besides his face


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


The leaked 1x08 Day Trip (the Bellarke Holy Grail) Script, which was conveniently released almost immediately after Bob tells fans at Unity Days 2017 that it is written into the script that Bellamy sometimes looks lovingly at Clarke.

Some highlight:

“Bellamy is suddenly thrown by the intimacy of having her close.”

“Clarke kneels beside Bellamy, takes his face in her hands.”

“As we see their hands side by side, just barely touching…off Clarke, feeling the energy between them...”

“Bellamy has a sudden, desperate though. He pulls Clarke close.”

Come with me…You and me. Screw everybody else. Let’s just…go.”

“For one electric moment, Clarke is tempted to say yes.”

“Exhaustion overtakes Bellamy–he lies down on the forest floor…”

“Clarke lies down next to him…”

“A stunned beat as Finn processes that. And not a small amount of jealousy.”

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This has been the best birthday weekend of my entire fucking life. 


Oswald knows something is wrong the moment Ed walks into the room. 
“What is it?”
Ed shakes his head, and Oswald takes his arm gently, leading him to sit down on the couch beside him. Ed puts his face in his hands, fingers pressing into his eyes. “He knows about us.”
“Jim knows too much. He’ll get me fired, send me to Blackgate-”
“He won’t. We’ll take care of him.”
“Ozzie, we’ll have to kill him. He must have seen us. He put it all together, figured out that I broke you out of the GCPD. He already told Bullock, they could be looking for me right now!” 
“Ed!” He shouts, taking his face into his hands. “I promise you, we will take care of this, do you understand? We will find James Gordon before he finds us, and we will kill him.”

written by @freckledandspectacled


You know how seconds before introducing his choice to both the public and Victor, Yuri just stares at his written theme with a blush on his face? he loses himself for a bit and he’s brought back to the moment by Morooka’s words…

Of course this is something that can go unnoticed but i just find this small action so endearing because you see, yuri knows the other man is watching, which makes him even more unsure and self conscious, and you can see it in his face. Besides, this is it, he has no more words than this to make Victor understand his affection and the position he holds in his life (even if this is all a matter of choosing his theme, this is what will represent him for the rest of the season, this is what others will see when he goes out on the ice rink, it holds a personal truth for Yuri.)

I’ve seen many state that Yuri’s final speech was not about him falling for Victor but about the essence of his theme, and I agree, at some level. Yuri was indeed talking about the “love” he chose for the grand prix theme, and not about Victor directly, he was talking about the whole spectrum of what his theme represents. But the thing is that both his feelings for Victor and what he wants to show throughout this new season of skating are two sides of the same coin. That what brought him back from a place he was not sure there was a way out, that was Victor, and he wants people to understand the source of this new found determination and strength.

And this here is something i have to hand it to the writers of the show, the fact that Yuri says: “My “love” is not something clear-cut like romantic love…” and how this is in no way something that’s trying to pull the old “i love you, but still no homo” stunt.

In Yuri’s eyes, giving it a name, putting a label to his feelings would just end up making them lose the real worth he sees in them. ALL of what he loves, his feelings for skating, for Victor, for his family, friends, and the hometown he grew up in, HIS THEME ENTAILS ALL OF THAT.

It wants to show how he ended up taking all these new sights in, about how he ended up thinking about what love really meant to him, for the first time, after Victor showed up in his life. And what i love about this is that Yuri is still trying to figure things out, he’s taking small steps to find himself, and THAT’S WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL.

His theme is about all what Victor taught him, but it’s also about what brought him to that point of realization, and part of it IS THAT NEW FOUND LOVE for the russian dork. Yuri fell in love with Victor because of the little things this man taugh him along the way, he may be talking about his theme BUT THAT is exactly all what he feels towards his new coach no doubt about it.

Why Is There a Dog in the Bathroom?

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Hey, I just discovered your blog and I love your writing so much<33 I was wondering if you could write something based off of numbers 15, 32, 33 from that Prompts list with Peter and the reader, and the reader is like Tony Stark’s daughter?? I don’t know I just thought it would be funny XD”

Warnings: Mentions of blood

You opened your eyes slowly, your mind still foggy with sleep. You reached up a hand to rub your eyes, yawning widely. You tried to blink away the blurriness in your eyes, frowning as you tried to remember what had happened last night. It was all a blur- like a fever dream, but with your boyfriend and… maybe a dog?

You tilted your chin down, realizing there was a hand flung across your chest. You glanced beside you to see Peter, your boyfriend, lying beside you. His face was smooshed into his pillow, his back rising steadily with every breath he took. You moved his arm carefully, sitting up. The blankets pulled back, revealing the Peter’s bare, heavily bandaged back. He must’ve gotten hurt badly and came here last night to crash with you. You sighed, swinging your legs out of bed.


You turned around to see Peter, his blue eyes still half-closed. You smiled softly, running a careful hand through his thick brown hair.

“Hey. How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” Peter said with a groan, letting his head drop back onto his pillow.

You raised an eyebrow, glancing back over the bandages wrapped around him. “It looks like you got pretty beat up.”

“Yeah, there were some robbers that were heavily armed,” Peter mumbled.

“You need to be more careful, Pete,” you scolded gently.

Peter nodded into the pillow. “I know.”


You jumped when you heard the sound of your father’s- who happened to be the one and only Tony Stark- voice come through your door. You could hear his footsteps up the stairs down the hall from your bedroom.

“Oh God,” Peter breathed, scrambling out of bed. You threw off the blankets, lunging forward to turn the lock on your door. It would buy Peter at least a couple more seconds to leave.

Where are my pants?

You turned around, your eyes widening when you saw the horrific state of your bedroom. Your clothes were thrown everywhere, covering almost the entire floor. A couple white bandages could be seen poking out of the piles of clothes. Peter’s spider suit was in one piece by the window, stained with blood and ripped badly. You looked at Peter, who was standing shirtless and pantless in the middle of your room.

“I don’t know, where did you put them?” you said, starting to dig through some of the clothes on the floor.

“I don’t remember,” Peter said, pushing aside a couple pairs of jeans. He grinned when he pulled out his shirt, throwing it on quickly. It had a couple bloodstains and was heavily wrinkled, but it would do.

Triumphantly, you pulled his jeans out of a pile of your shirts, tossing them at him.

“Put them on, quickly!” you hissed, hearing your father’s footsteps come even closer.

Peter began to put his jeans on, wincing when some of the wounds on his legs were aggravated. He finally got them buttoned, breathing out a slow breath. He took one long, slow look around the room.

“Wow. What happened last night?” he asked incredulously.

“I have no idea,” you said.

“Y/N!” Tony’s voice pierced your ears, raised to a loud scream. You looked at your door, expecting it to burst open at any second.

Why is there a dog in the bathroom?” he yelled.

You looked over at Peter. “Crap. I thought there was something we missed.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “There might’ve been a dog there too… and I might’ve took him.”

“Oh my God,” you sighed, rubbing a hand across your forehead. “You should go before my  dad gets in here and sees you.”

“What about the dog?” Peter protested.

“I’ve got the dog, don’t worry,” you said, shoving Peter toward the window. He balled up his suit, cradling it in his arms.

“Come around a little later,” you said, opening the window for Peter. “Maybe take a shower.”

Peter nodded. He sat on the ledge of the window, giving you a quick kiss and a thank you before dropping down and out of sight. You closed the window, taking a deep breath before heading out of your room. Now to deal with the dog and your crazy father. Oh boy.

The One With The White Lie

Pairing: Chris Schistad x Reader x William Magnusson 

Summary: With William secretly crushing on Noora while he’s dating you, Chris see’s an opportunity to have you to himself… even if it means lying to you. 

A/N: if any of u watch SKAM message me to scream!!! bc i’m obsessed!!! (and lowkey need friends!!!)

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Find it,” William says in frustration, running his fingers through his hair. I watch him from the corner of my eyes, “I’m looking, okay?” I mumble, down on my knees, looking under the bed.

He kicks the leg of it and I scramble away, “What the hell, William?!”

He crouches down beside me, burying his face in his hands, “Sorry, I’m just –“ he shakes his head, “Why did you take it y/n?”

“I didn’t know it was Chris’ stuff,” I mutter, avoiding his eyes, “I thought it was yours and I was cleaning up so I thought I’d put it somewhere safe, I guess,” I shrug, looking around the room.

While I’d been tidying William’s room, I’d found his drug stash. I was vacuuming and put it somewhere and I couldn’t remember where. Only problem as that it wasn’t William’s and it was worth a lot of money.

Still, I knew there was something else behind William’s behaviour. He wasn’t the type to get angry over something so trivial but lately he’s been using any excuse to stay pissed at me.

“I’ll find them, William,” I reassure him, standing up, “But it’s 1am.” I rub my eyes, stretching my arms over my head.

“Maybe you should sleep at your place tonight,” he says offhandedly, looking out the window.

“Okay,” I sigh, “I didn’t bring my car though. I can’t exactly take the bus.”

He lies down on his bed, pulling his phone out of his pocket, “I’ll tell Chris to give you a ride on his way to Eva’s pregame.”

I scoff but he pretends not to hear me, turning on his side so his back is facing me.

Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I head downstairs. The sound of Chris revving his engine outside is the only thing that keeps me from barging back upstairs and smacking William with a pillow – or something more painful.

“This is the third time this week I’ve had to pick you up,” Chris says as I climb in. I lean back against the head rest, squeezing my eyes shut.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” I mumble, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“It’s not you who should be sorry,” he says, looking at the front door of William’s place, “If he’s going to kick his girlfriend out he should have the decency to drive her home.”

I shrug, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Judging by how William reacted, Chris wouldn’t be too happy to hear about his drugs.

“No, I am sorry, Chris,” I turn to face him, “I – I misplaced your drugs,” I choke, beginning to cry. Within a few seconds I was sobbing into my hands, “I thought they were William’s and I put them somewhere. I looked everywhere but I can’t find them. I’m so sorry!”

Chris stares at me with furrowed brows, pulling me against his chest as he strokes my hair, “Don’t be sorry, y/n – it’s – they’re just drugs. They don’t even matter,” he pulls away from me, cupping my face in his hands, “Is that why he kicked you out?”

“He said it was worth a lot of money,” I sob, “I’ll – I’ll pay you back, I promise.”

“Y/N,” he shakes his head, “It’s not important. Is that why he kicked you out?” he asks in disbelief.

“I don’t know. He’s been weird – I – I don’t know what I did,” I stutter. Chris sighs, wrapping his arms around me as I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Trust me, it’s not you,” he mumbles bitterly.

Monday was a shit show. At least on weekends I could avoid William without if being a big deal but at school, everyone noticed.

And the minute it looked like we were over, girls would throw themselves at him.

The minute William walked past me without so much as a ‘hello’, whispers spread around like wildfire, as well as rumours.

I never gave much attention to rumours, but there was one I couldn’t help but listen to since it was coming from the Penetrators.

“I’m telling you y/n, he’s hooking up with Noora. That’s why he’s trying to get rid of you, “ one of them says to me, scoffing.

“That’s enough,” Chris spits, standing between us, “Don’t listen to them, they’re just being assholes,” Chris says, leading me away by the arm.

He pulls me inside an empty classroom and I lean against the window sill, looking out at the courtyard.

“Hey,” he says, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, “You okay?”

“Is it true? About Noora?”

Chris’ silence makes my heart leap out of my chest, “Chris?”

“No,” he sighs, “Not exactly.”

“W-what does that mean?”

Chris cups his hands behind his neck, looking up at the ceiling and blowing air forcefully through his lips, “He likes her.”

“Likes her?”

I feel my throat tighten and swallow hard, “Like –likes her?”

Chris nods, looking at me sympathetically.

“Are they screwing?” I ask, not really wanting to know the answer.

Chris nods once, staring at me, “You deserve better,” he says softly, resting his forehead against mine, his hands on my waist, “So much better.”


Even though I shake my head, something inside me wanted to kiss Chris, not just to get back at William. He’d always been there for me, as a friend – as more. And especially lately, with William’s crappy behaviour. I wasn’t sure how I would’ve gotten through it if not for him. Still, I press a hand to his chest.

But he doesn’t care. He kisses me, pinning me against the wall.

I so badly wanted to kiss him back, but I knew I had to end things with William, if he didn’t end them with me first.

“Chris,” I say, pulling away, “I can’t do that to William.”

“Who cares,” Chris growls, “What about what he’s doing to you?!”

“And what exactly is that?!” a voice comes from across the room.

I look over Chris’ shoulder and realize William is standing there, with quite a few people watching over his shoulder.

“Fuck,” I mumble, already rushing to stand between them. William barges over and I push him back by his chest.

“Did you really just fucking kiss my girlfriend you fucker?!” William yells. I struggle to keep him away from Chris – not that Chris was backing away.

“Who cares?” Chris spits, “It’s not like you’re kissing her; someone might as well!”

“Fuck you!” William shouts.

“William,” I yell, practically dragging him towards the door. People only move out of the way when I start shoving them.

Once we’re in the carpark, he pulls his hand out of mine.

“I’m going to kill him,” he grunts, slamming his hand against a car, “Kissing you when you’re pushing him away – what the fuck was he thinking?!”

“William,” I try to interrupt, but he’s too angry – enraged.

“William,” I repeat, turning him to face me, “Why do you care? You were going to dump me anyway.”

“What are you talking about?” he frowns, moving hair out of his face.

I slump, leaning against one of the cars, “You and Noora.”

Suddenly he stands still and looks me in the eyes, for the first time in what feels like weeks.

“Was it Chris that told you?” he asks, lowly.

“No, I heard the Penetrators talking about it. Chris just confirmed that you were sleeping together because I was totally freaking out.”

“S-sleeping together?!” he exclaims, “We – we haven’t even held hands!

“What?” I frown, “So you two didn’t-“

“No, I wouldn’t do that to you,” he shakes his head vigorously, pausing to take a deep breath, “But I do like her. A lot. Which is why I’ve been such an asshole. I felt really guilty about it and you were always by my side, being perfect-“ he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, “And I didn’t deserve your kindness. Or your love.”

“It’s okay,” I sigh. It wasn’t, but I was tired of fighting with him.

“It’s not,” he says, taking my hands in his, “I’ve been such an asshole. I should’ve just told you how I felt,” he traces a finger down my cheek, wiping away a few tears, “Even after how I treated you last night, you’re standing here, not punching me in the face,” he chuckles, “Just listening to me – because you’re amazing.”

We stand in silence, listening to each others breathing. I’d always been so afraid of breaking up with William. Of letting his hand go. But I do it.

He looks down at it, tracing his thumb over his fingers, “So I guess this is it, we’re breaking up?”

“It’s probably for the best,” I say, “If you’d been an asshole to me any longer, we wouldn’t have been able to recover and stay friends.”

“So, you’ll still be my friend?” he asks. I rest a hand on his cheek, “Of course… with time.”

“And what about Chris? Are you still going to be his friend?” he asks, “I don’t know why he lied to you about Noora and I. Or why he kissed you. I never thought he’d do that to me,” William says, his jaw clenched.

He relaxes a little, his eyes focused on me, “Maybe he’s just crazy in love with you like I was. Remember how many fights I got into over you? Remember how you punched me in the face when I kissed you without asking?”

I nod, laughing.

“But you didn’t punch Chris,” he says sceptically, tugging a strand of my hair and winding it around his finger, “Which means…”

“Which means?” I raise a brow.

I already fucking knew what it meant, but something was very satisfying about watching William squirm to say it.

You like him,” he deadpans. I shrug, “He is terribly good looking.”

“Try terrible, full stop,” William scoffs.

“That’s not very nice,” Chris says, approaching us.

“Asshole,” William leers, slamming his shoulder into Chris as he walks off.

“Neither is that,” Chris says, rubbing his shoulder and watching William storm off.

He turns to me, “So did you two… talk?”

I nod, “We broke up.”

He inhales sharply, trying to conceal a small smile.

“About before,” he says, “I shouldn’t have kissed you, not like that, when you didn’t want to.”

“I did want to,” I say, “Just not while I was still together with William.”

You did… want to?” he raises a brow.

“I did,” I trail a finger down his chest, “But now…”

“But now?” he swallows hard.

“Now I don’t really want to be with someone who lies to me,” I say, quietly, looking into his eyes, “Why did you tell me they slept together?”

Chris sighs, letting his head hang, “I don’t know,” he slumps, “You were just there – looking all beautiful and sad. And I knew William was treating you like crap because he wanted to be with Noora but didn’t have the balls to end things with you – or because he loves you. And… I love you too and I saw a chance and took it.”

“You know that makes you an asshole, right?”

He nods and I hug him, resting my chin on his shoulder.

“You still like me though, right?” he asks, “You’ll still give me a second chance?”

“What makes you think that?” I ask.

He smirks, “You didn’t punch me in the face when I kissed you.”

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okay so i've never been able to find the answer help a gal out: is it "call me baby" like refer to me as baby or "call me, baby" like telephone me??? help me pls

I have debated about this with my friend.

SO the original song was “supposedly” going to be called ‘Call Me Daddy’, which leads to the implication that is implying for the listener to refer to them as daddy.

However, upon a certain realisation that I couldn’t stop laughing about - and probably why they changed it to ‘Call Me Baby’ - I made the discovery that they are actually saying it as “Ring me up baby.”

How did I realise this? Well, in the music video at 1:51, Tao holds his hand beside his face in the telephone shape; and if that’s not enough, at 3:11 both Chanyeol and Lay do it too. I think with that evidence it’s enough to say they are indeed telling you to hit them up.

The reason this is so funny to me is because, if the song had in fact been called ‘Call Me Daddy’, they’d literally be saying “Ring me up daddy” and I laughed about that for weeks.

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You've heard of Fushimi as an alpaca, now get ready for: Fushimi being surrounded by alpacas (and they love him very much and nuzzle him with their soft wool). Munakata totally takes pictures for the album.

Fushimi surrounded by loving animals while he sits there looking grumpy and possibly sniffling from allergies. Maybe Munakata decides that it would make a lovely bonding experience if he took the entire force to the zoo, he has everybody split up into groups of two and even has worksheets for them to fill out like it’s an elementary school field trip. Fushimi of course wants nothing to do with this at all but Munakata makes it clear that all members are required to attend this important exercise in recognizing detail and measuring their ability to retain information. He also to this end pairs Fushimi with himself, since that’s the only way to be certain that Fushimi won’t make his escape as soon as he’s out of Munakata’s sight. So Fushimi gets to spend the whole day being dragged around the zoo by a very excited Munakata, as it happens Munakata never went to the zoo as a kid and this is his first trip (Fushimi notes dryly that this was all just an excuse for the Captain to go to the zoo, huh, and Munakata just coughs and is like certainly not. It totally is though). Munakata keeps going from exhibit to exhibit like ‘look, Fushimi-kun, elephants! Fushimi-kun look, giraffes! Fushimi-kun, have you ever seen pandas up close like this, they are certainly quite cute.’ Fushimi acts all annoyed but maybe he’s not entirely hating it, like yes it’s too hot out and he’s tired of walking and there are way too many people here (and definitely too many kids, Fushimi would just be dying surrounded by all these happy screaming kids) but he doesn’t mind so much the animals themselves.

Then Munakata spots the petting zoo and naturally he must take Fushimi there, like look Fushimi-kun we can pet the alpacas. Fushimi has no interest in that at all, he doesn’t want to pet yucky germy animals, but Munakata insists. As soon as they enter petting zoo it’s a situation similar to what happens in the otome game, Fushimi walks in and all the alpacas suddenly swarm him to love him. Munakata tries to pet one and it veers away because he’s too intimidating despite his pleasant smile and surrounding sparkles, Fushimi meanwhile is glaring bloody murder and is being nuzzled and licked and having his hair chewed on. Munakata is a bit disheartened that none of the alpacas want to love him but watching them love Fushimi is basically an excellent alternative, he notes that it must be something about Fushimi’s perpetually gloomy aura that makes animals feel a natural kind of attraction to him, they have a desire to make him want to feel loved and comforted. Fushimi, sitting there in the middle of a swarm of loving alpacas, is like do I look like I fucking want to be loved and comforted by smelly animals. The alpacas remain totally chill this whole time, just casually nuzzling him as the rest of the petting zoo slowly comes to the realization that Fushimi is in their pen and therefore they too must come to him and love him as befits his true Disney princess aesthetic.


Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Disgustingly fluffy. Oh, and some lighthearted fondling.

Count: 900 words.

The shadows of one in the morning dance around his eyes, scrutinising, weaving through his lashes with the taunt of his firm response to your tentative request. His resolve was slowly beginning to dissolve, you could tell, pushing your lower lip out slightly further, your fingertips coming up to brush back his midnight locks of hair, but his own flashes out from beneath the sheets to wrap around your wrist, halting movement. The frown upon his features winds tighter, and you collapse forward onto his chest with an aggravated sigh.

“Please! Just this once-”

“No,” Jeongguk repeats, releasing your arm, grunting a little as it heavily slumps onto his chest beside your face. He pokes your forehead and you wriggle away. “Stop being childish, and let’s go to sleep.”

You shoot bolt right up at that, and he can see the roses flaring across your cheeks in the sliver of moonlight that slips through the separation in the drapes. Before your glistening lips even part, he desperately wishes to swallow his words that you were instantly preparing to fire back at him.

“You stop being childish!” You start and he throws the sheets over his face with an exasperated moan, only to be confronted by your face, much closer, peering at him with a combination of anger and a plea once you had pulled the fabric back away. Being pissy never gets you anywhere with him, so you retrieve the gentle approach once again, clasping his face between your palms and pressing small kisses to the firm line of his lips among your calmer words. “Jeongguk, it will only be for tonight. Plus, you always say you wake up eating my hair, so give me the chance to experience that. Have the night off from being my protector.”

He was relenting, warmed clay beneath your hands, sighing against your mouth and watching you with those endearing onyx eyes that resemble galaxies, black infinities at this time of night. He coos, soft and sweet. “I like protecting you though, baby.”

“You melt me, really,” You smile with honest affection before it itches into a small smirk, already easing your body parallel to his. “So, is that a yes?”

Jeongguk appears to contemplate for the briefest of moments, watching you before rolling his eyes, and then physically rolling himself onto his side. A silent cheer of celebration erupts within your mind, displays on your features in an elated grin as you sidle up beside him, aligning your torso against his straight spine. You press your mouth to the dip there, loosely hanging your arm over his wide girth while keeping the other tucked into your chest, legs curling and slotting together with your toes barely brushing at his ankles. A sigh of satisfaction rushes from your lungs, finally having what you want, and he chuckles, rumbling against you.

“You are so small, it feels like I have a koala latching onto my back,” Jeongguk lifts a palm to rest on your thigh, patting it idly while he laughs, making you shape your body closer to his as though you are trying to prove that you can own this new position, the role of protector – the big spoon.

“Isn’t it nice without my hair all over your tongue though?” You murmur against the fabric of his shirt, your fingertips gliding beneath and feeling the neat expanse of muscle that adorns his abdomen, drawing soothing circles that make him shudder.

“I kind of miss it,” He admits, squeezing your thigh, moving up slightly to reach the hem of your panties, where he flicks at the elastic. “I love being able to look down at you, and I can easily slip my hand between– Hey!”

“Like this?” You giggle at his reaction to your hand settling on his crotch, smoothing gently over the grey fabric of his briefs with your palm. Jeongguk groans, squirms away, only making you grab onto him and his voice chokes in his throat. “You never let me escape from this when I am the little spoon, so don’t even think about it, buddy.”

The scoff that he makes is cut off by another meek moan, your fingertip tracing the outline of him before you decidedly give it a soft pet and then relax your hand, murmuring a quiet goodnight into his back and closing your eyes. Jeongguk waits, silently listening to the sound of your exhalations evening out, until gentle snores are slipping from your chest. Ever so slowly, he moves like an eel among the bedsheets, writhing and turning both of your bodies so that he has you in the usual position of his much larger frame wrapped around your own smaller figure. His broad palms delicately find your waist, pulling it across the mattress to fit against his, and then his arms loop across your torso, mouth burying in your neck, hair on his lips and all but who damn well cares when he has the reward of holding you like this.

Your voice, judging without the contempt, laughs quietly, still with the nails of sleep latching onto its tone. “You couldn’t help yourself, could you?”

His chuckle fans out across your neck, warmth scattering over your skin in the rise of gooseflesh, followed by his palm settling home between your thighs. To keep it warm, he would always insist.

“When it comes to you, I never can.”

Gif reaction to how Got7 would cuddlle with you

Request: How would got7 cuddle with you? (Gif reaction) please please please don’t shut downnnnnn


He would lay down beside you and bury his face in your neck and leave a few kisses on your jaw from time to time

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He would lay down beside you in a spoon position while whispering sweet words in your ear

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He would wrap his arm around your shoulder and leave kisses on your cheek. Sometimes he would go a little abroad causing you to back off a little

“Yah Bambam, stop that! I only agreed to cuddle with you, nothing more”

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He would wrap his hand with your and lay down in bed as you both tell each other about your day

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He would play with your hair while placing soft kisses on your cheek

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He would wrap his hands around you and suddenly start to smile

“Why are you smiling so hard?” “I just really really really love you”

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You would run your fingers through his soft hair, causing him to moan due to the wonderful feeling that was sent down his spine.

“I swear to god, if anyone walked in on us now they would think we were having sex or something”

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Kon Kon

Morning - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Here you go, Anon! I really hope you like this. ^-^)



Propping yourself up in bed, you looked out the window of your room. The morning sunshine was streaming in, covering the carpet in a golden glow. Light satin curtains blew in the breeze that danced in through the open window. Leaning back against your fluffy white pillow, you reached over for the pack of cigarettes that sat on the bed-side table. Pulling one out and placing it in your mouth with one hand, you used the other to push your unruly short hair back out of your face. Reaching for the lighter and lighting your cigarette, you turned and looked at Newt sleeping beside you.

Studying his face, you took a deep breath in, feeling the familiar feeling of the hot smoke as it traveled down your throat. Closing your eyes for a moment, you felt the nicotine rush in your bloodstream. Reaching out a hand, you gently stroked Newt’s cheek. He slept on, but murmured something softly under his breath and shifted on the pillow.

Taking the cigarette out of your mouth for a moment, you leaned in and placed a light kiss on his lips. Hovering there over his mouth for a few seconds, you watched as his brilliant green eyes flickered open. He blinked once, still disoriented from sleep before becoming aware of you leaning over him. “Hm…” He hummed quietly and reached up to pull you in for another kiss.

He could taste the smoke on your lips and in your mouth, and he moaned, hungry for more as you moved so you were straddling his waist. “Shhhh.” You pulled back and smiled down at him, taking another drag from your cigarette and sending a plume of smoke up into the air.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” Newt whispered, staring up at how the slowly shifting sunlight made your hair seem to glow.

“So are you.” You returned softly, running your finger down his neck and tracing the bit of his collarbone that could be seen above his loose white shirt. Making eye contact, you slowly raised your finger to your mouth and kissed it before touching it to his lips.

Newt’s mouth opened slightly, and he let out a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Darling…” Every time your fingers brushed his face or you left a brief butterfly kiss on his cheek, he fell more in love with you.

“I love you, Newt.” You whispered, fingers tracing his high cheekbones.

“I love you too.” Was the reply as he pulled you down and kissed you firmly.

The smell of smoke still lingered in the air, mixing with the fresh smell that was coming from outside, though the cigarette lay long forgotten in the small ashtray by the bedside.

The Morning After

(Taehyung drabble #2) 

The warmth of the sun is starting to creep in, its bright light falling over your face, the heat is tickling you to wake up from your deep slumber. You raise your arm to cover your face while stretching out your limbs and that is when you find out that your legs are entangled with another pair of slender legs, owned by the boy whose hands are wrapped around your waist.

You look over to the boy sleeping soundly beside you, his face is half buried to the pillows, his body slightly facing you. You turn your body to face him and plant a kiss on his uncovered chest.

Your mind reminisce the night before, the first night of everything. The first night of your love making. Neither of you were virginal, but the both of you took your time for the night to finally happen, especially since both you and him have had so many bad experience in relationships. You were both haunted by disappointments, by unfulfilled hopes, by so many goodbyes. You needed time to make sure you were ready to commit to each other. And last night was the night.

Your heart starts to pound harder at the sight of his peaceful expression, his disheveled blonde hair parted in front of his forehead, messily spread to different direction, some laid flat on the pillows and some is curling on his head. You touch his cheeks lightly with your nails and start kissing his chin. 

His eyes start to flutter open at the touches, and you stop immediately when they are opened. He blinked his sleep away before lifting his gaze to look into your eyes, the depth of his gaze piercing through to cause your heartbeat to increase its pace one more time.

“Good morning, Tae…” you whispered, smiling sheepishly at him, trying to cover your blushing cheeks with the sleeves of the oversized shirt you are wearing.

He put his shirt on you once both of you were done having sex and you were suddenly shivering from cold. He wanted to give you warmth by doing so and by holding you close in his embrace.

He pulls you close and starts kissing your forehead lightly. You shudder at his warmth, his touches and kisses, reminding you of the love making you both had last night.

His early touches were hesitant, careful, soft and caring, before things got heated and you assured him that it was alright to take you further. The memory of last night’s love making started to come clearly in your mind and you close your eyes to replay it while savouring his current kisses and touches. The memory is still clear inside your head and your body remembers everything, you even have to press your thighs together when you can feel your center calling for his warmth.

“Why did you wake me up, love?” he whispered to you in a low voice that sends electric shocks to your nerves and you whimper in response. “Now that I am awaken, my body is craving to be inside of you once again.”

You open your eyes to stare into his lustful eyes, the corner of your lips are forming to a smirk. You kick off your legs to be released from him, then you make a little push and now you are straddling above him, both legs on the sides of his body while he is still lying on his back.

“Good,” you said, leaning down to kiss him. Your heated core is now above his crotch and you start grinding him slowly, earning a deep grunt to escape his beautiful lips. You continue leaving kisses trailing on his face until you reach the corner of his lips, “Because my body is also aching to have you inside me.”

Sleepy Head ~ TJ Perkins

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TJ x You

“ TJ, love..” you nudge your boyfriend who was sleeping besides you. His face nuzzled into the pillow, mumbling to himself in his sleep. 

“ Perkins” you shake his shoulder. That didn’t work. You tried patting his cheek. That didn’t work. So, you tried leaning down kissing his nose which made him twitch his nose. 

“mm” was the only sound that came from him.

“ No kisses for you then” His eyes opened, rolling on his back as he rubbed his eyes.  “ We have to get to the next city and your not even packed..” 

“ But I wanna snuggle with you” 

“ We can snuggle later love” he moaned reaching out for you, but you managed to escape his grip walking over to your suitcase closing it laughing as TJ rose his hands up in grabbing motion. 

“ Get up dork” you threw one of his shirts that was on the chair hanging. 

TJ and you got into the car driving together to the next city. He was the one driving while you had put on music singing loudly. He yawns, chuckling as he peeks at you from the corner of his eye.When the song finishes, he reaches for your hand, intertwining your fingers.

The drive is quicker than you thought filled with TJ laughing at your jokes, singing together, talking about memories from the past and telling each other little things you loved about each other. As you get to the next city, he is more awake by the time he parks the car. 

You wait for him as he unload the bags from the trunk. You two check into another hotel, sharing a room. When you two get into the hotel, you change into some sweats, a T-shirt and he changes into some basketball shorts and another shirt.

You pick up the phone from table wanting to get something to eat. It was later then the usual time you get to the next city. 

“ Y/N, what are you doing?” He pulls the cover from the bed, sliding in.

“ I’m hungry” you mumble. He shakes his head, “ Bed, cuddle. Now.” 

“ But I wanna eat and you must be hungry too” 

“ But-” 

He pouts, flashing you his puppy dog eyes with his arms open for you. You sigh, putting the phone back knowing you can’t win over with him while he’s being adorable. You crawl in next to him, he wraps his arms around you pulling you into his chest. You snuggle into him, closing your eyes. 

Before you could fall asleep, you hear small snores coming from your boyfriend as he’s fast asleep. As you raise your head to look at him, he has a small smile on his lips. 

“ Have a nice nap love” you kiss his clothed chest before falling asleep.