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Preference #17

The first time you kiss:

Harry: I cheered as loud as I could as Harry caught the golden snitch and won the game. I ran down as quickly as I could, dodging the cheering crowd to get to Harry. His team had surrounded him cheering and patting him on the back. “H-Harry!” I tried to shout over the group of people around him. It was no use. I tried to push through to him but my height got in the way, I was too short to see where he was any longer. I stopped and looked around me. There were people in Gryffindor colors everywhere, they all looked the same. “Harry.” I cried out, desperately wanting to congratulate him. “(Y/N)” I heard a familiar voice shout. I turned and squinted my eyes, trying to find the source of the voice. I kept turning looking for the mystery person until I turned right to face Harry. I smiled as relief filled my body. “There you are.” He spoke loudly, but I still could barely hear him. I went to say something but he pulled me in for a surprising kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist, I wrapped mine around his neck. I could feel myself smile into the kiss as people around us cheered.  

Ron: My head was on Ron’s lap as he struggled to finish his potions homework. I smiled every time Ron grunted and scribbled out what he just previously wrote. It was getting late and the fire in the common room was making me extremely sleepy. I have been friends with Ron ever since I met him in first year. It was only Ron, me, and a few other randoms left in the common room. My eyes were beginning to close as the crackling fire and Ron breathing were putting me to sleep. “Oh, shit.” I heard Ron say above me, as he quickly scribbled out what he wrote on the parchment. I smiled, imagining his face with my eyes closed. I slipped off into a daydream, not fully awake but not quite asleep. All of a sudden I felt a warmth on my lips. I smiled then realized what was happening. I open my eyes as the warmth went away. I sat up from Ron’s lap so quickly I almost collided with his head. “Was that you?” I asked. His parchment and book were now on the table beside him. He nodded awkwardly. “You just looked so gorgeous lying there..I don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry.” His cheeks began to turn red. “Oh. Uh. No. That’s okay. I didn’t mind.”I said, heat rising to my cheeks. “Oh” was all he said in return, a slight smile forming on his lips. “I mean. I wish you did it when I was aware of what was happening. It would have probably been a better kiss that way too.” I said, laughing slightly. Ron didn’t laugh back, his face was serious. Instead he reached his hand up behind my head and pulled me in. His lips attached to mine. My whole body was filled with bliss as we kissed. When he pulled away, he spoke. “Yeah, you’re right. That was a better kiss.” He said causing us both to laugh and me to blush even harder. 

Fred: I had been dating Fred for a week now. He wasn’t one to express his feelings very often and he had been giving me the cold shoulder ever since he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was aggravated, to be honest. I was walking out into the cool air, towards the quidditch field, to watch the game between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I was walking near a few stragglers as everyone was already down in the stands. I pulled my scarlet and gold scarf on tighter as the wind blew past me. When I looked up from watching my feet move, I saw a red haired boy walking towards me. “Fred?” I asked, focusing my eyes. “What are you doing? You’re suppose to be playing right now?” He was now only a foot in front of me. “I-I..I couldn’t. I mean I will but I can’t just yet.” I stared at him, even more confused than before. “What? That doesn’t make sense? I don’t-” He cut me off by pulling me close into him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips almost touching mine, and he spoke so softly that I almost couldn’t hear him over the roaring wind. “I can’t play because all I've been thinking about is you. I tried to stay away because I’ve never really had a girlfriend and I didn’t know how to act. But all I've been thinking about is doing this and I can’t get it off my mind. If I don’t do it now, I fear I’ll get to distracted about it during the game.” His warm breath on my lips cause me to blush. I was about to question what he meant when his lips crashed on to mine. His kiss set fire to my skin. My whole body warmed up and his lips moved in sync with mine. As he pulled away from the kiss I found myself wanting more. “I think I’ll be alright to play now, but I expect a victory kiss from you.” He said grabbing my hand and walking down to the field with me.

George: George always thought he could win a bet, but not this time. “I bet I can get a kiss from a boy before by 6pm today.” I smirked, crossing my arms. “Well I bet I can get two.” I laughed at his choice of words, “What? Kisses from boys?” He smirked and narrowed his eyes, “From girls.” He said while rolling his eyes.“So, its a bet then? Who ever can get a kiss by 6pm first wins?” I crossed my arms and nodded in agreement. ~~~

“(Y/N), it’s 5:58! Look, George has finally flirted with that girl enough, I think they’re about to kiss.” I hadn’t kissed anyone and neither has he, but he was about to win. I had less than two minutes. “5:59!” My friend said loudly. I saw George about to make his move, barely about to make it before 6. I got an idea so quickly I had no time to think it through. A tie. It was better than losing to George. I ran as quick as my feet could move out of the Great Hall and straight up to George. I grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards me, “(Y/N), I’m about to win, you can’t interf-” I kissed him. I had my arms around his neck and made it sweet and forceful. I pulled away and right as I did, my friend came up behind me saying “6 o’clock, it’s over.” George stood there in shock. “A tie.” I said proud of my quick wit. “No one loses.” I said confidently. George’s expression didn’t change, he eyes still wide and dilated, not speaking. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad-” George’s arms wrapped around me, cutting me off, as he pulled me in for a much longer kiss.

Draco: “What do you mean you’ve never been kissed?” I turned around so quickly, I swear I almost broke my neck. It was Draco. Standing right over me, his hands slouched in his pockets. “Please. This is private. I’d really appreciate if you didn’t read over my shoulder.” I was busy writing a note to my bestfriend who goes to muggle school. Draco just happened to read over the most recent sentence I wrote saying how I still haven’t kissed anyone. He took a seat next to me on the bench. “Why is it that no one wants to kiss you? Are you just that unlikable?” He cocked his head, a wicked look covering his features. I folded my letter and slipped it into my bag. “No! I just don’t want to kiss anyone.” I lied, keeping my face emotionless, covering up my embarrassment. “Oh, so if I offered to kiss you,  you just wouldn’t want to?” He asks, raising an eyebrow smirking. I could definitely feel my face begin to go red. “N-no. No I wouldn’t” I say, very unconvincingly. He then leaned dangerously close to me. “So, if I asked right now to kiss you, you’d say no? Because I really want to kiss you.” I feel my heart stop. I’ve always thought Draco was cute but never thought this situation would happen to me. My mouth froze up. I was unable to answer him. “Can I?” He asked leaning closer. I nodded as he closed the gap between us. I felt lightning shoot through my body as his hand went to the back of my neck. When he pulled away, I was left speechless. “Well” He said kind of awkwardly. “I’ll see you in potions.” He said with a wink, all the awkwardness he had just previously expressed, vanishing. As he walked away, he did a double take causing me to blush. I pulled my letter out and quickly crossed off my last sentence and wrote “You’ll never believe what just happened.”

Neville: Neville was one of the less sociable students in my class. He sat in front of me a few seats in Transfiguration and I always caught myself staring at him. I hated when Draco would turn around and make fun of him. It made me so mad. Neville was such a sweetheart. I had worked on a project with him a few weeks back and we had been friends ever since. At the end of class I saw Draco saying something to Neville. It looked like Neville was upset. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and walked over to them. “Failed another test, Longbottom? How stupid are you?” Draco said, laughing. I cut right between him. “Stop it!” I said loudly to Draco. “How dare you talk to him like that. He is so much better than you. And just so you know, I saw your test and guess what, you failed it too. So why don’t you just get out of here.” I said. Draco looked embarrassed as his face reddened and he stormed out with Crabbe and Goyle. “What a know it all. She doesn’t even know what shes talking about.” I heard him say as he walked out the door. “Thanks.” Neville said shyly to me as we walked out of the class together. “No problem. Thats what friends do, right?” I said smiling at him. “Well, I have to go to the library. I’ll see you later?” I asked, kissing him on the cheek. I turned around to head down the hall when I felt him grab my hand. “Wait.” He said, spinning me around. “Wha-” I began but he cut me off, kissing my on the lips. I was shocked, and didn’t know what to do. I finally decided to close my eyes and kiss back. I pulled away and blushed. “Sorry.” He muttered. “No. That was okay. Really.” I smiled. “I’ll find you when I’m done in the Library, okay?” I asked. He nodded and I headed down the hall, my heart erupting in my chest.

((Sorry this is so long. I kept getting carried away. -Lauren))

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"He doesn't know Frank its not his fault" I spoke all my problems out to the gorgeous Thunderbird and he perched beside me. "I just wish that Newt would Notice me. You know?" Frank didn't respond of course, I let out a sigh and stoked Franks soft feathers. "I just don't know what to do about it" Frank offered no advice. "Do about what?" I jumped as Newt's voice rang out+

+ “do about my….hair…yes my hair” I laughed awkwardly. “Well I think it looks great” newt mumbled slightly. I sighed, I should tell him. But no, I had to chicken out. Again.