besides showing off his sick moves

Anyone want to speculate on S5 E1?

The episode synopsis states:

An exhibition boxing match in Ballarat turns sour when one of the boxers is seemingly beaten to death in front of hundreds of witnesses. Now Blake must try and determine a cause of death, even as all eyes turn to the boxer’s seemingly unscrupulous opponent… Charlie’s younger brother Ray.

And we have the clip above, showing love sick Lucien and keeping it on the down low Jean.

Typically, each episode begins with the murder, but you can see the ropes moving behind Lucien and the folks around Jean seem annoyed, but not freaked out by death. (Side note, the hair beside/in front of Jean looks like Rose.)

Is Lucien up front in his role as the friendly country doctor, there to tend to the boxers?

What chance do we have to actually see what happened next in the driveway? None of the season finales have picked up where they left off. How many days/weeks later is this? Will we know about the seekrit engagement by the end of the episode? Will Jean get more than three minutes of screen time?

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Bucky 22 for kiss thingy!!

22. More than one kiss + Bucky

“Buck,” You call out, lips attached to his chin as you nuzzle your cheek against his affectionately. “Bucky. Bucky, Buck, Bucky.”

A small groan escape from his lips and you feel his arm slipping around your waist, the coldness from his metal arm making you squeak dumbly.

“I’m sleepin’, doll.” Bucky mumbles, a tinge of amusement laced to his voice as he pulls your body flush against his, bringing you to his top in a quick move.

“No, you’re not.” You chuckle quietly, cupping his cheeks with one of your hands and squeezing it slightly. “You need to get up.”

Bucky lets out a huffed laugh and pushes your hands away, playfully holding them together over your heads.

“I need my fuckin’ sleep.” He groans exaggeratedly, biting back a laugh when you roll your eyes. “’S too early! You can’t blame me.”

“Steve is waiting for you.” You free your hands from his hold and push your hair to the side, leaning down to press a kiss to his nose. “The recruits are waiting for you.”

“I’ll call in sick.” He teases with a grin and you can’t help but laugh, playfully kicking his shin under the covers.

“You can’t get sick, silly.” You mumble playfully against his mouth and get up from the bed with a jump, grabbing his arm and miserably trying to pull him off the bed. “Come on, Bucky!”

As he shows no signs of even thinking about moving, you kneel beside him on the bed again and lean down over his chest, peppering small kisses all over it and slowly going up.

Collarbones and neck, jaw and cheeks and nose, forehead and chin until he pulls you anxiously against him, your lips meeting in a noisy kiss before you finally pull back, smirking mischievously as you notice he’s already sitting up.

“Get off your ass, Barnes!”

Preference #56 You're Sick

Harry: When you got sick, you told him to stay away from you because he might catch it, too. He insisted that he wanted to take care of you, but you told him that you would feel worse if he got sick as well, so reluctantly, he left. A few hours later, he came back and showed you a face mask. “I got the idea when I remembered seeing those Japanese people wearing these when we were in Japan.” He then placed it on his face and sat beside you. “Can I take care of you now?” He asked, his voice slightly muffled by the face mask. You smiled and nodded your head, lying down on his lap. He then massaged your head as you dozed off into sweet slumber.

Liam: Ever since you moved in with Liam in London, you would tend to get sick during winter because you still haven’t gotten used to the cold weather. He would turn the heater up so high that he would end up staying shirtless (not that it was a bad thing), and he would make sure the house is stocked with soup and hot chocolate. He would wrap his arms around you and rub your arms to warm you up. “Alright, love?” And he would fluff your pillows and fuss around to make sure you’re comfortable, because you care so much for him when he’s sick, and he wants to treat you the way you treat him.

Louis: He would always end up as sick as you are when you’re feeling ill. When you’re sick, he’s always around, sitting beside you to watch TV or cuddling up next to you when going to sleep. He would drink from your glass and take a bite from your food, and you would always tell him not to because he might get sick, too. He would just shrug it off and say, “This body’s too strong for it to get sick that easily, babe.” And he would even kiss you to make a point. But as soon as he starts sneezing or coughing, he would grin at you and say, “Not that strong, after all. Do you still have some medicine I can drink? And mind sharing your cuppa?”

Niall: Most of the time, you’d get sick the moment you visit him on tour. Usually, you’d visit him when he’s a few continents away, meaning longer flight hours. You’re not really one for long flights, and your body gets really tired, so you’d end up with a slight fever or migraine. Because of that, Niall would stay with you at your hotel room and take care of you. He would order room service, and watch you eat it all, because he believes you must’ve just missed a meal that’s why you’re not feeling too chipper. And because of that, he’d arrive on rehearsals a few minutes late, and he’d apologize but explain himself anyway. “Sorry, lads. Y/N wasn’t feeling well, so I had to check up on her.”

Zayn: When you’re sick, he would visit you and stay at home with you to make sure you’re not suffering a disease far worse than what you really have. “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the doctor?” He would ask, and you would assure him that it was just the flu and that you’ll be fine in a couple of days as long as you rest. He would stay quiet now, but he would prepare you a sponge bath to help cool down the fever, and he would tuck you in just how you want it, and would kiss you on your forehead. “Get well soon, babe.” He would whisper after he kisses you on your head when you’re close to dozing off.