddenly went dead and he was having trouble breathing. I arrived with just enough time to comfort him as he passed.

I’ve had animals pass before but this one was extra close to me. He was my familiar, my muse…in fact he was the main inspiration for my art name: white whiskers, with his all black face accompanied by all white whiskers. It also hit hard because I haven’t been able to see him much recently as he stayed with my mom after the last move and there was no room for me to live there as well, and despite my mom only being like 5 minutes away I never visited as often as I should have and it…it just makes me feel so guilty.

It made me feel a little better that from the sound of it (we had a vet tech comment about it and researched a bit as well) he wouldn’t have made it anyway so I don’t have to feel guilty about not rushing him to the vet. It would have just been a lot of money for a slim chance at a still very painful life.

But yeah, so Sunday was just…horrible and up till today I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed. The fact that I made it to the couch and opened my laptop I consider a big goal for today. I will have to start doing things as I have quite a few things to do this week, first and foremost my drawing for the FF7 fanworks exchange.

The thing that really gets me is that Pippin…he waited for me, I know it. I mean how perfect was the timing that I had only just gotten back home the night before? He made sure he could pass peacefully in my arms…and I’m honored for that, as painful as it was.

(Also, the creepy thing? He’s the third cat of ours in a row that has died in July. One in 2001, next in 2013 and now Pip…I think this month is cursed…)

So RIP my sweet Pippin, you’ll be furever in my heart. 2003-2017.

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B you still watching S3?? Cuz idk if im gonna and i wanna know your war plan 😥

idk yet cause part of me is like… done but the other self sabotaging/destructive part of me thats watched 7 seasons of pll is like… ready for the drama of it all n also unable to really drop shows unless they kill my fav character. Since lena is still alive it seems i’ll b watching her closely lmao