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If you look at the "Riverdale | Riverdale Season 1 Photoshoot | The CW" video at point 0.07, you can see LiliCole standing beside each other in the background looking at some device (camera?) + snacking. Also Cole (not sure about Cheryl) is the only young cast member not in the background at point 0.01, when Lili is doing her solo photo shoot, which in my shipper mind means that he is up front watching her pose. Think he may sneakily have his hand on her right shoulder or back at point 0.25.

good spotted my dude! (lol @ this pic) 

What I love most about this video tho (besides Cole putting his arm on Lilis shoulder as per usual of course) is that they are the only ones making these fugly faces! 

This Photo Has a Deeper Meaning Than Some Realize

So, in Japan, Onsen are not big enough to swim in generally. Finding an onsen that is around a meter deep is rare. They are usually deep enough to reach your chest depending on how you sit or kneel.

Thanks to these photos, we know how deep the water really is.

Meaning in the original photo…

…they are sitting or kneeling beside one another. If you look closely at Yurio, you can see his knees, so he’s sitting.

So as the water isn’t deep, and Yuuri is so close to Victor, you can bet they are sitting beside each other, naked(as clothing is not permitted in onsen) and touching lightly at the very least. So as Victor’s arm is wrapped so firmly around Yuuri’s shoulders and he’s too close to be leaning into the hold… infer what you wish.


The Case of Separated Cockles.

GIF 1: Misha is quietly signing his posters. 

GIF 2: Jensen tries to move closer to Misha but is asked to go back to his place. Misha notices.

GIF 3: Then Misha disappears from his seat. 

GIF 4: Misha magically finds himself beside Jensen. It is important to note that Misha took the long way around to buy himself some time but sadly it didn’t work. Misha is asked to go back to his place.

And after the autograph session, they magically ended up beside each other to take pictures. 

Honestly I know everyone’s talking about bellarke sex in that beautiful bed but like…. seeing Clarke so soft in that room but with an uncertainty about her, like she can’t remember what it’s like to have something nice, seeing Bellamy so hopeless and wrung out…. it just made me ACHE for a scene where they get to hold each other, make each other feel human again, lie in that big bed and just /be/ beside each other. Just imagine bellarke holding each other in that soft lighting, forgetting that the end of the world is coming because it feels like their whole world is already there, in their arms…


Tfw you crack ship Chloe and Nino for the sake of fic but then you get all these cute pictures in your head like

  • Chloe painting her toenails on Nino’s couch and using him as a back rest while he works on his music (she’s totally wearing one of his shirts)
  • Instagram post of a bundle of blankets with blonde hair sticking out and the caption “my girl has serious bedhead”
  • Charity event with them both wearing Stand Up to Cancer shirts
  • Retweet of DJ Bubbler’s latest album promo with a string of heart emojis
  • Pre-dating but totally aware of each other’s feelings, Nino pins Chloe down to get her to shut up about something, she stares up at him with huge eyes and her face all red, he just laughs at her (Adrien is on the recliner watching them like “Get a rooooom”)
  • Chloe wearing Nino’s glasses and screaming that he’s blind
  • Standing beside each other, Chloe holding a cup of coffee out to him and blushing while she drinks her own
  • Chloe has fallen asleep!! with her head!! on his shoulder!!!!
  • Forehead kiss ajdksfh’alskdjfh’laskjdfhasgldkjhfas

*tumbles into rare pair hell*

Klance stuff

• Lance finding out Keith is ticklish and takes advantage of it while cuddling so he can hear him laugh.

• Keith teaching Lance hand to hand and kissing every bruise he made on his boyfriend and telling Lance he’s improving.

• Ever since they started sleeping beside each other, Lance makes it a point to wake up first so he can wake Keith up with soft kisses all over his face, neck and shoulders.

• Keith loves it but sometimes Lance’s stubble tickles him so he tries to hide in Lance’s chest or under the covers.

• Keith was reluctant and hella stiff when Lance first tried to give him a massage before sleeping. Now he loves when Lance massages him and Lance loves running his hands all over his boyfee.

• Lance loves it when Keith wears his clothes and Keith loves the look on Lance’s face when he sees him wearing his clothes.

• The first time they bathed together was in a bathtub because showering (standing naked together) was a bit too much. So they had fun with the bubbles and Lance scrubbed Keith clean because he is NOT gonna stand having a greasy sweaty boyfriend all the time. After that they almost always bathe together.

• Keith likes smelling like Lance’s shampoo and Lance loves Keith clean and smelling like his shampoo.

• Lance gets addicted to running his fingers through Keith’s hair but also grumbling how this mullet wouldnt even be this fluffy without his help.

•When Lance gets into his moods being homesick, Keith can always tell so he drags Lance off to the hangars so he can hold Lance near Blue. Blue’s comforting purrs and Keith’s warmth always helps.

• When they actually fight/argue for real Keith starts to get teary eyed because no NO he doesnt want to fight with Lance NO.

• Lance on the other hand hates it when Keith cries because Keith NEVER cries and knowing he’s the reason for it breaks his heart so they cool off and talk and cuddle and Lance kisses Keith’s face all over.

• Before they got together, Keith tries his best to bond with Pidge and Hunk like helping Pidge with her tinkering and helping Hunk with cooking (No) because he wants thier acceptance in dating their best friend.

• Pidge and Hunk laugh it off and assures Keith he doesnt need to do that because Keith’s already a-ok in their book. Meanwhile Lance was doing the same thing Keith was doing with Shiro.

• They’re still rivals even when dating and get into more silly competitions like who can carry who longer through the hallways or who can last longer in a kiss without needing air.

• When one of them comes out of the healing pod the other is always there with a blanket and a hug ready.

• Lance likes to roll the both of them up in a blanket like a borrito so Keith can never escape when Lance tickles him.

• The first time an alien tried to flirt with Keith, Lance short circuited and kinda just draped himslef all over Keith blabbering hey met my boyfriend? Isnt my boyfriend great? What were u and my boyfriend talking about? Have I mentioned he’s my boyfriend???

• After that incident Keith reminded himself to always stay close to Lance and be quick to shoot down any alien.

• Needless to say Lance had turned from ‘Wow they’re hot i wanna flirt with them’ to ‘Shit they’re hot gotta keep my bae close so he wont get taken away’

• Keith is touch starved. He always hold hands with Lance, locks ankles with Lance at the dining table, tightens Lance’s hold around his waist when spooning, hugs Lance from behind when he least expects it, buries his face in the crook of Lance’s neck when cuddling, lets Lance pull him to his lap even when theres plenty of space in the couch. Keith loves it. Lance loves it. Its a win-win.

• Sometimes they lay awake in bed just to stare deeply into each other’s eyes until Lance or even Keith breaks the moment with a joke/witty comment and they start laughing and hugging tangled in a sea of sheets.

• They’re a power couple the team didnt even know they needed and expected.

• To Lance’s delight, Keith is actually a child at heart. Its sad that Keith grew up as an orphan and never expirienced the nicer part of being a kid but Lance makes him happy by giving him his first surprise bday party, his first Merry Christmas with presents with the whole gang, makes him decorate the odd blue tree they found with him. Keith’s smiles always wide and happy and genuin.

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  • Viktor: *calls Yuri* I had the craziest dream that you married me.
  • Yuri: I did marry you. It happened 3 years ago. Also, It's like 3 in the morning right now. Stop calling me when we're right beside each other.
  • (source- @trashcanniballecter)
Just witnessed some amazing petty revenge done by my 6 y.o son.

TL;DR at the bottom.

A bit of background: my son (we’ll call him Ben) is 6 years old. He’s very quiet and polite, but sometimes has trouble sticking up for himself. He takes a bit to warm up to someone, but when he does, he’s very sweet.

Anyway, last month we’re on a trip to visit my wife’s family on the other side of the Pacific ocean for a family reunion. There, my son meets my wife’s 8 y.o nephew, who we’ll call Drake. They get along straight away, playing video games and sharing toys and sitting beside each other in the car every where we go.

However, it doesn’t take long before Drake gets comfortable having a little brother around and starts becoming a bit of a brat. He starts ordering Ben around, playing unfairly, talking down to my son and blaming him for every time he’s punished by his parents. Now since I’m on vacation, I’m there to see it all, and for the most part my son isn’t instigating any of this (I’m not being a biased parent, I swear).

It broke my heart to watch Ben play games just to lose against Drake (everything was a competition and Drake had to beat Ben or else he’d throw a fit). Regardless, Ben would still look to play with Drake first thing every morning, and would always look to share any gifts he got from relatives or make sure his cousin Drake gets ice cream too when we go out. Be even gave Drake his spare Nintendo DS stylus so they could play Mario Party together (which of course Drake had to win at or else he wouldn’t play).

Anyway, 3 weeks of that go by and I’ve almost had enough by the time we got to the airport to go home. Standing in the check-in line, they were playing tag. Every time Ben was “it”, Drake would say ‘no tag backs’ or 'I’m paused’ every time Ben would tag Drake. Well, we get checked in and head to the security gate where we say our goodbyes to my brother-in law’s-family. After hugs and tears, we start heading into the gate, but my son turns around and sprints after J, tags him in the back and yells out “You’re it!” before running back to us and through the gate where his cousin would have no chance to tag him back. Separated by the largest ocean in the world, my son definitely got the last laugh and I was the proudest dad that day.

Edit: Changed the names to Ben (previously B) and Drake (previously J)

TL;DR My son fell victim to “Little Brother Syndrome” by his cousin whom we were visiting, but got the last laugh as we were leaving the country.