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Hello all! I finally hit the goal of 100 lovely little followers, so I’m treating you all to a chance to win oodles of great prizes, but there’s a little catch! I would greatly appreciate it if only people of marginalized genders would enter! This giveaway is for fellow witches to better cope and feel better about themselves in their gender struggles! Besides, a lot of the prizes lean toward helping dysphoria and gender expression!


  • Must be following me
  • Not really required but I would really appreciate it if you are of marginalized gender and a practitioner of magic.
    • Marginalized gender meaning you aren’t cis
    • You don’t have to be a practitioner but some of the things don’t make sense if you aren’t.
  • Please don’t tag as a giveaway or it’ll be eaten
  • No giveaway blogs. No side blogs.
  • You must be comfortable giving me your mailing information.
  • Must be 18+
  • Reblogs count for +1 entry per reblog
  • Likes count for 1 entry


First Place

  • 1 energizing handmade votive candle (really good for helping your energy levels when performing spells)
  • 1 homemade bath bomb glamour to help people recognize your gender (or lack thereof!)
  • 1 homemade relaxation bath bomb
  • 1 homemade energizing bath bomb
  • 1 vial of relaxing smelling salts
  • 1 custom solid glamour
  • 3 humanely gathered duck feathers
  • 2 small cork vials
  • 1 custom sachet
  • A surprise!!! If you win I will ask you a few of your favorite smells.
  • 5 custom sigils redeemable at any time
  • 1 free four card, elemental tarot reading for your specific question
  • A full palm reading or a reading for a specific question: see here and here

Second Place

  • 5 custom sigils redeemable at any time
  • 1 free four card, elemental tarot reading for your specific question
  • A basic line and mount palm reading or a reading for a specific question: see above.

Third Place

  • 5 custom sigils redeemable at any time
  • 1 free four card, elemental tarot reading for your specific question


  • The giveaway ends on October 30th.
  • The winners will be announced on October 31st.
  • Shipping will be international!
  • Follow me here if you want

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What do you make of the hints at Olaf in SYBIS, like the graffiti in Wade Academy bell tower? Do you think it's possible that Olaf went to this school for the daughters of earls and sons of counts??

Personally, I think the graffiti in the bell tower was just a nod to ASOUE, and not necessarily clues that Olaf or anyone else was actually there. Besides “Olaf loves Guess Who”, Ellington also mentioned seeing “Q was here”, which is presumably a reference to everyone’s favorite cartographer. And while Quigley did a lot of traveling in ASOUE, it’s unlikely that he traveled back in time to tag the bell tower at Wade Academy. 

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I bet you lose a lot of followers on Mondays

I don’t know, nor do I really care

a follower count is just a number, nothing more

I care more about the people behind it than what the actual number represents

besides, I always tag and they can blacklist ‘’Positive Monday’’ if they want so yeah, can’t do more than that!

have a nice day, sweetie!


Bluebell Cottage

  • 15x20 Lot
  • 1 bd/1 bath
  • §44k+
  • DLC used: PPS
  • cc list below the cut

So here’s another house build! This little cottage is so cute. The blues, oranges, and pinks all complement each other making the house vibrant and comfortable. I would totally live in a place like this! In fact, I thoroughly play tested it, so you can move your sims in and play with this neat little home.

This lot utilizes “bb.moveobjects” please activate that cheat before placing this lot to ensure that all items appear.

You can download this from the gallery, Origin ID: Shenice93 or search the tag #Shenice93 (Make sure to check “include custom content” under the “advanced” tab)

OR you can manually download and install

To install: Place all the files (besides images) into your Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray Folder. This item should show up in your library when you next open it. Be sure to check the “include custom content” box under the “Advanced” tab in your library

Download at my blog

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yknow like. i know all gems can shapeshift but so far its mostly been an amethyst thing and (outside of cat fingers which isnt the most plot-relevant episode) i cant remember any times we’ve seen any of the other gems do it besides when garnet was playing steven tag (edit: and garnet stretching her limbs in a couple episodes but my point still stands), so i kinda wonder why they didnt just make it a power specific to amethyst

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Do you have any tips (they dont have to be big) on light sources when shading? I don't get it too much ://

honestly the best way (imo) is to think of the planes of an object, so like… break things down into shapes!! treat things in blocks and circles rather than one giant object, if you get me. also study a lot of photos!! real life is the best reference

but rly i dont have super good advice besides that because my shading technique is just ‘wing it’ so im just gonna link you some really useful stuff by

(video) foundations of light and shading by sycra 
planes of the face + shading angles
choosing shading colours
giant shading tutorial by tamberella ( i love this one )

the bottom two are more to do with making ur shading look nice, but the video and the planes reference are really useful!! i hope that helps aaa

A lot of you are asking how to join my Hushed event. Sorry! Here’s how:
1. Download “Hushed”
2. Find my event and press Join Event
3. You can earn entries a lot of ways, even free.
4. Besides purchasing entries you can download free apps and earn entries that way!
If you earn entries don’t forget to tag me on here 💕

To people who are complaining about Makura no Danshi only being 4 mintues long, look at  Orenchi no Furo Jijō better known as The  Circumstances in My Home’s Bathtub. It is also a 4 minute episode series .__.

If you don’t like it then don’t post in the main tag and tag it as ‘Anti Makura’ this way the people who do enjoy the show won’t have to see those nasty comments.

Reading the summary info helps a lot to better understand:   This “new and novel animation entirely in the first-person perspective” is designed to “heal tired hearts.

it’s in first person so it is literally YOU that the pillow boys are talking to. Each new character will  "sleep beside you and whisper.”

I for one am truly happy they made a series about body pillows talking to you.

honestly? my advice to everyone is to not worry about what is canon and what is not. Just worry about what you remember and who remembers the same. No one knows what Hussie is going to post next, Hussie could be completely wrong about what happened in the alpha timeline actually. And it doesn’t really matter. Besides, Home stuck is a minimalistic comic that cannot fully convey the complexity and the full extent of what happened. There are many details never canonized, hell, even the characters’ races haven’t been canonized. No one has claim to being 100% canon because of this.

I know a lot of you in this tag have trouble accepting that you don’t follow canon, and sometimes it feels like those of us who are doomed are unimportant and irrelevant and we will never find anyone. you are valid and your memories are valid and important and you might just be surprised who you find one day.

accepting myself and my memories has become so much easier since I stopped worrying that I might not remember the next upd8. And its okay to not remember the next upd8. Hussie is a jackass anyway.

A suggestion

I have a tiny suggestion! If you are advertising your commissions or art sales on tumblr please put at least one sample in your post and links to more. People will signal boost you outside of your immediate circle to art buyers who don’t know who you are, and besides that a lot of us are linked to our main tumblr accounts where we’re following hundreds of people and might need our memories jogged about who you are.

A frustrated art buyer who wants to give you money but has on so many occasions been totally unable to find people’s art that she’s stopped looking unless it’s right there in the post

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so you devote your blog to being a poor vegan, but you don't show others how to do it. kinda useless.

Apparently you didn’t actually look into my blog too much, or you would have seen that all you have to do is search the “#what poor vegans eat” tag and you’d find lots of recipes I’ve posted. Besides that, I’ve given out loads of advice on cheap vegan alternatives for everything from clothing to deodorant. 

Also, I apologize for not posting more original content lately, and only barely being able to make it here once a week to reblog from other great vegan bloggers. I’ve actually been suffering from mentally and physically crippling anxiety and depression for the last year or so, and haven’t been able to take the stress of being as active as I used to be. 

But, you know, feel free to come up here on my blog and tell me how I’m running it wrong according to your standards. My >4,000 followers seem to be happy with what I do. Perhaps if you think you could do better you should start your own blog about veganism under poverty and class oppression?

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hey could you not add captions to your reblogs, esp of art? keep it in the tags? thanks

I do add tags a lot more now but seeming that I’m on tumblr mobile a lot it’s hard to add them because they don;t show up all the time. Besides the ones I comment are the ones that personally move me, whether emotionally or humorously. If an artist doesn’t want me to comment on their stuff I don’t, for others who love them I do.

ALSO I do what I want. Tis my blog, homie. Ba-bye.


Besides having tea parties with Cream, shopping with Amy, hanging out with Tails and Sonic, I do those things quite a lot. Oh! And I play a lot with my kendama, tag along with the Chaotix…um…there’s a number I might be forgetting off the top of my head ovo;;

But I do definitely spend a lot of time by myself. I like to think a lot.

shinomiyarina replied to your post: “digimonkaisers replied to your post “digimonkaisers replied to your…”

uh, i don’t mind dubs (tbh our dub was fantastic even with a few os mistakes). I don’t understand why ppl is so strict.  like yeah some people love the original, some people like their local dub. Some ppl is annoying.  but promoting the original is not “hate” tho 

like maybe its cos i love to laugh a lot and there’s just so much admirable material here and there for this dub specifically but its just such a gross thing when people are overly rude about this preference :// 

and no i know! promoting the original and preferring to talk about it isnt hating it, but there are the ones out there who overly promote just how horrible the dub was, i remember this one post when someone made a amv with the first tri trailer with a song from the dub and they were all “I feel sorry for people who actually like this garbage” like!!! Be nice!!!!

Imagine #1: Carnival - Jai

Jai and you had been dating for six months now and though it still felt a little new, the two of you were as happy as you’d ever been. Of course there were still a little bundle of nerves when it came to his fans, but over all? You were completely content with being his girlfriend. Today marked your six month anniversary and he’d been avoiding you all day, until five o’clock when he’d surprised you at your apartment, literally screaming that you were going to the carnival that had just arrived in town the night prior. It didn’t take a lot of convincing to tag along, especially once you saw how eager and excited he was; it was super hard to resist him.

That was two hours ago, and with your head spinning from the ride you just got off of; it could have been six hours ago. Who really knew. “Ugh.” It comes out as you all but fall onto a bench, Jai crashing down beside you with a heavy laugh. “Come on babe, it wasn’t that bad!” You snort with a shift on the bench, head tilting to lay against his shoulder as your eyes fall shut. “Tell that to the world that’s spinning.” Again it earns a loud laugh and a gentle squeeze of your hand in his own; thumb brushing over your skin as he does it.

It takes a few minutes of silence, outside of the laughter around you guys and the buzzing of rides and electronic dings from the games. And then Jai’s standing from beside you, tugging on your hand quickly. With a loud groan you follow suit, pushing up from the bench, gaze venturing over your boyfriend slowly. “Maybe we should head over to the games for a bit, ya? Give you a rest.” With a nod and a welcome smile you take his hand gently and begin to guide him over to the games; at which point he takes over and leads you to a bowling game. “Seriously?” 

Brow arches over at him and Jai can’t help the cheeky grin that reaches his face, “What? It’s fun and easy.” Very true but all the same it makes you laugh. “Alright Jai, go for it.” The game attendant takes the money from Jai before offering him three bowling balls, only to stand to the side; “Come on baby! You got this.” You encourage him onward with a little nudge of your hip into his own. Five minutes later and literal two games of the damn thing and Jai’s finally got enough points to win you a medium sized teddy bear; a cute little bow tied around his neck. “Awee!” It’s exclaimed as he offers it to you, fingers curling around it tightly as you hug it to your chest. “It’s so cute.” Leaning up on your toes there’s a quick kiss pressed to Jai’s cheek as a silent thank you. His only reaction is a blush across his features as his larger hand finds yours, the two of you heading off.

The carnival is by far the most fun you’ve had in a long time and it’s apparent that Jai’s having just as much fun, if only because he’s getting to see you smile. His hand in your own as you stroll along the carnival grounds helps to bring you back to Earth, realizing just how lucky you are to have him by your side. Jai’s never been anything short of wonderful to you and this anniversary is proving exactly that. “Baby?” The question comes and you’re call from your thoughts, head turning to gaze up at your boyfriend. “Yeah?” His head tilts and for a moment it’s silent between you. “You wanna go on the carousel?” An odd question but it makes you laugh, shaking your head at how cute he’s being. “It’s a bit childish isn’t it, Jai?” That only makes him pout, and in turn? You’re laughing harder. Leaning into him you offer a bright smile and a nod of approval, only then does Jai match your smile before all but tugging you towards the grand ride.

Leading you on the round platform Jai manages to guide you to the only car seat, allowing you to chose your side before he sits down beside you; instantly wrapping his arm around your shoulder. As the ride starts up you can’t help but lean further into him, adjusting your position on the ride as you turn into him and lay your head against him; enjoying the slow motion of the ride. “Thank you.” It comes out near a whisper but all the same it’s out there. Jai snorts and his hand squeezes your shoulder before flattening out against you, rubbing your arm to keep you warm. 

“What for?” It seems like an obvious answer but then again, maybe it isn’t. Or maybe he’s just being a pain. “For this.. for everything.” There’s a lick across your bottom lip followed by a sigh as Jai’s lips kiss against the top of your head. “Of course baby. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” And you know it’s true. You love him with all of your heart and he loves you with his own. “Jai?” He hums in response, earning a soft smile to press up against your features. “Happy anniversary.”

Um, yes hello! My names Steve and I’m angelkin! I’ve been debating about making a post about it and putting in the tags, because I’m pretty terrified of people, but I’m finally doing it! 

I don’t know much about myself besides I had two huge wings and possibly no neck or mouth. I feel like I was a warrior or fighter, very violent at times, I usually cuss a lot. I was an angel in my past life.

If you wanna message me about your kin feels, I’m here to listen and talk! You can just come to my ask box and say “yo, my wings have been messing with me all day.” or stuff. Please tell me if cussing makes your uncomfortable since I usually cuss without abandonment. 

You can tell a lot about someone based on the music they listen to. So put your music device on shuffle, and write down the first 10 songs without skipping.

I was tagged by jade221bs thank you. ☺ I love doing these things so much.

1. Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith
2. Armageddon It - Def Leppard
3. Unity - Shinedown
4. It’s My Life - Bon Jovi
5. Wait - White Lion
6. First Kiss - Kid Rock
7. Heaven Beside You - Alice In Chains
8. Who I Am With You - Chris Young
9. Young Love - Kip Moore
10. Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band

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Rules: Tag 10 followers you want to get to know better
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*Name*: Autumn
*Nicknames*: Lil Red or any season besides Autumn just to get on my nerves and not many people give me nicknames
*Birthday*: February 14th!
*Star Sign*: Aquarius
*Gender* Female
*Favourite Colour*: lavender or mint green
*Time right now*: 1:37
*Average hours of sleep* too much time to keep up with
*Lucky Numbers*: 13 and whatever I get on fortune cookies
*Last thing I googled*: what is a Nokia phone
*Number of blankets I sleep under*: 0-2
*Favourite Book*: Alice in Wonderland
*Favourite bands*: MCR and Green Day others that take up 65% of my spotify
*Last Movie I saw:* Inside Out
*Dream Trip*: take me to Japan
*What i am wearing at the moment*: a baggy hoodie and some shorts

I tag trashleyg pinkmanjesse poppygirl23 bloodied-talons-of-pyrrihia dorkdenmark dimwalnut engurish flower-crown-alfie kugelshmugel long-live-the-drag-queen

You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but have fun if you do!

I was tagged by attack0nfandom thank you friend! (are we friends? whatever you’re my friend now mwahaha)

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, etc. and write down the first ten songs, Rules: no skipping songs and be honest! Then tag ten people!

1. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men

2. Novocaine - Fall Out Boy

3. Atlas - Coldplay

4. This Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Ray

5. This Is War - Thirty Seconds to Mars

6. Beside You - Marianas Trench

7. Mind Your Manners - Pearl Jam

8. Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls

9. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

10. This Is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco

Ten people… Um: aphgatekeeper crosspiano aph-potastard roderdickanalstein the mun of ask-the-aristocrat (I don’t know if you do tags, if you don’t I apologize ^^) reynasbae tappertip mystrothedefender kyandi-cloud the mun of demonic-butler-in-a-tailcoat (again, I don’t know if you do tags or not, so sorry if you don’t!) If you don’t want to do this you don’t have to do it at all!