You Are The BeS.T

I did a thing because my gut was feeling weird every time I saw a Jikook moment up until the group photo. It’s basically a drabble.

Rating: pg pg pg

Please enjoy it, I literally wrote this in like an hour and a half.


They don’t even remember what they were fighting about but it’s been like this for a while. Some tiny quarrel over who even knows anymore after the photoshoot for Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Not many fans have noticed, since they have their goggles on or they’re too caught up in the comeback choreo to notice. Not even Yoongi or Hoseok or Namjoon have noticed.

Jimin had been avoiding Jungkook.

The broadcast for the release tired Jungkook out to be honest. Jungkook had asked Tae to sit between he and Jimin so there wouldn’t be any awkward moments that could cause Jimin to distance himself further. It just so happens that Jimin had also asked Jin to do the same right before the games ensued.

They could catch each other slipping in between the long glances and killer silences between them. Jungkook was never able to keep himself away from Jimin though, acting as a magnet at one point and a repellent the next.

He missed slipping into bed with each other. He missed the mood lifting smile that was now directed at anyone but him.

And yet, when Jungkook tried to apologize, Jimin had asked, “for what,” even when he himself had forgotten. It was just something that he couldnt find himself to stop being mad about. This tiny thing that had irked him beyond frustration.

To which Jungkook had loosened his grip on Jimin’s hand and let him walk away before they had to record their reactions for the music video for BS.T. What answer could he give when they didn’t even remember what they were fighting about?

The choreography for 21st Century Girls had put a number on them as well. It required for them actually interact as they led into the chorus. They had pulled it off for MCountdown, but after the performance, Jimin had reverted back to cold gazes.

On Jimin’s birthday, Jungkook tried to lay off of trying to get Jimin to forgive him, considering that it would stress him out, like every other time he stuck himself to Jimin like adhesive for the past few days.

He was quiet for most of the V Live and Bangtan bomb, when they sang to him and shoved their presents to him in his face. Towards the end of that part he had to walk away, a tad jealous that he couldn’t get close enough to Jimin, otherwise causing the older to stress out on his birthday. He looked so happy.

He posted some tweets of Jimin, hoping that Jimin would see them and remember the inside jokes would soften him up just a little. They received no reaction. None that Jungkook could see anyway.

Then, came the time for the group shot. Just a quick group selca as a thank you to the fans, and Jungkook didn’t want to have one more night without Jimin.

Jungkook was the first to take his place on the couch. Jimin headed over to take a seat but his steps stuttered when he noticed who the only other person on the couch was. Jungkook threw a pitiful look to Jimin and pocketed his phone.

It was as if the past weeks flashed through their minds at that moment. Nobody made a move. Neither of them spoke. The eye contact was intense. Jungkook trying to convey his regret in his eyes, and Jimin tipping on the deciding factor, which was who knows what. He was just tired of being mad for no reason.

Jungkook could hear the other members finishing up whatever they were doing. Knowing that the consideration was fleeting, he was the first to move. The hyungs would snap Jimin out of his head and Jimin would wait for Tae or Jin all to avoid him further.

Jungkook reached his hand out for Jimin to take it. Jimin looked at his boyfriend’s giant hands (at least compared to his own, and they were always cold, again, compared to his own), and then to his face. Jungkook had bags under his eyes and sorry was written all over his face.

Jimin’s heart swelled when he thought of how much sleep they had both lost because they missed each other at night. And one thought pushed it’s way to the forefront of it all.

Why the hell are we both so stubborn?

Jimin’s inner turmoil had ended as soon as he asked himself that question. He took Jungkook’s hand and practically tackled him. They both sighed in relief, Jimin when he buried his face in Jungkook’s neck, able to take in his boyfriend’s scent that he missed so much, and Jungkook when he finally was enveloped in his boyfriend’s warmth once more.

Taehyung and Jin were the first ones to catch them in this act and decided to let the others tease them about this. It’s good to have it back to normal. Jungkook and Jimin didn’t even notice them take their places. It was when Rap Line came over when they had finally broke apart.

“Starting the comeback with a bang, I see.” Namjoon, with his never ending sarcasm commented.

“Was that supposed to be a pun? How dare you? In my presence?” Hoseok’s comment had Tae and Jimin giggling.

Jimin got up and was going to sit next to Tae. Jungkook, however, didn’t want to let go yet, so he pulled Jimin back to sit on his lap again. “Jungkookie.”

“Jiminnie.” Jungkook responded. It was refreshing, being able to be near his boyfriend, even more so after so long. Jimin pulled a weird face, and Jungkook smirked back evilly.

They didn’t notice the coordinator come over to take the picture, so on her third count they both turned their heads. Before they knew it, the other members were moving on to something else and they were still on the sofa, reaction time slowed because of how off-guard they were when the picture was taken. They busted into laughter when they realized how awkward and bad the picture was going to turn out.