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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 31: The Day Jungkook Got The Best Birthday Present

Co-written with @tragicshadows

Recommended Song: Crazy Sexy Cool by Astro

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It was the day you finally started your new life in Korea.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 6820

Length: 31/?

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anonymous asked:

What would Whirl and Tailgate's reactions be if their human friend found their holoavatars adorable and wanted to hug them?

Hey hey love! Thanks for the request, it’s cute~ Who doesn’t love hugs am I right? So I made the pronouns she/her because of their holoforms, so just a heads up. Hope you like this~! 


  • Her first reaction would be confusion. Why do you want to hug her? How can you think her holoform is adorable? Have you seen her holoform? It has GUNS s/o! Big, beautiful guns! Then she’d probably just sit there and admire her guns for a little while and would have to be snapped out of it by her s/o.


  • But once the confusion fades, Whirl doesn’t mind. She doesn’t understand it sure (she really doesn’t think she’s cute, she’s BAD ASS) but how can she say no to a hug from her awesome s/o? It’s nice to have hands again and to be small enough to wrap her arms around her s/o without worry of hurting them. After this, she’ll give her s/o a hug every time she’s in her holoform, though she won’t ever admit she likes them.


  • When her s/o gives that first hug, she freezes for a moment. No one has hugged her and really mean it in such a long time. She’s unsure of what to feel right now and tries not to let her s/o see her overwhelming emotions. But in the end, she does hug her s/o back and really enjoys it. It’s a moment of peace between the two that is so rare for Whirl. It’s great to be loved instead of hated for once.


  • Tailgate has pretty much the opposite reaction. The moment her s/o tells her that she’s adorable, Tailgate is giggling. She can’t help it! It’s such a nice compliment and she knows her s/o means it. It’s genuine, not condescending and so she doesn’t get upset. Besides her holoform IS adorable, she’s a little kid!


  • Yeah she would have preferred a cooler holoform. But if her s/o likes it then everything is alright in her mind. She’d also definitely be up for hugs. Even though she’s a minibot, she’s still too large to normally hug her s/o and just has to settle for smaller shows of affection. She’s been wanting to give her s/o a proper hug and is happy that they want to give her one too!

  • Though now she’s a bit too small to wrap her arms around her s/o’s waist for a hug, she doesn’t care. Her s/o picks her up and holds her close and Tailgate wraps her arms around her s/o’s neck instead. They’re soft and warm and Tailgate loves them.


Taste in Music, Chapter 5

The song that Levy sings, and therefore lyrics I borrowed, are from It ain’t Me, by Kygo and Selena Gomez.

The song she performs and sings is Oasis - Wonderwall ft. Katy McAllister (Monkey Joker Edit)

WARNING: There is a small mention of drug use in this chapter, but in future chapters this will might intensify. Warnings will be placed, and I will make it a skippable area of the story for anyone who is uncomfortable with the subject.

Fairy tail belongs to Hiro Mashima

The next few days flew by quickly as Levy prepared for her tour to start and they were rarely at home. Getting Gajeel’s passport in order, setting up international phones, packing, recording, approving album art, a photo shoot. Luckily, the big things were taken care of by Levy’s manager, and she owned her own private jet so she could haul Pantherlily without him being stuffed in an animal crate and tossed around, as well as their bikes.

Gajeel cooked pancakes for breakfast and went grocery shopping while Levy stayed with Lucy, still too much in shock to return to the store. He gathered ingredients for real food and planned meals for the next two days in his head, figuring they would eat dinner at the jazz club on Friday for his “going away party.”

While Levy was with him and they were out and about, he kept a close eye on her and rarely let her out of his reach. A part of him wanted to tell her to just wear some god damn pants to prevent anything else from happening, but he didn’t want to dictate what she could wear… besides, she looked so adorable yet sexy in her dresses. He thought he saw a dark figure stalking them while they walked from building to building, but it always vanished before he got the chance to get a look. Tonight was Levy’s first performance with him as her body guard, and he was 100% ready for the bastard if he tried to make a move.

As the night drew nearer, Levy distanced herself emotionally from Gajeel. Her brow was a constant furrow and her answers short, she didn’t joke or make small talk with him like she normally did.

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“It’s so important, isn’t it, to tell those dear to us how we feel. The opportunity can too easily be gone for ever.”

fxshionable-mxsks  asked:

Without question--while they were sitting on the couch, Seiko leaned over--taking a strand of hair within her hands as she began to play with it. His hair was so fluffy--she couldn't help it. Besides--the way he reacted was so adorable!

 He had been too busy babbling away about hope or some such nonsense to realise that Seiko had reached out to him at all. He was partway through explaining why his greatest hope in life would be to act as a stepping stone for others, when his voice seemed to catch in his throat and he let out a sigh that sounded almost - not quite, but almost - like a purr. 

 The vocal reflex made him turn red, and a part of him wanted to pull away, to clear his throat and move on as though the simple, sweet gesture hadn’t turned him into pure putty. But an even more potent and touch-starved part of him wouldn’t allow for it, instead forcing him to lay down with his head resting on his rommate’s lap, looking up at her questioningly as if to ask whether this was okay. 

 What a pushover. 


Were you even listening?

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Out of all of Angelo's teammates, who would you say he's the closest to? A part of me feels like it Tanrine because he let's her hang around Mirabelle. Besides--- Tanrine is so adorable<3 She's like the little sister/best friend everyone wishes they had!

Yeah, you’re right. He’s in good term with everyone in his team since they respect his privacy but he’s closest with Tanrine. They have a little big brother/little sister bond going. 

You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Twenty Six

This is a mess of a chapter and I hate it. I’m sorry it took so long. Thanks for being so patient you lovely people.

“I’m thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned.’’

The car engine made the window vibrate angrily underneath Lydia’s head, her messy bun wobbling precariously on top of her copper curls. Her shoes were kicked to the floor, her legs curled underneath her, a woollen blanket around her small frame as her eyelids drooped heavily. Allison was beside her, her own long legs covered in soft sweatpants and stretched out on Lydia’s lap, her phone screen illuminating her face in  the dark morning, the sun only beginning to rise in front of the queue of traffic they were stuck in.

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Dirty Little Secrets

[ao3]  []

Response to a prompt from anonymous ‘Danny is embarrassed to admit that she liked wearing the collar and leash that Carmilla put on her as a joke’. I have NO SHAME for where this went.


The universe was seriously fucking with Danny.

It had to be. That was the only explanation for this.

This was her girlfriend deciding that the only thing that would truly make her happy for the past week was if she made as many dog jokes as humanly possible. At Danny’s expense. And yeah, Danny did kinda understand that being the alpha of the campus wolf pack did sort of leave her wide open to them, but this was ridiculous.

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anonymous asked:

"You just got your tonsils removed so I showed up with ten pints of ice cream and this might be bad timing but you should know ive had a crush on you for years sHHH DON’T SAY ANYTHING YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK." riarkle. au/or gmw canon riarkle

This is pretty short, but I think it came out pretty adorable. Thanks for the prompt!

“Okay, I brought you a whiteboard so you can tell me things without speaking, a tub of your favorite ice-cream, mint chip, and some DVDs. Do you want to watch Return of the Jedi or Raiders of the Lost Arc first?” Riley asked as she entered Farkle’s bedroom. He’d had his tonsils out, and she, having been through the experience before, volunteered to spend time with him during his recovery. Farkle grinned at her from his nest of pillows and blankets and pointed at the Indiana Jones film. Riley nodded and tossed her supplies on the bed. She handed him the ice cream tub and two spoons, which he opened quickly and dug into. She grabbed his laptop off his desk, popped in the DVD, and settled in next to him, taking the other spoon and sharing the ice cream. They made it through the entire galloon of ice cream and one and a half DVDs before Farkle fell asleep on Riley’s shoulder. He was still kind of out of it from the anesthesia, so she couldn’t really blame him. Besides, he was too adorable to wake. She watched the rest of Return of the Jedi before he woke up. “Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” She chuckled.

Farkle glared at her, and she could hear him explaining his low tolerance to her in what she called his “Science Teacher Voice.” He sat up slowly, rubbed his eyes, and reached for the white board. “I think I drooled on you.” He wrote.

“It’s alright,” Riley shrugged, “It’ll wash out.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You were too cute.”  Riley said without thinking.

“But I missed the end of the movie.” He stopped writing suddenly and looked up at her. He furiously erased his grumpy complaints and scribbled one word on his board. “Cute?”

“L-like a puppy!” Riley backtracked, but she could tell from the look on Farkle’s face he wasn’t buying it. “Fine! You know how you were dating Isadora last year?” Farkle nodded hesitantly, his brows knit together in confusion. “I didn’t…like it. And it took me awhile to realize why, but then I did. Farkle, I…like you. Like…I like-like you. A lot.” Riley bit her lip and tried to read his face, but all she saw was shock. He opened his mouth, but Riley covered it with her hand. “YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK!” Farkle nodded and Riley lowered her hand. He was smiling. He picked up the board again.

“I know I can’t tell you how I feel with words, but can I show you?” Riley looked up in confusion. He erased and rewrote his message, “Can I kiss you?”


Continuation of this 


The trap in all of it is believing things have changed.

Because of course they haven’t. Why would they? It’s not as if one morning Oliver woke up and decided that ‘No, Laurel isn’t the love of my life’. Or Sara. She really doesn’t mind which. As long as he’s happy. But it’s not as if he woke up and saw a light from the heavens shining like a halo around her. Wow…weird imagery right there.

The thing is, it feels like things have changed though. She tried to reason everything out at first. With everything that’s been happening in their lives, without a moment’s reprieve, she’s bound to misunderstand things like looks and touches. That’s what she told herself at first.

But it’s been months, and now she finds herself lying awake in her bed at night wondering when these changes stopped registering as such in her mind. Because she can’t fathom how his lingering, long touches aren’t different from what had once been normal between them. Or that catching him looking at her while she hadn’t been paying attention hasn’t become a sweet habit.

When months ago a hug had been a rare and notable occurrence, now it’s something that happens without apparent reason. In fact when she doesn’t greet him by touching him in some way upon his return to the foundry, he frowns at her. Just frowns, stops in his tracks and waits. Which is oddly adorable. And if calling Oliver adorable isn’t a sign of change, she doesn’t know what is.

She’s given it her best to not read too much into these little things and has succeeded actually. Like, hardly anyone can tell her ‘I see the way you look at him’ anymore. Besides Digg. And Digg doesn’t count. Really. At all. The man’s observational skills irritate her sometimes, so no, he doesn’t count.

Though now, in the middle of the night when she’s alone, she might make the allowance that while she doesn’t read too much into what Oliver does, she doesn’t push him away or put walls between them either. She never did and hasn’t stopped. It’s just the way things are: Absolute trust. Which in her case entails a lot of empathy and that leads to comfort. All of which might be strengthened by her feelings but she doesn’t think about that. At all.

The problem at hand, Felicity, she tells herself. The cause of all these thoughts.

Now that…that’s a mystery which of course she hates. So maybe she might be reaching but…it might be Oliver that climbs in her room every night. That’s the only nice possibility she can come up with, because she simply refuses to believe she has a stalker. Too creepy to think about.

And it’s been happening for a week now, so surely if it was some crazy stalker dude, he would have killed or kidnapped her by now. Okay she wasn’t relying just on instinct on that one. After the first time she noticed her window not being closed the whole way through she thought it an oversight on her part. The problem is Felicity doesn’t do oversights. She’s meticulous with how her place looks, if she can say so herself, so the second night when the chair just below the window was tilted to the left, she paid attention. After all the marks on the floor clearly indicated where its usual place had been before. She hadn’t moved it, she knew that, and coupled with the memory of the slightly open window, she got scared.

So she did what she did best. She hacked into all traffic and security cameras from the streets and shops outside her building, without telling either Oliver or Digg anything. On one hand because she knew those weirdoes and how she’d have them camped in her living room in a matter of hours. On the other hand there was an inkling in the back of her mind, that she should keep this from Oliver. An odd instinct but she followed it.

When the pieced together footage showed her nothing but shadows around her window as it opened and closed seemingly on its own, a suspicion formed. The next few days, she put her cell to record the sounds in her apartment and she caught it. The sound of the window opening, the slight shuffling of feet and then a sigh.

She knew that sigh.

So tonight she decided to stay awake and pretend she was asleep. Just to confirm her suspicion. Because if Oliver has changed into a creepy, sleep-watcher type (besides the aforementioned adorableness) she’ll have words with him.

So she waits, and waits (the three cups of coffee before bed helped) until finally she hears the sound of the window opening. She consciously relaxes her body further, making sure to breathe as heavily as she’s heard herself in the recording (she makes sure not to snore, because seriously, that was one night and she was tired).

There’s sound of footsteps approaching her bed.

The familiar hum in her nerves that tells her it’s really Oliver.

 Just as she gets ready to open her eyes and glare at him, he speaks. He’s never spoken in the recordings so that makes her pause instantly. His words as they register, help her play dead.

“You always sleep like a log,” comes his whisper, close enough for her to know that if she opens her eyes and turned her head there’ll be only inches separating them. “To the point that I think I’m working you to the ground. Okay if you were awake, I’d get a look for that. I’ll try to take better care of you but I can’t promise anything. It’s the thing with what we do.”

He goes on and on. She listens to every word as he tells her about his worries and fears. How he’s afraid he’s not doing well enough at QC and how his family’s company feels like his own personal legacy now. He tells her about getting scared the other night when a Triad member stabbed him and how he’s not used to being scared but he was, right then. He tells her why he was scared and it surprises her that one of the first people he wanted to come home to was her.

She can hear the relief in his voice, the smiles that are reflected more frequently in his tone as he talks and talks. That’s what keeps her silent. He talks and she pretends to be asleep for hours, sometimes shifting to make things believable. He stops for a few moments when she does and then starts whispering again, until the words slow down and his voice deepens with exhaustion.

He stops then and shifts closer. She feels a feather-light touch on her hair and then the whisper of a breath on the corner of her mouth. She’s unable to stop the hum in response or the shift of her head towards him, but he must think it normal…Maybe he’s done it before.

What she has never heard before though comes next.

“This whole being here while you’re asleep may not be a good indication and I’m sure you’ll yell at me when I tell you what I’m doing…but I’m trying to be better. For you. And I feel better. Here with you. Anyway. Good night. Love you.”

With a last soft touch on her cheek he’s gone.

He doesn’t turn around to see her widened eyes fixed on his back. He’s out of the window before he hears her gasp.

And when he looks up from the street at her window he doesn’t see the smile that lights up her face.

anonymous asked:

P1: Hey this is the anon who was staying in the same hotel as the team or as people say NOLA anon: okay well after the game my friend and I didn't know if we wanted to go to bourbon street or not because we didn't want to bother the girls while they were out trying to relax and just have a good time now that everything is over and also because we thought since Abby retired it was like a private party and we wouldn't even be able to see them so we went back to our hotel for a bit and then just

thought fuck it and decided to make our way to bourbon street not expecting anything (but low key expecting everything) and if we didn’t see the girls well at least we still got to see Abby’s last game and get a wave from a few of the girls and get drunk bourbon street lol so we got there and it was crowded as fuck and it was a bunch of people wearing U.S. soccer gear, jerseys etc. so we were like good we aren’t the only ones, but we didn’t look for the team instantly we started drinking and just meeting other fans & stuff & then this one girl I THINK her name was Jade from what I remember got a text from her friend say hurry come down to the HOB the whole team is here and she told us quietly because we didn’t want other people to find out and have a big crowed making it harder for us to see/meet them so we casually and drunkingly made our way to the HOB and there was a bunch of people waiting outside and we found Jade’s friend and just stood next to her for a little bit talking and stuff and suddenly walks out Abby who was quite drunk and then we saw Kling and Whit walk out and then Syd and Dom and Alex and Serv and Boxxy and just one teammate after the other, it was overwhelming as fuck, none of them really wanted to take pictures besides Kelley you could tell she was tipsy she’s adorable so I got the quickest selfie with her which is hella blurry but they were all super friendly waving and smiling and so my friends and I followed them down the street a bit along with a lot of other people & I see that everyone already heard about how Ash was ahead of everyone with Abby and Ali fell behind so Ash started frantically looking for her & it was so adorable and I wasn’t gonna ask Ash for a picture but I saw other people ask so then I decided to and the thing I’ll never forget is that she complimented my tattoo (Roman numerals of my moms birthday on my forearm) like my life was made after that and then other people were taking pictures with the other girls