beside that one thing i deleted

aka the easy way fro beginners and lazy people like me

I’ll be using photoshop CC 2014 bc I’m lame

sorry for small pics but you get the idea

STEP 1: get ur pic

I got this pic in CAS but you can do it in game too but make sure the BG color doesn’t match anything on your sim, blue and green are best

Double click your “background” layer so we can work with it

STEP 2: after you double click this with pop up and you just click OKAY ok? I rename mine base for the heck of it but you dont have to

Optional step: right click your layer and select “duplicate layer” and it makes a new layer so if you mess one up you have another (i do this like 10 times when i edit)

Another optional step: click the lil thing beside the trash can and it makes an empty layer. i did this twice

Continuing another optional step: use the paint bucket tool to fill the layers with a color. i use green and black. this helps me see if i missed any spots later on

optional step if you copied the layer. hide the layer you arent working with

STEP 3: select the magic want tool and click the screen. it will make a selection


STEP 5: click the rest of the spots and delete. sometimes spots away from the sim doesnt get selected in in game pics so just erase those

 STEP 6: double check that youve got it all and i have so were good

YOURE DONE!!! it doesnt get every little piece but its easy and you cant see it so i dont care


now ill show you examples and u can be on your way

i made this with a CAS pic

i made this with an in game pic


thank you and goodnight

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22 please :)

22. “Delete that. Now.”

Oh, Anon, I really don’t think you had this in mind.  I apologize in advance.

Rarely did Scully have time to relax these days, but she woke early on a Sunday morning with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  Quietly, so as not to wake Mulder, she slipped out bed and put on a jacket over her (or rather, his) shirt.  She tucked her sweatpants into a pair of Uggs and clipped the leash onto a very wiggly and excited Daggoo to take him for an early morning walk.

“Don’t bark,” Scully whispered to the dog.  “Do not bark.”

Daggoo didn’t bark, but he strained at his leash when she opened the door and practically dragged her down the front porch.  She thought she might head towards the lake with him to watch the sunrise.  The sky was still purple and grey with wisps of clouds in the distance.  The air was crisp and smelled of dew.

By the time she made it back to the house, the sun was burning bright and Daggoo was whining to be picked up.  She unclipped his leash and stepped out of her boots before hanging her jacket by the door.  The house was as quiet as when she left, so Mulder must still be asleep.

Quietly, Scully poured a bowl of kibble for the dog and started a pot of coffee for herself.  When that was finished, she curled up on the couch with an afghan and turned on the TV, setting the volume low.

Mulder’s DVR was 86% full.  She scrolled through the eclectic group of shows, snorting when she passed a folder of saved episodes of Dark Shadows, because of course he would.  She also had to snicker at The Princess Bride and Romancing the Stone.  

“Finding Bigfoot,” she whispered to herself, stopping on one in the list.  “Of course you’d have a show called Finding Bigfoot.”

Curious, Scully pressed play and tried not to laugh through the intro. Daggoo hopped up onto the couch and pawed at a spot in her leg until she moved her arm and he could crawl into her lap.  The next moment, she nearly sprayed her coffee out all over the place.

“We’re here in the Great Smoky Mountains today with former special agent Fox Mulder of the FBIs x-files unit,” the host said, trudging through the woods in green night vision with Mulder beside him.  “He made a career of investigating Bigfoot sightings and other phenomena and he’s here to help us today and offer insight into ‘squatch behavior.”

The scene cut to an interview with Mulder and the same host in a chair, chatting casually.  “Call it what you will,” Mulder said. “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk ape, Yeti, Wendigo, Mapingauri, almost every culture has a Bigfoot lore, and there is a basis of fact there. People say they want proof something exists, I say give me proof it doesn’t.  Couldn’t we say the same for religion?  Has anyone seen God?  There’s more proof that Bigfoot exists than God.”

“Oh, Jesus, Mulder,” Scully mumbled.  

After only a few minutes of more night vision wood combing, Scully turned the show off and then turned the TV off as well.  Her coffee started to get cold and Daggoo sighed in his sleep.

Not long after she shut everything off, the floorboards upstairs creaked and Mulder started down the stairs, heavy steps making Daggoo’s ears twitch.

“You’re up early,” Mulder said through a yawn, scratching his abdomen over his shirt.

“You’re just up late.”

“Is that coffee I smell?”

“I left the rest warning for you.”


Scully listened to him rattle around in the kitchen for a few minutes before calling out to him, “Mulder?”


“When were you in the Great Smoky Mountains.”

Mulder appeared in the doorway with a half-smile and leaned against the jamb as he sipped his coffee.  “You’re a fan of Finding Bigfoot, Scully?”

“It was on your DVR.”

“And you chose to watch it?”

“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you chose to be on the episode.  Voluntarily.  How did they even find you?”

“I contacted them, actually.”

“Oh my God.”  Scully groaned and put a hand over her face for a moment.  “At least with COPS it was against our will.”

“Oh, that wasn’t against my will.”

“Well it was against my will.”

“You know, I’ve got that episode on the DVR too.  It reruns all the time.”

“Delete that.  Now.”

Mulder chuckled and padded over to the couch.  He lifted the blanket out of the way and sat beside her.  Daggoo opened his eyes and then sighed and went back to sleep.

“Well, did you find one?”

“You didn’t watch the whole thing?”

“Just what few minutes I could tolerate.”

“You know you’d be the first person I’d call if I found a Bigfoot, Scully.  Are you just jealous I didn’t take you ‘squatch hunting?”

“Really, Mulder?”

“Because the Monongahela National Forest is only a few hours away and it’s a hotbed of ‘squatch sightings.  We haven’t been camping in a long time.”

“Stop saying ‘squatch.  And there’s a reason we don’t go camping.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to see a Bigfoot though, Scully?”

Scully snorted and scratched the top of Daggoo’s head as she looked at Mulder.  There was a twinkle in his eye that she hadn’t seen for quite some time.  She gave him a smile and leaned back into the couch.

“Tell me about the Monongahela sightings,” she said.

The End

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Dudes, chill. Besides, I bet Bendy has plenty of dames throwing themselves at a star/superhero like him! Maybe

“…Did I miss somethin’?” -BTDD

i don’t know. 
there’s just something funny about the way we were always drawn to each other, even in the end. you became cold like i’d always been and this time i was the one unable to delete a number or stop sending so many goddamn emails.
losing: it was easy with everyone else. the thing is, i loved you, and ive only ever been able to practice the kind of dangerous, unconditional love that people say just aint there anymore. i didnt realize that you would never have it in you to stand anywhere but behind me. never in front. never beside. i understand now: this was always how it was going to end.
—  you never loved anyone enough to take a bullet for them but i was wondering if the reason you stayed for so long was that you knew i wouldn’t move if i saw one coming
Regarding this blog

Okay, please bear with me while I get everything into order and I would like you to know that I do not make this decision thoughtlessly, in fact, I have turned it over and over in my mind.

First of all, I thank all of you so, so very much for being here. No matter if you read, like, reblog or add those lovely tags (I read ALL of them) when you reblog something, thank you. Without you and everyone who requests things, this blog would have been dead from day one. You have my deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude, that you let me bumble my way through the BNHA fandom and supported and liked what I wrote for you and that you liked it enough to stick around.

Now, before this sounds like I’m going to disappear: I do not plan to abandon this blog.

But I do plan to change things.

(Also, the post below this one is the last request I got from the last time the Ask Box was open, so if you haven’t seen your request, please remember if you a) didn’t follow the rules and/or b) send the request while the box was closed. If one or both of them can be answered with a yes, then I deleted your request. If no, then I am very and deeply sorry, since Tumblr ate it and I very much apologize, it wasn’t fair at all that it happened to you)

Now, on the things I want to change and I hope I can explain it well enough:

From now on, the Ask Box is fair game. You can send in requests at any time (though please respect the rules, if you don’t I will delete what you send in). Now, before you get all excited or confused as to why I write this ass-long post: Yes, you can request at any time, but please be aware, that it does not mean I will answer your request for sure.

And here comes the part that will make some or a lot of you unhappy: I will chose from now on, which requests I will answer and which I won’t, compared to before when I answered every ask that stuck to the rules.

Why do I do this? The answer isn’t simple, but I’ll keep it short. I feel pressured, from my life and my personal will to perform well and to deliver things to you in a timely matter. So I am taking the pressure away as much as I can so you guys can still read my writing if you wish to. Just, bear in mind, I will decide what I write (and I could post little snippets of my writing, like I did with the Dragon-Short or the Villain-Trio one, if you guys want to see that on this blog)

But what if you feel discouraged about requesting or you worry about bothering me? No, you are not bothering or annoying me. As I said, without you and I do mean you, this blog would be lacking, this blog would be less and it wouldn’t be where it is today. Yes, it could be that your request doesn’t get answered, but it could also be the one that gets written, because I like or love it or feel inspired to write it.

Does that mean I will not write anything at all anymore? No, this is simply me taking a step back and realizing that at this moment in time, I need more time to myself, my personal project needs a whole fucking lot of attention and I don’t want this blog to silently suffer because of it and you guys don’t even know why.

Will there still be specials or other things in the future? Yeah, I do plan on having at least one special sometime in the next while, anything else depends on my creativity and if you guys are interested.

Will this blog be deleted at one point or can I take over for you? This blog will not be deleted. These are your requests and I answered them for you, so they will stay. They are for you and I will not take that away (besides, I do like a lot of my writing). And no, I apologize, I will not give this blog to anyone else. I don’t feel comfortable with anyone continuing what I do.

Does this mean I will stop writing for this blog in the future? Maybe. It could happen at some point. Maybe this is just a flunk and I’ll return things to how they were in a couple of months. Maybe I’ll write for other fandoms, since there are some I really and deeply love or that I find very interesting. If any of that is going to happen, I will let you know.

So, long post short: I will pick what I write from now on and if there are any questions you have, you can, like always, ask me at any time.

Ex texts you drabble// Jungkook
your ex texts you while your boyfriend’s messing around on your phone 2/7

You had your head resting on your boyfriend’s lap, scrolling through his Snapchat and messing around with the filters while he had your phone, and helped you pass a difficult level on a game you had gotten.

Both of his hands were holding the edge of the phone as he moved the character and desperately tried his best to beat the boss; you moved the front camera so that it captured his concentrated expression and your eyes, snapping a picture before saving it to his snapchat folder.

A frustrated groan made you look up “Is everything okay, baby?” You asked, and he clicked his tongue.

“Your ex texted again.” He muttered, clicking on the notification and deleting the message with a frustrated sigh “Why don’t you block him?” He practically whined, placing your phone to the side before lacing his fingers through your hair.

You let out a sigh, sitting up and clambering onto his lap “We finished things on a good note, Kookie.” You placed your hands around his neck “Besides, why are you so worried, you know there’s no one who can replace you.”

He pouted and remained quiet, nodding slowly “Okay. Kiss me?”

Wayhaught in one of the most epic ep that is 109 Created by Itswayhaughttinhere
Hope you guys like it :)
I thought to do this to in a way to cheer people up since I have seen a panic about Wayhaught angst.
“They’re fighting for each other, even when things are hard.”- Emily Andras on Wayhaught
(Besides I have added my signature so you don’t have the bold name in the way anymore)

Bluest eyes in the history of blue

Sherlock x reader

word count: 736

warnings: extreme fluff

so, I don’t know if you guys remember this but when I had my old blog a person requested this and I wrote it and posted it on tumblr. Ever since I deleted that account and started this one, I kept remembering this particular oneshot but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my documents. So I summoned all of my memory and tried to re-write it. I’m confident that this is almost identical to the original (plus a few things), if anything, it’s better.

alright, enjoy!

Sherlock watched as you slowly fluttered your eyes, which were met with a white room. The beeping of the monitors was echoing through your head. You finally looked at Sherlock who was sitting on a chair to your left, beside him a snoring John. You were put in St. Barts because of a bullet you took through your shoulder on a case with your soon to be husband, Sherlock.

You had to go through a procedure to heal the wound, and since this morning you were asleep from the amount of painkillers they gave you, not knowing when exactly you were going to wake up. 

Suddenly, you giggled loudly, causing John to wake up surprised. You laughed even louder and pointed a finger at his face.

“(Y/N), you’re awake!” exclaimed John.

“Obviously,” said Sherlock as you calmed down and looked to your right, seeing your injured shoulder wrapped in bandages.

You chuckled. “Look at that, I look like a mummy!” you slurred. John stared at you for a bit before looking at Sherlock, waiting for an explanation.

“Analgesics,” he said.

“English,” demanded John.

“She’s on a ton of painkillers. Honestly, John, educate yourself.”

John sighed. “How are you feeling, (Y/N)?”

“Great! Awesome, amazing, absolutely fantastic!” you exclaimed. John stifled a laugh, yet he failed miserably, cackling out loud. They eventually signed you out of the hospital and started carrying you out and into a cab.

Of course, on the way out, you kept telling Sherlock how he should start wearing your coats because his coats are depressing.

“… And so, you know. My coats-my coats are colorful and full of life. All of yours are black or dark grey. Come on!” you explained as they gently got you inside the cab, placing you in the middle of the two of them. You immediately laid your head on Sherlock’s shoulder. Half way through the ride, you looked up at him.

“Sherly, can I play with your hair?” you asked in a hushed tone. John heard, however. He pursed his lips in an attempt not to laugh.

“No,” Sherlock answered simply.

“Why not?” you cried.

“Because I said so.”

“It’s because you don’t love me, isn’t it?” you started tearing up.

“No, (Y/N)-”

“My fiance doesn’t love me, great,” you sniveled, crossing your arms.

Sherlock sighed. He couldn’t bare to see you like this, even if he knew you weren’t exactly in your right mind. “Fine. play with my hair.”

“Really?” your face lit up as if you weren’t crying at all. Without an answer, you started messing with his hair, ruffling it or twirling it around your fingers until you got home.

Right out of the cab, Sherlock lifted you up and almost threw you over his shoulder. You shouted and protested in the middle of the pavement, pounding on Sherlock’s back, causing the people walking to give you all weird looks.

Sherlock didn’t bother to take his coat off when you entered the flat. Instead, he went to your shared bedroom right away, gently laying you on the bed. He then went to take off his coat, coming back to you shortly.

He leaned forward, kissing your forehead softly. You stared at each other for a bit. He was about to lift his head before you spoke up.

“Sherlock,” he hummed in response, his face still an inch from yours. “you have the bluest eyes in the history of blue.”

He managed to only smile. “Oh, really?”

You hummed before your eyes drooped down, and you softly fell into a peaceful slumber.


Extra scene

You yawned as you walked out of your bedroom the next morning. You had to change before you walked out since you were still in your outing clothes.

“John, my phone is blowing up with texts about some video. What happened yesterday?” you asked in a groggy voice.

“Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about it.” he brushed it off.

“What video, John?” Sherlock cut in, already knowing what John was hiding.

“I said it was no- hey!” John was too late, Sherlock had taken his phone to see the video. You stood beside Sherlock to see as well.

It was a video of you looking drunk. Then you remembered what happened at the case, and you concluded you were ‘drunk’ on painkillers, leading to the video. Which was sent to almost all your friends, featuring Sherlock, whose cheeks were now red.


Part: 2/ ?

genre: sci-fi, drama, action

age warning: advisable up to16 years

On the wrong path

John looked through thunderbird one’s flight pattern. A deep frown formed on his face, as he lost complete contact with the plane. ,, EOS  I need you to keep track of thunderbird one by all means.”

,, Okay John, I will try to reconnect Thunderbird 5 to Thunderbird 1. “EOS said. She ran a few scan’s over the area and made a few beeping noises before letting the lamps in her cam light up red. ,, John I can’t connect at all with thunderbird one. The whole area is unreachable for my system.”

John turned his head to face EOS cam. ,, Send the data we gather over to brains, maybe he can try to come through.”, the spaceman glared grabbing some of his tools. He drifted towards his working area and placed them on his desk.

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  • Gotta Get Out: Have you ever escaped a scary situation?
  • Unpredictable: What’s the most spontaneous, unpredictable thing you’ve ever done?
  • Out of My Limit: What is one think you’ll never do?
  • Beside You: Who are you with at the moment?
  • She Looks So Perfect: What is your ideal “perfect” partner?
  • Heartache on the Big Screen: What movie has made you cry?
  • The Only Reason: What’s one reason you love 5SOS?
  • What I Like About You: What do you like most about your crush/partner?
  • Disconnected: If you had to delete all apps from your phone, what one would you keep and why?
  • Don’t Stop: What’s something that’s so hard for you to resist?
  • Rejects: Have you ever helped out a kid being bullied?
  • Try Hard: What’s your hardest school subject?
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger: Do you prefer gift bags or gift wrap?
  • Good Girls: What grades do you usually get?
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me: Where was your most memorable kiss?
  • 18: Are you older or younger than 18?
  • Everything I Didn’t Say: What was the biggest lie you’ve told when you were a child?
  • End Up Here: What/Who do you attribute your success today to?
  • Long Way Home: Do you prefer the highway or city streets?
  • Heartbreak Girl: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
  • Lost Boy: What’s your favorite Disney movie?
  • Amnesia: What’s a memory you never want to forget?
  • Social Casualty: How many followers do you have?
  • Never Be: Would you rather never listen to music or never watch tv?
  • Voodoo Doll: Do you believe in magic?
  • Green Light: What’s your favorite color?
  • English Love Affair: Have you ever been to England?
  • Mrs. All American: Which American states have you been to?
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: What are your plans for tomorrow?
  • Independence Day: How do you celebrate Independence Day where you’re from?
  • Close As Strangers: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Daylight: Mornings or Nights?
  • She’s Kinda Hot: Name a female you admire.
  • Broken Pieces: Have you ever broken a bone?
  • Over and Out: Have you ever snuck out?
  • Lost in Reality: Do you prefer fantasies or science fiction novels?
  • Money: Have you ever had a job?
  • Hey Everybody!: How do you start a text conversation?
  • Permanent Vacation: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
  • Jet Black Heart: Have you ever dyed your hair?
  • Catch Fire: Have you ever made s’mores?
  • Safety Pin: What’s your favorite article of clothing you own?
  • Waste the Night: Do you like stargazing?
  • Vapor: Have you smoked before?
  • Castaway: Have you ever been on a boat?
  • The Girl Who Cried Wolf: What’s your favorite fairytale?
  • Broken Home: Have you ever moved houses?
  • Fly Away: If you could have wings, would you want them?
  • Invisible: If you could have any super power what would it be?
  • Airplanes: How many times have you flown in a plane?
  • San Francisco: Have you been to San Francisco?
  • Outer Space/ Carry On: Do you believe in aliens?
  • The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place: What is your guilty pleasure?
  • Story of Another Us: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  • Girls Talk Boys: Do you believe in Ghosts?
  • Hearts Upon Our Sleeve: Do you play any sports?
  • If You Don’t Know: What’s one thing you wish you had the answer to?
  • Just Saying: If you could make a billboard, what would it say?
  • Wherever You Are: Who is one person who passed away that you would love to reconnect with over dinner?

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1.Hi, I came across this post (daesungindistress(.)tumblr(.)com/post/161838867627/i-used-to-love-todae-too-but-then-realized-theyre) but unfortunately I deleted my tumblr some time ago and can't reply on it so here is something that came to mind while reading through it. This might get a little long. Bare with me :) .. I actually started liking BB not long ago through Dae and his amazing voice and started looking at some videos and concerts and such and one thing that struck me was SH and Dae

Besides the fact that he is literally the other half of Dae in every Dae related show out there. Their relationship is something that sticks out from the group although it is the one they Seung Hyung and mostly Dae goes out to put little focus on. If they did the whole GD+Ri and GD+Top that Ri and GD does then they will blow them all out in terms of “fanservice”. Something they barely do.

I enjoyed reading through both your thoughts and like I said, I haven’t been listening or paying attention to them for long, a couple of months at most. I do agree with both your posts. From what I’ve seen of Seung Hyun, he is more impulsive as far as his emotions goes and he says and does things that some times makes you go what the hell is you doing baby. I remember seeing one interview where I think it was PSY who diverted from the whole mess he was digging himself into.

He is not someone who hides things or goes out of his way to really hide it. You give him the opportunity to talk about something that he doesn’t mind talking about without any backlash and he will tell it all. And then you have Dae who is more “calculating” on how much he lets out. Something I’ve noticed is that during interviews he mostly says the same thing where he either takes something out and add something new or shift it a little. And he makes it so funny that most are like awww and

and then goes so funny like you said the smiling angel until the times comes where things like Seung Hyun talking about calling him whenever he is feeling down and then people goes oh, that was serious. I’ve been watching k-dramas and such for almost a decade so I know the K-Entertainment is brutal and sometimes how you conduct yourself can come back and bite you in the ass. I do have artists that I like but in general I stay far far away from the K-Pop/music world.

In Daes case by being “closed”up, there isn’t much people can use against him in any case that isn’t made up situations. Also as an introverted person he charges his energy by being with himself and I get that, after having too much conferences within a week I tend to not want to see anyone during the weekend to recharge. I think they balance each other out, his “need” to always be there for Seung Hyun forces him out of his comfort zone.

They are so silly whenever they are on screen together I question how they are considered adults lol. And that’s like one part of their relationship the part that they can show without showing too much. If their situation was a drowning person and one saving I believe both would have drowned by now. Seeing how even more serious Seung Hyun situation seems to be, there is only so much holding above water you can do before you drown yourself or let go.

Normally when people are in a low place, they go to their therapist and try to work through things or do things you normally do that helps you. And so for him to call Dae in such a situation means he knows he is someone who can help him tip the balance back into his life. I think what Dae does, is to be constantly be there for him in order to make sure he doesn’t get to that low point but that can’t be always the case since they also have a life out there.

There is this translation of I think it was the final concert they did and Dae mentioned always wanting to be there for him and give him strength but not doing enough because he easily gets embarrassed. I found that quote interesting. I think they are so low key with their friendship in the public eye that even meeting in private is something the rest of the world with never know, until they decide it is time to do so. But I get why some times people will be like oh maybe they aren’t that

close because they don’t get “caught” or didn’t post about it. Regarding SeungRi’s mess, from what I’ve read, he has been dropping enough hints about those two relationship. It was interesting how Dae got pissed at him for even dropping the fact that Seung Hyun called him. Like really Dae, it’s not that deep. Which also shows, if it was up to him there will be less shown to the rest of the world about how deep their relationship is.

The fact that they haven’t beaten SeungRi with his mouth yet is funny. Dropping the fact that Seung Hyun loves Dae the most o teasing them as lovers from their recent FM. I’m actually expecting his ass to be whooped at this point lol. Did this whole mess even make sense? I didn’t type it out before and just went with what’s on my mind. Hopefully it made some sense.

So when I said this reply would take “a day or two” evidently what I really meant was over a week. So sorry! 😰

I think it’s really cool that you’ve been able to see all these things despite not being into BB for all that long (since you said you started liking them “not long ago”). The short version of this is: yes, I agree! “Literally the other half of Dae” …I love that! Aaaaand now I’m putting the rest behind a cut because… length. Yep.

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Sorry things got a little heated and weird here earlier today.

I still stick by what I feel about what happened, all I said, but I probably shouldn’t have taken it out on Tumblr in the way that I did.

The last post probably wasn’t necessary, in any case, especially since apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding regarding it.

Regardless. I’m deleting most of the published asks I got in the last few days, besides the most recent one on how I feel about what happened. In the future, I’m not even going to answer those types of asks, especially publicly. The messages themselves will be deleted at my discretion, and if I feel it’s bad enough for me to say something publicly, I will.

Mostly I just wanna be considerate of not spamming you guys with that sort of thing, or filling the dash with blah lol.

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Interesting thing with Zayn and Hadids. Bella unfollowed Zayn, Zigi account and delete post about Zayn versus. And Anwars Hadids girlfriend (who was in Zayns clip) also unfollowed Zayn.


Yeah Interesting indeed. To be honest I’ve heard that Bella and Nicola both unfollowed Zayn and that zigi account but I didn’t know she deleted the zaynxversus post too. 

I’ve also wondered why Bella never did promo for his collection. Like I think she only wore one skirt from that capsule and that was it. I’ve braced myself for the worst but beside this and a few articles nothing happened. 

And now here we are, and I have 0 clue where this is going. A zigi break-up before Z2? God please yes.

yall saying folks cant stan finn and kylo?


ill be damned before some tumblr hero tells me what i can and cant do. people are so afraid of what others will think or say on a fucking app/site that they forget this is all supposed to be for fun.

like…yall really do go to war on here…

if they dont like your ship, or even something as petty as you liking finn and kylo, then FUCK THEM. who cares? they aren’t doing shit for you, not a single thing. they aren’t paying your bills, your books, your tuition, chewing gum, n o t h i n g.

there will be more than one anti or hater or whatever you wanna call them, so become real friendly with the block button or just get away from the toxicity the good ol’ fashioned way - by deleting. besides, your ship must be relevant enough for there to be an anti anything for it so surround yourself with positive folks and content instead of focusing on the negatives like antis do. much healthier experience that way.

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What would you do if you got the chance to meet him?

Besides shaking uncontrollably? Damn, idk… like I had the idea of maybe talking about films with him but I’m TERRIFIED of him being one of those guys who’s into kubrick, tarantino, nolan, von trier, winding refn, bertolucci or that thing called woody allen… I mean I would actually delete this tumblr if that was the case… so I guess I would just take a picture with him haha

random questions tag

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When was your first post of your current blog and what was it

I think my first post was a ‘Chewing gum’ edit (some kid dancing to it)around mid may or early june

Do i like anybody

Besides celebs,I may have a slight crush on a boy in my school but too early to tell lmao,.


like 165cm (Around 5′4 or 5′5)

Past urls

On this blog,none

Meaning behind current url

TBH there kinda is none,I just thought it sounded cool and mysterious.This blog wasn’t even going to be a kpop related blog until i accidently deleted my old one :/

1st person/thing you remember from your last dream


Long story short,I was back in like 7th grade and Jeno from NCT stole my wallet lmao.

I blurred out my last name for privacy reasons  

Lucky/fav number?

27 or 112


Jayanna L. Pronounced Jay•Yan•Na (I have a very unique last name and I’m not 100% comfortable sharing my full name srry)


ugh i have a bunch.


Where were you born and raised

New York City

Star sign


Last thing you bought

Um does putting money on my debit card count?? I had to pay a bank fee.

Best feature

I really like my eyes and my hair. I also think I have really nice skin

Mac or pc 


ios or android 


Fav season


Where do you want to live

Tbh I cant see myself living anywhere other then NYC.There are lots of places i want to visit but i won’t move anywhere else…

Do you believe in heaven or hell

I was raised to believe but personally im not 100% sure

Do you speak another language

Not fluently but I can hold conversations in Greek,Japanese,French, Korean and i’m trying to learn Arabic  

Do you like your name

I love my name but no one ever calls me by my full name.Its always a nickname,even in school.

Who do you want to be closer to

Irl,no one lmfao

Pen or pencil

both.But for the pencil.. only if its a mechanical pencil 

Love language

I had to take the quiz for this but it said spending quality time with my loved one and hearing words of affirmation

What female celebrity do you wish was your sister

Beyonce (who wouldn’t),Bubz or Hani

What male celebrity do you wish was your brother

Key,Bang Yongguk,Kim Himchan or Lil Yachty lolz

I TAG @taemins-bff @justinjeonseagull @haechan-b and anyone else who wants to do it.

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Also, you know the majority of times we do see him use his official social media lately? One, when it has to do with IDONTMIND or mental illness awareness, a cause important to him, or it's Melissa-related (posting about her, liking or commenting to a post of hers). Same goes for costars and friends, but to a lesser extent (for example, his SM interactions with Grant). It's him acknowledging news/pictures/whatever content that important people in his real life post to their social media.

Yep, very true. And I actually think he’s been using SM quite a lot lately. I know he used to interact much, much more before Karamel happened, but then he really distanced himself, to the point that people joked that he had deleted the apps from his phone and forgotten the passwords… But then he slowly found his way back to SM – with caution, as he should, but still. ;)

One more thing… Besides the joys of working besides Melissa and getting to live his dream of playing a superhero, being on Supergirl keeps him in the Vancouver area, keeps his physical location close to his girl’s and allows them to see each other daily & live everyday life together. All that ends, if he leaves the show, unless he’s able to land another acting job in the same area, but there’s greater probability that they’d be separated and long distance relationships can be quite difficult.

Yeah, you’re definitely right. Some people really overlook all the implications of Chris leaving the show. I really doubt that’s what he wants.

(Also, the first year of my relationship was long-distance. I know how it sucks.)

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I agree with most of what you said about Shane's development and whatnot, but the only thing I find a bit disconcerning is it seems like he kinda gave up after you marry him. He never mentions his chickens (besides playing with his one chicken outside), or anything about going to therapy, he seems to slip back into drinking, and only eats Joja food. Plus he says things about having no responsibilities and not cleaning and watching tv all day, then has the nerve to complain about you not cleaning

Ok I had a long reply to this that was p elaborate but I accidentally deleted it bc I’m Stupit.

Basically, I don’t think he really gave up. Recovering is a slow process and he defs still is depressed when you marry him. A thing that comes w depression is lethargy. So yeah, he doesn’t clean much and he doesn’t really cook. But he does at some points say that he is cleaning that day and that it’s tiring (I sadly don’t have a screenshot but next time he says it I’ll save it. I want to do a bigger post on this topic haha). He also will tell you he got up and walked around the farm to inspect it and he does what I thiiiiink all the spouses do and mentions that he’ll prep the house for winter (I know Alex talked about it). I’ve never heard him complain abt it not being clean so I assume this is a case of blocked walk-path? Idk.

With his chickens, I agree he doesn’t mention them much, but he has a life outside of them. And we still do have the iconic fertilize the corn w my ashes bit. But I have a feeling that’s now what you mean haha

As for drinking, he doesn’t completely wipe it from his life but he does drink to excess less often. We don’t get any dialogs indicating he’s hammered. On Fridays when he goes into town he drinks soda by the river and sets himself a curfew at the bar.

I had a kid w him recently but since then haven’t been able to play much. I know I’ve gotten some dialogue abt our daughter so he seems engaged in parenting. But I haven’t played much since.

attention passengers

i want a fresh start lmao. my interests and skills have wildly changed over the last couple months so my content here is not up to date or passable by my standards, and ive got loads of followers following me 4 things i likely wont post abt anymore haha (namely the su stuff, i wont finish the 30 day gemsona challenge and dont rlly care 4 the show as much as i used to).

so ive got a new art blog up w only one post rn that i just posted (it implies nsfw but theres nothin explicit besides language).


i will not be posting to this blog anymore, and i will soon be moving my personal as well: that url will be revealed when im ready. i still need to refollow everyone that i do from the new blog, so this one wont go away or anything, but after things r set up on the new blog i may delete or deactivate or w/e here and at my current personal, depending on how i want to preserve old art. so! if u still have an interest in my art and r okay w new/updated content and dropping old content, pls follow my new blog bc this one will die soon haha. thank u good night