Miranos. Ya no nos hablamos, ya no cruzamos mirada, ya no compartimos carcajadas, abrazos que nos aliviaban las penas, ya no compartimos palabras de cariño y comprension, ya no hay mas “te quieros” o “mejores amigas”. ¿Adonde se fue todo aquello?
—  Lachicainvisibleuniverse.tumblr
BTS reacting when their gf is scared when they’re mad/jealous

anon:Hello, how would bts react to girlfriend being scared of them when they are mad/jealous

Thank you for request! Enjoooy~ Hope that you’ll like it^^


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This fight was nugacity. You fight over who of you should make dinner for your parents. Jin wanted to impress them but you know how to make what they liked. Jin feel aggrieved. It’s hard to make Jin like this but at this time he was mad. When he yell at you and you just flinch, he frooze. He would be mad at himself that he made you scared. Jin would stop this and came to you slowly. Hugging you he whisper that it was last time making you scared becouse of him and that he is sorry.

“I would never hurt you. I don’t know what make you scared but I’m sorry.”


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When Suga arugue with you it would be a real fight. Anyone who was around leaves room, don’t want to be nearby you two. That day was one of the worst in his life and now you pick at him for some stupid reasons. He can’t take a pipe and raise his voice like never before. You can’t control your fear. He lower his voice and leave house-filled with remorse. Even when you two made up, he still remember you scared of him and can’t snap of it.

“Let’s not get into argument again. It’s not good for us and you.”


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I see him crying. Like, how his precious Y/N can be scared of him when he never do anything to you. He know him spending more time with members can annoy you and even make you jelly but being scared? It was too much for him. Hoseok would try everything to never be angry again and if he can’t stand him emotions more, would ask you to leave him alone mostly calmly how he can. You would leave him to back chocolate because “it’s perfect for every time”

"You’re the best jagii. I promise that you won’t feel like this again”


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BTS had tour in Japan. You felt lonely and your old besfriend back to Korea from college.It’s a guy so you don’t want to tell your bf becasue you knew his reaction-jealous.When he had fansign one fan showed him a pic of you with your friend asking if he knows him.Saying that he was mad is to weak. He come back to Seul and argue with you about why you didn’t tell him.You were always scared when he’s angry. Jonnie would try to understand why you feel that way. He’ll try to make you sure that there is nothing to be scared about and that’s his fault that you felt that way. But also he would talk with you in a calm way about your friend.

“Next time just tell me, Y/N. I know that I might be scary but it’s reasons to be scared. You promise me that you’ll try and I’ll promise that I’ll be less jealous”


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His come back will be in few days. He spend a lot of time in practie room. You was mad at him becase of that. You wanted normal realtionship like all your friends. Going to cinema, spending time together walking about-it was your dream. And this is reason of this fight. Jimin defend his view at this situation. He hope that you understand that but now he is dissapointed that you don’t. Career is very important for him, same like you. You never see Jimin acting like this before. He was mad-very mad. You were scared to say anything and give any voice. When Jimin raise his head to see you cringe in fear, he stopped and thinking what he did. You have to prove him  that you’re fine and it was just instinct and that you know that he’s calm person in real.

“You felt awful right? I’ll change my schedule, promise. I won’t hurt you. You know it, right?”


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What can make person like Tae mad or jealous? I think that appreciating one of his members more then him. He knew that hard-working Yoongi make you always admiration him. But he don’t like it. When Suga asks you about one of his songs, V told him to leave you alone and go away. You don’t understang him. He’s his hyung, his older brother and now he’s rude for him. When both of you were alone you asked about this and Tae zoom out. Words are fall from his lipis one by one. Everything would be fine if his voice won’t be that agressive. You just wanted to leave this room. Run away and back when he’ll be calm. But you started to cry from fear. He would be schocked and don’t know what to say.Then he started to crying with you. He let you know that he understands you and thought how to made it up-still crying with you in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. *chlip, chlip* It won’t happen again. But please, give me some attention too.*chlip* I love you..”


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Making his Y/N scared and beacuse of him would be like end of the world for him. This was your first ever argument with eachother. You don’t even know why you fight. He wanted to be calm but he can’t. He loves you but this was enough. His face and eyes changed, tighten his naprapathy. This look can be frightening, don’t you think? He would regret this fight after seeing your reaction. He would begging you for forgivness and when you started to laughing because he extremely change again, he would feel relief.

“I think that this is charm of being in realtionship. But why were you scared, Y/N? I have to know to not do this again. You have to trust me”

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone.”

A/N: Another Five Word Prompt. If you want to see more of my writing I have a story on Wattpad called ‘Besfriends or Soulmates’ username: ShawnsWritings

“Baby I brought you coffee.” Shawn says meeting me in the dining room. 

I am currently swamped with loads of homework. My things are sprawled out all over the small table. My books, notebooks, laptop, and various snacks I have been munching on. 

“No! Not a homework night!” Shawn whined as he noticed the table. 

“Sorry, I have to get this stuff done tonight if you want me to go with you tomorrow.” I sigh typing a few corrections into my essay. 

“I wanted a lazy cuddle night. Thought we could watch a movie and eat movie snacks and cuddle until we fell asleep on the couch.” He says sitting next to me. His hand rubbing my right thigh. I move in my seat and let my leg rest on his. 

“That sounds amazing but I have to finish this paper and then correct my other one.” I say closing my eyes, rubbing my forehead. 

“Can you take a break?” He asks leaning towards me. I smile and open my eyes to see his cheeky smile. 

“No Shawn, if I take a break then I’ll never come back to it and then I won’t be able to go to your show tomorrow.” I say leaning back.

“No you have to come.” He says massaging my thigh again. I sigh in pleasure. 

My body is so tense and stressed out. I have been working on this all day trying to finish everything that way I can go to his show tomorrow. But my Lit teacher added another paper to the assignment and that totally fucked up my plan. 

“Then I can’t take a break.” I say, looking back at my screen. He is still massaging my leg.

I can see out of the corner of my eye that he is staring at me, with his big brown puppy dog eyes. 

“Shawn you are distracting me.” I whine. 

“What I didn’t even do anything.” He protests. 

“Yeah but you are over there being all cute and it’s distracting me.” 

“You think I’m cute?” He asks smugly.

“Stop.” I whine pushing his face away lightly. He laughs. 

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone.” He says standing. I look at him and he leans down and kisses me. I watch as he grabs his coffee and starts to walk away. “By the way, you are looking super cute like that.” He calls before exiting the room. 

I laugh and cover my face, blushing. Two years together and he still makes me blush. 

I start editing and smile when I can hear the strums of his guitar. He isn’t singing but he is playing. It’s soothing and he knows that I enjoy when he plays while I work. 

I close my laptop and rub my very tired eyes. 


The clock tells me with it’s angry block red numbers. I stand up and stretch. The soft guitar stopped playing about an hour ago and I haven’t heard anything from Shawn since then. I start to wander around the house trying to find him. 

“Shawn?” I ask softly. My voice hoarse from not speaking in hours.

I peek into his playing room and notice that the lights are off and he isn’t in there. I then peek into TV room and he isn’t there either. I go into our room and see him crashed out on the bed. 

He isn’t wearing a shirt and he is clutching the comforter. I smile and sway to the sweet sounds of John Mayer that is playing in the speakers we have in the room. I start to get ready for bed and hum along. 

“There you are.” Shawn says in his sleep voice. He scares me out of the peaceful space I was in. 

“Here I am.” I smile turning towards him. 

“That took you forever.” He sighs sitting up. 

“Sorry, I just wanted to get it all done. Now I don’t have to worry about anything but what I am wearing for tomorrow.” I say slipping into one of his shirts. He smiles at me. 

“So you’re coming.” 

“Of course I wouldn’t miss it.” I say starting to walk to the bed. 

“Stop.” He says getting up. I stop in my tracks confused. 

“What?” I ask.

“I want to dance with you.” He says shrugging. I laugh at him and shake my head. 

“You never want to dance.” I say as he pulls me into his chest. He starts swaying as my arms snake around his neck. 

“Yeah but you are looking really pretty and the music is perfect for this moment.” He says softly. I smile and lean my head against his chest. 

“I love you.” He whispers.

“I love you too.” I say. 

His heartbeat is really fast and his breathing is labored. I smile and can’t help but think; I do that to him. It’s such an amazing feeling. 

“Shawn.” I say looking up at him.


“You make me really happy.” I say just speaking my mind. He looks at me and smiles, like one of his really wide smiles that reaches his eyes and everything.

“You make me so fucking happy. Like my heart just melted when you said that.” He says kissing my forehead. I giggle and connect our lips. 

It was a slow kiss. The kind you savor. The kind you never want to end. 

“Can I be done leaving you alone, because I really want to cuddle with you.” He says pulling away. I laugh and nod.

“Yeah, I’m yours now.” I say as we walk to the bed. 

I’m always his. 

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Do you have any fic with gryffindor!draco and slytherin!harry + ron is draco's besfriend?

Hello nonnie! I tried my best, but I couldn’t think of any fics with the mixture you asked :’< So here are some rec lists for each topic, hope you like them ❤

Sorting AU :

by @o0o-chibaken-o0oSlytherin Harry

by @dragontamerdrarrySlytherin! Harry, Gryffindor! Draco

by @mxlfoydracoSlytherin HarryGryffindor Draco

by @themalfoymannerSlytherin!Harry

by AO3 tags : #Slytherin Harry, #Gryffindor Draco

and my old spreadsheet ‘Different House’ with various kinds of links :)

Draco & Ron friendship :

by @capiturecsRon & Hermione friends with Draco

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by @mxlfoydracoDraco & Ron Friendship

by AO3 tags : #Draco Malfoy & Ron Weasley Friendship

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nct reaction (127 + ten, not the underage boys) to you casually suggesting to have sex one day but you're not dating, just besfriends

A/N: This is slightly messy, but I tried- [Friends-with-benefits NCT]
- Admin Finn


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Taeil would avoid your gaze, chuckling to himself quietly as he thought you ‘joked’.
Taeil would be rather stern, telling you not to suggest such things so carelessly once he realized you were serious.
He’d turn your offer down, making you swear you wouldn’t give the offer to anyone else. He wouldn’t be able to help but think of you as a woman, but know your friendship shouldn’t be tainted with such erotic feelings.


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Johnny would feel conflicted at your suggestion. He feels such intimate acts between friends are forbidden, yet wouldn’t disregard the enticing offer. He’d need time to himself to mull over the offer, his morals at war. His body would say yes, yet his mind would say no.
Ultimately, he’d want to know why you wanted something so intimate with him, then giving an answer.
”Why me?”


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Taeyong would feel conflicted, whining to himself lowly as you pressed further. He’d want time to think about it. He’d want to keep his morals intact, not wanting to use his friend for such a forbidden relationship. It’d be a serious mental battle. The moment he said he wanted more time to think about it his morals lost. He’d think about you constantly, noticing the little things, the way your cleavage would show as you bent down, or how soft your skin looked.
He’d give you an answer days later, desperate to begin.
“Yes, please-”


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Yuta would be lost, asking you to repeat yourself.
I think he’d ultimately agree to it, not seeing the harm of the relationship, he trusts you and himself, so I don’t think he’d imagine the possibility of anything going awry.
“All right.”


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Doyoung would grow serious, his expression mirroring your own. He’d completely explain his thoughts to you, not shying away from sharing his reasoning and confusion.
He’d be the type to give-in, yet say something like;
”If it’s something you want, we can.”
Instead of admitting he’s already hard at the thought.


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Ten would giggle out of nervousness, unsure how to respond.
He’d try, but fail, to change the topic.
He’d thought of the possibility many times, but would be too embarrassed to speak of such things.
“I don’t know-”
He’d take a lot more probing before he burst, giving an answer.


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Similarly to Sicheng, Jaehyun wouldn’t take your words seriously, a small smile creeping onto his lips.
Once he realized your seriousness, he’d be astonished and confused. He’d ask a lot of questions, unsure of your reasons for wanting such a forbidden relationship.
I think he’d weigh your answers with his needs, giving you an answer on the spot.


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Sicheng would probably think you were only teasing, laughing awkwardly. Once he saw the determination in your eyes and placid features, he’d swallow thickly. Yes, he’s want to do something like that, but not with his best friend. He’d know after things would grow awkward and distance would grow between the two of you.
He’d answer with not a rejection, but something he hoped would change your mind. After, he’d be quick to change the topic.
”I’m not very good at that.”

The Dark Side of the Moon

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  • Part 1   2   3 
  • Pairing: Yoongi x reader
  • Genre: romance, fluff, angst, soulmate AU, besfriend!Yoongi
  • Word count: 7,4 k
  • Summary: You’re destined to be with one particular man for the rest of your life, but what happens when your trust in fate crumbles, when the doubts slowly float to the surface of your mind and when your heart starts longing for another man? You can try to ignore all of that, but it’s there, just like the dark side of the moon.

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Unexpected Encounters

Anon: scenario req, you met again with your ex, Kai, but he’s not alone, end up fluff happy ^^

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Break Up

Jongin x Reader

People often wonder what would they do if they saw that one person again. Whether it be their first crush, their first love, their first besfriend who they no longer talk to. It’s always a haunting fear in the back of their mind. The awkwardness, the nervousness, the scantiness of the appropriate words to use. But it was not what you felt when saw him.

You would often jolt awake, reaching out for someone who wasn’t there. The right side of your double-bed cold and empty. Just like your heart when he left. He didn’t exactly leave, he was pushed away. By your fears, your insecurities. Now that you would think about it, on rainy days when it is colder than normal in your room and the silence would hurt your ears, he wanted to be there. The blankets couldn’t provide you with the warmth that his arms did. Nothing could be softer than his tender lips on yours. There wasn’t anything as sweet as his smile when you complimented him. You missed his gaze on you when you studied, his eyes adoringly attached to the oblivious you. He found you the most beautiful when you were the least aware of it. 

It wasn’t the greatest heartbreak of the century. There is much more sadness out there. But when he left and closed the door behind, the feeling of mislaid love settled in. His face devoid of any emotion flashed before you every time you sat alone. It had been months. You were slowly beginning to feel better about everything. “Sure heartbreaks happen. People break up. We weren’t exactly a perfect couple.” You would repeat the same sentence to everyone who asked you how you were holding up. But the thing is, it was perfect. You both had things that you never liked about each other. His jealousy and stubborn nature. Your ego and cynical attitude. But it worked. You both would still end up next to each other. 

It was a bright day. Your best friend finally dragged you out of your apartment after months of just going to and fro from work. Vivid rays of the sun made its way into your room from the translucent curtains as you brushed your hair. If you could rewind time, he would probably come and hug you and tell you that you looked beautiful. It would matter. It always does when it’s not there anymore. Your phone buzzed on the dressing table, your friend asking you to hurry up. Slipping on heels, you left. It hurt to plaster the same stupid smile on your face every time for people’s sake. But how long were you going to lock yourself up in that suffocating room and sulk over your ex-boyfriend? 

“Thank god you came out, I was beginning to get worried,” your friend said as she drove.

“Yea I’ve been busy,” you lied. The windows were down and the fast wind caught up in your hair. It smelled like dewy grass. It had rained last night and the flowers still glistened against the blazing sun. 

“Yea well, summer’s around the corner so you better stop being busy.” You laughed at her. It felt good to laugh after a while. She stopped in the parking lot of the shopping area. It was crowded with people and voices. It definitely contrasted well with the quietness of your house. In the middle of your friend’s little fashion show, and many funny pictures snapped, you recognised a head. His hair was much more brown and he looked skinnier. It was Jongin. You gulped back your tears. The sadness came creeping back, it never left. He recognised you too and gave you a soft smile. He wasn’t alone.

A petite girl your age stood next to him and was laughing at something he said. She looked at you and gave Jongin a questioning look. Before you could process the new information, he was walking towards you. Your friend was still in the changing room and you had nowhere else to go. “Y/N,” he said. His voice still had the familiar ring to it. “It’s so nice to see you.” He beamed. The girl held his hand and stood there confused, giving you an awkward smile. Before breaking up, you always thought that you would always maintain a healthy friendship with your ex. But its hard. It just doesn’t work out. “This is my girlfriend, Hyeri.” Hyeri gave you a brighter smile and held out her hand. You snapped out of your daze.

“Oh hi, how are you?” You shook her hand and faked a smile.

“We’re fine, what about you?” He asked. He looked happy, like the past few months didn’t happen. It made you wonder if you were so toxic for him that he lost his glow. He was so content with her, it made you feel inferior. 

“I’m fine, just shopping with Y/F/N.”

“Yea, we were just about to leave. See you later Y/N,” he said. Hyeri uttered a gentle goodbye before shyly striding off with Jongin. You turned back to see him walk away. He did too, face suddenly losing the colour. He gave you a sad smile before disappearing into the crowd. And there you were, alone amongst thousands of people. No one really gets over their first love. Which is why I couldn’t end this scenario with a fluffy ending.

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Could you do one of those scenario thingies for a friendship between infp and entp??

Meet not-so-cute:

ENTP: *is a jerk*

INFP: Stop that.

ENTP: …. no?

INFP: *gives adorable & unthreatening death stare*

ENTP: …. I feel suddenly compelled to be a better person what is this dark magic???

Free time:

INFP: *aggressively procrastinates*

ENTP: *more aggressively procrastinates*

INFP: Do you ever think we should get our lives together?

ENTP: Nah.



ENTP: This thing doesn’t matter.



INFP: You have feelings you’re not addressing.


Conflict styles: 

ENTP: You should do this thing you’re afraid of.

INFP: *dissapears for 5 days* 

ENTP: Every time. 

Heart to heart:

ENTP: Why are we friends again?

INFP: I’m the only one who puts up with your shit.

ENTP: riiiiight.

I love you: 

ENTP: You know, you’re actually a really good person.

INFP: So are you.

ENTP: Shhhh you’ll ruin my rep.