last night, I was up until three am watching Starlet which is a film about a 21 year old porn star and an 80 year old retired woman forming an unlikely friendship, and oh my god, I absolutely fell in love with the whole production. Dree Hemingway and Besedka Johnson are both such stunningly beautiful women and their chemistry on screen is so incredibly touching, not to mention that the cinematography is breathtaking as well (obviously!). definitely my new favorite film and I’m probably going to end up falling asleep to it again, tonight. also, it’s on netflix, you know what to do!


The trailer for this film does not do this film justice. But if you’re looking for something really well written and moving, you should really check out this movie (which is on Netflix!). Particularly for Besedka Johnson’s performance. It was her life long dream to be an actress and she was given the chance before passing away at 87. 


Starlet – 8.7/10

The chemistry between Dree Hemingway  and Besedka Johnson’s characters was down to earth and realistic, which made this whole movie.  The stark contrast between both their characters, Besedka playing an elderly woman who lives alone and plays bingo, and Dree who is involved in the adult entertainment industry, is very intriguing and creates this atmosphere of uneasiness between both of them, yet realizing they both need each other.  Beautiful colors, great actors, dry humor, the bingo scene. Love it.