besides the one where she's standing next to me

resistanceposterboy replied to your post: yo that scene where she was looking over at him to…

I love the contrast of their clothes. She’s luminous and royal in that trademark purple and he’s in all black

not to be that staging loser, but they’re also both alone, with no one sitting beside them

which makes for interesting framing because for her it indicates power (no one can stand beside her) and for him it’s isolating, and strange (he’s off putting, nobody wants to sit next to him) and he stands out among everyone in the crowd

I think that if Taylor was standing right beside us everybody knows, her fans especially, knows that she never stops writing. And now is no different than ever. But as far as the album cycle, this will be the first time that we break that every two year album cycle. And there’s not a time where I call her and say ‘hey pal, it’s time to get a record.’ You know, she’ll call me. She’ll know when she’s ready and then she’ll be the one to announce to the world, you know, when the next music is coming.
—  Scott Borchetta about Taylor’s new music with 95.5 PLJ