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a philkas afterglow fic in the motel

Philip settles beside Lukas, skin flushed, and scoots into his side, Lukas wrapping an arm around him. Their skin is sticky with sweat, and the room is warmer than Philip remembers it, but maybe that’s just him. Lukas’s skin feels warm to the touch where he’s pressed against Philip.

“You okay?” Philip asks, uncertain, Lukas not having spoken since the last yes.

“Yeah. Im okay. Better than okay.” Lukas murmurs.



Lukas’ fingers come up to brush back Philip’s hair, fingertips gliding along his head rhythmically. Philip rolls slightly, making it so he can see Lukas’ face if he tilts his chin up.

“I’m good, too.” He says. Lukas’ lips curl up in a soft smile, and his gaze wanders to the ceiling above them.

“I’m gonna say something really cheesy.” Lukas says. Philip’s brows knit together, and he pushes himself up on an elbow.

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your arm around my shoulders. you oscillate your eyelashes, draw circles on my hand. you’re the only thing binding me together besides the scared skin your salty tears touch. you’re a part of the ocean, current resting in your winding curves. vast space, unkind to strangers and those who do not try. your leg moves involuntarily to the feel of your heart beat, so much of something (no one really knows what) that you can’t contain it. the rhythm you unknowingly play against my leg is the closest to your heart i’ll ever find myself
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #88// anonymous

consider that, besides skins and childhood photos, apollo has never ever been seen not wearing his suit in canon in the decade since his creation. doing house cleaning? suit. new years party? suit. taking a picture with his friend? suit. playing video games? suit. at a fucking rock concert? SUIT + BADGE.

he just put that shit on one day and never looked back.

some summer in akielos headcanons after their coronations because i can:

  • they of course, go to damen’s mother’s summer palace as they promised each other because they are both men of their words
  • damen is?? basically radiating??? because he can finally, finally introduce laurent to his home country without any threats over their heads. no enemies to sneak away from, no battles to win, they certainly have the time to take things slow now
  • damen would talk about his mother one time, about how she had an eye for beautiful and intricate things (she did design a number of locations in their household, the gardens here being one of them). he would have thought about how she would’ve scanned laurent with predictable eyes at first because he was exactly damen’s (embarrassingly wellknown) Type™. but she would have adored him anyway - this he said out loud, for the unexpected humbleness behind the ‘bratty’ attitude (damen’s words not mine), for his unpredictability. and if damen isn’t already beaming he would when he states, proud, ‘like mother like son’
  • i lied about a lack of sneaking around. there is in fact a time when they were walking down a trail in the gardens (it’s thick with flora and trees all around them) and laurent just disappears on him?? damen would call out his name once or twice before its returned by laughter and an amused ‘find me’ in the distance
  • damen, does in fact, catch sight of laurent at some point (laurent is a master in the arts of hide and seek, but damen’s even better; it’s the rustling of leaves and his golden hair, a beacon in a sea of green, that gives him away). before damen could reach him though, the conniving little thing bolts to who knows where and then it’s a full blown chase. 
  • damen’s heart is thundering in his chest, not because of the pursuing he’s doing but because of the brilliant smile he spots on laurent’s face. 
  • there are guards here too, and they hear the laughter of their crowned king, see royalty running around the gardens like lost children, but they are too well trained to react
Bundles Of Joy

Pairings JensenxReader

Warnings: None

Summary: You and Jensen realise having 3 kids isn’t exactly the easiest.

A/N: Alittle one shot to celebrate the announcement that Jensen and Danneel are having twins! Also because I know I’m not the only one secret wishing that it was me having Jensen’s adorable babies;). Anyone want a Part 2 with Uncle Jared and Auntie Gen???

You signed as you throw your whole body down on the bed, the mattress bouncing underneath you slightly. To say you were exhausted was an understatement.

You loved all of your kids. Of course you did, each and every one of them was a tiny little miracle to you. But that didn’t mean at times they didn’t drive you to insanity.

“Peace at last.” Your husband mumbled as you felt the bed dip beside you, the warm skin of his arm briefly brushing against yours as he climbed in. You opened your eyes just in time to catch a quick glimpse of his tired face before he caught your lips with a peck.

“Good, I don’t think I could take another minute of crying.” You hummed your response, your eyes shut tight again as you body finally began to relax.

“Now that we’re alone, we could always… you know.” You could hear the smirk in his voice and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Not a chance Ackles, the only thing I’m doing tonight is sleeping.” You felt his whole body sake beside you as he chuckled and you had to cover his mouth with your had to ensure his laughter didn’t wake anyone up and stop you from getting what you’d wanted all day.

“Thank God, because I was kidding anyway. There’s no way I could do that with how tired I’m feeling.” You smiled at him, silently agreeing as you began to get comfortable. Within a few minutes your body was nestled against Jensen’s, his right arm wrapped around your shoulders, his finger tips drawing lazy patterns on your back to soothe you as your legs tangled together.

The silence through out the house was perfect, an extremely rare sound and just as you were drifting off your body was jolted awake by the sound of a crying baby.

“Knew it was too good to be true.” You mumbled as you forced yourself to sit up, mentally preparing yourself to solve what ever it was that was wrong this time.

“No I got it.” Your husband generally pushed you back down, understand that you needed the sleep more than him. You knew you should have probably protested a little, said that both of you should go because that was fair but as soon as your head hit the pillow once more you couldn’t bring yourself to speak let alone get up.

Jensen smiled down at you before quickly making his way to the twins nursery before the crying woke everyone up.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” Jensen cooed at his son, the crying instantly stopping as son as his father picked him up.

“Ah I see, you just wanted some attention from Daddy.” Jensen laughed as he gently bounced the now giggling baby in his arms.

“Oh you think this is funny? Trust me you don’t want see Mommy when she’s over tired.” Joey continued to giggle, flashing a toothless grin at Jensen who couldn’t help but smile back. At first, when you’d found out you were having twins Jensen couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. One baby was hard work, he knew that from experience with JJ, which made him doubt that he’d ever be able to cope with too. Yet when the twins were born all his worries somehow vanished and he instantly knew he’d do what ever it takes to raise these kids the best way he could.

“So how about we make a deal huh? I’ll sing for you and you’ll go to sleep and we never have to wake your sissy’s up? Does that sound good?” Joey responded by clapping his hands excitedly, random gurgling coming from his mouth.

“ I’ll take that as a yes.” Jensen quickly made his way to chair at the side of his crip, readjusting the baby so he could slowly rock him back and fore. “Momma told me when I was young, come sit beside me, my only son.”

It didn’t take long for Jensen to finally get him asleep again, in fact he hadn’t even finished the song before Joey’s eyes were closed again and the only sound that could be heard was his quiet breathing. The smile on his face was automatic as he looked down at his peaceful son, his heart practically bursting with the amount of love he felt. How had he gotten so lucky?

“You’re so good with him.” You whispered, just loud enough as Jensen set your son down in the crip.

“You’re meant to be asleep.” Jensen turned around to find you leaning against the door frame, your arms wrapped around your torso as you watched him.

“I wanted to see what was taking you so long.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, grinning into his neck and the scent that was all too familiar to you filled your scenes. “Besides, you know I can’t resist hearing you sing.”

“Let’s go back to bed Mrs Ackles, before these monsters wake up again.” You suppressed a giggle as your husband grabbed your hand and pulled you towards your room.

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Akatsuki genderbent headcanons

(warning, kind of long)

Pein would be the stern librarian type woman. Like, you can sense her aura from miles away. Slender, and not too impressive to look at, but can intellectually demolish you. Hair is about shoulder length, cut to be convenient, not pretty.

Konan would be average Japanese male height, but pleasingly buff. Definitely eye candy. Doesn’t feel like cutting his hair, just pins it up. Seriously, but full of content (lying) smiles.

Kakuzu is busty. Also incredibly uncaring about clothes, will reveal any amount of skin besides her face. Has no doubt dabbled in the sex industry because she had the body and heard it paid well. Takes very good care of her hair and skin.

Hidan does not give. A. Shit. About her body or hair, okay? Still completely devoted to Jashin, but is almost yandere in actions. Somehow is pleasing to look at despite not taking a bath unless she’s participated in a slaughter.

Itachi is gorgeous, and nothing short. Maybe ethereal would also fit. About the same length as canon, but always tied back. Is confessed to by strangers, but always just disappears in a puff of smoke. Lean, but muscle-y.

Kisame is a buff, powerful girl. Tall, but not as tall, maybe by a few inches. Towers over most men still. Has a nice set of abs, and a great butt, her pride and joy, but not much boob. Frightening when approached from behind. Keeps hair cut short, but it’s silky.

Sasori is actually a little shorter. Longer hair, in a bob style cut, and her eyes are darker. Sharper. More dangerous looking. Carries herself in a way that makes her feel superior to you. Nice set of boobs and hips, but wears clothing that hides the exact curve of her ass.

Deidara curvy all the way, with… a bit of chub on her? She composes songs to go along with the sounds of explosions. Exact same hair, just more taken care of. A little taller in height, and always seen with a smirk or grin on her face.

Zetsu is thin, like a flower stem. Pulls off ‘tall but petite but also tough as hell’. Black Zetsu talks more trash, calls everyone ‘bitch’, White Zetsu makes them sleep in beds of flowers under the sun, in the rain. Hair is pretty boyish, if not a little longer in the back.

Tobito’s mask is a little more stylish, a comedy/tragedy theater mask. Behind it is crazy, unkempt hair that would reach mid shoulder blades if brushed out. Has a nice ass, but the shape of her hips is hidden by weapon pouches.

Don’t Think About It Pt. 2

Request: Is there going to be a part two for Don’t Think About It?

Don’t Think About It Pt. 1 can be read HERE

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N x Rapmonster

Type: angst

My skin felt cold against the bag of bones that belonged to Suga. I opened my eyes slowly, analyzing my surroundings. I wasn’t in Suga’s room. 


I sprung up and began to breath rapidly, trying to analyze what happened the night before. Namjoon had hit on me, tried to sabotage Yoongi and I’s relationship, and I was promptly pulled to bed. Not by Namjoon, but by my boyfriend, Min Yoongi. 

I shook the cobwebs from my thoughts as I looked around the room, dark with the blinds closed. A computer hummed on the desk beside me and music played quietly. I thought my heart had gone into shock as I heard a light snoring from beside me. The cold skin I was laying against wasn’t Yoongi’s at all. But Namjoon’s. 

I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Maybe if I pinched myself hard enough I’d wake up and be in a terrible dream. I set my skin between my nails and squeezed, only wincing when I thought I would bleed. I was still awake (or asleep hopefully) and I was still beside Namjoon. 

I looked down at my body as Namjoon slung a slender arm around my waist. I was wearing one of his t shirts and not much else. I peered beneath the shirt to see my torso covered in love bites and hickies. I groaned and shut my eyes. I knew they weren’t from Yoongi. He never kissed my stomach, always my collar bones and behind the ear. 

It was killing me not knowing what I had done. I slid Namjoon’s arm away from my thighs and quietly crept out of bed, slowly dressing in my own clothes. I was relieved to see I still had my own underwear on, relatively undisturbed. I had been on my cycle, so I was certain I would’ve noticed if I had done more. I shuffled across the room and eased out of the door, walking gingerly to the living room. 

I plopped against the couch and groaned. In a flash, sleep began to recede to the corners of my mind and memories flew in. After cuddling with Yoongi, I brought up what Jaebum had said. Yoongi got frustrated, then angry, directing his emotion at me. I ran from his room as he shut the door behind me, an audible click of the lock echoing down the hallway. 

Namjoon had grabbed me by the elbow as I was putting on my shoes, he cradled me in a hug while I was crying. He brought me back into his room and listened to everything I had said for hours. He didn’t say much, but nodded, and ran his fingertips along my thigh. Eventually I finally succumbed to the emotion and kissed Namjoon, allowing his slender fingers to roam my body. 

He had felt so good. 

And I had felt so dumb. 

What a hell of a mental block. 

I groaned again as I flopped around on the couch, completely disappointed in myself. 

“Are you having a seizure?” a rough voice grumbled. I looked up to see Yoongi standing before me, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Or lack there of judging by the look on his face. 

“I hope,” I muttered as I rolled away from him. I may have been more pissed at myself than I was at Yoongi, but I was still angry with him for the words we traded last night. They came flooding back to me like a tsunami. Yoongi had said some awful things…but were they awful enough to drive me into Namjoon’s arms?

I knew Yoongi felt deeply about so many things, but it was old getting the brunt of his emotional shortcomings. It took a strong woman to be with someone like him and I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for it anymore. 

“Don’t be so dramatic,” he sighed, sitting down on the couch in the area where the small of my back was. He began to set a hand on my thigh but stopped himself and sat his palms in his lap instead. “Did you sleep here last night?”

Define here, I thought to myself. In the roughest of terms, I supposed I slept “here” in that I remained in the dorm. 

“Mmm,” I hummed, avoiding eye contact and keeping my back towards him. 

“What happened last night sucked…” Yoongi grumbled. “I can’t say I’m sorry…because that’s how I felt at the time.”

“Like always,” I muttered. “You never say you’re sorry.”

“I say what I mean when emotion strikes. I don’t do well with apologies.”

“So that means you don’t have to make them?” I asked, lifting my eyebrows and spinning toward him. “You realize last night, you uttered the words, “that was embarrassing. All of my peers will be laughing at me now.””

“I may not have said it in that exact way,” Yoongi winced. 

“Right, silly me, blowing the situation out of proportion. How do you think I feel Yoongi? Girls in the media…in Korea especially are ripped to shreds compared to men. How do you think this will effect me? I haven’t even wanted to look at my phone today,” I hissed. 

Oh god, I think my phone was in Namjoon’s room. I closed my eyes and tried to process the situation just as Namjoon’s door creaked open. Wonderful. 

“Hey,” he muttered groggily. He threw my phone at my lap. “You left this on the couch when you went to bed with Yoongi.”

I lifted my eyebrows and looked at Namjoon cautiously. He proceeded to walk to the kitchen just like an average morning. As if we hadn’t spent the night together. As if Yoongi and I weren’t creating the most tense atmosphere I had ever resided in. 

“Look,” Yoongi whispered, grabbing me by the top of my arm. “Can we talk in the bedroom?”

“I’d rather not,” I whispered. “I don’t want to be shoved out and locked away again.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “We can fix this.”

“This isn’t for us to fix Yoongi,” I sighed, collecting my things and standing. “This if for you to fix. I’m going to figure out me in the mean time.”

“Figure out you?” Yoongi croaked. “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means I’ll be focusing on my happiness from now on Yoongi. Not your attitudes, not your image. Me. This is my life and I’m sick of playing a supporting role.”

I looked to Namjoon who was sipping coffee by the counter, obviously eavesdropping. 

“Joonie,” I cooed, kissing him lightly on the cheek. His eyes widened as he looked back and forth to Yoongi from me. “I’ll talk to you soon.”

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Don’t Think About It 1/2

Foreshadowing in TAB and HLV

Yes, we’ve all read the theories about Janine being related to Moriarty, but what evidence is there for that?  


Besides their hair, eyes, skin, accent, and attraction to Sherlock Holmes, Janine has ties to another character in a different story.

“The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” is a novel written by Laurie R. King about a retired Sherlock Holmes living in Sussex Downs as a beekeeper.  He and his young detective apprentice solve a mystery concerning kidnapped children.  The villain of the end of the story is Patricia, the daughter of Moriarty. 

But what does an obscure Holmes spin-off have to do with TAB and HLV?

When Janine visits Sherlock in the hospital in HLV, she first shows him all the tabloids she’s been in and how she destroyed his image for profit.  She says she’s bought a cottage from all that money. “Where’s the cottage?” - “Sussex Downs” - “Nice” - “It’s gorgeous.  There are beehives, but I’m getting rid of those.”

While trying to name the case of the Abominable Bride with Watson in the last scene of TAB, Holmes suggests “The Monstrous Regiment” - the novel directly after “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” by King is called “A Monstrous Regiment of Women”.

In the end credits of TAB, Janine’s last name has changed to “Donlevy”.  Patricia, Moriarty’s daughter in King’s novel, has the last name “Donleavy”.  But they misspelled that! They’re missing an “A”!  Did you notice they misspelled the word ‘captain’ in a newspaper clipping in TAB? They spelled it ‘captin’ - missing an “A”.  


Make Me Choose - Sherry’s healing ability or Natalia’s all-seeing finger-pointing ability?

Asked by: @shevalomar {4 of 4}

I have one finger on my left hand where anytime I accidentally cut the skin beside the nail (I dont think that part is called the cuticle? Idk!!!) it gets infected, just this one finger. And it has happened a good 5 times now and I’m dealing with it now while I have the flu like. Can I catch a break pls.

It’s fine! You just either cut it a little and then drain it, or put it in warm water and hope it drains itself, but it’s annoying and hurts!

I wanna get lost in some corner booth, Cantina Mexico
I wanna dance to the static of an AM radio
I wanna wrap the moon around us, lay beside you skin on skin
Make love til the sun comes up, til the sun goes down again
Cause I need you

@ the anons asking, this is Ronin. My altmer boy.

To sum him up Elenwen had a secret affair with a Nord and nine months later Ronin came into the world looking like an altmer would besides his skin tone.. instead of the yellowish tint they normally have Ronin has the same skin tone of a pale Nord. Course Elenwen just said he had a skin condition and at the age of 10 sent him away to avoid other suspicion.
But now he’s back and rebellious.

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If you could redesign any smite god or goddess, who would it be and what would he/she look like? I love your art! :D

Hi there! Yeah I think I woud redesign Chaac, because in my opinion, he doesn’t look mayan at all (expect for the clothes and skin color). Besides, he doesnt have the distinctive feature that the god Chaac has, wich is depicted by the ancient mayans. This is an elephant-like long nose, and  I think this feature could be added on his helmet somehow.

I thank your comment, I appreciate it and encourages me to keep it up <3

I miss drawing smite skin concepts and I have many ideas in store, and some ongoing projects in stand by. The thing is, that lately, work has kept me away from doing it and even drawing for myself.

I actually run a Patreon page, where people can support artists they like, and they get art rewards in exchange. I’ve thought of implementing a way to make a Patreon tier for smite skins enthusiasts, however, I still can’t think of a way to make this possible and be sucessful. If you have any suggestion of how this could work, I’m open to hear your thoughts. This is my Patreon page by the way:

The good thing is that Patreon allows Polls, but as I stated above, still can’t think of a way to make this work.

Thanks for your message and wish you have a nice day! :)


Some more photos from Sea Wall. It’s my new favourite place to hang out :’)

Too Close to the Sun (5)

This is the fifth installment to my AU chaptered fic. To read the others, click on the links listed here: 1 2 3 4


He knew he was dreaming, but he couldn’t seem to pull himself out of it. Simon was lying on his back, the sound of the ocean roaring near him. He scrunched his toes into the sand, enjoying the warmth of it. He didn’t where he was, but he knew it was lovely.
“Quit flicking sand at me Snow.”
Simon sat up, “Baz?”
Baz was lying beside him, shirtless. His skin was a mesmerizing reddish brown, gleaming almost gold in the sunlight. Simon didn’t understand why, but his throat felt tight.
“Hah, Snow throwing sand, a bit ironic huh?”
“I don’t understand.”
Baz sighed, sadly it sounded like. “I guess you don’t. That’s kind of the problem isn’t it?”
Simon felt the strange urge to touch Baz, to try and take away the sudden sadness his words had brought on. Before he could, he felt something kick his shin. He tried to stay in his dream, to ignore the pull of the real world. Once again the kick came, and he gave into the sensation of being woken up.
“Snow!” Baz whispered.
Simon lifted his head off his desk, grimacing at the small pool of saliva on his hand.
Simon swiveled his head to see if Ebb had noticed, but she seemed preoccupied on the board.
“Why’d you wake me up?”
Baz stared at him as if he were crazy. “You were talking.”
Simon blinked in surprise. “Huh. That’s never happened before.”
Baz rolled his eyes. “How would you know you idiot?”
Simon, still a little fuzzy from sleep nodded, “True.”
Baz chuckled, which was new for Simon.
“What were you dreaming about?’
“You seemed…excited. I was wondering what all the fuss was about.”
Simon struggled to remember. Only bits and pieces came back.
“I remember something about a beach. And snow.”
Baz’s eyebrows knitted together. “How is that possible?”
Simon shrugged. “In a dream anything is possible.”
For some reason unknown to Simon, Baz winced.
“So what was I saying?”
Baz looked down. “I don’t know. Something about red and gold.”


It was true that Snow had talked about red and gold. But he had said red and gold skin. That was the part that had gotten Baz’s attention. Not that his attention wasn’t already zeroed in on Snow.
He had never seen Snow sleep. Even though Snow had started to drool at some point, and he looked a bit scrunched sleeping on his hands, Baz’s heart felt like it was swollen from all he had been feeling. The talking lit a match inside him though, and he had hung on every word.
It started with the skin comment, and then he said Baz’s name. The sound of his name in Simon’s mouth, sleepy and murmured like a secret, had made him stop breathing. He couldn’t believe it. Baz told himself not to hope for much, Snow could be dreaming of them just hanging out with Agatha, or worse, fighting. But his heart soared.
By the time Simon said his name a third time; Baz could hardly stand it. While he was still on an emotional high, the sleepy murmurs had affected him in less appropriate ways. He crossed his legs discreetly, and pinched himself to try to bring down his own excitement. The word want slipped out of Snow’s mouth, and Baz strangled a groan.
He kicked Snow in the shin, half disappointed and half relieved to cut off his sleep talking. Snow, being the mess of teenage hormones he was, needed to be kicked a second time to wake up.
When class ended Baz tried to get away from Snow, he needed to cool off.
“I’m going to meet you in the cafeteria okay? I need to go to my locker.”
Simon smiled. “I can go with you. I’ve never seen your locker.”
Baz mentally sighed. “It’s not that exciting.”
Snow only shrugged.
On their way to his locker Baz felt nervous walking beside Snow. Even surrounded by their classmates he still felt turned on. Simon was walking very close to him, like a friend Baz reminded himself.
When they reached his locker Snow rested on the locker next to his. Baz swung his locker door nervously, feeling boxed in with Snow in front of him.
Snow scratched his head self-consciously. “Shit, you’re locker is so organized.”
Baz rolled his eyes. “You’re just messy.”
Distracted, Baz hadn’t placed his bio textbook in far enough. It teetered and fell. They both reached for it and narrowly missed knocking into each other.
Snow, inches from Baz’s face, grinned impishly. “Clumsy much?”
Baz couldn’t come up with a retort; he only blushed, “Um…”
Simon’s face changed. “Hey…your skin, its kind of reddish isn’t? With a hint of…”
Baz swallowed loudly.
“Gold.” Snow finished, confusion clouding his expression.
Baz stood abruptly, carelessly throwing the rest of his stuff into his locker.
“Let’s eat.”


That’s right. There was a beach. Baz’s skin…Simon felt a strange impulse. He wanted to see it again, but for real this time. He didn’t understand. I guess you don’t Baz’s words from the dream came back to him, all sadness, That’s kind of the problem isn’t it?

The First of her Name shimmers silver and white as she sweeps gracefully through the blackened corridors of her citadel. The straight-backed salmon-skinned female beside her, blaster casually crooked over her finned elbow and clad in salt-stained leathers, is the sort of toughened mercenary that makes women thoughtful and men worry for their own masculinity.

 Mon Calamari are, after all, an acquired taste.

The First of Her Name, Conqueror of the Slavers and Ruler of the vast star seas beyond the ancient empire of her forefathers, has that taste.


Episode V: Winter Strikes Back Chapter 5 by AsbestosMouth

*dusts things frantically* 

In which: Dany wants her ship back but not having sex is really haaaard, Oberyn thinks all Jedi should have an orgy that he must watch, Davos remains The Best Dad In The Galaxy, Willas is as confused as ever, Beric electrocutes someone, Ramsay sulks Darkly, Jaime swashes his buckle, Brienne attempts to quash the swashing of buckles, Sansa thinks about more than just kissing, and throat punching occurs.

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send me ✖ for a random kiss. // @sncrt

7. good morning kiss

It was a rare occurrence for Sara to sleep soundly for more than a few hours. Hell, it was rare for her to sleep for more than a few hours period. Nightmares and memories warped in her subconscious made sleep difficult and more often than not, Sara would just forgo it entirely whenever she could. 

But she had ended up falling asleep and…staying asleep. She felt warm and well rested and at first, her head was groggy and confused. Perhaps she had slept TOO long. But…sleeping this well at all was strange…

Less strange after Sara remembered the body beside her, normally cool skin warmed with shared body heat and comfortable sheets. And she smiled, curling closer to Leonard’s side, taking in the steady rise and fall of his chest and the peace of his smooth brow as he slept. He was beautiful…he really was.

Perhaps she risked waking him up but alone like this in their shared bed, Sara could allow herself to be a little more affectionate, a little softer. And so she did, all but resting atop Leonard’s chest as she moved to press her lips gingerly to his.