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Brief Summary:  Coulson tries to hook up his close friend with Steve Rogers just so he can fanboy

Words: 2183

Warnings: fluff, lots and lots of cute fluff and Coulson being cute

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Female!Reader

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You were a lower agent, mostly just doing paperwork for Fury, but you always did seem his favorite. He enjoyed you not sassing him back about what he did, but you would discuss with him what you would have done. You had to be the less sassiest person in SHIELD, and sometimes it wasn’t fun.Well while Steve Rogers, Captain America, was under your and Agent Coulson care, you both took turns looking after him. You both were pretty big fans, and well you developed a small crush on him. But you knew your chances of being with the Captain America didn’t exist.That was until Loki.

When Loki decided he wanted Earth, Coulson brought you in on the case against Fury wishes. Fury didn’t want to see you get hurt. Besides the Avengers needed someone strong like you to get them through it. Plus you were kinda like their caretaker, someone had to make sure everything was okay after all.Steve was standing in the control room just looking around as Coulson joined him, without saying a word at first. But soon they talked about his training cards, but slowly like every time the topic drifted to you.

“You know (Name) has really pretty eyes, like the way her (E/C) eyes sparkle is amazing,” Coulson said trying to drag Steve into the topic again.

“She does.” Steve couldn’t help the small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He had started developing a major crush on you, but with 70 years on the ice, he didn’t think he would act on it. Besides he was way too old for you, and with all the other SHIELD agents clearly taking a liking to you. Well, he still saw himself as the little kid from Brooklyn when he saw you.

“And the way her hair frames her face, the way she smiles, she’s-” Coulson talked trying so hard to get Steve interested in you. He knew you two would be so cute together, plus then he could get everything signed. But really Coulson wanted you to find someone to be happy with, ever since you took this job he tried to make sure you were happy. He was like you father figure, and it always made everything easier.

“Beautiful, She’s truly beautiful.” Steve smiles warmly, looking down, a slight blush coming to his cheeks. He couldn’t believe he was really admitting it, but everyone knew you were beautiful. Even though you just thought you were average, clearly nothing compared to Natasha.

“Who’s beautiful?” You asked walking in the room only hearing the last part. You didn’t think for one second that they’d be talking about you. Why would they ever talk about you? Besides Coulson slight teasing about how Steve can’t take his eyes off you, you never really believed he would think of you as more than a friend.Steve’s face went beat red as he tried to find the words to say, but they escaped him. There was no way he had a chance with you. He was just a kid from Brooklyn. You were this strong, independent women won’t didn’t need someone who didn’t even know how to work a toaster. Coulson smirked seeing this and easily covered. 

“The ship, she’s a thing of beauty right? Nothing else like her.” He shot a soft wink to you, unnoticed by Steve.

“Oh yeah, she’s pretty.” You chuckled softly, your eyes lingering on Steve’s face a little long than they should of. But you quickly glanced away when his eyes met yours. You had things to do, not involving fantasizing about Steve’s gorgeous blue eyes or his amazing personality.

You quickly walked over to agent hill, thankful your job didn’t require you to wear heels, especially on this ship. “Agent Hill, I have some papers you need to sign.” You two talked for a while though.

Coulson lightly elbowed Steve, “You should tell her. She’s single you know. I can tell you like her.” He smirks lightly, he wanted this to happen for both of you guys.

“Oh no, Coulson, she doesn’t fancy me. We barely even talk, plus I’m sure she’d rather have someone like Tony.” Steve spoke, in a whisper, so you wouldn’t hear them.

“Tony?” Coulson huffed, “She rather despises that man. But maybe she likes you, maybe she doesn’t. Just ask her out, it might get you in good with Fury.” Coulson knew Steve didn’t care about getting in good with Fury, but he really wanted you two together.

“Fine, but when she says no can you please tell her you made me do it? I don’t want it to be awkward.” Steve sighed, quickly leaving the control room. He had to figure out how in the world he was going to ask you.Coulson just smirked and stood there, when you came back up to him and sighed. 

“Man this ship is huge, think Fury will let me ride around on a Segway?” you chuckled quietly to yourself, for a SHIELD agent you sure were lighthearted. Especially around Coulson, you two would talk for hours giggling like school children.A smirk just formed on Coulson’s lips before playfully nudging you. 

“Maybe if you ask really REALLY nicely, Tony might build you a jet pack.” Your face scrunched up at the mention of Tony Stark, he was only cool when you two were alone. Other than that he acted like a jackass and a womanizer. Hell, you had told Pepper on him a few times just to watch him get into trouble. Everyone could see you two hated each other, yet alone you guys were pretty close. He even knew about your crush on Steve, well in your defense you only told him cause you were drunk. But that didn’t matter now you were subjected to every lasting teasing.

“I don’t think I would trust any of Tony’s inventions, he’d do something to it to embarrass me.” You chuckled quietly loudly, earning a glare from Agent Hill as you blushed. Coulson smirks devilishly before you light smacked his chest with the file.

“Hey don’t hit me, I’m getting you in good with Rogers.” He whispered watching your cheeks go bright red. You stared at him in disbelief before shaking your head quickly.

“Please leave that alone, he doesn’t like me alright? Tony is already having a field day with it.” You huffed slightly before you got paged. Before Coulson could say a word you walked away with a smile. Great, you were needed in the lab, what did Tony do this time.

Easily find your way to the lab you looking around a bit confused, Tony and Bruce were gone. That wasn’t normal, not at all. Why were you needed in the lab if no one was there? You walked over towards Tony’s desk looking for a clue when you saw a small sticky note with your name on it.

Picking it up you quickly read it out loud to yourself;

(Name), Meet me on the landing strip tonight. Don’t ask questions, I just need some clarification on a few things. Nothing bad, promise. Oh, don’t listen to Tony’s lies either.-Steve

You swallowed nervously, why did Steve want to talk to you up there alone? You shook your head, it was probably about this Loki situation and Steve didn’t want to be made fun of for not understanding something. Quickly you exited the lab before Tony or Bruce returned. Coulson had found you easily he always knew where you’d like to go to be alone. Including that small all windowed room on the backside of the ship.

“Hey, you.” He said leaning in the door away before walking over. You quickly explained the note, because honestly there was no hiding anything from him. He squealed with joy before quickly heading off to your room with him.“You have to get the right outfit!” He huffed and you just shook your head staring at him. You had never seen him this excited. 

“You need something Steve will love!” Then it clicked in your head, the note, Steve blushing, Coulson’s weird behavior. 

“You didn’t..” You whispered realizing he must have put Steve up to this. How could he do that to you?

“(Name) don’t be silly. Just get ready.” He hummed looking through your closet. He picked out a beautiful pale yellow sundress. “This will be perfect.”

“Coulson I hardly dress like that, Tony will have a field day..” You huffed but took the dress and went into the bathroom to change anyway. You always trusted Coulson and you hoped he knew what he was doing.Soon you were dressed and your hair was all dolled up, but you avoided makeup. It wasn’t like you and you didn’t wanna set Steve off. Coulson nearly dragged you up the stairs before pushing you out the door.

You huffed and smoothed out your dress with your hands nervously. That was until you saw Steve’s figure. Walking over slowly you see he’s dressed nicely as well, not in his normal plaid and jeans.Secretly you knew Coulson had something to do with this as well. “Hey, Steve. Uh- you wanted to see me?” The first thing you see is Steve’s brilliant blue eyes and that shy smile on his lips. His hand awkward hands shove a small flower in front of your face. 

“This- this is for you.” He cleared his throat and smiled.

“Awh thanks, Steve, that’s sweet of you.” You hum softly, taking the flower and twirling it under your nose to smell it. There was a long awkward pause before Steve shifted, the soft meat clanking beneath his feet.

“You look really nice.” His voice is soft and you almost didn’t hear him. Glancing up at him, a soft blush comes to your cheeks.

“Thanks, Steve. You do as well.” You smile warmly, hoping to get rid of his awkwardness. But you understood why he was awkward. He’s been frozen 70 years and doesn’t know how to act around women (he possibly likes). He smiles back before nodding to himself. 

“Yup.. ima do it.” He mumbles before you look up at him confused.

“What are you-“ 

you started before his soft lips cut you off. Your eyes went wide as you stumbled backward.He grabbed you before you could fall, his cheeks instantly going red. Thinking he read everything wrong, 

"I’m so sorry. I- I’ll go.” Once you were stable on your feet again he let go and quickly walked back down into the ship.You stood there confused for a moment. 

“Wait Steve likes me. Like likes me.” You mumble to yourself before running after him without a second thought.He was just about to pass by Tony’s lab when you caught up with him. “Steve wait please!” Your words make him stop and look at you shyly. Before you could even process it, you threw your arms around his neck, kissing him just as softly as he had kissed you. He was surprised but wrapped his arms around your waist.The kiss was sweet and innocent, no tongue, not very open either. But enough to make your heart skip a beat. When you two finally pulled away, he pressed his forehead against yours softly. 

“You have no clue how long I’ve wanted to do that.” You smile and open your mouth to respond as you hear slow clapping. You wince slightly looking over to see you two were standing in front of the lab’s glass doors.

“Well well well (Name), Steve, it’s and out time.” Tony chuckles before looking over to Bruce. “You owe me five.” You roll your eyes at Tony before looking back to a blushing, smiling Steve. 

“Hey, you wanna get out of here or something?” You speak with charm and a grin.Steve looks confused for a moment before slowly realizing what you meant. 

“Yes, I would like that very much.” He smiles and takes your hand heading off down the hall.

“What are we, Steve?” You whisper slightly, looking up at him. You knew he was old fashion and you hoped this meant you two were dating but you weren’t sure.

“Why (Name), we’re going steady. That was the point of kissing you, I couldn’t find any words.” He smiles sheepishly down at you before squeezing your hand lovingly.

“You can lose your words any time around me.” You giggle and watch him nod. Walking down the hall you hear footsteps behind you.Coulson’s hands on your shoulder and Steve’s. 

“Now that I got you two happily together,” he turned to Steve holding out a pen and a Captain America poster.“Will you sign my poster?”

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Daughter of the Shield (Part 1)

Warnings: Swearing

Type: Series


August of 1939

Peggy Carter stood on the small balcony of the apartment she had just purchased in Brooklyn.  Steve would have loved the view.   Peggy looked down at her growing stomach, smiling at the thought of the little one growing inside her.  Upon finding out she was pregnant Peggy was the most terrified she had ever been.  And knowing she would have to raise Steve’s child without him crushed her.  But she had to be strong, for both her and the child.  “We’re going to be alright” She whispered.  The baby kicked in response. 

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Pairings: Tony Stark X Pepper Potts,Pepperony. 

Warning: Nightmares,panic attack,emotionally damaged tony.

Words:  570

A/N: For @dailypepperony ‘s #pepperonyweek2017 

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Flashes. Flashes of darkness.



JARVIS’ voice in his ears.

The heaviness.The heaviness of the weight of the world.

Pressure. The pressure of the millions of people relying on him to save them.

Flashes Again.

Creatures not of this world. A world far colder than this. Gods and Aliens alike,far more superior.

There is brightness,and then in a flash, there is darkness.

There is a bright flare,as the strange world before his eyes bursts.

Then there is the pull of gravity,as he falls. The wetness on his cheek as a tear slips out. There it is,the last thing he sees; the wormhole closing in on itself. A peaceful smile spreads across him,as he realizes he did what he always wanted to do. To become what he always wanted to be. A hero that saved the world. And then there is darkness,complete and utter darkness. He is in peace for a moment. But then,flashes again.

He opens his eyes to see a murky brown sky. Clouds of smoke cover the half destroyed,some fallen buildings. He gets up with a gasp.





All around him.

His heart beats fast.

There is a red gloved hand lying next to him. He lets out a whimper,crawling back. It’s Steve,and there beside him lies Coulson. Both dead,lifeless,staring into an abyss. He frantically gets up,spinning around catching sight of his dead teammates. He loses his breath. Somehow it feels like the arc reactor is no longer in his chest,his heart no longer working,But then he looks down but its their,lightened and working.


A voice sings to him. A voice he considers home. And then all of a sudden he sees a certain redhead,lying on a pile of rubble. “No!"His heart screams. He stumbles over to the body. Only to scream.

"PEPPER!” He shouts himself awake.

Pepper is sitting besides him on the bed,working on a company report,as he shouts himself awake. She immediately pushes away the laptop and crawls over to Tony.

“Hey,hey!” She whispers to him softly,aware of not touching him as of yet.

Tony feels like he is dying all over again. He can’t breath,it feels like the covers he is tangled in are choking him. He struggles to push them off as he gasps for oxygen. Peppers helps him free herself. She grasps his large hand,slowly encasing it in her small ones. “Tony honey! I am here. Shhh. Its ok.”

Her hand trails up his arms slowly,knowing it will calm him down. She turns him towards her with his shoulder,as he starts calming down. He stares into her oceanic eyes,a constant in his ephemeral life. And then he hugs her,caging her in his arms as he holds onto her for dear life. Because with her touch it was all okay. And if it wasn’t then this was not the end.

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She’s had worse.

She’s had worse and she definitely doesn’t need anyone telling her that she has a few bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder when she clearly knows she has a few bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

Even if that someone is Jemma, whose voice filters in and out of Daisy’s ears and deserves to be heard. Daisy’s shoulder burns and every breath she takes burns but she can’t bring herself to follow Jemma and leave the hospital bed.

She can’t bring herself to leave May.

(Not ever again.)

She’s sedated for now, lying so still and so silent, while Daisy thinks she’s probably had enough of that. Coulson sleeps besides the bed, head cradled in his hands and finally able to rest now that she’s back. But Daisy can’t rest. She can’t stop staring at the woman in the bed and Daisy herself cradling her own shoulder and trying not to grimace as Jemma stands besides her.

“Daisy.” Jemma whispers.

“Daisy.” Jemma says.

Daisy!” Jemma shouts, and then lowers her voice when Coulson stirs.

But Daisy can’t leave May, not now, not again, not ever again. She shifts in her seat and grinds her teeth as she reaches out and takes May’s callous hand in her own. Yep, definitely a dislocated shoulder. But she’s had worse than a few bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder, and she needs to be by May’s side when she wakes up.

It’s the least she can do, really.

In his seat, Coulson snores.

“Fine. Don’t go to the doctor. Be that way.” Jemma huffs, throwing her hands up towards the ceiling. Daisy watches out of the corner of her eye as Jemma leaves, opening the door with force but then carefully shutting the door behind her quietly.

Because no matter how much Jemma is furious, she won’t risk waking up Coulson.

And that’s that, at least for a little while. Daisy holds May’s hand and ignores the pain and the guilt of ignoring Jemma, and Coulson stays asleep for the first time in weeks. It stays that way for seconds and minutes and maybe even hours until Daisy lets go of May’s hand to lean forward, stifling a moan, and brushing off a piece of hair that somehow fell into May’s face. And that’s when the door opens again.


She sighs, and looks towards Fitz who looks at her with such care and love that Daisy still doesn’t know how she deserves to be looked at.

Jemma stands next to him, her arms crossed, looking at Daisy with the same exact expression.

“I can’t, Fitz.” Daisy whispers.

“Why not?” Jemma whispers back.

Daisy’s shoulder burns and every breath she takes burns.

Because she’s had it worse, but she’s never felt worse.

Because she deserves to feel the pain.

(Because she left and everyone noticed and May left and nobody did.)

And because they know her so well, she doesn’t even have to say it aloud. And she knows them so well, she knows that they feel the same.

Fitz and Jemma step towards her and Fitz touches her uninjured shoulder and Jemma takes her hand.

“Please, Daisy.” Fitz murmurs, gesturing with his head towards the door.

“We don’t want to see you hurt more than you need to.” Jemma adds, rubbing Daisy’s hand with her thumb.

Daisy blinks, and nods slightly. She gives May one last glance and gives Coulson a quick gaze. Then she lets them help her out of the chair, and out of the room.

She’s had it worse.

And she’s always had Fitz and Jemma to help her though it all.

A Fix It

Hey look I wrote again!  Little fix it/missing scene from World’s End.  Huge thanks to @fitzsimmonsavengers for the beta.  

This isn’t real. 

This isn’t real. 

This isn’t real. 

Fitz repeated the mantra even as AIDA pulled him away from ‘Jemma’s’ body and pinned him roughly against the monitors. He had programmed the LMD himself but it still did nothing to lessen the shock of seeing those eyes he loved so much staring back at him dim or her agonized screams from echoing in his ears. AIDA’s breath on his ear broke him from his thoughts and made his skin crawl all at once. 

This was very real.

“I am going to kill everyone you love, right in front of you. And there is nothing you can do to stop me,” she purred into his ear and sent another shiver down his spine. Cold lips pressed against his cheek and he couldn’t fully suppress the noise of revulsion that he let out as he pulled against her iron grip.

“Your beloved Jemma was simply a warm up, how about we go see Coulson now? Then May, Daisy, and Mack…until it’s just you and me like it was in the Framework.”

Fitz’s eyes snapped wide, this hadn’t been part of the plan. 

Before he could voice his protest or even try to pull away the now familiar sensation of her teleportation abilities took hold and she whisked him away once more.

Jemma took a calming breath and pressed herself against the wall outside of the room the gate was in. The cool metal of the machine gun heavy in her hands. She had never handled a weapon like this before but found it necessary when it came to facing down Fitz’s tormentor once and for all. The thought of what AIDA had done to him made her blood boil and heart break. After breaking down in the pod they hadn’t had a chance to talk properly. Coulson giving them as much time as he dared before he came to get them. AIDA had set her own plan in motion, starting with shutting down the Framework. Not only was Fitz needed to help Daisy protect Mack and Elena but he was working with her on a solution for AIDA herself. 

Once they were out of this she would ask him to go somewhere safe where the evils of the world couldn’t touch them. Where they could be alone to start what would be the long process of healing, together. A small pop came from the room followed by AIDA’s voice forced her attention back to the situation at hand,

“Agent Coulson, do you really think you can stop me from taking the Darkhold?”

Jemma took another breath to steady herself before she began to carefully pick her way around the rubble to enter the room.

“Let Fitz go and we’ll talk about it,” Coulson said and Jemma felt her heart drop. 

This had not been part of the plan. 

Jemma turned the corner to see her fears confirmed.   AIDA stood facing Coulson, Fitz on his knees before her, AIDA’s fingers twisted into his hair to keep him in place. Fitz’s soft sobs echoed in the small room as he continued to sell the ruse they had started in the server room. Jemma still had the element of surprise but now she couldn’t risk shooting, for fear of hitting Fitz instead.

“You can’t stop me,” AIDA challenged and held up her free hand to let it crackle with energy. “Leopold has seen to that. My dear devoted Leopold, gave me everything I needed to make sure I was never hurt again by this big bad world.”

Coulson met Jemma’s gaze and with the slightest of nods and she took another slow and tentative step forward. She forced herself to stay calm even though every fiber of her body screamed at her to get him out of AIDA’s clutches for he had already suffered far too much by her hand.

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Thiam/Marvel fic

Theo has lived most of his life in the captivity of SHIELD, and now they are sending him out to capture an Inhuman named Liam Dunbar. Desperate for some freedom Theo agrees to SHIELD’s orders, but is his own freedom worth imprisoning another for? What happens when the boy you are send to take down is the only person who understands you 

“I’ve just got a report in from northern California, there’s a report of a young Inhuman losing control of his powers. I’ve got a team going over there now, I’m bringing him in, this is the third incident alone this week” The man speaking looked intimidating with one eye covered by an eye mask, his dark skin the colour of coffee beans and one eye that could be seen was just as dark, it showed no emotion.
This man was Nick Fury, the Director of SHEILD. He was tasked to keep the world safe and make the tough decisions that came with his job.
This Inhuman was a potential risk to safety and needed bringing in or taking out, regardless of age. Keeping humanity safe was the main priority of SHIELD.
“As little commotion as possible, we don’t wish to raise attention” The director said.
The man opposite him looked like he could be somebody’s father, he reached out and picked up the paper Director Fury had just handed him. The picture showed a young boy, maybe no older then sixteen, his light brown hair spiked up, his blue eyes shone with excitement as he held a Lacrosse stick in his hand on a school playing field. He moved the photograph behind and looked upon another, this time the same boy with a civilian who could be the boy’s friend, the target was wearing a red and blue Henley shirt that just made him look younger. Another picture showed the boy with a woman who must be his mother. The man put the photographs down

“Director, with all due respect, are you sure? This is just a kid” The man looked troubled “And we’re talking lethal force”
The Director looked back, his expression unchanged “Agent Coulson, as little attention possible”
Phil Coulson swallowed
“As you wish Sir”

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Part 6

“I was trying to protect you,” Clint said. He pulled at the cuffs that tied him to the table in front of him. Steve flinched and looked away for a moment but then he turned his face back to the man he thought he knew.

“To protect me?” He asked and shook his head, “Protect me from what? The truth?”

“Steve,” Clint said but Steve made a step back. He had had a contract this afternoon, when he was down on his luck. A car ignored his right of way and had hit his truck and he ended up in hospital. His injuries weren’t serious, but the cops had found his bow in his truck and could connect it to the assassination from earlier and before Clint managed to get away, SHIELD was there to arrest him. And now he sat in an interrogation room, together with Coulson and Steve.  

“Was anything you ever said to me true, Clint? Is Clint even your name?” He leaned over the table and glared at him. Clint closed his eyes for a moment.

“Aside from my real job? I never lied to you,” he said. “My name is Clint Francis Rogers née Barton, born and raised in Waverly, Iowa. But you know that, because I told you. I have a brother, my parents died when I was six and I ran away to the circus.”

“I know those stories. But are they true?” Steve snapped.

“Like I said, I never lied to you,” Clint said. He tried to move his hands but got stopped from the cuffs again.

“Did you know that I was sent to hunt you?” Steve asked now and sat down beside Coulson, who kept quiet since Steve had entered the room. “Did you know that before…” he couldn’t say it, Clint saw that, but he didn’t need to say it aloud.

“No,” he shook his head. “That day in the coffee shop, that was sheer coincidence. I only learned who you were months later, when I saw you investigating one of my… clients.”

“Clients? That’s what you call them? You killed them in cold blood and…” Steve started but Clint interrupted him.

“Every single one of them deserved it!” He spat. “They were bastards and you fucking know that!”

“Language!” Steve hissed back, more a reflex than deliberate. And then he blushed.

“It’s true, Steve,” Coulson chimed in. “We’ve checked all of them and they were…”

“Not nice,” Clint added. After a long moment Coulson nodded.

“That would put it mildly but yes,” he confirmed.

“I don’t understand it, Clint,” Steve huffed and ran his hands through his hair. “Why did you do that? Why this way?”

“Because that’s what I do,” Clint said. “I’m a professional and they deserved it!” Steve just opened his mouth to say something when Coulson put a hand on his arm and nodded. After a short duel with their eyes Steve sighed and sat down.

“Mr. Barton,” he started, but again Clint interrupted him.

“Rogers,” he said and shrugged when Coulson cocked his head.

“Mr. Rogers,” he said then. “You have two options now. A, you go to jail where you have to stay for the rest of your life and b, you work for us.”

“Work for us?” said Steve the same moment Clint said, “Work for you?”

“Yes, work for us,” Coulson said. “Director Fury wants you to work for us and you can make up for everything you’ve done wrong.”

“Not everything,” Steve said toneless, rose and left the room.

“Give him time,” Coulson said. “He loves you.”

“I’m not sure,” Clint said and now Coulson smiled.

“But I am.”  He rose from his chair and went over to Clint to open the cuffs. “Welcome to SHIELD, Agent Rogers.”

@fitzsimmons616: Could you do 39, please? Fitz to Jemma post Framework.


@myownwoorld: Hi, can you please make one with 39, make it as angsty as you like…. I like to suffer :)

You guys happen to ask for the same one, so here it is! Because of how much angst the show has, I for some reason have a hard time writing a lot of it. But, but your request has been answered as best as I can.

39: “How can you even look at me?” 

Leopold James Fitz had never had a bad bone in his body. Jemma knew him as the man who loved monkey’s, the man who cried during sad movies, who hated horror films, and who ogled at any precious child that crossed his path.

Jemma knew Fitz as the man who sacrificed his life countless of times for any and everyone on the team, especially her. He was the man who put his own personal feelings aside and helped her save a man he knew was a threat to their relationship, without her even having to ask. He was the man who accepted the Inhumans before anyone else. The man who refused to accept Ward was evil, despite the evidence laid out in front of him.

The man that crossed the stars for her. The man who would have jumped off a plane for her. The man who drowned for her.

The man who felt bad if ever harming anyone, and if he ever had to kill someone out of self-protection he had nightmares for weeks after.

She knew him as the man she loved with all her heart, with every fiber in her being, her soul intertangled with his for all eternity.

This very man was standing right in front of her, staring at her with his normally warm, soulful eyes – now cold and empty. It was like he didn’t have any emotion left, his gun pointed to her temple, his expression never changing from anything by fury. She could see the hate in his eyes and it was crippling Jemma, slowly. He had never once looked at her with so much hatred – it was a look kept only for Ward himself, if even him.

“Fitz, it’s me. Please.”

Then, his stern expression faltered. “Who are you?” he asks so quietly she could hardly hear him.

Jemma eyed the barrel of the gun, then back at Fitz. “You know the answer to that, Fitz.”

He blinked, his heart heavy. She could see him. Her Fitz. “You say my name like…”

She smirks, just slightly, tears building up in her eyes. “Like it’s my favorite word?”

He stared her down, the gun in his hand no longer even relevant to him. His brow scrunched together and his free hand pinched the bridge of his nose. “Like I hear you say it all the time.”

“That’s because you do, Fitz.”

He looked back up at her, his gun slowly lowering to the ground. “Why can’t I shoot you?”

Jemma smiled for the first time in weeks. She pushed his gun to angle to the ground and stepped closer to him, placing her hand on the side of his face. “AIDA can program you however she likes, but Leopold Fitz would never hurt me, not in any life.”

His eyes were cloudy, but that crystal blue was shining through. “How can you look at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a good person. Like I deserve to be…” he trailed off, his eyes darting to the ground. The Doctor wasn’t a man without a heart, he was a man who had been forced to pretend he never had one.

“Because the Fitz I know is.”

His eyes searched hers, his eyelids pooling with tears. Emotions started overwhelming him, and a sob came out of his mouth as he said, “Jemma?”

She enveloped him into her arms, his head on her shoulder, tears running down her back. She placed a hand on the back of his neck and held him, whispering soothing words in his ear. “I’m here, Fitz, it’s me. I’m here.”

Director Mace’s funeral was today.

Jemma sat beside Fitz, their hands interlaced together. Fitz hadn’t said a word since this morning, his face showing almost no emotions – he just stared at the ground, detached from everything and everyone around him.

“Whoa, whoa, hey now,” Daisy shouted, leaving the table where they were all eating their meal. Other than Fitz, that is, he hadn’t touched his plate. With Daisy leaving, the table was empty, so Jemma took the opportunity to try to talk to him.

“Can’t believe you’re not hungry.” She gave his arm a slight shove.

For the first time in hours he muttered out, “Well, m’not.”

Jemma tweaked a brow at him. “You’re always hungry.”

Fitz just shrugged, his eyes now watching the empty seat in front of him.

“Fitz,” she whispers, giving his hand folded into hers a squeeze. “You can’t keep blaming yourself, Fitz.”

Fitz didn’t move, he was like a statue for a moment. Then, suddenly, he let loose of her hand and stood up, leaving the room without another word.

Jemma held back any tears that begged their way out and leaned back in her seat, taking in a deep breath. She knew he was processing, he was grieving, he needed time. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell though.

“He’s just trying to cope,” Coulson spoke beside her, causing Jemma to jump.

She looked at the (new) Director, swallowed down the lump in her throat, and nodded. “I know.”

“When you left for Hydra, and he realized your ‘going to see the parents’ was a cover, he didn’t eat for a good four days.” Coulson lapsed his hand over hers. “He’ll recover, just give it time.”

Jemma nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

He gave her a comforting smile, standing up from his chair. “It’s what I’m here for.”

Jemma allowed Fitz time on his own, knowing he needed it. After about an hour of never seeing him anywhere on base, she decided to search for him. She of course found him in their lab, his arms crossed across his chest, his eyes staring out at nothing. He looked so distant from everything, so lost.

“I’ve been looking for you,” she approaching his side, gently gripping his forearm. “You disappeared.”

“Yeah,” he looked up at her. His eyes were red like he’d been crying. “I needed some air.”

Jemma nodded, “It’s getting late, we should probably get some rest.”

Fitz shook his head, looking back at the ground. He hardly looked her in the eyes anymore – like he was ashamed for her to see what he was feeling. “I’m gonna stay here.”

Jemma scoffed. “Well you can’t sleep in the lab, Fitz.”

“Might as well.”


“I just … I need some space, Jemma.”

Anger boiled up inside of her. Not at Fitz, but towards AIDA and Radcliffe and even his dad. However, she couldn’t lash out at them, so she shamefully lashed out at whoever was in front of her. “We all need space, Fitz, but that doesn’t mean you have to move out, running away from me and everyone else you care about.”

“That’s not…” He let out an unsteady sigh. “M’sorry, Jemma, but I think –”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” She felt her temper running hotter and hotter. “You can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened, Fitz. The more you blame yourself, the more hurt you cause around you.”

Fitz shook his head again, his breath shallow. “How can I not? I killed Mace. I’m the reason –”

“No, Fitz,” Jemma turned his head to look at her. She looked him directly in the eyes as she said, “AIDA and Radcliffe are the ones at fault, do you understand me? You were a victim just as much as Mack or May were. You did not kill Mace, and you did not kill Agnes.”

Fitz searched her eyes, gazing at their desert beauty. He sucked in a deep breath, and while releasing he said, “How can you even look at me? It was my face that gave you all the injuries you’re still healing from. I was the one who pointed a gun at your face, who tortured…” his voice broke, and he looked back down. Her anger melted away, seeing the tears stream down his face. Jemma couldn’t stand seeing him like this. She had to fix it, but she knew she couldn’t use anything but words to try and soothe his pain.

“I can look at you because you are Leopold Fitz, the man I love with everything I have. It was never something I had to overcome.” She lifted his head again, brushing his cheek with her thumb. “I know you Fitz, and this is you. Not that LMD, not the Doctor, those men were never you and I knew that. Because no matter how much they might have looked like you, the warmth and love behind your eyes was never there, like it is now. This is the man I fell in love with – and despite your programming Fitz, you still always managed to twist whatever you were doing into what you saw as the right thing. You could never live with yourself, whatever version of you there was, to do something evil out of will. That speaks volumes, Fitz. It shows that no matter what programming, no matter what brain washing, manipulation, deception, it doesn’t matter, because you will always be Leopold James Fitz: lover of science, monkeys, positive outcomes, video games, and –”

“You.” He gave her a weak but loving smile.

“I was going to say space, but,” she gave him a teasing smile in return.

“I’m so sorry, Jemma.” This time, he didn’t look away. “For everything, I – I wanted to protect you and instead I caused you more suffering than I ever could have burdened –”

“Don’t you understand, Fitz?” She caressed his cheeks in both of her hands, wiping away his tears. “I never once blamed you.”

Fitz stood up from his seat, looking down at her beaming face. He took one of Jemma’s hands in his and cherished her smile before leaning in and sweetly kissing her on the lips. The kiss was short lived, but affectionate. Their foreheads met and meeting her eyes he said, “I love you, Jemma.”

She ran a hand through his hair, smoothing his overgrown curls. She returned the gaze, giving him a tender smile to say, “And I love you. We’re in this together, remember?”

Fitz closed his eyes, taking in everything. Then once opening them again he looked at her fully, searching her eyes, captivated by her strength and beauty. Then, he finally said out in one breath, “Together.”

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a small selection of my reactions to slingshot from last night. guys, i really did enjoy this miniseries- there wasn’t a whole lot to it story wise but that’s perfectly understandable since it was less than a half hour of content. elena wasn’t there to put up with anyone’s shit and i love that about her. i LOVED getting to see yoyo interact more with the team, and i especially loved may and daisy having her back. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. all in all, a nice little thing with only a few eyerolling worthy moments to keep us entertained over hiatus.

kats (the k wasn’t intended)

…But it’s there nonetheless.

Read it here on AO3. Please leave a comment?

This is for @bloomsoftly  ‘s birthday. I hope you like it bloom, because you’re the most amazing person in the world and I hope your day is awesome.
Special mentions go to
@dresupi who edited the thing.
@latessitrice who checked it over and helped me a lot
@gstarshine who got me back into gear when I was writing dry.
Thank you so so much. 
So yeah, enjoy! Moar under the cut.

Read the first part: here

Natasha had worn a lot of faces in her life..

The first, of course, had been Natalia, and that had lasted her the longest: 10 years.

Then, there’d been a long list of confusing identities, all different.

Each one had been real, not one had been true.

She had grown attached to some; she had destroyed others.

She’d been made and unmade countless times.

She changed identity like people changed clothes, she lived between liars and lies and she survived because she was strong.

Until one day, because of a stupid mistake, she hadn’t been.

Natasha wasn’t proud to say that someone got the drop on her and had damaged her so much as to take away her whole memories and scramble her own honed muscle memory to a point where it wasn’t reacting anymore (and if she had later found the three cretins that had tried to have their fun with her that day and scared them shitless, but that was hardly anyone’s business).

However, she stored the five months following that experience in her heart, right beside Clint and Coulson and even deeper than she treasured those few moments with Yasha.

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I know that there’s a bunch of new Inhumans popping up on Agents of SHIELD. Can you talk to me about those characters? Which ones are your favorites?

…or, Clark Gregg stans hard for Daisy Johnson and Chloe Bennet (x)

The Rider Whisper

KK today we will be talking about my first series on AO3, you have been warned so run while you can. Still here are you? Brave soul. Originally this mess started as this two scene long One Shot I just had to get out of my head. On FFN the only review I got for this is in Spanish but they liked it so thank God. On AO3 it did a little better, ha ha 1 review inspired me to instantly do a sequel. No seriously 1 awesome review and my Muses went ‘we must please this person’. Who am I to argue with my Muses, well when they want to make readers happy that is? The Title is a bit of a joke but if anyone besides May and/or Coulson could control both Ghost Riders it would be Daisy, QuakeRider or not.

Would die happy meeting both of these actors, very, very happy.

Now the second fic is waaaaay more serious, and longer like a proper fic. If I have to explain where 'Let’s Ride’ is from I will cry a little. I got a review hoping I would add more demonic craziness from the Ghost Rider verse and I was planning on doing that. Not saying who exactly, not hard to guess really, and will mention Dr. Strange movie stuff since demons and all that. Not planning on bring Strange into anything but if inspired anything could happen. No seriously if you want him and can think of a reasonable way to add him pass it on. The movie is on Netflix so I can rewatch it to get everything right, saw it in theaters so it’s been a little while.

Now AOS has been super vague with how their Ghost Rider works, I will likely do a post about how I work them in my head later so sorry if you feel cheated here. Short version is like the comics more then one can exist, though I can’t see the show doing more then 2 beyond references and/or flashback cameos. It actually amazes me a little that there are not more fics out there with Johnny Blaze, fan art of Norman as Johnny are not hard to find. In fact this is the images I based Johnny’s look on.

Seriously this and Luna side by side kicking ass who would not enjoy that? Take my money /purr. I love how both of these actors have a gruffness to their voice, not to mention they are both expressive and that is what I find most attractive about them. I still see a few comments here and there dissing Luna’s looks, as if, now yes what makes someone attractive to you is subjective but most fans agree Daisy gets to hang with many handsome men, lucky girl that way. Not super important to the plot but throwing that out there, Ward, Lincoln, and Robbie are each cute and in different ways. Now back to story time.

I have read zero of the comics so most of what I knw comes from the Show/Movies and some scans here and there. Robbie’s backstory has changed from the comics as well as his age, QuakeRider would be a bit creepy if he was still 18-21 and Daisy is what 27-28 now? So yeah ageing him up to be in his late twenties as well makes perfect sense. Even if you remove him as a possible love interest, as some have, he is still part of her team when he’s around so the logic still stands. I will try sticking to how the MCU translates things from the comics though I will try to keep demons and the like closer to their comicselves then the Cage movies did. Seeing how the Big Giant Demon Head was done gives me a bit of a guideline to follow. The MCU has been slow to warm to magic with Dr. Strange and AOS season 4 being the first to really go there. Thor is still a mix of magic and science so not really counting that.

As of this moment I have no clue how long this fic will run, 5ish is a norm for me, or if I will tie it to more then just Dr. Strange. The idea of dragging team IM into magic is not one I flat out reject, need to see Ragnarok to see what Thor is up to officially. As always if you have read my work and have suggestions lay them on me. I will be posting more Head cannon about the MCU and some fic ideas I am bouncing around in my head so if that amuses you look for those. If you hate reading about people disliking characters you like you may want to skip anything dealing with Civil War because yeah I got opinion there, and complicated ones at that.

Phiinda 24 kisses: Day 13

My tribute to Philinda 24 Kisses. It’s set in the same background of my fanfic Yesterday Once More, but not necessarily fit in the timeline of the story. Kind of silly but I hope it’s sweet enough for holidays. I am bad at fluffy and romance…

“Where did those puppies come from?” Skye looked up and asked questioningly.

They were snuggling together on the couch with the six year old in the middle, watching 101 Dalmatians.

Of course after words like “birth” and “born” came up repeatedly in the first 20 minutes, the girl had to ask questions like this.

Coulson could feel heat rushing to his face. As supportive as he was towards proper sex education in general, he certainly didn’t sign up to do it himself when he accepted this mission.

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Agents of Midnight Walmart Runs

The team realizes that they’ve brought practically nothing to the motel and are forced to make a quick run to Walmart.

Set after the events of episode 1.20 “Nothing Personal”.

Based on a post by

Read it here at AO3:

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non-stopjess  asked:

I ADORED the Secret Summer fic!! It was amazing and definitely one of my favorite Philinda fics to date :) Would you mind if I prompt you again? How about one where Skye finds out they are in a relationship :3

First of all, sorry for the delay in writing this! Real life got in the way, as usual, but I finally found some time to get this done. So I hope you enjoy it! And I apologize about my total lack of any medical knowledge.

Also, thank you so much for your kind comments about the Secret Summer fic! I’m SO glad you liked it, really. =)

It was completely by accident that Skye stumbled upon it, though in the end she realized she couldn’t be bothered to care. It was their fault for keeping things from her.

It all started while she was on a mission with May. Standard retrieval op turned into a not-so-friendly fire fight that resulted in May and Skye being holed up in a worn-down safe house for several hours. During their escape, Skye’s side had been grazed by an enemy bullet, and she’d lost a substantial amount of blood. Not enough to kill her, but enough to worry her S.O.

May had wrapped the wound up as best she could with the limited supplies found in the safe house and gave Skye strict instructions to stay awake no matter what. When she noticed Skye shivering, she wrapped her leather jacket around Skye’s shoulders. Skye burrowed into the material, grateful for the extra warmth.

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