Beside You

Word Count: 666

Requested: No

It was nearing 2 A.M. while you laid in the dark wide awake. Although it was summer, the sheets next to you were cold and made you feel incredibly lonely. The emptiness of the bed when Shawn was gone felt like something you could never get used to. You two had been dating almost 2 years and with his job you were used to him being away. But that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him every time he left. In fact, it seemed like every time he left you always ended up missing him more. The lonely nights usually always ended in the same routine. You would stay up into the late hours of the night unable to sleep, eventually turn over and hug his pillow close to you, and then fall asleep with only a couple hours left before you had to get up.

Tonight felt different though. You seemed to miss him more than normal and craved for his arms to be holding you close to him. You missed the way he felt sleeping against you with his chest slowly rising and falling, hearing his heartbeat as you laid on his chest, and feeling his fingers run through your hair as he coaxed you to sleep. You just wanted him with you, but you knew it would be another 2 weeks until that would happen. 

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