“Dear Eminem on Monday night we lost your biggest fan, my twin brother and our best friend.
The loss of my beautiful brother has impacted and devastated everyone, as well as brought many people together to celebrate his life that ended too soon. Louis was a boy who radiated kindness and whom anyone could feel comfortable and at ease with.
Louis’ touched and still manages to touch and impact lives and always knew how to put a smile on our faces. We’re going to miss his talented rap skills and freestyles, his annoying singing in the shower, his failure of reaching those very high notes and just fact that we can’t hear him rapping your songs anymore.
Louis idolised you in more ways then you could imagine, the constant and non-stop listening to Marshal Mather’s music was what made him stronger. The lyrics to your songs where what inspired him to stay and be brave, he adopted many of your morals and attributes, you were the one he listened to when he was feeling down, the one who made him happy, the one he turned to when everything went wrong and you were what inspired him to stay strong through the hard times. It was and still is a shock to find out about this tragedy and still feels so surreal. It angers me that he can’t be here to see how many people love and care about him, and how much we want him back to hear his sweet voice again.
The acknowledgement by his idol Eminem and most loved artists would be greatly appreciated. Eminem if you could respond to this it would mean the world to all of us, my family, those who love him and who knew him because you are his hero.
We love you Louis #slimdoulyrip❤️
Everyone who sees this please Share around and tag Eminem and anyone else who you think will help get this to him. Louis Doulougeris we love you so much ❤️ R.I.P 🙏😣 love Ella Doulougeris, Alex Douly close friends and family ❤️”



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The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013) So one last time, I’m back
Before it fades into black and it’s all over
Behold the final chapter in the saga
Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle
Twice the magic that started it all
Tragic portrait of an artist tortured
Trapped in his own drawings
Tap into thoughts
Blacker and darker than anything imaginable
Here goes a wild stab in the dark
As we pick up where the last Mathers’ left off.