besame cosmetic

While I’m rather pleased with how this selfie came out (especially for being taken in a school bathroom), that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that lipstick I’m wearing above, my beloved Red Velvet and matching Red lipliner by @besamecosmetics.

I applied that lipstick above at about 6:45 this morning (and I am certain of the time because I know I was out the door at 7am to catch the subway).  According to my phone, I took that picture there at 5:06 pm, with no reapplication of lipstick throughout the day whatsoever.

*all the sparkly heart eyes*

There’s a little feathering around the edges (easily fixed by a fingertip), and the center of the lips has worn off a little, but regardless - this level of wear over that period of time is amazingly impressive.  Add into that the big-ass iced coffee, multiple glasses of water, and numerous snacks (including some very oily Marcona almonds) I had throughout the day, and my love of this lipstick just grows.  The company recommends an ‘apply, blot, re-apply, blot’ method for putting this lipstick on, which is what I did here, and obviously it’s worked.

Okay, to be fair, I already knew that this Red Velvet lipstick is my holiest of holy grails when it comes to lipsticks (thank you Peggy Carter, for that one), but I had to share just how damn good this looked by the end of the day.  So if anyone out there is looking for a recommendation for a classic red lipstick…well, you know exactly what my answer will be.