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Bless my wonderful Owari no Seraph Amino family. We were busy talking about OnS as usual; more specifically, the physically appealing demons like Gekkoin and Raimeiki, when I threw the glorious idea of Demon Urd in there.

Promptly, I was asked to draw this idea and agreed to sketch a demon version for the most beautiful vampire there ever was and will be.

The clothes were the hardest choice. At first I wanted to go with something tight, black leather or latex to be exact, but simply decided against it because Gekkoin already rocks that look perfectly. Besides, the edgy look does not suit him that much.

Then I thought about something more ancient since he is a very old vampire after all, and went with the fashion of ancient Greece. This idea got scrapped as well because there was too much fabric for my liking. I mean, a demon could probably make use of a more revealing oufit after all. Just look at Asuramaru’s not so subtle attempt to lure people in with his legs! The slit in his robe is very noticeable.

Wanting to add some golden accessories and see through robes, I settled onto a more egyptian styled look with rubies adorning the golden rings.  The idea of an egyptian look for him was also slightly inspired by @hanayakani‘s AU. I was browsing through their gallery a couple of weeks ago and was simply enthralled by their beautiful work. It made me want to try drawing a picture with very detailed adornments for once as well, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

 He is wearing shackles due to the demon curse having ensnared him, otherwise they would be missing altogether. His long, slender horns are adorned with various rings and delicate chains as well to underline his sheer elegance. A see through white robe is barely covering the exposed chest, contrasting the tanned skin, while sharp eyes the colour of glistening jewels seem to pierce his prey. One thing I have to add though: I have not researched any kind of Egyptian fashian beforehand, meaning the style is probably completely off and doesn’t fit any era at all. Oh well.

Yes, I will continue this at one point; mostly because one member of my Amino family currently role-plays as Demon Urd and needs a better profile picture than this shaky mess.

Real or Not Real?

Me: What should I write today?

My Brain: Something angsty and full of feels.

So yeah, here we are. This is an angsty one-shot I got inspired to write after playing Episode Prompto and re-reading ‘The Hunger Games’. That scene with Katniss and Peeta before the epilogue jumped out at me, and…yeah.

Angst, feels and a bit of fluff are to be had.

This is set eight years into the ten years of darkness. There are no spoilers on Episode Prompto here as well, save for the dialogue in the trailer.

E/C means “Eye Color”.

You can interpret this as M! or F!S/O…whichever way you like.

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Real or Not Real?

It was another quiet night in Lestallum. You and Prompto had just come back from another series of daemon hunts, and you both almost immediately crashed onto your shared bed in the Leville, the once grand hotel now serving as a shelter for both refugees and Hunters alike.


You stirred from your slumber to hear your boyfriend’s quiet whimpers beside you. You let out a soft yawn before turning around to face him, ready to shake him awake from one of his now-frequent nightmares.

Ever since you and the others rescued him from Zegnautus Keep and returned to Lucis, he just hadn’t been the same. Sure, he still smiled a lot. Yes, he still cracked a lot of jokes and made plenty of pop-culture references almost every time he opened his mouth. It was almost as if his best friend hadn’t been sucked into the Crystal at all. Yet despite the smiles and laughs you offered him during these times, you knew that it was all just a facade.

Then came a phase of white-hot anger. This scared you more than you would care to admit, but Gladio and Ignis reassured you time and again that this was perfectly normal. That this was necessary. The two of you fought a lot in those days, usually over the smallest things like raising your eyebrows at him in the then-rare moments he would sing like he used to. This was remedied through taking up various daemon hunts, their appearance rate during that period lower than it had ever been (or will be).

What were heated gazes at you or his foes turned into blank stares. When the two of you weren’t out fighting daemons or doing your usual couple stuff, he would just look off into the distance, clear sky blue eyes becoming clouded over with mixtures of grief, guilt, and a few other emotions you couldn’t name for the life of you. A hug or kiss from you would usually remedy this, but they stopped working after a while. Especially when they were coupled with mutterings of ‘If only I were stronger’ or ‘Why not me…Why did Noct have to be taken away’.

Now, his grief was translating itself into nightmares.

“Prom…” You whispered tenderly, giving him a light shake. “Wake up, you’re dreaming.”

“No…I’m not…” He mumbled as he began to tremble under your hold. You immediately sat up and shook him a little harder, knowing full well which nightmare he was experiencing this time.

“Prompto, please wake up,” you said a little louder as you heard your voice crack ever so slightly with fear. “You’re dreaming, he can’t hurt you anymore.”

‘Damn it! Why is he so hard to wake up now of all times?!’

“I am not…One of your experiments!” He yelled, now a mess of thrashing limbs as he tried to squirm out of your grip. You immediately tried to pin him under you, concentrating your weight on his arms and legs as you remembered the last time it got this bad.

He woke up to see you crying in the corner, begging him to put down the gun aimed at your head. 

“Prompto! For the love of the damn Astrals, please wake up!” You were sobbing now, your chest tight as you saw his pained expression. It had been eight years now, the both of you grown into much stronger individuals and yet…

He was still so broken.

As your tears dropped onto his face, his eyes immediately snapped open, sky blue meeting E/C.

“Y/N?” He croaked out, voice somewhat hoarse from yelling. “What happened? Why are you crying?”

You felt yourself go weak as you collapsed on top of your lover, sobbing uncontrollably as he held you close.

“You idiot…you scared me,” you managed to choke out. “I thought you’d never wake up!”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he murmured into your hair, stroking it gently. “I’m really sorry.”

The two of you remained like this for what felt like a lifetime before you adjusted yourself so you were lying down beside him once more. He followed suit, turning on his side to face you. You stared at each other in the darkness, neither one speaking for a long time before you decided to break the silence.

“Real or not real,” you said. “Go.”

You had read this in one of Iris’ novels when you had gotten back from a hunt a few weeks ago. She lent the series to you immediately after you poured out your heart to her about being at a loss as to helping Prompto with his nightly terrors. Since then, whenever he would wake from a nightmare, you two would play this little game.

“Okay,” he replied softly. “My name is Prompto Argentum. Real or not real?”

“Real,” you nodded before asking a question of your own. “We’re currently at the Leville in Lestallum. Real or not real?”

“Real,” he said after taking a quick glance around the darkened room. He sucked in a breath before giving you his next question. “My best friend got sucked into the Crystal eight years ago…Real or not real?”

“Real, though I wish it wasn’t,” you sighed, remembering the moment when Ardyn had told the four of you what had become of Noctis. “You are a Lucian, a true Crown citizen through and through. Real or definitely real?” Your words came out a bit more forcefully than intended, causing you to wince.

“N-not…” Prompto began before you shut him up with a kiss. He didn’t reciprocate at first due to the shock, but soon, he was kissing you back with equal force. When you two had pulled away for air, you asked him the question again.

“I said, real or definitely real,” you whispered. “There wasn’t anything with ‘not’ in there.”

“But Y/N…” he spoke before you put up a finger to his lips to silence him.

“No buts,” you said. “Now, please answer my question.”

“Definitely real then,” he chuckled lowly.

“Good answer,” you replied, a smile playing on your lips. “Now, your turn.”

The two of you spent a long time asking each other things, verifying what was reality and what was illusion. At the end of it, it was Prompto’s turn once again.

“You and I said that we will love each other until the day we both die,” he said, his voice full of tenderness. “Real or absolutely real?”

You got misty-eyed for the second time that night as he asked the question, remembering the day the two of you became lovers.

“Real,” you whispered. “Absolutely real…Now and forever.”


Make me choose: Lelouch or Twelve

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A/N: For @avasmommy224‘s challenge! My prompt was Tree with the gif below. 

Pairing: Prophet!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 3293

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Chuck’s house was dull in a sense, adopting a flat grey look adorned with empty glasses and scattered manuscripts. It definitely could have been more livelier, and with the prophet usually acting half-dead after his chaotic visions, the space could use a little life. So, since you were Chuck’s closest friend, you took the initiative to burst into his house with boxes stacked upon boxes full of Christmas tree parts and ornaments. “Happy Decem-WOAH!” You broke off into a surprised shout as a drinking glass shattered against the wall near your head. “Chuck!” You scowled at him, bettering your grip on the pile of boxes as you edged your way more carefully into his house.

“S-Sorry! I thought I told you to knock before entering!” Chuck gasped out, hands slightly shaky from the adrenaline as he stood from his hiding place behind the couch.

Due to the apocalypse being currently on its way, Chuck had been on high alert, aware of the angels watching him and the visions coming his way. You honestly felt sorry for him, knowing you’d never fully understand being so on edge like he was. Any moment a headache leading to a vision could seize him, throwing him into a chaotic session of black and white flashes, a sliver of a story playing out behind those intense blue eyes. The house was tainted with anxiety and despair, painful cries being swallowed by the walls, the door acting more as a blockade rather than an exit. You wanted him to be okay, wanted to somehow ease his pain until the Winchesters sorted this mess out. They were the reason why you started visiting Chuck in the first place, claiming you should keep an eye on him in case any angels decided to pop in for a visit.

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Primary Colors Chapter 13: Sassenach

I am SO sorry for the delay in updating! If you didn’t know, I’m a junior in college (university) and school has been kicking my ass. There will never be this kind of delay in updating again if I can help it. 

Find the full chapter here on AO3 or below: 

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Just Like That

Chapter One


Pairing: Natan

Rating: Mature (for later chapters)

A/N: @leafno​ wrote a pretty hefty chunk of this chapter and it fit so perfectly I couldn’t bring myself to change it, so with her permission I left it in! Everything she wrote will be hyperlinked to her blog.

And I’ve been travelling through the dirt and the grime, from the past to the future, through the space and the time.

—Grateful Dead, “Any Road”

6 Years Later, March

“The day is almost over, yaa shabab, but it’s not done yet. Get your asses in gear and get that last beam up and you all can go home.”

There was a collective groan from the men stationed in a staggered circle, ready to depart for the day, and Lucifer glanced over his shoulder at the setting sun, still scorching its path across the sand with no absence of spite about its descent beneath the horizon. He turned to follow his co-workers further into the site to finish the day’s job and lifted the rim of his hard hat to wipe the sweat and dirt from his brow.

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hot magenta is a godsend

( let’s be honest we all want a fic wherein jake and amy babysit nikolaj. title is from Ode to Crayola by Lemon Demon. also semi inspired by this )

So yeah okay, neither of them are exactly the best equipped at handling children, from Amy’s inability to connect with them on a kids-level, and Jake’s compulsion to lapse into cop stories that are just a teensy bit too non-PG for the sensitive ears of children (or their parents) but for Charles, they make an exception. Well actually, the exception comes about when Jake rolls over to Amy and says, panicked under his breath, “I accidentally agreed to babysitting Nikolaj and I need help because I keep pronouncing his name wrong.”

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16. baby it’s cold outside

As beautiful as the holiday party was, that didn’t mean that everyone present was enjoying it. The venue was splendid and the decorations made some small, non-cynical part of Yasha’s soul roll about in delight. That didn’t mean that he was having a fun time watching his co-workers get progressively more drunk. Or, for that matter, that his date was. 

“You can admit it if you’re bored to tears,” Yasha remarked as he slid into the chair beside Steve’s at the table, flashing him a little smile. He’d noticed his husband slipping away from a thoroughly boring-seeming conversation with his co-worker’s date some ten minutes ago to steal some food and settle down at their table; he’d finally been able to slip away from his boss’s wife and sit down beside him. 

Steve should wear suits more often, he noted for the dozenth time that night. He looked amazing

“I think another half-hour and we can leave,” he added, taking a sip of champagne and resisting the urge to steal a pastry from Steve’s plate. They’d had a better day so far in terms of how the past few weeks (months) had gone; he doubted Steve would mind too much. Still, he knew that the other hadn’t been having the best night socializing with people who shared very few of his interests in any respect, so he was hoping to make it up to him. “How about I fix us a bath when we get back?” he offered softly, brushing his knuckles along Steve’s. “Give you a massage.”